Samstag, 31. Juli 2010

My fight with Jez aka sluttling

Two days ago I had a fight with Jez, also known as sluttling. She is the pet of La Prezz and some kind of demon who feeds on sexual energy. I usually try to avoid her. That day however, I had just introduced my sir to La Prezz Cara, there were many people there including Jezz and she laughed and called my Sir grumpy. I gave her an angry look. Then she said why I am always so protective about some people, yet ignore that she is nasty to everybody. Well, I am sure she is but when I was present she was nasty to Sir Defiant and to my sir, so that is where I voiced my anger about her behavor. She kept on provoking me, obviously picking a fight. When she said something like, I am so worthless to her that she would only piss on me, I finally blew my top. Here Cara stepped in and suggested a mud fight to settle our agreement. I was so mad that I said yes to that. Soon bets were taken. I think most wanted to put their money on Jez. After all she is a demon and taller and bigger than me. But to my surprise Sir Defiant who had joined the group said he will bet 150 on me! Just think! So anyway the mud pit was set up and there were many people standing around most of them shouting for Jez but some were actually supporting me, the underdog.
In the first round Jez won. It was a long round and I didn't make it easy for her but still she won that one. By now my anger was boiling like crazy in me and I felt a strange energy. I knew that I must win this against all the odds. And the unexpected happened...

[14:48] Mud Wrestling Ring (b) whispers: Get Ready....
[14:48] Dunnagh Scarmon: Good luck, my love!
[14:48] Mud Wrestling Ring (b) whispers: Go!!!
[14:48] Sir Defiant: Damn!!!
[14:48] Mud Wrestling: Gera Heliosense is the winner
[14:48] Briel Mynx: That was fast. . .
[14:48] Majesty Quinzet: Oh my!! That was quick!
[14:48] robin Meridoc's eye go wide, 'wow!'
[14:48] Sir Defiant: Round three... it is all on this
[14:48] Jinn Wirefly: oh this looks to be intersting folks, coming back with an upset victory.. seabreeze!
[14:48] Briel Mynx: She really came back with a vengance. . .
[14:49] Tamiesha Benoir: Oh my god.. that was quick.. reckon sluttling is getting her breath back
[14:49] Sir Defiant: What a comeback
[14:49] Majesty Quinzet: Come on Sluttling!!
[14:49] Cara Lionheart shakes her head, having fallen asleep on her feet for a moment "wha? what did I miss?"
[14:50] Sir Defiant: Round two, seabreeze took it in about ten seconds flat
[14:50] Briel Mynx: Seabreeze won the second, Cara, in less than a minute!
Then the third round began...
[14:51] Mud Wrestling Ring (b) whispers: Get Ready....
[14:51] Mud Wrestling Ring (b) whispers: Go!!!
[14:51] Mud Wrestling: Gera Heliosense is the winner
[14:51] Dunnagh Scarmon: Gera! Gera! Gera! Gera! Gera! GEEEEEEER-AHHHHH!
[14:51] Sir Defiant: Something like that
[14:51] Tamiesha Benoir looks stunned
[14:52] Eva: Oooooh.... Mud pit
[14:53] Mud Wrestling Ring whispers: Get Ready....
[14:53] Mud Wrestling Ring whispers: Go!!!
[14:53] Mud Wrestling: Gera Heliosense is the winner
[14:53] Briel Mynx watches in shock, "And Sea looks so sweet, until you put her in there. When did she get fierce?"
[14:53] Ahviendha Darkmatter 's face is a mask of surprise, "wow!" she claps for seabreeze and looks feeling something is screwy.
[14:53] Eva: Gera must be green belt
[14:54] Cara Lionheart chuckles "sometimes the little one is just the faster one"
[14:54] Majesty Quinzet: Hmmm.....
[14:54] Jezebel Darkstone stand and smirks at her " you won but i still haven't changed my mind about you"
[14:54] Sir Defiant: Oh but see slutling...
[14:54] Jezebel Darkstone walks out of the pit and begins to shake the mud off
[14:54] Tamiesha Benoir: Told you sluttling had a disadvatage with those bonds
[14:54] Sir Defiant: Words were said that cant be unsaid...
[14:54] Cara Lionheart nods towards alley cat and says "we have other examples of little ones being fast and furious"
[14:54] YT Recreant grins
[14:55] Gera Heliosense: no..I was just so angry..thats why
[14:55] Sir Defiant: You compared her to the dirt you piss on - and you lost. Lay down slutling, I think seabreeze has the right to make you what you called her.
[14:55] Eva chuckles uncontrolably
[14:55] Majesty Quinzet gasps at Defiant's words.
[14:55] Cara Lionheart gasps and glares at Defiant "you wouldn't"
[14:55] Sir Defiant laughs. "It's as well i'm not a judge, hmm?"
[14:56] Ahviendha Darkmatter whistles and pulls a face at defiant's words
[14:56] Briel Mynx's jaw drops
[14:56] Gera Heliosense looks at Defiant and smiles, wiping some mud from her face
[14:57] Jezebel Darkstone flicks the mud out of her hair and smirks at him and corsses her arms " oh i think not. takes more than that to change my opinon of you well know"
[14:57] YT Recreant: well, when she used such harsh words.... that is really not nice, i second Sir Defiant
[14:57] Ahviendha Darkmatter nods and shouts a "well done Seabreeze!"
[14:57] Jezebel Darkstone: Besides Why are you standing up for her when her own Master won't?
[14:58] Gera Heliosense looks around and smiles, feeling strong for the first time in ages
[14:58] Sir Defiant: Fair is fair slutling. Who called for this match to settle things?
[14:58] Gera Heliosense: but her smile soon drops when she hears Jez's comment
[14:58] Jezebel Darkstone: Cara did
[14:59] Sir Defiant: Then the matter is a prezidential order, and the outcome is final. You will apologise to Gera here in front of everyone - and I mean SINCERELY - or you will be breaking Cara's ruling, hmm?
[14:59] Jezebel Darkstone continues to flick the mud off her limbs and torso, smiling slightly at how soft her skin is now
[15:00] Jezebel Darkstone: Cara never said anything about appologizing, but if that is what you want. I can make sweat off my chest
[15:00] Sir Defiant: Trial by combat - loser is always wrong, thats how the law works.
[15:00] Gera Heliosense swallows , then she walks over to Jez and holds her hand out:"Lets just say, we settled that, Jez. Handshake and all good, yes?"
[15:01] Jezebel Darkstone looks to Seabreeze " i appologize for telling you the truth of my oponion of you
[15:01] Jezebel Darkstone nods and turns to collect her tail chain and daggers
[15:01] Majesty Quinzet chuckles at Sluttlings words.
[15:01] Eva rolls her eyes
[15:01] Sir Defiant: You accept that Cara?
[15:01] Briel Mynx shakes her head
[15:02] Gera Heliosense's hand drops and she watches Jez go away, astonished at her bad manners
[15:02] Ahviendha Darkmatter mummbles to herself "they both have the right of it but seabreeze was well gracious!"
[15:04] Gera Heliosense bends down to retrive her clothes
[15:05] Sir Defiant: It got quiet here all of a sudden. Disperse and go about your business before I run you all in for loitering
[15:06] Eva: ... with intent?
[15:06] Sir Defiant: Intent to what? Or do I want to ask?
[15:07] Jinn Wirefly: don't you have a body to go investigate Def..
[15:07] Eva: I always wonder when they say that... loitering with intent... intent to do what? Loiter?
[15:07] Jezebel Darkstone leans against the wall pulling her pants on..then sliding the tail restraints on
[15:07] Briel Mynx shrugs, "Intent to block the sidewalk?"
[15:07] Tamiesha Benoir chuckles as she listens to Eva
[15:08] Sir Defiant: Just loitering is enough for me - now vamoose before I call in the roadroller. Va-moose will vamoose ya quick time.
[15:08] robin Meridoc whispers, 'scuse me, i must go'
[15:08] Tamiesha Benoir waves to robin
[15:08] Briel Mynx: Bye, robin
[15:08] Eva checks the width of the sidewalk:
[15:08] Ahviendha Darkmatter starts to head in new directions
[15:08] Cara Lionheart looks to the two combatants "now, this matter is settled. Sluttling apologized...sort of... and it's over. Unless you want to just entertain us, that is"

And that was it. Of course it wasn't fair that Jez was not apologizing. But being the pet of la Prezz , she is in the better position. But whatever, the fact remained that I , the underdog had won and that made up for it all.

Montag, 26. Juli 2010


[7:54] Gera Heliosense's smile to the girl fades when Sir Jarethe appears on the scene, she instantly squeezes her thighs together and stammers"Hello Sir Jarethe"
[7:54] Ansley Wytchwood bobs a curtsey to Jarethe ,asking "Has your leader changed her mind about the whole shapechanging thing?I think my english is getting better...anyway,how are you today Sir?"
[7:56] Jarethe Anthony approach was without his customary smile, His eyes behind the cloth, focus entirely on seabreeze, even as she greets him. His hands move behind his back to rest military style. "I've a dilema."
[7:56] Sir Defiant gestures again to seabreeze, the smile fading from his face as she closes her thighs. Turning his attention momentarily to Jarethe he waves a friendly hello.
[7:57] Gera Heliosense swallows and watches Jarethe with open respect
[7:59] Gera Heliosense slowly stands up, holding on to the chair for support
[8:00] Jarethe Anthony: "A couple days ago, the inquirer was left on my breakfast table, open to an interesting article. One that seems to open a question about me. So I in return have a dilema. As I have no desire to fuck every cunt that walks these streets." His eyes burn behind the cloth over his face. "But it seems that you have forgotten what I do enjoy seabreeze."
[8:02] Gera Heliosense swallows again, she stares at Jarethe until her eyes start to hurt:" Sir..I..I never discredit you...I was only talking in private to Alley about it. It was just a question and it was never meant to become public but with this trial..." She lifts her shoulders helpless" everything came out in the open
[8:02] Sir Defiant rises slowly to his feet. "It seems you arent so interested in that licence after all. I have other things to do, come see me perhaps when you are willing to give me your full attention. Good manners cost absolutely nothing, hmm?" Making his way into the township with his usual casual gait.
[8:03] Jarethe Anthony brings his hands from around his back and places them on the railing in front of him, casually leaning forward, no expression to betray his emotions present on his features. "So, do I mark it up, as the ignorance of what once was an innocent slave, or do I count it as the need to show that slave, why I am who I am?"
[8:06] Gera Heliosense: Please sir..I...I...would never dare to....I mean yes, I was very ignorant and I hope you forgive me. I won't need a reminder as to who you are sir...and I know your I don't need a reminder
[8:07] Jarethe Anthony straigthens up his left hand resting on the pouch on his thigh. "I give a week seabreeze, I expect to read better news in that time. Otherwise, your hair, will only be the first part of your body that was lost."
[8:09] Gera Heliosense: A week?...but can I influence the paper to publish anything?
[8:09] Jarethe Anthony: "That, isn't my problem."
[8:10] Gera Heliosense goes pale, kneeding her fingers nervously:"Yes sir"

Donnerstag, 22. Juli 2010

A day in jail

The Zombie
The other girl and I in jail

I spent "Ava-Day" in jail for putting the PRG in danger. There was a Zombie locked up in a cellar and some stupid tourist girl went inside. Janay and I tried to safe her, we opened the door to get her out and ..voila...out came the undead thing. Alley caught it but nevertheless, the new Presidente Cara was really mad at me. So this girl and I were jailed. I didn't tell them that Janay had helped me because I didn't want to get her in trouble for helping me. That other girl was set free and put intos Sir Barts care but I had to stay jailed. Cookie and Lil kept me company until La Prez Cara had mercy on me and let me out under Cookies supervision. I am awaiting trial now.

Dienstag, 20. Juli 2010

The lord had mercy on me

Today I went to the church we have here in Glint now. I was seeking a quiet place to reflect on all the things that happened lately. To my surprise the church wasn't empty. A priest was there. His name is Father Taggart. I didn't know we had a priest here but I was so glad to see him. He took my confession and blessed me and I came out a much happier person. Maybe I should turn to relgion and find my salvation in that.

Oh great, another identity crisis


[11:10] Sir Defiant: Hello, princess.
[11:11] Gera Heliosense: Hello Sir Defiant" She smiles
[11:11] Sir Defiant: How are we this evening?
[11:11] Gera Heliosense: I am okay...well better than yesterday...and how are you sir?
[11:12] Sir Defiant: Fairly good, a little tired... but what happened yesterday?
[11:14] Gera Heliosense: "Oh..."She shrugs and looks down, shuffling her bare feet "Somebody told me to drop my innocent act , she said she saw me shoving a dildo into a girl to save my own I shouldn't play innocent" She sighs deeply
[11:14] Sir Defiant scratches his chin thoughtfully, looking the youth up and down. "And did you?"
[11:16] Gera Heliosense swallows hard and looks him straight in the eye with a sad expression, whispering" Yes...I did...and it was because I wanted to safe my own skin, its true...because I am a coward"
[11:17] Sir Defiant sighs softly. "It is a hard land here, but I would have expected a little better of you, it has to be said."
[11:18] Gera Heliosense: I have been resisting them a lot. But that was sir Jarethe...and sir Jarethe can be ...very mean...and I was scared...and haunts me ever since...
[11:19] Sir Defiant: Well you do have a bit of trouble refusing a man, I have noticed. Why do you think that is?
[11:22] Gera Heliosense: She blushes now and looks down:" Its because I am....I want to do it right...I don't want to make people angry...and also..." she sighs again and looks away:"Maybe I am bad"
[11:22] Sir Defiant shakes his head. Rising to his feet, he slips an arm about her waist. "Shh now. Lets go see the circus in the courthouse."
[11:23] Gera Heliosense: She nods, relieved that he does not go on about it


[12:28] YT Recreant: ah, hi seabreeze
[12:28] Gera Heliosense: She turns around and blinks"Hi there, Alley"
[12:29] YT Recreant smiles "what exactly are you doing in La Presidentes fueling station?
[12:30] Gera Heliosense shrugs and pushes herself off the working table"Nothin'...just...wanderin"
[12:30] YT Recreant nods and kicks the door close with her foot "wandering and wondering, the pure innocence herself, yes?
[12:31] Gera Heliosense: "No, stop that..." she looks down
[12:31] YT Recreant snorts "and now you are giving me orders? me? who caught you in the act in a military security zone?
[12:32] Gera Heliosense: I didn't know this is military zone" she bites her lip and walks straight to the door" I'm gone already"
[12:32] YT Recreant whispers: stop!
[12:33] YT Recreant: back to the table!
[12:34] Gera Heliosense blinks nervously, her mouth goes slack and she slowly backs off, into direction of the table again
[12:35] YT Recreant nods slowly "ok, i will repeat something that is selfunderstanding- we do this here exactly in one way, in my way - and i will ask and you will answer, i will order, you will follow, is that clear?
[12:36] Gera Heliosense: She stares at you, eyes dark with a turmoil of emotions but no sound comes from her lips. Her hands touch behind her to support herself on the table and she nods reluctantly
[12:37] YT Recreant glares at you and steps a bit closer "and i prefer answers instead of nods - so, again, are we clear, 'Miss'?"
[12:38] Gera Heliosense: "Yes...." she whispers and adds after a pause" yes we are clear"
[12:38] YT Recreant nods and points to the desk "what did you hide or steal from there or into there?"
[12:39] Gera Heliosense shakes her head slowly" Nothing...I was just looking at the work bench and the tools. I didn't touch anything..."
[12:40] YT Recreant squints an eye "now, help me, 'Miss' - you are always playing the innocent and shy one, you even made me believe, for a day, that you are a philosopher, when in fact you are such a slut that you even fuck yourself when riding a bike - by a dildo - so, why should i beleive you now that you did nothing?"
[12:42] Gera Heliosense: She goes pale at that and suddenly storms forward and to the door, blinking back tears" Leave me alone"
[12:42] YT Recreant grabs your hair and yanks you back "did i say "leave?"
[12:43] Gera Heliosense starts sobbing , angry hard sobs escape her as she fights to get her hair free
[12:44] YT Recreant is quite merciless and sways with her feet under yours to make you stumble and fall
[12:45] Gera Heliosense falls flat on her face, turns and glares up at you, her chin is grazed and bleeds a little from the fall, She wipes it harshly"
[12:46] YT Recreant uses the moment you turn around to jump onto your chest astride, her legs keeping your arms in place "you behave like an alley cat" and grins
[12:49] Gera Heliosense struggles underneath you, arching her body, making you sway but she can't shrug you off" I hate it ..I hate this town and everybody in it"
[12:50] YT Recreant smiles and pats your cheek, a tad too strong "na na, seabreeze, you hate it? isn't this pile of vice exactly what you seek? i mean, let us face it, who, aside from you, rides a fucking dildo when biking?
[12:53] Gera Heliosense: That sadle was a present. What was I suppose to do? Shove it back into his face?...whats the big deal least I am not hurting anyone...I never bother anybody...I always tried to do everything right"
[12:54] YT Recreant smiles and starts to tear off your top, calmly pulling at the fabric till it cracks- and then more "sure, yyouuuu are the innocent one - you hump everything, cocks, dildos, and, if i recall it right, even toes"
[12:57] Gera Heliosense looks to side, she does not fight you anymore now and just whispers" Yeah...I am the biggest slut here....and I should drop my innocent act....and I am worth nothing..."
[12:59] YT Recreant tosses the top aside and smiles "perfect" then reaches a bit backward and down, betwee your legs, harsh, not so tender "sorry, have to do that, panties control, i never shall forgot you also planned a revolution"
[13:01] Gera Heliosense: She looks back at you now, her eyes dark, her lips pressed tightly together before she answers" Yes, I am sooo dangerous, sure"
[13:02] YT Recreant grins, finds a tiny pubic hair and plugs it "is my little seabreeze a bit tensed?"
[13:05] Gera Heliosense: She squeezes her eyes shut when you pull the hair and spits out:" So I am tensed, so what...and my name is Gera....I've had it with all the false names and pretending...and making people small"
[13:06] YT Recreant lets your sex go, withdraws her hand and nods slowly, silent, rubbing her wrist, thinking a moment, obviously surprised by that statement "Gera... i see... Gera it is"
[13:07] Gera Heliosense: She looks to side again and whispers" Let me stand up Alley"
[13:08] YT Recreant sighs "i would love to, let you stand up, but, i am afraid, i can't"
[13:08] Gera Heliosense: "Why not?"
[13:09] YT Recreant plays with your hair "because, --*gera*.. you are losing focus again, and you are pretending to be what you not are - then you will suffer, you will become bitter and harsh, and that, i do not want
[13:11] Gera Heliosense: But I want to be harsh...I am sick of always letting everything get to me...I want to be tough and not care what people say about me"
[13:12] YT Recreant laughs "that would mean you would partly get my attitude - which is so not you - or why is it you on the ground and me on your chest, mh?"
[13:15] Gera Heliosense watches you, with a melancholic expression" Ella said, I should drop my maybe if I try hard enough I can be like you...and then nobody can hurt me anymore or make me hurt others"
[13:17] YT Recreant smiles and looks for a sharp bladed stone on the floor, finds one and takes a small strand, just 10 hairs of you, holds them up, presses the sharp edge of the stone against it "gera or seabreeze, this is here the question- but i am nice, i will give you an option:
[13:17] YT Recreant: convince me what you are, either gera or seabreeze - and convince me now
[13:17] YT Recreant: if you are good and succeed, i will let you go
[13:17] YT Recreant: if you fail, you are bald
[13:22] Gera Heliosense: She looks at you and her eyes widen in horror"I don't understand"she whispers.
[13:23] YT Recreant cuts through the strand, not a visible damage yet - and holds the hair in her fingers "it is easy - tell me what you are, what you *really* are - seabreeze or gera - and convince me - or lose your hair
[13:27] Gera Heliosense watches and swallows hard when she sees the first strand of hair dangling from Alleys fingers" I hate the violence and I hate the laughter when someone is humiliated. And I hate that nobody is allowed to feel compassion. And I am not acting innocent, I just don't believe in hurting people"
[13:28] YT Recreant takes another strand and sets the stone against it "that, is just.. uhm.. laughable" cuts
[13:29] Gera Heliosense watches the second strand of hair go and get a bit panicky" confuse me...I don't know what else to say...I never tried to put on an act.."
[13:30] YT Recreant lets the seconds thin strand fall "you really think, if you were gera, you would have even allowed yourself to lie here on the floor? bare chested? or you would allow yourself to be humiliated by riding a dildo on a bike and let Defiant brag about it in public?
[13:33] Gera Heliosense: She goes pale" yes...I know..thats the draw back of being Gera...Gera is a coward...never learned to protect herself....always wants to please people and ends up the fool"
[13:34] YT Recreant takes the third strand, pressing the stone against it "Gera would fight, Gera would spank alley's ass instead of being here in the dirt... what you are, is seabreeze - the name itself describes it, a thin air, easy to blow, easy to direct, not a storm, just a breeze.... now, confess it or get ready to lose another strand
[13:39] Gera Heliosense: "She starts crying silently when you say that and nods" You are right, I don't even know myself anymore. Yes, Gera would fight. She would not let people take her dignity away. I always believed that dignity is the most important thing...."She swallows"So I am Seabreeze after all..."
[13:40] YT Recreant smiles and puts the stone aside "yes, a breeze, a soft thin, vulnerable blow of lukewarm air, that is what you are, and that is why i wont cut your hair"
[13:42] Gera Heliosense: She doesn't look any happier at that, she swallows down her tears and tries to sit up.
[13:43] YT Recreant puts her hands onto your shoudlers and presses you back to the floor "ts ts ts - we are not done yet, seabreeze
[13:44] Gera Heliosense: "Why not? What else is there to say? Everything stays as it is. You were right all along"
[13:45] YT Recreant smiles and takes off some rope from her skirt "we wil switch location" then ties your arms together "just so that you wont run away "
[13:47] Gera Heliosense: She lets you tie her up, looking at the ropes tired and stumbles to her feet
[13:49] YT Recreant drags you along "come
[13:50] YT Recreant drags you into the truck, on the passangers seat, then climbs behind the steering wheel
[13:52] Slutress moans.. and nods, continues to sucks, her head bobbing faster and faster up and down.
[13:52] YT Recreant stops the engine and pulls you with her
[13:52] YT Recreant: come, seabreeze
[13:52] Vala Renfold waves as the truck pulls up
[13:53] Bloodfire Baragula extends her hand "my apologies..i am flame"
[13:53] Crisco Riddler moans loud as he shoots his load into the girls mouth
[13:53] Jezebel Darkstone: so tell me male..what is your name?
[13:53] Slutress: ... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
[13:53] Slutress sucks and licks swallowing the jetting stream.
[13:53] Crisco Riddler looks to jeze in a daze "i am called Crisco or Cris
[13:53] Cara Lionheart nods to slutling "I'd bid high for him...if he could be properly trained. Does he kneel well?"
[13:53] YT Recreant drags you with her at the leash "we have to make an announcement
[13:53] Jomei lets hir tail tease her heat, "Nice name is flame."
[13:54] Cara Lionheart looks up, tearing her eyes away from the naked male "announcement?"
[13:54] YT Recreant: come, seabreeze, up here
[13:54] Jezebel Darkstone reaches around him wrapping her hand about his slick slutress removes her mouth " so tll me you think you could kneel?"
[13:54] Cara Lionheart folds her hands behind her back muttering "damn Archie and his rule about not touching men"
[13:55] YT Recreant: now, go a bit in front, then clear your throat and shout to the audience, what your name is and what you are, so all doubts are lifted
[13:55] Crisco Riddler smiles to the women and crosses his arms "i kneel for no one"
[13:55] Cara Lionheart looks up curiously
[13:56] Jomei Reyes lets a hand wrap around flame's belly pulling her back toward hir.
[13:56] Vala Renfold looks up but keeps any eye on the naked cris
[13:56] Gera Heliosense looks at Alley, almost scared and whispers:"What am I?"
[13:57] YT Recreant wispers back "a slut that humps anything and you are not the innocence you want them to make belive, and, in case you forgot that too, your name is seabreeze, not gera
[13:57] Cara Lionheart steps closer to the male and grins at sluttling "Oh i really want him. I love breaking them, more than just about anything"
[13:57] Jezebel Darkstone leans forward a bit and blows on his neck while stroking his cock whispers softly in his ear " good.." looks to Flame " i'll keep him..thanks for bringing him to us"
[13:58] Jezebel Darkstone looks to Alley and seabreeze and smiles while still holding onto Cris's cock stroking him slowly
[13:58] Crisco Riddler smiles to the two women "give me 15 minutes and ill show you what breaking is"
[13:59] Gera Heliosense listens to Alley and suddenly she shakes her head and steps forward and shouts "I am GERA and I am a human being and I never put on an act!"
[14:00] YT Recreant growls and swats the back of your head sharply "alright" then drags you back into the room behind
[14:00] YT Recreant walks to the desk and gets out a scissor "so, hair style time, yes?"
[14:02] Gera Heliosense struggles and kicks in her restrains and growls" you tried to break me...but I WON'T BREAK....NEVER"
[14:02] YT Recreant grins and steps behind your back, then kicking into the back of your knees "kneel down, slave!"
[14:04] Gera Heliosense falls to her knees and is still wriggling her body, trying to get out of her restrains, watching you with her head turned, looking over her shoulder wildly
[14:05] YT Recreant grabs a fistful of your hair and sets the scissor into the thick strand, glares down at you "what are you?"
[14:06] Gera Heliosense glares at you:"Gera..I am Gera "!
[14:06] YT Recreant cuts throught the strand and does not bother to shake it off her fingers, she just grabs the next thick rope of your hair "wrong, again!"
[14:08] Gera Heliosense shakes her head wildly, seeing her own hair flying from her, growling in frustration
[14:10] YT Recreant cuts the next thick strand, shakes her figners free and grabs your hair instantly fast again "say who you are, you blow of lukewarm thin air!"
[14:13] Gera Heliosense tries to lean foeward, away from you, feeling her hair being pulled, strands of cut hair on her shoulders and in her lap:" Gera....I am ...a human being and I am not thin air!"
[14:14] YT Recreant yanks you back by your hair sharply "gera? ha! gera kneels and gets her hair cut - hillarious - no, you are just lukewarm air, no spine, no will, to be bend to anyones whim, your pussy is dripping wet when you only sense a cock nearby, do not deny it, i have seen it more than once"
[14:14] Cara Lionheart calls up to alley cat "Oh gardener? Perhaps a reminder to her of what happened to the last person making false claims? She started off a princess and ended up ...slutress"
[14:15] YT Recreant nods "good idea, judge, maybe i will give her to the legal system after our hair dressin session
[14:16] Gera Heliosense: You've seen nothing! " She shakes and wriggles
[14:17] YT Recreant takes now a real thick rope of hair and takes several cuts to get through it, and with each cut she speaks "i have seen nothing? i have seen - seabreeze fucking bicycles, i have seen seabreeze fucking toes, i have seen seabreze squirming, i have seen seabreeze trying to get another cock by looking oh so innocent with her hazel brown eyes
[14:19] Gera Heliosense sobs in frustration and shakes her head, her hair is short now, she looks like a plucked chicken.
[14:20] YT Recreant growls "hold still" and removes some real ugly strands that were left over "you should look like seabreeze, not like ugly seabreeze"
[14:27] Gera Heliosense: She takes a deep breath, feeling the cool air around her back, shoulders and neck and looks up to you, narrowing her eyes": I hope that made you very happy" she snarls
[14:27] YT Recreant tosses the scissor back onto the table "good, seabreeze, now, for today i will let you go off without trial. your spineless weak self is certainly shaken enough by having been corrected today. but i warn you - try to deny your inner self again in my presence and the result will be worse. are we clear?
[14:28] Gera Heliosense: She struggles to get to her feet and nods, hissing:" Yes ...yes my beloved Alley

Sonntag, 18. Juli 2010

Sticks and stones

You know this saying "Sticks and stones can break my bones but words will never harm me"?
I always admire people who say" I don't care what other people think or say about me". Because I can never say that. I always want people to like me, and if they don't I am devastated. I guess its because I am often insecure. Today I met Ella in town. There were two new girls and an older man, a new visitor too. We greeted them and chatted for a bit and the older man introduced us to the one girl who was his friend. He said he wished she was more than that...

[9:00] Malla Lamplight: He is... my dear... friend
[9:00] thomnus Magic: i am sad to say that i am not any of that
[9:01] thomnus Magic: but i am hoping that i can change that
[9:01] thomnus Magic: one way or the other
[9:01] Gera Heliosense: Oh" She looks at thomnus and smiles innocently"You want to win her heart, thats so romantic"
[9:01] Malla Lamplight blush deepens
[9:02] Malla Lamplight smiles
[9:02] Elaesa Darcy rolls her eyes at Gera's innocent routine. "Oh give it a rest."
[9:02] thomnus Magic: well not only her heart
[9:02] Barbie Sweetwater listens intently to the conversation
[9:02] Gera Heliosense turns to look at Ella confused" What you mean, Ella?"
[9:04] Elaesa Darcy's eyes narrow as she turns to Gera. She lowers her voice, her comment only audible to Gera. "I saw you shove that dildo inside that woman...someone you didn't know who had done nothing to you.....just to save your own skin. The innocent act doesn't fly with me any longer, seabreeze."
[9:05] Barbie Sweetwater is unable to understand what Ella says to Seabreeze, the coment obviously not intended for her. She gives a quizicall look and then shrugs her shoulders
[9:06] Gera Heliosense goes pale suddenly. She casts her eyes down, swallows a few times:" You know...Ella..I was never as strong and brave as you...yes I was scared and wanted to save my skin...and believe me ...things like that haunt me"
[9:07] Elaesa Darcy shakes her head, "Save it, seabreeze, for someone who's still buying your act." She turns to barbie and her smile brightens, "So, have you found a place to stay, barbie?"
[9:07] Barbie Sweetwater hears Seabreeze's reply and shudders
[9:08] Barbie Sweetwater giggles at Ella and answers, "No, I have not found a place yet. I have just been sleeping in the forest when I need to rest."
[9:09] Gera Heliosense swallows again, she blinks some tears away, sits upright and starts riding on, trying to keep up a smile.
[9:09] Barbie Sweetwater watches the Seabreeze ride off, seeing the obviouse distress in her face, hoping she will be ok.

When I was around the corner, I stopped. My throat was hurting from swallowing down the tears and I couldn't keep up the smile any longer. Ella's words were still in my head and it was hurting.

Mittwoch, 14. Juli 2010

About well respected Masters and the weird honor to get attention from them

I don't know...well I just don't know but lately I keep having encounters with Masters here in Glint that I usually have hardly any contact with. Masters who have my full respect, who have been here in Glint longer than I have been, but who also hardly ever spoke to me much. I have known Sir Jakopo and Sir Jarethe since my first day here. I had one heart to heart with Sir Jakopo once about relationsships but that was back, when he was still with Roisin. And I had one longer conversation with Sir Jarethe ages and ages ago about his origins. Since then, whenever we met there was an exchange of friendly greetings yes, "Hello" and "goodbye sir"and "Hope you are well today, sir" but nothing more.
Now, to my surprise I had slightly closer encounters with both of them in just one week. The other day it was with Sir Jakopo when he teased me and amused himself to scare me with his...uhm...endowment. And yesterday Sir Jarethe turned his attention on me in a way he had never done before. Now, Sir Jarethe is a very interesting person. Secretly I always called him Sir Untouchable. Because he would never let anybody close , be it psychological or physically and he certainly never touched any woman in Glint , well certainly not in a sexual way. I remember well how he always made me shudder with a mixture of awe and horror when he caught any law offenders. I could never turn away even when he truly shocked me with his twisted ideas of punishment. I once watched him, as he inserted dead foetuses into a woman who had been extremly respectless. He always scared me a little although he has always been nice to me. But maybe that was also because we never really interacted much.
Of course now a lot has changed, he the "sir Untouchable" is now with La Prezz Ava and since Ava is pregnant its pretty clear that Sir Jarethe is not so untouchable anymore. I think its quite remarkable how Ava changed this detached man. Maybe I am wrong, maybe he is not at all the person I think he is. I hardly ever knew anything about his private life. I know he had subs before. But with Ava its different.
Yesterday as I was driving my bike through town and stopped to listen to a small group chatting about Sir Defiant and the hatred that judge Cara has for him, Sir Jarethe said that he was surprised to learn that Defiant was out of jail already and some of the girls either Robin or Ella said, ask Seabreeze, she seems to know more about it. Which I swear I don't. But Sir Jarethe turned his attention on me...

Jarethe Anthony: "Well.. mary poppins, what's the story on Defiant and the judge?"
Gera Heliosense smiles shy at Jarethe:" I..don't know so much...but I think he is a nice man...and Cara just can't stand him...but i can...he pimped up my bike and ,yeah he is nice..."
Elaesa Darcy leans closer to robin and whispers, "Did she say Sir Defiant pimped her?"
robin Meridoc leans over, 'yes - go ask her to show you!'
Jarethe Anthony leans foreward and places his left hand on the back seat of the bike, his right hand heading towards seabreezes skirt. "Pimped your bike hmm? You know. I've not seen you wear a skirt so much, as you have been when riding this bike." He begins playing with the hemline.
Elaesa Darcy pulls back a little and looks curiously at robin, "She can show me how she was pimped? As in the street corner or what?"
Gera Heliosense blushes a little but keeps smiling at him good natured"Well yes..I...discovered cycling for me lately"She looks at his fingers at her skirt's hemline and bites her lip.
robin Meridoc: no - her bike is pimped - decorated/improved/etc.
Jarethe Anthony continues to slowly lift his right hand, his fingers pulling the front of the skirt with them. "Now.. why would seabreeze, suddenly start wearing skirts. especially with a bike, where the skirt could get caught in a spike, or a chain?"
Elaesa Darcy nods slowly at robin's comment, understanding dawning, "Oh, so she's not a whore then?"
robin Meridoc: seabreeze? *studies her carefully* i dont think so.
Shawnna Chrome: do you people have star maps?? I could show you my home planet..
Jarethe Anthony grins slightly at the mention of star maps, but continues eyeing seabreeze, and lifting his right hand. "How about , you, seabreeze, finish lifting this skirt up and over your head.. and toss it aside."
Briel Mynx shakes her hand away, blinking tiredly, but curious over the two. She had already seen how sea's bike was different, and she figured everyone had.
Shawnna Chrome: if she is to be arreest for merely having a unique bike then I would say.. let her go, and keep her bike.
Gera Heliosense gasps and fights his hands now, but only in a subtle shy way because her respect for Jarethe is huge.
robin Meridoc pokes ella, 'i have never seen seabreeze happier'
Shawnna Chrome: `I see we all share differing views..
Shawnna Chrome: I am glad seabreeze is happier.
Elaesa Darcy rubs the back of her neck, "You think? She's always so sweaty now, riding on that bike."
Gera Heliosense: Her skirt is pulled over her head and there she is, sitting on her new "saddle", casting her eyes down: "uhmm..."
Jarethe Anthony moves his face closer to hers. His eyes twinkle as they catch and reflect the day's light. "Now seabreeze.... Are you hiding something?"
robin Meridoc: look at that smile!
Elaesa Darcy hipbumps robin, "That's her pussy, not a smile."
robin Meridoc blushes and grins.
Gera Heliosense wraps her fingers tighter around the handle bars and bravely she sits, chin up, spot on. "No...Can i put my skirt back on now please, sir Jarethe?"
Jarethe Anthony brings his right hand over towards where seabreeze is 'attached' to the seat. He presses a thumb against where he guages her nub to be, and pushes towards what ever attachment that is fastened to the seat. "Well why would you wish to rewear your skirt?"
Gera Heliosense follows his hand with her eyes and swallows:"Because I am naked from the waist down, sir...and i..I feel a little uncomfortable like this." She takes a deep breath while his finger touches her nub.
Jarethe Anthony: "Uncomfortable?" He continues pressing down and inward. finding the resistance of the attachement on the bike, easily in his manipulation of her nub. "Now I thought you said, you were enjoying riding your bike? I know it certainly appeared that you were very attached to it."
Gera Heliosense: "Well yes, Sir" She takes a quivering breath, and looks back at him, wishing she could see his eyes behind his shades, I am...attached to this bike because its convinient and also...because Sir Defiant took the trouble to make it especially for me"
Gera Heliosense: She holds her breath a little, feeling Jarethe's manipulating fingers.
Jarethe Anthony: "I'm about to go shoot someone." He looks at seabreeze. "You are fortunate this time, as there is someone right now, starting to irritate me enough that I care not about panties , shoes, or other matters."
And that was it, and he ran off while I was still sitting like a statue, frozen in respect.

Sonntag, 11. Juli 2010

The full life

Sir Defiant, The Dark Den's new PinUp boy
My new saddle!
Lots of people, all talking at once
More people talking at once, in the foreground, Pigfat aka Moose being bullied byAlley aka YT

I was on my bike in town when I met Sir Defiant and shortly after Robin. We chatted for a while then Defiant asked me if I could hand over my bike for a moment. He took it and dissapeared inside the laundry, came back and satrted to work on it. Doing something to the saddle. When he was done he presented it to me proudly.
He had fixed a dildo through the saddle! Which mean whoever rides the bike, pushing the pedals, this dildo will move up and down. Needless to say that I was overwhelmed, especially because he'd made this especially for me.
He urged me to try it out straight away and in front of him and Robin and preferable with my clothes off so the full effect could be watched. Because "The point of giving a present is when you see the person fully enjoy it. You surely wouldnt take that pleasure away from me, would you pretty?"
So....uhm....what could I do.
Meanwhile Andi gave another tour to some guests, one of them had been to the Den before and asked where all the house slaves had gone. So Andi explained to him that the sisterhood acts kind of like a house slave group now.
A girl named Lucy came by, wearing panties under her silks. I would have let her off, knowing the fashion problem one has with some silks but Sir Defiant and Robin spotted it straight away and Defiant to prove a point, stripped Robind shorts down, lifted her off the ground and commanded Lucy to step closer and have a look at what "no panties" means. I might add that by that time Sir Defiant had allowed me to but my dress back on. Lucy still wasn't impressed and then Sir Defiant actually did something amazing. He hypnotized Lucy, making her not only strip fully but also masturbating right there in front of everybody. He then made her believe that she was a dog. She dropped to her hands and knees and growled and sniffed. I think Sir Defiant is slowly but surely becoming my new Dark Den Pin up boy, taking over the title from dear Sir Ulric. He is not only very dominant and suave, always in comand of the situation, he is also rather cute to look it. A real handsome man. So yes, I want Defiant posters up on my bedroom wall. Only I don't think my beloved sir would tolerate that.
Alley came by and I was told to show her my new saddle. I didn't really wanted to but didn't know how to convince Sir Defiant. Surely enough, Alley made a snide remark. Prezz Ava arrived going straight to the hot dog cart because since she is with child she has an appetite for hotdog with strawberry jelly, Sir Jarethe was there, Selina, Janay, Ella. And then my sweet Moosey came in a stunning red dress:

pigfat oh! oh! well mister Eirodih gonna take me dancing yonder at tha other beer dillo. I got me this here dress fixed up so i look nice and all"
YT Recreant plays a bit with the fabric of the dress "so, you certainly want to look good later for the dance, yes?"
pigfat starts to studder as alley approaches "emm yes yes..err"
Gera Heliosense: Who is Mister Eirodih?
YT Recreant: no Jarethe - that is Ava's preferred source of food as of late, provided by this cutie here in the red tent
pigfat emm its not a tent missy alley! Nope! its part of that parachute i used to get here last time
YT Recreant steps with one foot onto the fabric that lays on the ground, from the dress and begins to push moose slowly backwards "you discuss with me?"
pigfat tries to resist the movement "missy alley your gonna tear ma dress"
YT Recreant smiles and keeps pushing you back, but slow, so you have time to answer "tell me, did you want to discuss with me?"
pigfat emm discuss what missy alley? "please stop pushing" *fabric starts to slowly rip*
YT Recreant glares into your eyes, stops pushing "when i say it is a tent, then it is a...?"
Jasmine Wirefly: ya know missy alley I dont know why you is so bossy. I mean you act like you own tha place when you is a pet and part time gardner!
YT Recreant pushes you swiftly backwards while the foot stays on the dress "oops - and do you know why i am bossy?"
Gera Heliosense's head jerks around when she hears what Pigfat just said.
pigfat stumbles backward and the dress falls off her ample waist. Her thick thighs exposed. She looks at teh crowd perhaps hoping for support "well emm kinda bossy yeah. I mean you could be nicer? I could give you a nice bottle of my secret moonshine what would help you relax?"
YT Recreant pokes pigfats left breast, several times, and each poke is a word "i - am - bossy - because - i - can" then smiles "because you are all like sheep and i am the shepherd.. simple.. i guess i wil claim to be shepherd now too"
Gera Heliosense bikes over to Pigfat and Alley
pigfat begins to show tears dripping down her chubby cheeks. "Please missy alley i gotta be ready fur my date." She tries to smile reaching down for her dress or whats left of it. "I don't want no trouble"
YT Recreant frowns "nay, you do not want to appear in a torn dress. hm? my grandma said then that no dress is better than a torn dress... why don't you just strip and go dancing naked?"
pigfat *studders and begins crying* because i anna look nice fur mister Eirodih
YT Recreant pokes your breast again, deeper "meeeeeeh" like a sheep
Gera Heliosense feels her heart fly out to Pigfat"Oh please, Alley...leave her alone
YT Recreant glares to seabreeze "you suggest? while fucking a leather dildo on your saddle?"
Gera Heliosense blushes and sighs"Yes, so? leave her alone...please don't spoil her day
YT Recreant grins at seabreeze "why dont you make a round around the block till you cum, looked quite impressive, that thick thing in your pussy"
pigfat glances at seabreeze showing a nervous smile
YT Recreant smiles at pigfat "now, what are you, are you my little sheep?"
pigfat please missy alley why you gotta be a bully?
Gera Heliosense: yes" she frowns, I will do that in a moment...being the horny bitch you always like to make me out....but now stop bullying Pigfat"
[8:24] YT Recreant grabs the remainings of the dress and starts to tear it off "because - i - can " then as the dress is off "because you are a sheep"
A. snorts, "Alley Cat is not a bully. Alley Cat does what the men should be doing."
A.: In my mind, you all should thank her
A. huffs and sits down
YT Recreant nods at her Owner and then short to seabreeze "there"
A. continues ranting, "When weak men come in, ones you would want to submit to, Alley Cat runs them off."
Gera Heliosense looks down, not daring to say anything to Arva. She looks helpless at Pigfat whispers sorry and backs off
pigfat stuggling crying and stamping her feet causing her thick thighs to jiggle and boobs to bounce "why you gotta pick on me missy alley? I aint done nothin"
YT Recreant: answer, what are you, pigfat?
pigfat crys then trys to speak "emm well i is a cook and hot dog vendor and emm i is tha taxi driver and ower generator person"
YT Recreant reaches into the small bag at her belt and drags out a pink felt tip marker "no - you are a fat pig, and a sheep"
pigfat sighhs and tries to hold her tears back "ok im a sheep missy, a sheep" puts her hands to her eyes lifting her glasses to wipe tears
A. hrrms, "I have been eating an awful lot of hot dogs." She eyes Moose's cart and smacks her lips together
lacey Flinders nods sagely "i would imagine that is it, then, Ava, especially if provided by Sir Jarethe"
Gera Heliosense watches Pigfat crying and almost cries herself feeling so sorry for her
A. says, the innuendo going straight over her head in her distraction, "No, I've been getting the meat from Pigfat." She hauls herself up and trots towards the hot dog cart
YT Recreant swats your thigh "turn around, fat pig" then turns to the audience "someone here who knows how to write?"
A. opens the cart and rummages around, nabbing three hot dogs, looking a little guilty as she does so, and tiptoeing back to her spot
Lucy Tearfall looks away, she knows how to write but wants no part of whatever is about to happen
pigfat 's jiggles and she whines but obeys
YT Recreant looks at her Owner "can you help me please?"
A. squeezes a packet of strawberry jelly on the hot dog and looks around, "I am eating, surely someone else knows how to write?"
YT Recreant looks at the crowd "i am sorry i have to ask you, my Owner, but these here are all sheep, meeeehhh"
lacey Flinders watches Ava put strawberry jelly on the hotdog. She shudders and falls over in a faint.
pigfat crying "what yo gonna do to me missy alley?"
Elaesa Darcy wakes from her daydream, "I can write, Alley."
A. sighs and puts down the hot dog, wiping her lips and barely able to pull herself away from it. "Oh-thank you Ella." She smiles in relief and attacks her hot dog.
YT Recreant smiles at Ella and hands her over the felt tip pen "two cheeks, two words... on the left please the word "fat"
Elaesa Darcy nods, and leans forward, pen poised. "Can I practise my calligraphy and make it all fancy?"
Gera Heliosense frowns and watches
YT Recreant coughs "keep it readable please, and simple.. .i mean, pigfat and .. decoration, that is like fishes on the bike"
pigfat please missy i was just tryin to look nice
YT Recreant: yeah, trying - i can put a fat piece of ham in a dress and it would look nicer
Elaesa Darcy nods to alley and begins to write out the letters as neatly as possible. She resists the urge to add a pretty butterfly over the "t".
Jasmine Wirefly sobs
Lucy Tearfall shakes her head derisively, edges her way towards the alley
YT Recreant swats the left cheek and then nods to Ella "now on the right please the word "pig"
pigfat humiliated and crying
Gera Heliosense clears her throat"thats shameful to spoil a girls important day, how can she meet her date like this?"
YT Recreant nods to seabreeze "i will take care of you in a moment, sheep 2"
Elaesa Darcy nods again and places pen to skin, inking out the letters as instructed. She stands and caps the pen, returning it to alley. "There you go."
Gera Heliosense backs off quickly
A. sighs and throws the hot dog at seabreeze, aiming for her back and a pleasant splatter of strawberry jelly
YT Recreant smiles "thank you so much Ella" then watches the ink dry on the skin
Gera Heliosense jumps a bit when the hotdog hits her back and the jelly runs down and into her dress
pigfat feeing the writing n her ample ass as she is bent over. Her naked boobs dangling low and jiggling as he crys
YT Recreant smiles and pats the bum "and next time, if you behave, i will maybe have "fat sheep" written on your arse"
pigfat gets up and tries to see what was written on her big ass...

Straight from the horses mouth

I was riding my bycicle into town , where I met Sir JaKoPo, Vala and two new girls. Sir Jak was busy to convince that one girl Moraina, to take off the scarf she had wrapped around her breasts. Well he simply ripped it off her. And as he let go of her satisfied he added...
[17:38] JaKoPo Vendetta sighs softly: "eh.. i'm getting old... once i would have just tied her to a cross and raped her"
[17:39] Moraina Firelyte: .me climbs atop the wall, sitting, frowning
[17:39] Moraina Firelyte pulls my hair forward to use as a covering in place of my top
[17:39] JaKoPo Vendetta looks to Tabbie: "this one looks less bitchy"
[17:40] Moraina Firelyte looks up,,,Im not bitchy,,,you are
[17:40] JaKoPo Vendetta looks again at morania: "i can change my mind and rape you, you want?"
[17:40] Moraina Firelyte shrugs,,,what i want it my top back
[17:40] Gera Heliosense smiles friendly at Sir Jakopo" We could get you something from the Pharmacia...then you can rape her...mind you, she said rape doesn't scare her anyway"
[17:41] JaKoPo Vendetta turns to seabreeze: "well, i'm sure you know the size of a human male, right?"
[17:41] Tabbie Katscher blushes. Whispering to V, "Uhm, that was a compliment from Jak, wasn't it?" she asks.
[17:41] Gera Heliosense: uhm...yes..."she blinks insecure
[17:42] JaKoPo Vendetta continues: "now looks at your forearm.... and imagine it a bit more thicker..."
[17:42] Vala Renfold flicks her ear, "Stop fidigiting" her hands moves to massage her shoulder blade and she looks to Jak, "You enjoy that? And no you are never too old." she chuckles at Jak's remark and smiles, "Oh yes, a fine compliment dear."
[17:43] Gera Heliosense looks at her forearm and whispers:"Well blow me down"
[17:43] JaKoPo Vendetta nods slowly: "no need to add anything"
[17:43] Tabbie Katscher holds still, letting V rub her shoulder, and she moves closer still, her body relaxing and softening.
[17:44] Gera Heliosense: uhm...yes was jus' because you said you are getting old..i thought you might have trouble know...perform
[17:44] Moraina Firelyte wonders if she dare find another top or if its better to wait on the idea
[17:44] JaKoPo Vendetta laughs at seabreeze: "hey, are you curious to find it out?"
[17:45] Gera Heliosense blushes deeply and smiles biting her lip:"That would certainly be an honor, sir"
[17:46] JaKoPo Vendetta grins slightly at her: "an honor, eh?" then looks at her
[17:47] Gera Heliosense: uhm...yes, I mean...after don't just mate with anybody...sir" she looks away, a little embarrassed and sits down on her saddle.
[17:48] JaKoPo Vendetta chuckles: "you dont have to feel embarassed at all... i'm used to have females admirers"
[17:51] Gera Heliosense looks back at Jakopo and smiles shy" I can imagine sir. She fans herself and whispers apologetic"Hot"
[17:52] Vala Renfold chuckles, "then feel free to remove your dress seabreeze, if you are hot that is... * her voice trails off
[17:53] JaKoPo Vendetta stands and take a step toward seabreeze: "well, i may satisfy your curiosity, but you have to ask it nicely"
[17:53] Moraina Firelyte watches the man stand, hoping he is leaving
[17:55] Gera Heliosense's shy smile fades and she gets a little scared now:"Well..I..I..but maybe I am not that way....I wouldn't like to anger you"
[17:56] Vala Renfold's thumb and forefinger tweak Tabbie's right nipple in an almost idle fashion and she chuckles at Seabreeze's reply
[17:56] JaKoPo Vendetta lays a hand over the handle of the bike: "i'll make it very simple.... you have to undress, kneel and ask forit nicely... nothing more"
[17:58] Gera Heliosense's fingers curl around the handle bars nervously. Her color changes from red to pale:" Uhm...but...I..I am sacred I can not handle your...bigness"
[17:59] JaKoPo Vendetta leans toward her and says quietly: "maybe you are right.... you look so...mmm... insignificant? is that what you think of you?"
[18:01] Gera Heliosense stares back at him, mouth slack, she swallows and repeats in a whisper" insignificant...yes sir...thats me, I guess"
[18:02] JaKoPo Vendetta looks down into her eyes: "and that's what you want to be?"
[18:03] Gera Heliosense tries to hold ihs gaze but gives up and looks down at the handle bar"No sir...thats not what I want to be...but...well I ..."she takes a deep breath and looks back at him"I am scared"
[18:05] JaKoPo Vendetta smiles at her: "you should not be.... you would not be the first girl that i please or the last"
[18:08] Gera Heliosense: She bites her lip and nods slowly" I know...that you made a lot of women very happy. And Roisin always looked very satisfied too...." she falls silent and stares at her forearm" And ...uhm...none of them needed stitches afterwards?"she adds shy
[18:09] JaKoPo Vendetta pokes her nose: "you have to trust me on that"
[18:13] Gera Heliosense blinks nervously when he pokes her nose and chews her lip"Maybe..I..I should prepare myself beforehand...I know there are xxl dildos at the bordello"
[18:14] JaKoPo Vendetta laughs: "you dont have to answer now... my offer has no expiration...." then raises: "you know the conditions, right?"
[18:16] Gera Heliosense: She nods quickly and almost sighs a bit in relief" yes..sir..I know the conditions, kneeling and asking nicely, no problem , I can do that...just...right now I am a bit in a hurry, I have some errands to run"
[18:17] JaKoPo Vendetta nods to her and smiles: "you may go then"
[18:17] Vala Renfold grins, "And naked.. don't forget naked... " she laughs, "Be well seabreeze, good to see you again."
[18:18] JaKoPo Vendetta glances at the ship: "well, i must go too... see you around, beauties"
[18:18] Gera Heliosense: She nods nervously and gives him a lopsided smile, smiles at Vala also and pushes into the pedals with force, almost escaping.

Samstag, 10. Juli 2010


There is a truck in Glint now. It belongs to Alley and is powered by the fuel from that stranded tanker. Alley took me for a ride, in both ways, and then we sat and talked until Sir Lottsa came along. He was hitting on Alley, I made a joke, Alley drew her gun and bang...that was the end of a peaceful girls day out. Oh wait. We did have some fun later when my beloved sir came and we all went swimming, apart from my beloved sir who dusted and cleaned his gun and watched us. My beloved sir thinks its neccessary now to be armed because according to Cookie, Alley has gone bonkers, running around and shooting at people with her shiny new gun. I don't think Alley is mad, i think she is just her lovely unpredictable self, alas the others don't agree.

Montag, 5. Juli 2010

we need to keep it simple, for seabreeze...

Here I am slapping my forhead:"Stupid, stupid, stupid!" Yes , I did it again. I broke the dress code law. But I swear, I only wanted to look nice, and then I saw this really neat bikini and slipped it on because it was a hot day and....

[9:03] Gera Heliosense: My so many people here today?
[9:04] Brenton Darkwatch: Its a great day to be out
[9:04] YT Recreant leans a bit towards La Presidente "is that a bra?" nods to seabreeze
[9:05] Gera Heliosense looks at Defiant" Oh they let you out Sir, congratulations
[9:05] A. whispers back, "Do you want it to be a bra?"
[9:05] Gera Heliosense: and no its not a bra
[9:05] Gera Heliosense: its a bikini
[9:05] YT Recreant grins and as she hears seabreeze she nods "now pretty much so"
[9:05] A. nods, "Then it is a bra."
[9:05] YT Recreant flashes an ever so wide grin at seabreeze
[9:05] Gera Heliosense: no its not...its a BI-KI-NI
[9:05] Sir Defiant leafs idly through a document pulled from his passport. The instruction simple, yet somehow not so. Frowning softly at the passport application, it makes as much sense as anything on this fucked up island... his friend never mentioned the half of it.
[9:06] YT Recreant: you doubt La Presidente in her never ending wisom, seabreeze?
[9:06] YT Recreant: *wisdom
[9:06] Gera Heliosense: but....
[9:06] YT Recreant: but???
[9:06] A. steps back a bit, motioning for everyone else to as well
[9:06] Gera Heliosense: but maybe La Presidente is not familiar with the latest fashion?
[9:07] YT Recreant: so you call our Presidente a bit "behind" ?
[9:07] Gera Heliosense: I mean..uhm...its...uhm...
[9:07] A. looks down at herself critically
[9:07] YT Recreant: did i hear that right?
[9:07] Elaesa Darcy opts for a spot behind the post with a fine view of Ava's very fine behind.
[9:07] A. turns a bit and looks at Ella, "Do I look bad?"
[9:07] Elaesa Darcy smiles, "You look spectacular, as always."
[9:07] Gera Heliosense looks around helpless and takes a deep breath, brazing herself
[9:08] A. mumbles, "Maybe a bit poochy around the middle but I swear it is donuts."
[9:08] YT Recreant: seabreeze - i expect yuor answer - do you call ourpresidente a land potatoe?
[9:08] Gera Heliosense: Of course, Ava looks always immaculate but...some of us..we...
[9:08] Gera Heliosense: a landpotatoe..oh no..I wouldn't dare
[9:09] village bike glances at La Presidente's middle and shakes her head
[9:09] Sir Defiant wishes he had a dictionary, landpotato being an entirely new word on him. Filing it away to look up later
[9:09] YT Recreant: seabreeze, i am here to help, do you understand this?
[9:09] Gera Heliosense: I apologize deeply...of course..uhm, yes Alley I understand , you are here to help
[9:10] Gera Heliosense backs away a little
[9:10] A. murmurs, "I think seabreeze thinks I am from out in the boonies and I have not read Cosmo in five years or something."
[9:10] YT Recreant: so, i would suggest, to make up for this major offense. you strip now, then bow to La Presidente and apologize in a most formal way
[9:10] pigfat stands by ava "emm i bet she looks skinny now!"
[9:10] pigfat emm and tall too
[9:10] A. peers down as seabreeze's skirt lifts when she walks away, "You've got to be shitting me."
[9:11] A.: I have just been called out of fashion by a fucking lawbreaker!
[9:11] YT Recreant looks short at her Owner "yes? what is wrong? don't tell me she is wearing panties?
[9:11] Elaesa Darcy blinks, "Is that even possible?"
[9:11] YT Recreant: oh fuck, seabreeze - now you are in trouble
[9:12] Tash Porthos smiles and waves at the cluster of folks in the street
[9:12] Gera Heliosense blushes furiously. She nods slowly, casting her eyes down when suddenly Ava and the others scream out that she is a lawbreaker. She ducks
[9:12] A. starts to rant, "Seabreeze, you do this all the time and try to pass it off as a bikini, or a bathing suit, or whatever bullshit...!"
[9:12] A. keeps going, "The law is not that complicated!"
[9:12] YT Recreant nods with faked disgust in her facial expression
[9:13] pigfat walks over and lifts up seabreezes miniskirt
[9:13] YT Recreant: pigfat, take off her skirt, let the audience see this offense
[9:13] Gera Heliosense looks at Ava, Her lips quiver and tears well up in her eyes" But please, dear Ava..its just that...I...oh...
[9:13] A. throws her hands up in the air and takes her own blood pressure
[9:13] Gera Heliosense: backs away from Pigfat
[9:13] Elaesa Darcy smiles warmly and waves to bijou.
[9:13] pigfat begins to tug on the skirt harder
[9:13] Sir Defiant shakes his head softly. His expression carefully controlled as he looks seabreeze up and down, showing no emotion one way or the other as to her current dilema.
[9:13] YT Recreant: and you offend our Presidente in *her* special condition? shame on you!
[9:14] A. shouts, "It's because you have no self control and you love trouble, that's why!"
[9:14] pigfat werent seabreeze one of them silly six or sum thin what wanted to bring back panties?
[9:14] Gera Heliosense: No I swear, I don't...its just that I ...
[9:14] A. kicks a nearby bucket down the street, "I HATE repeat offenders! HATE!"
[9:14] YT Recreant steps closer and extends her hand swiftly, to yank at the skirt harshly
[9:14] pigfat emm them is panties alright
[9:14] A. mutters, growls, and twitches
[9:14] Gera Heliosense bursts into tears and takes off her bikini
[9:15] A. sighs and leans back against the pole, fanning herself
[9:15] Gera Heliosense throws it to the side, sobbing:"I just never get it right...
[9:16] A. pinches the bridge of her nose, "Alley Cat, perhaps go over with her slowly, what is not allowed...."
[9:16] Elaesa Darcy fetches a cushion for Ava. "Do you need to sit, Ava?"
[9:16] pigfat yep she wuz one of and emm that imposter cara wuz another one of em
[9:16] Brenton Darkwatch: Sheath Bow
[9:16] A. smiles at Ella and waves it off, "I am good, Ella, thank you, all that shouting was just a little much. I shouldn't shout so much."
[9:16] Gera Heliosense looks at Alley with tearstained eyes, biting her lip and pricking up her ears
[9:16] pigfat watches the shirtless man run past
[9:17] YT Recreant nods "of course my Owner, i will" then looks at seabreeze "will you comply or do i need to put force on you?
[9:17] Elaesa Darcy nods with great concern, "It's horrible that someone would put you through this in your condition, Ava. What kind of person does that?"
[9:17] pigfat slaps seabreeze on her ass and pinches it
[9:17] Gera Heliosense wipes her eyes and hick ups"I..I will comply"
[9:17] A. murmurs, "Very selfish people."
[9:18] YT Recreant nods slowly "that is good - so, then, i need someone who can write... any volunteers?"
[9:18] Gera Heliosense lifts her hand
[9:18] pigfat waves to the shirtless man "how dee mister!
[9:18] Gera Heliosense: I can write
[9:18] Brad Henusaki: greetings.
[9:18] YT Recreant groans "not you, you will be to be written on
[9:18] pigfat this here nakee ladee is a law breaker what we got
[9:19] Brad Henusaki: oh really? what did she do?
[9:19] Gera Heliosense blushes harder when Pigfat calls her a lawbreaker again
[9:19] Sir Defiant is more than capable of the task. Considering who it was that asked, however, he keeps that information to himself, reading over his reclaimed passport forms bitterly... that little alley cat owed him already, damned if he would volunteer assistance.
[9:19] YT Recreant: anyone else who is here and knows how to write?
[9:19] pigfat emm hername is seebreeze. My name is pigfat. I is tha taxi puller here. She wuz wearing panties! shameless
[9:20] Brad Henusaki: Oh. Looks over the lawbreaker.."shame on you"
[9:20] Gera Heliosense turns to Pigfat, "Oh Moosey, how can even you turn against me?"
[9:20] Elaesa Darcy looks to Brad and offers him a sharpie. "Perhaps you could help alley?"
[9:21] Sir Defiant shakes his head, there was nothing else for it. Tapping Brad softly on the shoulder, speaking quietly so as not to interrupt the proceedings. "A quiet word, when you have a moment please?"
[9:21] YT Recreant groans "then i will place drawings, i dont mind" and grabs seabreeze by her braids "come along girl, we have business to do"
[9:21] Brenton Darkwatch: "Looks over the crowd to see if anyone is going to volunteer.
[9:21] Gera Heliosense shuffles her bare feet and looks away in shame, squinting her eyes
[9:21] YT Recreant: boat house it is
[9:21] pigfat emm sorry hunny i is caught up in tha moment and emm any time i ken see you nakee is emm a treat *blushes*
[9:21] Brenton Darkwatch: "I guess I can do it alley cat"
[9:22] YT Recreant: ah, wonderful SIr Brenton, if you then please assist?
[9:22] Elaesa Darcy turns and tosses the sharpie to Sir Brent with a grin.
[9:22] Brad Henusaki: Smiles over ella and "umm i think alley is doing fine and yes defiant im listening"
[9:22] Brad Henusaki: turn over defiant
[9:22] Gera Heliosense follows Alley to the boathouse, hanging her head in shame
[9:22] pigfat emm who is tha bald guy?
[9:22] Brad Henusaki: turns*
[9:23] YT Recreant pats the stretchbank "up here - before i have to push you
[9:24] Gera Heliosense nods and climbs on the bench
[9:24] YT Recreant locks the ankle and wrist binders and then rummages in her pouch finding a phat felt tip marker "this will last longer" - handing it to Sir Brenton
[9:25] Gera Heliosense looks up to Sir Brenton and Alley and her lips quiver again
[9:25] Brenton Darkwatch: smiles as he looks down at the tied female. Taking the marker from Alley cat. "Alright."
[9:25] Brenton Darkwatch: alright
[9:25] Gera Heliosense sees Ava and calls out to her softly"I never meant to make you angry, Presidente
[9:25] YT Recreant nods "so, i would say, we mark her front, so anyone can see what is not allowed and she will stay this way for a day
[9:26] A. slowly eases herself down onto the ground to sit, "You need to think more when you dress."
[9:26] pigfat oh! reckon that would make a girl taller?
[9:26] Gera Heliosense nods sadly, then watches Brent and Alley with big eyes
[9:26] YT Recreant nods to SIr Brenton "maybe we write on her breasts: tits stay bare"
[9:26] YT Recreant: or any other ideas? we need to keep it simple, for seabreeze
[9:27] Gera Heliosense pouts at that but shuts up
[9:27] Jasmine Wirefly: emm on her asss "no panties"
[9:27] Brenton Darkwatch: He take the cap off the marker. Makes the marker to her breast and writes: tits stay bare across them. "Okay what else?"
[9:28] Gera Heliosense tries to put on a brave smile
[9:28] YT Recreant shakes her head "no, pigfat, she can't look at her ass" then nods to brenton "and along her thighs maybe "my pussy stays visible"? or can we word that shorter?
[9:28] Brenton Darkwatch: Have to flip her over to write on her ass.
[9:28] A. chimes in, "Bare pussy."
[9:28] pigfat sniffs the aroma of the marker's trying to get high
[9:28] Elaesa Darcy looks behind at the door, "Uhm...."
[9:29] Brenton Darkwatch: "bare pussy sounds good"
[9:29] YT Recreant nods "ok, bare pussy, works for me"
[9:29] Gera Heliosense: Uhm...but....if I try to read it , it will be upside down
[9:29] A. facepalms
[9:29] Elaesa Darcy rubs the back of her neck, "But what if she just goes home and dresses? Won't that just cover everything?"
[9:29] Brenton Darkwatch: He writes bare pussy across her stomach with arrows pointing to her pussy.
[9:30] pigfat emm i think its supposta beso othr foks ken read it
[9:30] Gera Heliosense cringes and shuts up
[9:30] pigfat emm bet that tckled
[9:30] YT Recreant nods "if she dresses up, she is a crinimal, i would order her to stay like this for 1 day
[9:30] Brenton Darkwatch: Looks to Seabreeze. "You will just need people to read it to you."
[9:30] A. nods at that, "Sounds good Alley Cat."
[9:30] Gera Heliosense looks at Brent innocent and nods
[9:31] Elaesa Darcy: Maybe add that to her stomach: "Please read me my instructions"
[9:31] A. scowls at the innocent look
[9:31] pigfat emm wuz tha an eath dayor astonomicl day
[9:31] Brad Henusaki: "umm... Sorry for interrupting but do any of you folks know where the hospital is?
[9:31] pigfat emm yonder "points across the water"
[9:31] Brenton Darkwatch: "Do we have a hospital?"
[[9:31] A.: We don't have a hospital, Sir. Is something wrong?
[9:32] YT Recreant grins "ok, let this pen ink dry in a bit
[9:32] pigfat emm hey go one yu ken et to y boat
[9:32] Sir Defiant hangs back a little, watching this unfold, cringing inwardly as he can forsee the eventual result.
[9:32] Brad Henusaki: "oh nothing i was just curious sorry for interrupting and by the way i think that you can give her more pain, she can take it"
[9:33] A. looks curiously at Brad, "You know this seabreeze?"
[9:33] Janay Freenote hears a commontion and walks in to see what is going on.
[9:34] Gera Heliosense strains her neck to look at Brad and frowns"Well I never seen that man in my life"
[9:34] Janay Freenote: you mean you don't know him. everyone saw him on trial and in jail, seabreeze.
[9:34] Brad Henusaki: "oh no miss. but i know these kind of lawbreakers.. they can take more pain than anyone can take" looks to seabreeze with disgust.
[9:34] A. nods, "I am curious to find out why he knows so much about Glint."
[9:35] pigfat he one of them spy alts what they got?
[9:35] Gera Heliosense narrows her eyes and shoots Brad a dagger look
[9:35] pigfat oh! how dee missy janay
[9:36] Janay Freenote smiles and waves at moose then looks to the speaking sir, "Sir, isn't that why they were made?"
[9:36] YT Recreant looks at the drawing "pink was always my favorite color"
[9:36] Brad Henusaki: "hey hey hey.. Im not a spy and yes i know glint very well because my first time here was like 1 year ago. and now i returned after a long break."
[9:37] Brenton Darkwatch: While he waits for the ink to dry he begins to run his arm up and down her leg as he looks over to see what is going on with the group across the room.
[9:37] pigfat emm likely story
[9:37] YT Recreant: Presidente - are you ok with this? or do you wish some more to be added?
[9:38] A. shakes her head, "Sounds good to me, Alley Cat."
[9:39] pigfat cranes her neck to watch
[9:39] YT Recreant smiles and unfastens the wrists - and ankle clamps "good to go, lawbreaker - and now show yourself to the audience, like this, for until tomorrow, same time
[9:40] Janay Freenote raises an eyebrow at seabreeze while wondering what she did.
[9:40] pigfat grins as she stares at seabreezes naked ass
[9:40] Brenton Darkwatch: seeing he is done. He puts the lip back on the marker adn hands it back to alleycat
[9:41] pigfat looks up rolling her eyes looking innnocent
[9:41] Janay Freenote giggles when she stands up then looks down to the side.
[9:41] YT Recreant: and, my Owner, are you feeling any better?
[9:42] Brad Henusaki: "you letting her off?"
[9:42] A. gets up slowly and sighs, "Yes, I am better, I think."
[9:42] YT Recreant helps Ava up, then looks at the guy "do you want her place?"
[9:43] Brad Henusaki: "no thanks but i didnt understand.. why did you let her off?"
[9:43] YT Recreant: because she has the instrucitons on her body now for all to read
[9:44] pigfat emm you gonna take her place on the rack?
[9:53] Brenton Darkwatch: I will see you all later.
[9:54] A.: Take care Sir Brent
[9:54] pigfat emm by mister
[9:55] A. rotates around on her butt to greet the woman new to Glint. "Good afternoon. I am Ava."
[9:55] Brad Henusaki: sighs.."hot day isnt it?"
[9:55] pigfat yawns and stretches her flabby arms. Emm reckon i gonna take a nap .....see y'all
[9:56] A. smiles, "Take care pigfat."
[9:56] Brad Henusaki: "take care"
[9:56] YT Recreant waves
[9:56] pigfat whistles for her bird
[9:59] A. tries again, addressing the woman in the white shirt, "Let me welcome you to Glint."
[9:59] A. tilts her head back and smiles at her Alley Cat, "Help me up, too many donuts."
[9:59] Kazuki Ishtari looks to the woman standing above the rack and smiles "Hello my name is Kaz"
[10:00] Dylan Mathys giggles softly to himself when he hears the donut comment
[10:00] Brad Henusaki: "I am boreeeed!"
[10:01] Dylan Mathys: then go play with the croc?
[10:01] A. hefts herself up, grunting a bit as she does, and stretching when she stands.
[10:01] YT Recreant smiles silently
[10:01] A.: goddamn donuts.
[10:02] Gera Heliosense: If you are bored, sir...go and find yourself a sheep
[10:02] A. waves to everyone, "Heading home to check on a few things-see you all later."
[10:02] YT Recreant grins at seabreezes comment
[10:02] A.: come my Alley Cat :)
[10:02] YT Recreant follows "gladly, my Owner"
[10:02] Brad Henusaki: "take care"
[10:02] Gera Heliosense: Bye dear Ava...and I am so sorry.
[10:03] Kazuki Ishtari: I was wondering if you could direct me to find a place to stay. I am in need of a place to store my things and prepare for my searches
[10:03] Brad Henusaki: "well seabreeze.. Wanna be my sheep" grins evilly
[10:03] Gera Heliosense: Yes, you could store your things in the could sleep there too
[10:04] Gera Heliosense: and no sir, I don't want to be your sheep
[10:04] Kazuki Ishtari smiles "many thanks, could you direct me towards that way?"
[10:04] Dylan Mathys just shakes his head a moment as he listens to the humans speak wondering if the man thought himself clever
[10:04] Dylan Mathys: its over here hooman
[10:05] Brad Henusaki: "I was just joking. By the way I am Brad, Master Brad."
[10:05] Kazuki Ishtari smiles "Thanky ou for you time" *walks off to find her lodgings*
[10:05] Gera Heliosense: yes of course, I'll show you.She is about to hop off the bench and gives Brad a bitchy look
[10:05] Brad Henusaki: offers her his hand.
[10:05] Kazuki Ishtari smiles "That would be loveley, thank you"
[10:06] Gera Heliosense looks at him suspiciously but takes his hand and hops down"Thank you, Master Brad"
[10:06] Dylan Mathys wiggles his fingers at Gera before scunching up his nose at her and sticking out his tongue in the hopes that it would cheer her up a bit but he didnt count on it working
[10:06] Brad Henusaki: may i escort you to the place where you go.
[10:07] Gera Heliosense: She slips her delicate hand out of Brads and smiles at Dylan
[10:08] Gera Heliosense looks past them and spots Sir Defiant. She blushes and gives him a geeky smile
[10:08] Dylan Mathys raises his hand victoriously as he notices the slight smile before happily making his way out of the building to find something to eat
[10:08] Brad Henusaki: Defiant I think we shold escort thes to ladys.
[10:09] Sir Defiant makes his way to the little geek girl, nodding softly at her smile. "Escort them where?"
[10:10] Brad Henusaki: " I think thy must go to some place right miss. seabreeze?"
[10:10] Gera Heliosense: yes to the bordello sir
[10:11] Brad Henusaki: than we can escort them right defiant?
[10:11] Sir Defiant frowns softly. "They are sending you to the bordello, seabreeze?"
[10:11] Brad Henusaki: "umm sorry but.. what is bordello?"
[10:11] Gera Heliosense: She eyes Defiant curious"How come they let you out, sir? ...oh no , they don't send me to the bordello, I am just showing this miss the way there
[10:12] Gera Heliosense: a bordello is a ...."she looks at Brad" You really don't know?"
[10:12] Sir Defiant sighs softly. "Thank gods. I am on parole... not pardoned yet but i can wander the island until I have finished my sentence. Why dont we have this guy here escort her, then you and I can talk."
[10:13] Gera Heliosense nods"Ah I see...on parole. Yes I would like that..uhm..she looks around , wondering where Brad went
[10:14] Kazuki Ishtari: Well, I can find it on my own if that is ok, do I need to speak with anyone once i get there?
[10:14] Gera Heliosense: No you can just walk in and take the room you like best
[10:15] Kazuki Ishtari smiles "That sounds great, Thank you again, it is very much appreciated"
[10:15] Gera Heliosense: you just have to move over on the bed if anyone needs to use it
[10:16] Sir Defiant: I don't have a terribly long time right now, seabreeze cutie - but we were so rudely interrupted before.
[10:16] Kazuki Ishtari turns and quietly walks out the door in search of her lodgings
[10:16] Sir Defiant blows the dark girl a kiss and a soft wink, knowing he will see her soon.
[10:17] Gera Heliosense blushes and smiles at him, rather smitten"Thats fine sir..I hope to see you soon"
[10:17] Sir Defiant: Oh i have a few moments for an old friend... just not much more - and I must admit I love your outfit.
[10:18] Gera Heliosense bites her lip and looks down on herself"Not much of an outfit...I...well...I had hoped to stay a mystery for you but there you go
[10:19] Sir Defiant smiles softly. "Oh dont worry, cutie, I think no less of you. Shame about that paint though, whoever did that mess should be shot."
[10:20] Gera Heliosense smiles at him again, then shakes her head slowly and frowns"Oh no sir...I deserve this punishment...I was stupid again"
[10:20] Gera Heliosense: Somehow I never get it right with our dress code
[10:20] Sir Defiant sighs softly. "You were - you were caught."
[10:21] Gera Heliosense: uhm..."She makes big eyes, then nods, obviously in awe of him"yes...that was stupid of get caught"
[10:22] Sir Defiant: Still, I was as stupid recently. A mistake I do not plan on repeating, i assure you. I shall not be caught again.

OOC How to make writings on skin:

Samstag, 3. Juli 2010

A familiar face

Sir Kowin is back. Welcome home, Sir!

More about our latest prisoner

[12:13] lacey Flinders: Ah, so You are the miscreant that was reported about earlier by one of the other reporters.
[12:13] Sir Defiant looks at the girl coldly. "I am ACCUSED of being that miscreant." He corrects.
[12:14] lacey Flinders turns "Hiya seabreeze"
[12:14] Gera Heliosense comes closer"Hello Ella, hello Lacey
[12:14] lacey Flinders returns the cold look "You confessed in the article"
[12:14] Elaesa Darcy smiles, "Hi Gera. Nice 'do."
[12:15] Sir Defiant: I think you shall find I did no such thing. I said, and I quote myself, 'Lets say I did it and get it over with.' At no point did i confess
[12:15] Gera Heliosense: Thank you Ella" Her eyes are set on the prisoner
[12:15] lacey Flinders shrugs "a matter of semantics - and no, that isn't related to semen"
[12:15] Sir Defiant: Semantics are important. One would expect a journalist to realise that.
[12:16] Gera Heliosense: What are...uhm...Semantics?
[12:16] lacey Flinders grins "This is Glint"
[12:17] Sir Defiant: Indeed. It seems intelligence, grammer, logic, reason and many other wonderful innovations have not made it so far.
[12:17] lacey Flinders: Claiming to a reporter "let's say i did it" is close enough to a confession
[12:17] Rilan Martinek is Online
[12:18] lacey Flinders looks haughtily at the Sir "Hmmm, yes, the intelligent ones manages to stay outside of the cell"
[12:18] Gera Heliosense smiles and bites her lip
[12:18] Elaesa Darcy glances at lacey's notes, "And they spell grammar correctly too."
[12:18] Sir Defiant: [[ oi - cheeky]]
[12:19] lacey Flinders grins "spelling is one of my strong points - it is the typing that i need to work on"
[12:19] Sir Defiant chuckles softly. "So you may assume. Regardless, is there any real purpose or benefit in this meeting, or are you here to watch the show, hmm?"
[12:19] Gera Heliosense clears her throat and tries to sound offhand"So what will happen to him? When is the trial?"
[12:22] lacey Flinders sighs softly and says to Ella and seabreeze "he is hard of hearing too." she speaks slightly louder to the Sir "As i said, i am here to listen to Your side of the story, then write an article for our newspaper. Which, if You were bright, You would want to take advantage of to plead Your case with the populace before the trial begins. If not..." she shrugs
[12:23] lacey Flinders flips through other pages in her notebook, looking for an available trial date
[12:23] Sir Defiant: And the populace decide what happens to me?
[12:24] lacey Flinders: No, the Judge will, however He will consider all angles of the case. Should You have popular support, He may choose to be more lneient if He finds You guilty"
[12:25] Sir Defiant: So basically you are asking me to tell you a story to convince people I neither no nor care about to support me, where it will likely do no good, telling a story I have had ignored several times already and compromising my valued privacy... or perhaps you just want to sell more copies of your rag at my expense, hmm?
[12:25] Sir Defiant: know*
[12:25] Sir Defiant shoots his typist]]
[12:26] Gera Heliosense comes right close and wraps her hands around the bars, staring at the prisoner thoughtfully" are too proud for your own good"
[12:26] lacey Flinders looks affronted "Sell?" She shakes her head "This, Sir, is the People's Republic of Glint, where a subscription to the newspaper is completely free! We strongly believe in freedom of the press!"
[12:27] Sir Defiant: Just not of the innocent. I see.
[12:27] Gera Heliosense wants to say somthing but thinks better of it
[12:27] Sir Defiant: [[ hey, i never said i was applying it to me per se ]]
[12:29] pigfat i seen that guy before
[12:29] Gera Heliosense: Hey Moos...Pigfat"
[12:29] pigfat hi missy emm either will do
[12:29] pigfat i know i seen that guy a fore
[12:30] pigfat emm wuz it tha post office? emm no we dont go t no post office
[12:30] Gera Heliosense: yes of course Moosey, you saw him yesterday when he was arrested
[12:30] lacey Flinders laughs "Well, let's take a look here. Neither i, Ella, seabreeze or pigfat (hiya pigfat) were accused of smearing cum on Cara's windows. We are obviously innocent, and we are outside of the cell. You, however, are in the cell......" she shrugs again "there is but one logical conclusion"
[12:31] Sir Defiant: Then I will give a statement for your paper. You may quote me verbatim, and I trust that it is not beyond the understanding of your readers, or those who have it read to them. Are you prepared for my statement?
[12:32] Jasmine Wirefly is Offline
[12:32] lacey Flinders looks askance, her pen still poised above the notepad "i, Sir, am ALWAYS ready"
[12:33] Sir Defiant holds himself upright, gathering his lean, muscular torso with utmost dignity. Holding a hand across his heart, the index finger of the other held up before him. Taking a deep breath to compose himself, his soft voice resonating throughout the cell as he delivers his speech. "Ook."
[12:34] lacey Flinders hurruphs "short speech, not much to go on there."
[12:34] Gera Heliosense holds her breath and watches the handsome prisoner with big eyes
[12:34] Sir Defiant crosses his arms about his chest and turns his back on the assemblage around his cell, done with the audeince and retiring to his dressing room.
[12:35] Jasmine Wirefly is Online
[12:35] Gera Heliosense: You should not have interupted him lacey...he was about to speak
[12:35] Gera Heliosense pouts a bit
[12:36] Elaesa Darcy sighs, "Oh Gera, for goodness sakes. That *was* his speech. He thinks he's making a point."
[12:37] Gera Heliosense: Oh...uhm...okay"She looks at Ella innocent and naive
[12:37] pigfat ken i have him
[12:37] Gera Heliosense: What for?
[12:38] pigfat sweetie if i gotta explain it......
[12:38] lacey Flinders shrugs "either He wants His side of the story known, or He does not. His choice, and He has had ample opportunity. Ella is correct, He thinks that by His silence He is making a point. His future is in the hands of the Senior Judge, since the other judge was the victim of the crime."
[12:38] Gera Heliosense: ooh*she blushes deeply and giggles, then looks over to Lacey as she speaks
[12:38] Jasmine Wirefly: hangin too good fur him
[12:39] Gera Heliosense: oh come on...he only wanked over a window...
[12:39] lacey Flinders' eyes are flashing "Personally, i have much better things to do than waste any more time here. Master will be arriving soon, and i will need to set a date for the court. Hopefully the trial can take place this afternoon."
[12:40] pigfat gotta go
[12:40] Sir Defiant looks about the cell, then shrugs to himself. Enough is enough and this has been more than long enough. His hand moves to his belt, loosening and undoing, drawing down his flies. Drawing his manhood free, he moves to the corner of the room and stands ready, holding his flaccid length lightly in one hand
[12:40] Elaesa Darcy stares at Defiant's backside for a good long time. "Do you think Master Marvin would consent to having the prisoner stripped and chained?"
[12:41] Elaesa Darcy turns to lacey, rushing to continue, "I wouldn't want to see him attack Master Marvin with that knife or anything is all." She blushes a bit for good measure.
[12:41] Gera Heliosense cups her mouth and stares with bewilderment at the prisoners exposed flaccid penis in his hand
[12:42] lacey Flinders looks at Ella "i have no idea, Ella. Certainly a thorough search of the prisoner's person is in order."
[12:42] Gera Heliosense: uhm..he..he"she points at him
[12:43] Sir Defiant listens to the conversation about him, not focussing on anything much, letting it wash over him. Aiming at the bars of the adjacent cell, hoping to keep the smell as far away from himself as he is able, he relaxes his bladder and lets a steady stream of urine flow freely, arcing through the air, splattering noisily on the wooden floorboards.
[12:43] lacey Flinders makes another note in her notebook, adding "damage to public property" to the list of charges.
[12:43] Gera Heliosense stands and gasps"there you have it.
[12:44] Slutress: she was very... ummmm... 'occupied'.
[12:44] Slutress: oh.. that guy.
[12:45] lacey Flinders: i have an article to write. i will see all of you soon
[12:45] Sir Defiant shakes the drips, exagerating the motion slightly as he has company, splattering the floor with the last few droplets. Tucking himself away again, he turns and makes his way back to the slightly sweeter smelling end of the cells.
[12:45] Gera Heliosense: yes Lacey
[12:45] Gera Heliosense purses her lips, eyes glued to the prisoner
[12:47] Sir Defiant: Well? Is the show over, hmm?
[12:48] Gera Heliosense blushes and looks away" well you are the center of attention being in a cell, sir"
[12:49] Gera Heliosense: We don't have a cinema or a zoo prisoners are ...well...interesting
[12:50] Sir Defiant cants his head to one side. Looking at the slight, shy seeming girl, the tension and anger seep from his tone almost immediately. Unsure yet as to the mettle of the other girl, he will get a feel for her soon enough. His calm, assured mannerism returns as if it never departed. "I am the centre of attention regardless, pretty."
[12:51] Gera Heliosense watches him, eyes wide and gullable" I..I guess yes you are, sir...we never had one like you before"
[12:52] Sir Defiant laughs softly and nods in response, unable to do more. Gesturing absently with one hand towards the girl, he softly suggests. "You must be very warm, why don't you slip out of that jacket before you melt away to nothing?"
[12:54] Elaesa Darcy rolls her eyes as Gera's act of innocence continues. She turns and wanders off.
[12:54] Gera Heliosense: Who? Me? She asks, taking by surprise by his suggestion"well I ...I could yes.It is rather warm" She looks over to the silent Ella and slips off her jacket
[12:54] Sir Defiant nods softly. "Now isnt that better, hmm?"
[12:55] Gera Heliosense smiles shy and nods. wondering to herself why everybody is leaving...