Donnerstag, 13. Mai 2010

A name is a name is a name

[6:37] Rhea Habilis: i only see You my Master
[6:37] Sin Flanagan hears footsteps downstairs "seems we have some audience?"
[6:38] Sin Flanagan: aye, but below us
[6:38] Rhea Habilis: oh sunrise was close
[6:38] Gera Heliosense tiptoes up the stairs and plays the surprised one when she finds Sin and condom upstairs"Oh I beg your pardon"
[6:38] Rhea Habilis: hi sunrise
[6:38] Sin Flanagan looks at his back, sighs and shifts a bit more upright "yes, girl?"
[6:38] Rhea Habilis: have you met my Master?
[6:39] Gera Heliosense: hello butterfly, and hello sir , no i did not have the pleasure before
[6:39] Rhea Habilis: this is Master Sin sunrise
[6:39] Rhea Habilis: and please sunrise, call me condom
[6:40] Rhea Habilis: my Master has gifted me with my name
[6:40] Sin Flanagan looks the girl up and down "usually i make my introductions dressed, however, the hat is still on, you can call me Sin"
[6:40] Gera Heliosense bows her head"I am pleased to meet you, Sir Sin" She looks at butterfly and shakes her head
[6:40] Rhea Habilis: please sunrise....
[6:41] Mama Allpa Multiposer (M) whispers: STOP
[6:41] Sin Flanagan grumbles more and rises
[6:41] Rhea Habilis: rhbracelets
[6:41] Gera Heliosense bites her lips and looks slightly alarmed as he rise
[6:41] Sin Flanagan: what is up, sunrise?
[6:41] Rhea Habilis: yes my Master
[6:41] Sin Flanagan: condom, my pants
[6:42] Gera Heliosense: Nothing sir...I didn't mean to disturb, I will leave you with butterfly now
[6:42] Sin Flanagan: her name is condom
[6:42] Rhea Habilis picks up the folded trousers and hands them to Master
[6:42] Sin Flanagan nods "thank you, condom", and slips into them
[6:42] Rhea Habilis: you are welcome my Master
[6:43] Sin Flanagan reaches into the pants, takes one cigarette out and lights it with a match, snipping the match then aside
[6:43] Rhea Habilis: sunrise, could you tell my Master why you feel the way you do about my name?
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[6:43] Rhea Habilis: i cant explain it to Him
[6:44] Gera Heliosense smiles shy and clears her throat"I...can not call her...that ugly name...forgive me sir sin but I can't
[6:45] Gera Heliosense: because I don't understand it...why you call her that
[6:45] Sin Flanagan scratches his neck, visibly desinterested "you can't, i see, but now, newsflash for you: first: i give not much on the opinion of a female and second: that is what you are, you females. warm, soft, condoms. deal with it. and have a nice day"
[6:46] Sin Flanagan finds his shoes and slips into them
[6:47] Rhea Habilis brushes the dust from her MAster's shoes
[6:47] Rhea Habilis: yes my Master
[6:47] Dunnagh Scarmon enters, slight puzzled frown on his face, calls out "Hoy- Gera?"
[6:47] Sin Flanagan: condom, my shirt
[6:47] Gera Heliosense swallows hard and backs away a little:"Yes...of course...have a nice day also, sir. Bye butterfly" she turns and walks back down, casting her eyes to the floor
[6:48] Sin Flanagan smiles at condom "you know, i can not waste my day to follow up each ignorant slut. if they prefer to hurt you by ignoring you, it shows their dumbness
[6:48] Rhea Habilis scurries back to the pile and takes His shirt back for him
[6:48] Gera Heliosense: Master!
[6:48] Dunnagh Scarmon begins to exit the building, then hears his girl's voice, stops and turns
[6:48] Rhea Habilis: bye sunrise
[6:48] Rhea Habilis: it is disrespect my Master
[6:48] Rhea Habilis: i love that girl sunrise...
[6:49] Sin Flanagan: it is, but if she is owned, it reflects on her Master, so it is his task to follow it up, not mine
[6:49] Rhea Habilis: but her MAster should know how she has shown Yuo no respect
[6:49] Dunnagh Scarmon 's frown deepens "Hey! You said that outfit was just for me!"
[6:49] Rhea Habilis looks at the floor embarrased and blushes
[6:49] Dunnagh Scarmon then overhears part of the conversation upstairs, glancing up
[6:50] Rhea Habilis: sunrise is the mst beautiful girl...
[6:50] Gera Heliosense blushes deeply and tries to pull her Master away
[6:50] Rhea Habilis: she has been my friend
[6:50] Rhea Habilis: but in this...
[6:50] Sin Flanagan smiles "condom, life is too short as if i tell other Masters how to treat their property - they either know or they do not - and as for that sunrise, if she shows disrespect, she is the reference to her Master, so he shall know how to handle it
[6:50] Rhea Habilis: well my Master i have no right to speak
[6:50] Dunnagh Scarmon glancing back to Gera, his voice a threatening growl, resisting her pulls "What have you done now, lass?"
[6:50] Rhea Habilis: so i am very sorry
[6:51] Sin Flanagan: is ok, condom, because you are my reference, and as for that, i have the best i can wish for
[6:51] Gera Heliosense looks up, her face a mask of despair
[6:51] Dunnagh Scarmon points to the stairs, glaring at her "Upstairs..... now"
[6:51] Rhea Habilis: thank You my wonderful Master
[6:52] Sin Flanagan hears the other male voice and grins at condom "and i think this other Master will look into it sooner than your friend expected
[6:52] Dunnagh Scarmon stalks up the stairs after her
[6:52] Rhea Habilis: i hope he is not too harsh with her my Master...
[6:53] Dunnagh Scarmon expecting the worst
[6:53] Gera Heliosense comes back upstairs, blushing deeply and obviously scared now
[6:53] Rhea Habilis: still she should have called me by the name you have given me
[6:53] Sin Flanagan 's brow rises as he sees sunrise again, then looks at the other male
[6:53] Rhea Habilis: Hello Sir Dunnagh
[6:53] Dunnagh Scarmon follows up after her, his face grim, nods a curt greeting to the man, standing behind Gera, looming
[6:53] Rhea Habilis: this is my Master , master Sin
[6:53] Rhea Habilis: Master this is Sir Dunnagh
[6:54] Sin Flanagan tips his hat "Sir"
[6:54] Gera Heliosense casts her eyes down and kneeds her fingers nervously
[6:54] Dunnagh Scarmon nods to Rhea, his face softening only slightly, hardening again right away, looks back to the man, nodding again "Honored, Sir...."
[6:55] Sin Flanagan blows a ring of smoke into the air, watching it dissolve then looks back at Dunnagh "anything we can help with?"
[6:55] Dunnagh Scarmon: T'was about to ask the same of you..... couldn't help but overhear some the conversation between yourself and your lass.
[6:56] Dunnagh Scarmon: And as I know from experience that mine has a tendency to 'edit' the retelling of things......
[6:56] Dunnagh Scarmon: I thought I'd check in with the original sources.
[6:56] Sin Flanagan shrugs "my girl here behaves excellent, and if i would need help with her i would do something wrong, so i am fine. your girl, if that is yours, shows ignorance and disrespect and hurts my girl, but i am certain you will not let that pass"
[6:56] Gera Heliosense looks up quickly, then casts her eyes down again
[6:57] Dunnagh Scarmon looks a bit astonished to hear this "She..... She disrespected BUTTER- CONDOM?!"
[6:57] Sin Flanagan: condom, you may speak
[6:58] Rhea Habilis: my Master sunrise is my good friend
[6:58] Rhea Habilis: i visited her and told her my new name
[6:58] Rhea Habilis: she does not like it and will not use "condom"
[6:58] Sin Flanagan: how do you like the name, condom?
[6:59] Rhea Habilis: i asked her again today my Master, Sir Dunnagh
[6:59] Rhea Habilis: it is my name my Master
[6:59] Rhea Habilis: i am grateful to be named special by You my Master
[7:00] Sin Flanagan nods and turns his gaze back to Dunnagh "your girl shows ignorance and hurts my girl by ignoring her name"
[7:00] Rhea Habilis: a name can teach, i think my Master
[7:00] Sin Flanagan: she would that way also try to show disrespect to me, but then again, i do not care about the opinion of another man's slave
[7:00] Dunnagh Scarmon has been watching Rhea as she speaks, his face unreadable, turns his gaze now to the man and doesn't speak immediately, plainly trying to size him up.....
[7:01] Dunnagh Scarmon eventually nods "Well, now....."
[7:01] Gera Heliosense has her eyesdown, holding on to her masters shirt like a child
[7:01] Sin Flanagan: she is your reference, Sir, not mine - how she behaves is to your advantage or to your damage. none of my business
[7:02] Dunnagh Scarmon: So no offense taken to yourself then, Sir?
[7:02] Sin Flanagan snorts as his eyes wander over sunrise briefly "by a slave? hardly"
[7:02] Gera Heliosense breathes quicker after his remark
[7:03] Dunnagh Scarmon nods, his face remaining neutral, voice level "I am much relieved to hear that, for that would indeed be a grave issue...."
[7:03] Sin Flanagan: however, Sir...
[7:03] Dunnagh Scarmon: "As for her disrespecting..... condom..... well *stops*
[7:04] Sin Flanagan: that is how i look at things. if she keeps the attitude in general, running her own mind and putting herself higher than her position would assume - as i say, she is responsible for your reputation. and it is a town. word spreads fast. others may, in similar cases, take offense.
[7:05] Dunnagh Scarmon waves his had briefly in a dismissive gesture "The lass is pissing off her betters all the time! Tis a constant battle and I've no choice but to just take them one at a'time!"
[7:06] Dunnagh Scarmon: *hand not had*
[7:06] Dunnagh Scarmon: As for this matter.....
[7:07] Dunnagh Scarmon: In my view tis a matter for the two of 'em to address.
[7:07] Sin Flanagan nods "condom, you are not allowed to talk to that one until she learned your name
[7:07] Rhea Habilis: but....
[7:07] Rhea Habilis: yes my Master
[7:08] Sin Flanagan: good
[7:08] Gera Heliosense goes pale"NO...please sir Sin!"
[7:08] Sin Flanagan ignores sunrise "well met Sir"
[7:08] Dunnagh Scarmon smacks her bottom, growls "Shut it!"
[7:08] Gera Heliosense shuts up, fighting back tears
[7:08] Dunnagh Scarmon then nods to the man "And you, Sir."
[7:09] Sin Flanagan: and condom, same goes for all who ignore your name
[7:09] Sin Flanagan: if they miss your company, they loose, not you
[7:09] Rhea Habilis: my Master many share her view...
[7:09] Sin Flanagan: i don't and i am not many
[7:10] Rhea Habilis: i understand my Master
[7:10] Dunnagh Scarmon nods at Rhea's words before checking himself, but does not speak his opinion
[7:10] Gera Heliosense looks at condom through tearstained eyes
[7:10] Dunnagh Scarmon: He tugs on Gera's silks "Come, you"
[7:10] Sin Flanagan: they can simply accept the name and maybe try to ask its meaning, or they can lower herself by ignorance
[7:10] Sin Flanagan: *themselves
[7:11] Gera Heliosense turns and follows her Master, hanging her head
[7:11] Rhea Habilis watches them go in silence
[7:11] Sin Flanagan keeps ignoring sunrise as she leaves
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[7:12] Dunnagh Scarmon nods his greetings to the girl, smiling
[7:12] Sin Flanagan grins "i should maybe open an office here
[7:12] Sin Flanagan: offering naming services
[7:12] Rhea Habilis: yes my Master
[7:12] Gera Heliosense comes out of the building crying
[7:12] Tamiesha Benoir: Are you ok sunrise?
[7:13] Sin Flanagan: now, condom, let us go for a walk
[7:13] Gera Heliosense sobs"Master Sin has forbidden butterfly to talk to me again, until I learn her new name"
[7:13] Rhea Habilis: yes my Master
[7:13] Tamiesha Benoir: He's just an ill-educated, immature buffon
[7:14] Rhea Habilis: tam!
[7:14] Gera Heliosense sobs and wipes her nose" be careful, he is in the building
[7:14] Sin Flanagan: pardon?
[7:14] Tamiesha Benoir: Well, he is!
[7:15] Tamiesha Benoir: Only a 13 year old shool brat bully comes up with names like you
[7:15] Rhea Habilis: hi ella
[7:15] Sin Flanagan: do you think, meat-shaft, that i care of your opinion?
[7:15] Tamiesha Benoir: ..and all the twon knows it!
[7:15] Elaesa Darcy assumes the coast is clear and comes down from the balcony. She stops on the verandah before the small crowd.
[7:15] Elaesa Darcy smiles, "Morning, condom."
[7:15] Sin Flanagan: keep running your loud mouth and be happy with it
[7:15] Sin Flanagan: condom, that lowly piece of fuckmeat goes to your ignore list too
[7:16] Sin Flanagan: anyone else?
[7:16] Rhea Habilis: tam too my Master?
[7:16] Tamiesha Benoir: well met, sir tampon head
[7:16] Gera Heliosense wipes her eyes and swallows
[7:16] Sin Flanagan: if tam is the name of this thing,yes
[7:17] Sin Flanagan: alright - no one else, have a good day, condom, come


  1. What's in a name? Butterfly by any other name is still butterfly. If some want to name her after some disposable, use once-trow away, contraceptive, and she answers to that, it is her choice. If she doesn't know, or want to know, that you talk to her when you call her butterfly, well.... hard to imagine. I remember how happy she was, being given that name.
    i can imagine a few reasons why someone would like to take away the name she loved. Erase her past is one. Replacing it with a less than flattering name can be to humiliate. Proclaiming it to be a positive name indicates the ranking: saying she is even less than her name.
    We can only hope that it is worth it for her, to bear with this treatment. Look at the sunny side, Sunshine.

  2. I think sometimes it is important to remember that this is not real. That sounds almost childishly obvious... but sometimes we need to be reminded of that. Butterfly wakes each morning, switches on her computer and comes here because she wants to, as we all do. However painful this may be to watch for those of us who love her as a character. It is so easy to take this too seriously. I am as guilty of this as anyone. In my last encounter with her I found myself physically shaking with frustration and angst. This has never happened to me before in SL and it brings home to me something that we should never lose sight of. This is not real!! If it were.... could any of us really sleep at night with the atrocities we see? Could we really live with ourselves while those we love are abused and humiliated so for real? Never lose sight of the fact that Butterfly can flip that off switch.

    Dr. Venn

  3. OOC:
    Of course, I know... I tried to react in character, though I may have slipped a bit. It is often hard to keep it apart. And because of that: even when you turn off the switch, you can't turn of your thoughts. When I read the blog entry, I did turn off the PC, being late, time to sleep... but I kept going over it in my mind, tossing and turning. That's why I felt I had to react. Let us wait and see how things go on. We may and up in a completely different place next time we wake up :)

  4. Please don't get me wrong Eefje, I understand your reaction and agree with it 100%. It is hard to keep these things apart. We are not robots here, of course these things do touch us RL. After reading the blog, and my own similar if shorter contact with butterfly I went out for a drink... a friend of mine actually said "What is wrong with you tonight?" as I was silently staring into space and mulling this over. What I wrote was simply that best way I found to rationalize things and I hoped that it might help the many who seem to feel the same way. But at the end of the day I think my feelings about this can be summed up with this... If you have someone who loves you so much that she will put her hand in the fire if you ask her to, that doesn't make it a good idea to ask her to do so.

    Dr. Venn

  5. Thank you! That sums it up perfectly!

  6. [ooc This blog is written in character only. So all reactions and comments I take IC. And it does not matter if sometimes real life feelings het into it as well, that only enhances the character you play.
    Love to both of you]

  7. Scarmon sulks at Gera beating him to posting their rp again. But the thoughtful comments her posting provoked help make up for it.
    I tell myself all the time it's just rp, don't take it seriously. The problem is that I have seen many of the folks at the keyboard for the wonderful people they are. Furthermore, for most of us our avvies are very much us- filtered, enhanced, showing only what we want to show (usually), but still very much us. So when a beloved avvy is in what we see to be a bad situation, the emotional response we feel is often quite real. Some of us want this place to be very real and treat it that way, for others it's all fiction, for others still it's a blend that we try very hard to keep tight reign over. I'm in that last camp...I think.

  8. I'm also in that "last camp." It's not all fiction; I see friends on SL as FRIENDS, and what happens to them affects me. What happens to me in SL affects ME.

    I tend to think of SL as my personal bipolar pill. If I'm down in RL and carry that with me to SL, I'm down-er. If I'm up in RL and carry that with me, it's a huge upper.

    At heart, though, I tend to be cautious so often if I'm down RL, I'll force happiness SL and that, too, carries through to RL. Giddiness in RL often plays out as bitchiness in SL.

    All in all, I'm a moody bitch that's hard to get along with anywhere, I guess.

    But ... what happens to OTHERS, my friends and anyone I know in SL, is something that affects me RL and is something over which I have no control. That's the ratchet in the works that really makes my SL life that more real. And a roller coaster.