Freitag, 28. Dezember 2012

My beloved Glint is back! Ma'am is back!

"Breaking news on developments in the secluded Caribbean island state of Glint.* A semblance of calm seems to be settling on these pretty islands after the disturbances of recent weeks. It appears that the old cartel that ruled this island has been overthrown in a comparatively bloodless coup, the latest of many in the islands' recent history. Rumours abound as to the new order of things and what has happened to those who ruled these islands for the last couple of years."

Words, so sterile. What do they tell of the joy, of the happiness, of the tears of relief when Ma'am came back. It took me about a week before I dared to believe that this is not a mere dream, Glint is back just as it has been on the day when I arrived here, when the town was still called Dark Den.

Ma'am and her tribe the Pawme had been hiding in the jungle, forgotten by the world. Oh, it must have been over two years? And suddenly, out of the blue she came back, they overthrew the government, pulled down the few buildings and laws and brought Glint back to the Glintarians.

And finally i feel home again. The old buildings are back and all the people are slowly returning too. Whereever they had been. Hiding somwhere in the jungle too? After all, there is no way out of the Bermuda triangle, so they must have been close. Just as I had been when I lost my way and memory after the great earthquakes. But we are all here now and I know all will fall into place and i will fall into place too.

She smiled at me when I saw her, she held me and I kissed my Presidente. Welcome home, Ma'am! The past days have been full of smiles, memories coming back, everything so well known and yet so fresh and new as if someone has re-charged the batteries. 

And the people, oh all the people are coming back: Sweet butterfly, slut, VB, Jarethe, Selina and yes, Moose!
and more come back everyday. The old leader, Mendoza has gone and I doubt he will ever return. He would be a fool should he ever try. Some of them who had high positions, in the Bordello for example, will be charged. I am only worried about V. I hope she will not be harmed, she was always wonderful to me, despite her position. 

But for now there is no place for dark thoughts. Only joy rules us. And we played the drums and danced all night long. All. Night. Long.

I am happy.