Dienstag, 27. Dezember 2011

Dunnagh and Gera - No choice?

[13:36] Dunnagh Scarmon sees her coming towards the police station, gasps and grabs for his paperwork again, putting on a stern expression.

[13:38] Gera Heliosense walks inside the molesteri office, with a confident strde, then stops dead in her track when she spots him sitting there:" What are YOU doing here?" She stares at him almost shocked

[13:43] Dunnagh Scarmon , making a show of being occupied with the papers before him, glances over at her with a black look, his spying on her out the window having given him enought time to prepare himself against the reaction she had to him. "Diggin' up pohtaytohs" he says in a surly voice. Then turns his attention back to the papers.
[13:44] Dunnagh Scarmon: "Well" he continues, not looking at her this time, his attitude dismissive, cold "What you want with us, eh?"

[13:45] Gera Heliosense presses her lips together, narrowing her eyes. She slams the wooden door open and walks towards him:" You mean you work for the Molesteri now?"

[13:48] Dunnagh Scarmon gets to his feet, his own face screwed up in a dangerous scowl, gray eyes hidden by the shadow of his cap and the poor lighting in the office, but spooky glints of light flashing off them now and then. There's some papers in his left hand, forgotten. The rest of his body looks tense and ready for violence, his voice a low growl: "I might.... What's it teh you, any'ow? And 'oo're you teh come chargin' past the barristers?!"

[13:51] Gera Heliosense ignores his last comment and squints her eyes suspiciously, fists on her hips:" You might? You might work for the molesteri? " She pauses and tries to get a glimpse of the documents he is holding:" and what is your position here?"

[13:56] Dunnagh Scarmon 's face whitens and his lips squash against each other to make a colorless hard line. He tosses the papers onto the table and takes several steps up to put himself square and towering before her, his breath loud and fast, in and out of flaring nostrils. Through clenched teeth he growls again: "I do the questionin' in 'ere, little girl, NOT you!" The last two words are almost shouted and now he raises a thick, pushy finger up by her breastbone and face. "'Oo the fuck're YOU teh come chargin' inteh MY office demandin' things?! Eh? I don't answer teh you! Not no more I don't!"

[14:01] Gera Heliosense looks down on his thick finger stabbing her chestbone, slowly she looks up , a mouse against a giant but she does not bat an eyelash as she casually says:" And you might not be aware what MY position is now...Mr. "Oh-so-mighty-Mr. Scarmon. And I didn't demand anything of you...I simply asked you...thought its okay to ask my...former husband..." she bites her lip and looks sad for a moment before pulling herself together again and giving him a determined glance out of sparkling dark eyes" since when are you a Molesteri?"

[14:07] Capitano Mendoza: walks by, frowning deeply, ignoring the two interlopers in his station as he heads out into the snow

[14:08] Gera Heliosense turns briefly and nods to Mendoza

[14:08] Dunnagh Scarmon 's fury pot heats up several more degrees at her defiant attitude. He takes a half step back, bending his knees and doubling over at the waist some so his face is down at the level of her's, the pointing finger still there, his eyes flashing and wide with his fury. "If you think you got some sort'a t'aurity o'er me, missy, you'd best produce it, and fast! 'Cause I'm 'bout this far away from puttin' you in a dark, lonely 'ole, so I am!" The pointing finger now with it's thumb very close to it.

[14:12] Gera Heliosense looks at him wildly and whispers:" You wouldn't do that, you would not go that far...because if you do...then nothing we ever had would mean mean anything..." she trails off, her fingers curled into tight fists. Looking back into his face , which is level with hers she says in a gentle tone:" But if this is what you need to do..."

[14:18] Dunnagh Scarmon gets a look of wonded shock on his face and steps back from her, quickly transforming it into a stoney, some-what defensive scowl. He crosses his arms and paces back and forth before her. "The past is the past, Gera. You made yohr choices and that's that. And you 'ave no business marchin' inteh the Cap'n's offices makin' demands. No, no business a'tall. Nor can you expect teh be treated 'special' on account of what we once 'ad. You must follow the rules like ev'ryone else.... Or deal with the consequences like ev'ryone else." But he makes no move to evict her from the restricted area.

[14:22] Gera Heliosense nods slowly, crossing her arms before her chest like he does, searching in his hard grey eyes before giving up:" Then you better arrest me" She holds her arms out:" Yes Officer Scarmon, arrest me...to hell with the past...who cares eh? Deal with the consequences is what I have been doing for the past year....so go ahead" She looks down and swallows, but still holds her arms out

[14:25] Dunnagh Scarmon stops his pacing and gives her a hard, searching look, trying to read her face for some moments before he speaks, the slender arms offered up to him. When he does speak, his voice is quiet, the edge to it gone: "Are you shore you want teh go down this road, Gera?"

[14:28] Gera Heliosense blinks at his question, then whispers " And you? do you want to go down this road too, my...sir?" She looks at him gentle now, no defence, no agression" she lets her arms sink and sighs, rubbing her temples:" Do we have a choice?"

[14:33] Dunnagh Scarmon was beginning to shake his head energetically at her first two questions, even mores so when she calls him by the old term, but now looks at her as she voices the third, some incredulity on his face, in his voice: "'Course we 'ave choices, Gera- well, usually we do. You, fohr instance, could'a not charged through the barrier there and started paintin' me inteh a corner... I've duties now! Standards teh keep! And you can't 'ave me lookin's soft in front a the Cap'n now!"

[14:39] Gera Heliosense: She steps back:" no of course, we can't have you look soft in front of the Captain" She turns around and walks out of the office, with an expression of sadness and confusion

[14:41] Dunnagh Scarmon looked satisfied as she pushed through the gate to the other side of the barriers. The look changes to a stricken one as she continued on out of the building entirely, leaving him there all alone again.

Dienstag, 22. November 2011

The Saga continues: The crying game

The saga continues: Gera came a long way. From Slave, to assassin and finally government official, then escaping Glint leaving behind a turmoil of emotions together with earthquakes and other catastrophes she is now back. A new Glint, many changes, a new Government too...not too stable yet with no apparent leader and seemingly in the strong hands of the Molesteri.
Gera, had lost her mind for a while, lost her memory, became a loner and watched the world from the edge until V snapped her out of it. Refreshed and stronger she even had an important talk with the chief of the Molesteri, Capitano Mendoza. A talk that might change her future considerably. But what happened to life itself? What about love, what about Dunnagh. He too had been gone and when he returned she did not recognize him. Now its weeks later, she has healed and meets him again on the porch of the police building. Dunnagh and Gera, what will become of them? We shall see:

12:20] Dunnagh Scarmon smiles to see her approach, getting to his feet and dusting off his seat..... the smile then faltering as she's been pretty bizarre lately if reports are to be believed.

[12:22] Gera Heliosense smiles vaguely and plays with her necklace:" Dunn....you are here..."

[12:23] Dunnagh Scarmon blinks uncertainly, nods his head, says quietly "Aye.... I'm 'ere, Gera."

[12:24] Gera Heliosense: She nods and steps closer, looking at him almost shy and not daring to touch him.

[12:25] Dunnagh Scarmon just stands there awkwardly, plainly not knowing what he should do.

[12:26] Dunnagh Scarmon: "So, ah-" he gestures weakly about them with his cigar "A nice day tehday, eh?"

[12:27] Gera Heliosense bites her lip and casts her eyes down, stroking a starnd of hair from her face nervously:" uhm...yes...a very nice day..." Briefly she looks up, searches in his eyes , then looks away again:" Have you...seen all the changes? Talk to anyone since your return?"
[12:29] Dunnagh Scarmon studies her, something very much different about her but hard to place. Then he nods his head again... "Aye... Been back a bit. Startin' teh get teh know the lay a the place."

[12:30] Gera Heliosense: She nods: " a chance to start anew
She looks a little melancholic and sighs.

[12:31] Dunnagh Scarmon bobs his head back and forth, side to side, not committing an opinion to that "I s'pose.... chance fohr opportunity's what I smell."

[12:32] Gera Heliosense lifts her head, glancing at him directly now, frowning slightly:" What kind of opportunity"

[12:36] Dunnagh Scarmon , keeps a steady, inspecting gaze upon her, his voice level when he answers: "Teh aquire things.... Things I want.... And things what be mine already."

[12:38] Gera Heliosense looks at him worried:" But be careful, the new government is very strict..." She pauses and and takes a deep breath: " And do you remeber what is yours already?"
[12:40] Dunnagh Scarmon snaps his head away with a little sneer and dismissive sound at her description of the government, his gaze snapping back upon her at her question, his gray eyes blazing and piercing: "'Course I bloody remember what is mine! Do you?!"

[12:43] Gera Heliosense trembles and folds her hands together to keep a calm appearance:" I know that...I used to be your wife...or maybe that was an illusion? I don't know anymore. So much happened...and time passed...and..I got lost.." She swallows and looks at him almost pleadingly:" Is that what you remeber too?"

[12:47] Dunnagh Scarmon: "I don't 'remember' 'avin' you as me wife- you ARE me wife yeh daft thing! I should mebbe consider puttin' some kinda marker on you so yeh don't fohrget again.... And fohr the rest a it, well- seems you did get lost.... Ran from all 'oo loved you, inteh the dark fohrest all fohr some a'venture.... Guess the rest a us was too borin' and plain."

[12:51] Gera Heliosense: She goes pale but hope flres up in her dark eyes now. " Oh Dunnagh, my beloved sir. I was not looking for adventure. I was....sick for a while, after all government was overthrown, and the earthquakes and the destruction...and..."
She stops and looks at him, breathing rapid.

[12:53] Dunnagh Scarmon feigns an air of righteous indignation and offense, sniffing, crossing his arms..... "Well.... no place better'n a Carribbean island fohr recoverin' I shouldn't think.... nor with borin' friends and family about eh 'elp you back teh pink and rosey 'ealth."

[12:56] Gera Heliosense: You don't understand, Dunn" She frowns and watches him intense:" I had lost my mind. And i had to flee to survive. I lost count of time. "

[12:57] Gera Heliosense: and there was no one here anymore, there were no friends or family...

[12:58] Dunnagh Scarmon: "Scarmons don't 'flee', Gera.... Retreat maybe, but not flee. Fleein' ain't sexy. Retreatin' is the smart option sometimes, and smart is sexy.... plus it keeps you in one piece so you can come back and fight and win. Which is what we're doin' now, got it?"
"Now... I don't know 'bout friends in 'ere- it's as shifty a lot a cutthroats as ever there was- but family-"Dunnagh Scarmon eyes her, back standing close before her "You know you got family 'ere, my love."

[13:00] Gera Heliosense: She does not respond straight away, rather she blinks and frowns upon hereing him say "fleeing ain't sexy" Then in the middle of his continuation she aptruptly turns her back on him, about to leave

[13:06] Dunnagh Scarmon 's flash, teeth chomping down on the end of his smoke, ruining the draft of it, snarling around it "Shore.... run off again, then...."

[13:09] Gera Heliosense: She turns her head wildly:" Thats all you ever said, "sure run" as if you couldn't wait to get rid of me!...but thats fine..its fine..." her voice breaks and and she takes a deep breath:" Fleeing ain't sexy....isn't that what you say? Leaving all decisions to one person isn't either...my sir"

08:01] Dunnagh Scarmon hands have bunched into tight fists, his teeth setting hard together so that he growls through them to repeat: "Leaving all decisions to one..... Is that directed teh me or teh yohrself?!"

[08:06] Gera Heliosense: She swirls around like a derwisch and bangs her fists against his chest:" To you! Always you! You! You! You!" And with every "You" her small hard fists hit him, surprisingly strong. Her eyes are filled with tears, her cheeks flushed, her hair is flying, she looks a picture of a fury.

[08:12] Dunnagh Scarmon takes the punches onto his broad chest, scowling down upon her, letting her expend herself on him, not attempting to speak over her, his eyes hot and flashing with a bubbling rage that threatens to burst out of the pot if he's not very, very careful. When he speaks his words are measured and enunciated, his efforts to contain the fire behind them pretty obvious. "Me, eh? I made all yohr decisions fohr you, did I? Twas me what 'ad you run off with this one, or run off with that one, or egged you on teh gettin' shit on by another one. Sure. Me." He bends over at the waist to get his face down closer to her's glaring into the big brown eyes, hissing at her now "Go a'ead and tell yohrself that, then, if that's what yeh need teh do.... I'll take it! My final gift teh you, Gera!"

[08:23] Gera Heliosense: She stares at him, her brown eyes wide and vulnerable like those of a child :" Your final gift?...your final gift???...Why do you say that? why do you always say such cruel things.....?" She feels hot tears running down her cheeks now and wipes them off with an erratic move of her hand, so harsh that it leaves marks on her pale soft flushed skin. Her other hand that had clawed into his shirt becomes limp and she lets go of him. Her next words are a mere whisper:" I don't know what you mean about others...I don't know..." She breaks off and looks down, wiping fresh tears away.

[08:26] Dunnagh Scarmon has already turned from her, staring off onto the green. "I'm so bad and awful and controllin' teh you anyway, eh? Wellll..... I never realized 'ow awful a bastard I was.... the you anyway. So go then..... Nothin's 'oldin' you teh me.... Go make yohr own life. Mistress a yohr own destiny."

[08:29] Gera Heliosense: She narrows her eyes to concentrate on his last words, said so matter of fact, so final that it feels like an iron fist enclosing her heart. Unable to speak she just nods, totally defeated. She turns around and walks away from him, the man she loves...walks away, silent, wiping her face...

Sonntag, 12. Juni 2011


The latest development in Glint has prompted me to overthink my position and I realized that I should use the resources I have. There are many things I can put to good use. My experience as a midwife, my last job in the government...

I am waiting now.
For the right moment.

Mittwoch, 16. Februar 2011

A radio broadcast

Gera Heliosense clears her throat and taps the microphone:" Uhm...hello?...uhm okay...here it goes."

She ruffles through a pile of papers.

"This is the Presidential Daily or something....this will be daily from now on....so...this is Gera Heliosense speaking, secretary of our beloved Ma’am, La presidente del Glint".

She sits up straight:

"First, the VFZ law is abandoned, the bordello is not a weapon free zone anymore. Uhm...for people who speak normal, ...VFZ means Violence Free Zone...so that means...it’s not that anymore. Everybody can get their big guns and bows and daggers out there again and shoot around."

She clears her voice again:

"Second... , the resident formerly known as Kahla announces overjoyed her return to the former position of being buttslut. Thats B-u-t-t-s-l-u-t..Not to be confused with Buttplug.
Not that anybody in Glint is called Buttplug anyway...just saying though...yes, anyway. Buttslut....".


"Third... slaves do not have to kneel! There will be two different kinds of them now...unowned slaves are live stock. Owned slaves, are....well....slaves...And the trainers are Live Stock Ressource Managers...that kind of...like a farmer but for humans and other...uhm...creatures."


"And finally... Our beloved Presidente and the whole PRG are looking for a job for our Ava... suggestions, recommondations or ideas, are to be directed to Ma’am herself. She will handle all information confidential.
And thats all for now. Have a lovely day and all that jazz. Over and out."

Montag, 14. Februar 2011

The happiest day!

I am too tired to write it all down now but its in the papers anyway:

Ma'am is our Presidente again

All will be good now...

Samstag, 12. Februar 2011

Shedding some light on the doings of a certain commune

So I met YT. We had not seen each other for ages. Not after the...well our traumatic kidnapping coup of Cara. And here we were and instantly there was this old feeling again. And we smiled. Her hair is pink now, she is 7 months pregnant and she's got no name, so I called her nameless one. She touched my hair and asked how I am. I told her the truth. I am fucked up.
She told me about the hippie like commune she lives in now.I had read about them in the papers where they were connected to Cara's recent kidnapping. Three women and five men. Jarethe leads them. The rules are simple and laid out by the males amd the females follow. The women don't have names because the males wish this. But it also means, no responsibilties, no worries. The men are real men and take care of the females and the sexuality is the typical rape fantasy almost every woman dreams of. She said, this could be something for Dunnagh and me. I do think Dunnagh would like it but as for me, I am too fucked up. I would not function in a commune like this anymore. My sexuality was killed along with all my desires and my confidence last year on the eve of Cara's release, in the jail where we had arrested Defiant. His words branded my brain forever.
Yeania appeared and we talked about politics. About the government for which we work and about the accusations the papers have against the commune. And so YT the nameless one offered to show us their home in Nayeli. We were suspicious first but Yeania rightly said that we should make up our own pitcture and so we went.

[4:57] YT Recreant: you see.. all dark... foreboding.. like a kidnappers Den

[4:57] Gera Heliosense: haha

[4:57] Gera Heliosense: a kitchen?

[4:57] YT Recreant smiles "lets go to our dungeon, you wil be mpressed!

[4:57] Yeania Aeon looks around " well it looks like your avarage kitchen indeed

[4:59] YT Recreant: here now.. the next door.. our dungeon... take a deep breath

[4:59] YT Recreant smiles

[4:59] Gera Heliosense: wow a great bathroom, all mod cons

[4:59] Yeania Aeon look again " err if this is a dungeon why do it just looks like a dungeon then

[4:59] YT Recreant: Prez claims i arrestd her and locked her up safely on that shower

[5:00] Gera Heliosense: well maybe Cara's taste in furniture is different but this sure don't look like a dungeon to me

[5:00] Yeania Aeon taps the glass " i think she ate one of those musrooms that i seen around that table becuase even i can get out of a glass shower

[5:01] Gera Heliosense investigates

[5:01] YT Recreant smiles "i guess now you both know, who was drunk.. aside the fact, that it would have meant that i, as i am had dragged her all the way from that table to here

[5:01] Gera Heliosense: yes but...

[5:01] Gera Heliosense: whats underneath this house?

[5:02] Gera Heliosense: no secret cellar?

[5:02] YT Recreant: nothing, you can get a digger, dagger, whatever you want

[5:03] Yeania Aeon nods " alright and what about if she ate by acident one of those srooms do them perhaps create a episode making her see things that not exist ?

[5:03] YT Recreant: that is what i say.. she was on dugs or drunk.. then she wanted even to molest me, but was too drunk for that

[5:04] YT Recreant: frustrated about her own inability, she yelled at me, called me names, then ran home

[5:04] Yeania Aeon: alcehol and drugs make one unstable duering that episode

[5:04] YT Recreant nods and looks down "i am really just the victim here

[5:05] Yeania Aeon nods " i kind of haveing to agree on this case

[5:05] YT Recreant nods again, swallows as to emphasize her sorrowful situation

[5:06] YT Recreant: another theory i have is.. she wanted to frame me.. old feelings of revenege whatever

[5:06] Gera Heliosense still investigates...the bath tub, the toilet but can't find anything

[5:07] YT Recreant: you see.. she was here, two days before tha incident, in this house.. i did not think any malicious intention when i saw her entering and leaving.. but who knows what she did.. now i even have a little paranoia about her.. i am scared...fearful

[5:07] Gera Heliosense: Thats possible. You have always been a thorn in Cara's side

[5:07] Yeania Aeon looks at gera " i got a good nose and this just smells like a bathroom no unsual odors found as we walked trough this house im kind of calling this dibs on the wine and those musrooms that grow near by

[5:08] Gera Heliosense: But I also know that Cara is a sweet natured woman

[5:08] YT Recreant: really? the cara who shoots with arrows at everything that protests?

[5:08] YT Recreant: you both need to .. protect me... please

[5:09] Gera Heliosense: hm..

[5:10] Yeania Aeon ponders " i never seen care shot at protestors but on the other hand i do miss the usage of my firearms

[5:10] Yeania Aeon: cara*

[5:11] YT Recreant sobs "you both are PRG officials.. if you can state that this story is most unlikely to have happened as she claims it has, i am at least less fearful

[5:13] Gera Heliosense looks at Yt full of compassion

[5:13] Yeania Aeon nods " i do what i can what about you hera

[5:14] Gera Heliosense: oh YT...I really don't know...Cara has been so good to me after that...kidnapping incident...I owe her a lot

[5:14] YT Recreant: that is part of her strategy

[5:14] YT Recreant: to lure you in

[5:14] YT Recreant: make you side against me

[5:14] YT Recreant: sighs and hangs her head "i am doomed

[5:15] Gera Heliosense bites her lip : i don't know...I mean...maybe I could talk to her and convince her to seek help...about her drug addiction

[5:15] YT Recreant: that would be.. helpful, really

[5:16] YT Recreant lets out a deep sigh "i need to rest, the baby is asking its tribute.. please my friends, do not let me down.. for me.. but also for the unborn.. i feel constantly threatened...

[5:16] Yeania Aeon nods " il work on it the best im able

[5:16] YT Recreant smiels and blows a kiss to both of you and leaves

[5:17] Gera Heliosense: okay Yeania, maybe we can...straighten this out. But right now I must leave.

[5:18] Yeania Aeon: hope we can because there something weird about the wole thing and seem to be pulled out of context

[5:18] Gera Heliosense: yes true

Sonntag, 9. Januar 2011

A new year - A new Glint

A massively destructive storm passed through the People's Republic of Glint, causing major damage throughout the country. This of course did not mean the end of our Glint but the chance for our builders to create a complete new picture. Glint has never been more beautiful than as it is now. There are green valleys and flowers everwhere and the most enchanting buildings. And I have a new home now. A cottage, very open to let in the warm air that sourrounds us. Its very hot. I have not done much apart from setting up my furniture and visiting V in the Bordello. All the people I know well are still here. I haven't seen a lot of newcomers.