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Dunnagh's girls

Faith, Gera and Guin

The Heather Incident Part 2

We were held up at the gathering spot for quite a while. People came and went. Ava shook her head about me:"Oh Sunrise" And Heather whispered to me wether I was in to get her on sir Ulics behalf, which astonished me.
So we were brought to the police station. Here Ma'am was alone with me and looked at me most sad:

[12:50] YT Recreant: sunrise
[12:50] YT Recreant: what is this?
[12:51] Gera Heliosense: Sweet Ma'Am I am sorry i dissapointed you but...I had to do what I did
[12:51] YT Recreant sighs "what exactly happens, my sunrise? it makes my heart bleed that i had to tie you up"

[12:52] Gera Heliosense smiles at Ma'Am:" No Ma'am you acted correct, I didn't listen and you warned me but I could not restrain myself with this Heather woman
[12:53] Gera Heliosense: She attacked my sir...and I had to revenge him
[12:53] YT Recreant nods, biting her lip "you are one of the few who really push my weak points - that makes it hard for me - but i will have to lock you up"
[12:54] Gera Heliosense: and when you arrived she whispered to me and I lost my cool and attacked her again even though you had warned us...yes Ma'am I understand that you have to lock me only fair
[12:54] YT Recreant: and what did she whisper?
[12:55] Gera Heliosense bows her head:" I am only sorry for dissapointing you...I am not sorry for attacking her"....She whispered that she will have me next time"
[12:55] YT Recreant: what did she mean with that?
[12:56] Gera Heliosense: I assume she wanted to capture me next time she finds me...she also thinks that I am Sir Ulrics spy
[12:57] YT Recreant shakes her head slowly "i see, i see - well let me continue my interrogations - i will lock you up meanwhile, wont be long"
[12:57] Gera Heliosense: yes Thank you Ma'Am
[12:57] YT Recreant drops the leash and removes the paga
[12:58] YT Recreant locks the celldoor and places the key out of reach along the other wall
[12:58] Gera Heliosense smiles sadly at Ma'am
[12:59] heather Marenwolf sighs ......."these cells are not so bad when you get used to them "
[13:00] Gera Heliosense listens up and swallows:" oh hello again miss Heather"
[13:01] heather Marenwolf responds with some kindness in her voice but still an edge "hello there sunrise....seems that we are cell buddies for a little while"
[13:01] Guinevere Fanbridge is Online
[13:02] Gera Heliosense: yes it appears....we might as well try to make the best of it
[13:03] heather Marenwolf: ...yes ....I suppose that we should .....*deep sigh* how is your led I hope I did not hurt you and I hope the cat did not do too much damage either"
[13:04] heather Marenwolf: leg*
[13:04] Gera Heliosense: Its okay Miss...Miss Heather? Why did you attack my sir? what did he do to you?
[13:06] heather Marenwolf: ....your Sir ignored me and my pet multiple times and then .....I just wanted to talk to him and ....and so we went to where he and another slave where in a house ...and he told me to learn my place in front of my pet ....he als o was ignoring her from the start as well ....and then when I caught him he said he would look forward to making my pet submit...and mocking me...I can not stand that ...let alone from a I ....had to teach ....I was not too harsh , there were requests for harsher punishment

[13:10] Gera Heliosense thinks about that and takes a deep breath:" So basically he angered you because he ignored you first and then teased your pet...but that is hardly a crime...mayne men here do worse things...My sir...he is a good man. And when he ignored you , he might have been busy
[13:10] Gera Heliosense: Miss Heather I am sorry but I still think I was right in attacking you for it
[13:10] heather Marenwolf: your sir also had a chance to defend himself but it seems he is lacking in that department slightly he was able to hit me a few times before going he was not busy he was doing it on purpose ...I believe he even smirked at me once..and my pet even when up to him and asked him to his face for his name
[13:11] heather Marenwolf: are his lover ....I can not blame you for that...I would defend my pets in the same way

[13:12] Gera Heliosense: That does not sound like my sir...althoug I must admit he is not much of a fighter, you are right there" She smiles almost" But ignoring you on purpose? hmm....and why do you think I am sir Ulrics Spy? What did Sir Ulric do to yoou?
[13:13] heather Marenwolf: now may I ask you...did you have anything to do with my pet being attacked in our house? ulric and I had talked about something and he had warned me that I may be spied upon and trouble could be ahead...I just want to make sure you did not have a plan with ulric for revenge....or if you did I would like to know about that

[13:14] Gera Heliosense: Is sir Ulric your friend Miss?

[13:15] heather Marenwolf: yes ...he is...and he was telling me about some....things that he has discovered and I was foolish to tell him ....or rather incline that I may sell what he told me
[13:16] heather Marenwolf: I feel I may have made a mistake

[13:16] Gera Heliosense: why would you do that when you are his friend?

[13:17] heather Marenwolf: ...I said friend ....not trusted friend..........I think he has treid to take me a few times but ...I have stayed one step ahead
[13:17] heather Marenwolf eyes drop as she sees wizard come in
[13:18] slut drags the key from her convenient carrying pouch and turns it with a solid thud in the heavy iron lock...
[13:19] staring through the bars of the other cells with a curious gaze... "what are you locked up for sunrise?"
[13:20] Gera Heliosense: for attacking heather when Ma'am had told me to stop
[13:20] xx Reyes: and why were you attacking heather sunrise?
[13:21] Gera Heliosense: because she had attacked my beloved sir

Then Guin, my sweet sister, was brought in too and locked into the cell with me
Ma'am came back. She had heard all sides by now and decided this:

[13:42] YT Recreant: ok
[13:42] YT Recreant: i have thought about this, and i have found a spade
[13:43] YT Recreant: with the spade i was digging a hole, a circle
[13:43] YT Recreant: i filled it with mud, while i was thinking
[13:43] YT Recreant: and since you are all no saints here, i would say we will handle it this way:
[13:43] Gera Heliosense looks at Ma'am listening
[13:43] YT Recreant: heather will wrestle against sunrise and then against the trainee
[13:44] heather Marenwolf eyes lift
[13:44] YT Recreant: if heather wins both rounds, she is free
[13:44] YT Recreant: if heather looses, she is in Duns collar for the weekend

Outside there was a crowd forming. Awaiting the mud wrestling. And next thing I knew was that I was with Heather in the ring. To cut a long story short: Heather won. First against me, then against Guin. She was a good wrestler whereas Guin and I had never wrestled before in our lives. So Heather was free and Ma'am told us all:No more catfights! I was deeply ashamed to have dissapointed Ma'am...but I had to revenge my Sir. Even if it meant to end up naked in a mud pit...

The Heather Incident Part 1

It all started when Guin and later my sir told me how a female slaver, Heather Marenwolf, had captured Sir Dunnagh and threatened Guin. So when I saw that woman at the gathering spot the same afternoon I was determined to revenge my sir. And here is what happened:

[10:47] lacey Flinders: greetings, sunrise!!
[10:47] Gera Heliosense: hello hooker and lacey and greetings Miss
[10:47] heather Marenwolf smiles at the new arival "I do not think I have met you yet I am heather"
[10:47] Gera Heliosense: yes Miss Heather pleased to meet you.
[10:48] heather Marenwolf: and I pick up from the other slave that your name is sunrise is that correct?
[10:48] Gera Heliosense: yes you may call me sunrise or Gera...I am the midwife here
[10:48] heather Marenwolf smiles and nods
[10:49] A1ex Heckroth: hi sunrise everything going well?
[10:49] Gera Heliosense: yes thank you
[10:49] Gera Heliosense: 7me watches Heather closely and narrows her eyes
[10:50] Gera Heliosense: May I ask Miss Heather do you know a man called Dunnagh Scarmon?
[10:50] Gera Heliosense: She breathes faster
[10:51] heather Marenwolf brushes some hair from her face and catches the look and stops , hearing the question she flicks off a pebble from the chair "yes I do know someone by that name"
[10:51] Gera Heliosense comes closer to Miss heather
[10:51] Gera Heliosense: I believe you had an encounter with him today
[10:52] heather Marenwolf looks borringly at her hand turnning it over and inspecting it "no not today it was two days ago I believe"
[10:52] Gera Heliosense: I see...well....
[10:53] heather Marenwolf: "go on please do not leave me waiting"
[10:53] Gera Heliosense suddenly bends over, grabs Heathers hair with one hand and holds a dagger up to her throat with the other hand:" Excuse me Miss Heather but you are arrested under the laws of Glint
[10:54] heather Marenwolf eyes narrow as the steel touches her neck "are you sure this is something you want to do?"
[10:55] Gera Heliosense: I am pretty certain, dare you to hurt my lover
[10:55] A1ex Heckroth gasps and silintly wathes things unfold
[10:56] Gera Heliosense still holds the knife to heathers throat, shaking like a leaf
[10:56] lacey Flinders: She hurt Sir Dunnagh?
[10:56] Gera Heliosense: yes she did
[10:56] heather Marenwolf: "ah so I see this is personal for you , well nothing would have happened to him if he would have not insulted me or my pet, I was also very kind to him allowing him to keep all his parts as Casy wanted me to give her something to eat from him "
[10:56] lacey Flinders eyes narrow
[10:57] Gera Heliosense whispers:" Get up Miss...slowly...or my dagger might slip and...hurt you"
[10:58] lacey Flinders: Sir Dunnagh is one of my favorite Sirs, Miss Heather
[11:00] heather Marenwolf starts to shrug and slowly rise , when she is no longer on her other arm she quickly reaches out and twists the wrist holding her hair and tucks her neck so the blade can only cut her cheek and with her leg lashes out and catches sunshine on the outside of her left knee grimacing as some hair is pulled from her head , then she quickly stands
[11:00] A1ex Heckroth: Miss Heather hooker likes you and does not want to shoot please complie
[11:01] heather Marenwolf: now tell me am I underarrest my laws or just my your anger for me that I showed your lover some manners?
[11:01] Gera Heliosense cries out and stumbles, falling to the ground and losing her dagger, cursing to herself
[11:01] YT Recreant clears her throat
[11:02] Gera Heliosense is still on the ground trying to fetch her dagger
[11:02] A1ex Heckroth: greetings Ma'am
[11:02] YT Recreant: what is up here?
[11:02] heather Marenwolf whips her head around and slowly nods "hello there YT"
[11:02] Gera Heliosense: Ma'am, I found the woman who captured sir Dunnagh, I want her under arrest
[11:03] YT Recreant: i see
[11:03] A1ex Heckroth: hooker is only providing back up for a sister Ma'am
[11:03] YT Recreant: heather, you are a slaver?
[11:03] lacey Flinders is frustrated to be unarmed
[11:03] YT Recreant: sunrise, step back
[11:03] A1ex Heckroth pats joys lil bum with an arrow
[11:03] heather Marenwolf: yes I am YT
[11:03] graffitti: graffitti has been ordered to follow its owner
[11:03] joy draws her bow
[11:04] graffitti: graffitti has been ordered to stay
[11:04] lacey Flinders looks at the great beast
[11:04] YT Recreant: you have attacked the co owner of my property, that is sunrise? the property - and Dunnagh, the co owner?
[11:06] heather Marenwolf: however I do not hunt here , I also released the man after teaching him a lesson after being insulted and challenged, and as for sunrise that was in self defense as I could have done alot more to her but just wanted some breathing room, I will also point out that a member of your police also agreed with my action for the male in question "
[11:06] A1ex Heckroth finger slips off the arrow catching the slaver on the shoulder
[11:06] YT Recreant whips up and down on her toes "and who is that police officer, heather?"
[11:06] Gera Heliosense: what member of the police agreed with you? hu?
[11:06] heather Marenwolf gasps and cluches her shoulder grimacing
[11:07] heather Marenwolf: that would be casey as she asked me to bring her a bone from the male to eat when I was done with him but I did not do that I let him go after teaching him "
[11:08] Gera Heliosense: Casey Landau? Right.I 'll have her ass
[11:08] YT Recreant nods "well, i would say, as in for securing evidences etc, you are under arrest - i suppose you will cooperate - then you can stay roaming around the islands freely but unarmed"
[11:08] heather Marenwolf grits her teeth and pulls the arrow out of her shoulder with a sickening sucking sound and tosses it back at hookers feet
[11:09] A1ex Heckroth looks down inn shame and mumbles
[11:09] YT Recreant: sunrise, i did not say step closer
[11:09] YT Recreant: girls, the next one stabbing *any* other person here will talk to my cat
[11:10] YT Recreant: was i clear?
[11:10] A1ex Heckroth nods fearful over what she has done
[11:10] A1ex Heckroth: yes Ma'am
[11:10] Gera Heliosense: yes Ma'Am
[11:10] lacey Flinders nods "yes Ma'am"
[11:11] heather Marenwolf looks around her and counts the number against her and slowly starts to relax ...."I suppose I can do that I feel I was in the right with the male and I am sorry but when some one threatens me I defend myself , my job has taught me to do so over the years "
[11:12] Gera Heliosense: he didn't threat attacked him
[11:12] A1ex Heckroth smiles understanding that alll too well
[11:12] YT Recreant: as i said heather, our country is famous for its fair justice - so, we will jsut wait until Casey and Sir Dunnagh appear and clear it all up in a trial
[11:12] heather Marenwolf looks at Gera ...."the threat was from you ...the insult was from him "
[11:12] Gera Heliosense grinds her teeth
[11:12] YT Recreant raises an eyebrow "sunrise?"
[11:13] Gera Heliosense: yes Ma'Am...sorry
[11:13] heather Marenwolf: there are also some slaves that witnessed it as well I believe they were trainee ce and anothother that also agreed with my actions and saw the rudeness"
[11:13] YT Recreant sighs "my my, it seems we will jsut have tomorrow two to four stocks mre on the block"
[11:14] YT Recreant: Riddick?
[11:14] Riddick Paule wakes up "hmm?!"
[11:14] heather Marenwolf looks at sunshine and shakes her head at her
[11:15] heather Marenwolf mouths "next time" to her silently
[11:15] Gera Heliosense narrows her eyes and looks at Heather with surpressed anger
[11:15] YT Recreant: they will all stay unarmed until further notice - and you please be so kind and point that out to them, in case they forget
[11:15] Riddick Paule: everyone Ma'am
[11:15] Riddick Paule: ?
[11:16] YT Recreant: to be exact: sunrise, heather, hooker, lacey
[11:16] YT Recreant: and when Casey and Dun appear, these two as well
[11:16] Riddick Paule: I will most certainly keep my eye on them while I am here YT
[11:16] Marvin: Ma'am a pleasure to see you
[11:16] YT Recreant: thank you very much Riddick
[11:16] YT Recreant: hi Marvin ;)
[11:17] YT Recreant: hooker, sunrise, lacey, heather, if you have any weapons, now is the best moment to jsut drop them
[11:17] A1ex Heckroth: my name is hooker Miss
[11:17] lacey Flinders: i am unarmed, Ma'am
[11:17] heather Marenwolf smiles "hello there Marven how are you today "
[11:17] A1ex Heckroth: what true Miss?
[11:17] Juliettes Juliesse: you know what will happened here now?
[11:17] Gera Heliosense drops her dagger and sighs
[11:18] A1ex Heckroth looks up coking her head to the side
[11:18] YT Recreant: oh, and Riddick, the pet of heather, what was her name? Siami? she is unarmed too of course in case she comes
[11:18] heather Marenwolf nods "I left my bow at my house but , *glares at sunrise* I dont need weapons to defend myself as someone found out"
[11:18] Riddick Paule grins "oh yes, i will most certainly keep my eyes peeled for that one"
[11:19] Gera Heliosense: you!" She leaps forward and pulls Heathers hair, behaving like a school girl
[11:19] YT Recreant: and for all of you four - if you are now pondering to just use fists, kicks, whatever: any physical damage done to other by you will lead to instant arrest and being sold tomorrow, w/o any trial!
[11:19] Riddick Paule watches the bow tossed aside and smiles

[11:19] heather Marenwolf gruns and brings her elbow up to sunrises jaw and gives her a knee to the stomach area before jumping back
[11:19] Gera Heliosense gasps and lets go of Heathers hair
[11:20] Gera Heliosense: Holding her stomach
[11:20] Gorean Meter 2.6.8: a bite Has Captured heather Marenwolf!
[11:20] GM 2.6.8: a bite Has Captured Gera Heliosense!
[11:20] graffitti: graffitti has been ordered to stay
[11:20] YT Recreant: i have been warning you
[11:21] Gera Heliosense: Ma'Am I am sorry..yes you warned us
[11:21] graffitti: graffitti has been ordered to follow its owner
[11:21] graffitti: graffitti has been ordered to stay
[11:21] YT Recreant rips off the clothes from sunrise, tears them into stripes
[11:22] Riddick Paule grins and raises my hand slapping her hard across her ass "all you had to do was listen"
[11:22] YT Recreant uses the stripes to tie sunrise's hands together at her back, with a secure triple knot
[11:22] GMBindings2.3-female(pelvis): Riddick Paule spanks heather Marenwolf hard!
[11:22] YT Recreant takes of the veil and tosses it to the cat
[11:22] Riddick Paule: .unleash
[11:22] heather Marenwolf bites her lip as some sting enters her "it is kind of heard to hear when you have a person attacking you"
[11:23] YT Recreant: sunrise sunrise, you know that from all people in our republic, you are certainly one of the least preferred targets for me
[11:23] Marvin watches the procedings carefuly
[11:23] YT Recreant: i wonder why you did that
[11:23] YT Recreant ties sunrise ankles together
[11:23] Gera Heliosense: I am sorry Ma'am...but that bitch...was whispering to me
[11:24] YT Recreant grabs a bit of sunrise leash and attaches it to the .....
[11:24] Riddick Paule draws his dagger slipping it under the cuff of her clothing he begins to slide down her back slicing through the fabric easlily and pulls the offending dress from under her prone form
[11:25] YT Recreant grabs sunrise rope and drags her to the center of the gs
[11:26] YT Recreant: i hope, the fact that someone stole the pole does not lead you to the assumptiuon you are allowed to run away
[11:26] YT Recreant: or, better, i will tie you to the bench
[11:27] Riddick Paule: .yank
[11:27] YT Recreant: .post
[11:27] GMBindings2.3-female(pelvis): Touch the leash post you wish to leash to
[11:27] YT Recreant: maybe we should tie them together
[11:27] Riddick Paule sits quietly with my captive watching the scene proping my feet on her bare ass
[11:27] YT Recreant grins
[11:27] Riddick Paule: oh, if we must hehe
[11:27] YT Recreant: Marvin, these two girls here want a catfight
[11:27] YT Recreant: and also it is not clear which role Dun has in this
[11:28] Riddick Paule: .post
[11:28] GMBindings2.3-female(pelvis): Touch the leash post you wish to leash to
[11:28] YT Recreant: so, if Dun comes, he is to be unarmed
[11:28] Gera Heliosense looks pale amd tries to move into a comfortable position
[11:28] YT Recreant: and then we will listen to them later in a trial
[11:28] Riddick Paule unties her feet letting her stand

Mittwoch, 27. Mai 2009

The rescue of Sir Dunnagh

We had not seen him all day. No message from him, nothing. But in the early afternoon, Faith and I found his weapons and hes bloodstained clothes in the bathhouse. We didn't hesitate one second and started the search. First we went to the old hospital. The place always gives me the creeps. He wasn't there. We didn't know what reception we would get. We only had my knife. But I figured it was a female captor for I had smelled perfume on his bloodstained clothes. Our next idea was the castle up on the hill. And here in one of the room upstairs we found him. I went in first, knife in hand. And there he was. Hanging from the wall, gagged, blindfolded and his ears were muffed...there were rags tied to and taped around his forearms with fluid from weeping sores and blood running down his arms and pooling below him.
"Oh my god, here!" I called.
Faith ran into the room and gasped at the sight:" master!!"
"We must get him down" I was close to tears.
Faith just stood there, looking stunned.
Sir Dunnagh was motionless, like dead. And there was all the blood seeping through the rags. Finally Faith snapped out of it and came closer too, talking softly to him and he moaned behind the gag.
I cut his restrains so that his body slipped down, I tried to hold his heavy body, and let him down to the ground as gentle as possible and with the strength of ten men. I sank to the floor with him.
Faith ran her soft hand over his wrist and felt his pulse and breathed a sigh of relief, then she removed the gag.
"Its okay sir, its faith and gera, we're hear to help"she says in a calming soft voice. Sir Dunnagh collapsed onto the floor, spitting up bile and blood, gasping for breath. He moaned in agony. I stroke his bloody cheek and cried:" Sir...what happened? who did this to you?"
Faith started to clean up his wounds and I got out bandages from my pocket.
Dunnagh Scarmon looked up towards our voices, blinking as his eyes struggled to focus , he yelled out as Faith removed the rags, ugly burn marks encircled his upper arms
"My darlings! You found me!" He muttered weakly
I called out in horror" burn marks!
" gasoline" he whispered:"She...soaked the cloths in gasoline..."
A shiver went through me as I was unable to comprehend such cruelty.
Dunnagh Scarmon pushed himself up onto to his knees, stooped over with pain and exhaustion.
Faith looked on, her face twisated with anger.
"That hag....Elvira, she could return at any minute"
"Elvira did this?" I asked, gasping.
Faith handed our master her tin of water:" drink this sir or you'll dehydrate from the burns".
Faith and I looked at each other. I could see that Faith contemplated revenge.
Sir Dunnagh saw the look in our faces and his own look turns grim and determined "Aye! There'll be time for that yet! She did me well, though- I'll need some time to recover before I can do her proper!"
Faith brushed her hand through his blood soaked hair, :we'll take care of you sir, you'll be better soon"
I started to bandage his arms and upper body.
Faith whispered:" why did she do this to you, what did she want?"
"She said it was revenge"
He winced as I wiped him clean.
"And how did she get hold of your weapons? revenge for what?" I asked suspiciously now.
He looked over atme , wellaware of that tone in her voice: "For my treatment of Ava"
Faith looked at him confused and he explained to him the story that I already knew about:"Long before you, darling Faith, Ava and a House Slave named guttersnipe - gs - kidnapped and robbed me.I escaped and later caught Ava and- uhm- iterrogated her
Faith's eyes widened
Sir Dunnagh looked defensive "To get my money back from the wretched girl!"
"...and you burned her with your cigar...."I added.
Sir Dunnagh shook off his defensiveness and assumed a more Dom-like attitude "Aye! This hag, Elvira, thinks she has a right to avenge Ava!So she ambushed me in the pools and brought me up here"
Faith Moyet: narrows her eyes suspisciously
Faith Moyet whispers: ambushed...or seducde you sir?
Faith Moyet: her mind flashes back to elvira giving him a lap dance
Dunnagh Scarmon looks a little uncomfortable again "Seduced, ambushed, same thing!"
Gera Heliosense bites her lip and pulls a bit too hard on his bandage
Dunnagh Scarmon flinches and yells out, looking down at the bandage and then indignantly at Gera
Faith Moyet: sighs deeply, well your weakness wasn't much different than most of the men i know - sex
Dunnagh Scarmon now looks indignantly at Faith
Gera Heliosense looks at her sir with narrowed eyes and says nothing
Faith Moyet: looks down quickly
Dunnagh Scarmon: "Here, now! Perhaps I'm better off with Elvira!!!"

And that comment almost brought a smile back to my face. So with my eyes still moist I kissed him and told him how happy we wee that he was alive.
We helped him back into his clothes and he secured his weapons. By that time Guin arrived. We had passed on a message to her, here she would find us. She was relieved to see Sir Dunnagh already smiling again. We all helped him to walk out of the castle and he wished to go swimming , to let the saltwater clean his wounds. So while Faith and Giun returned to their duties, Sir Dunnagh and I went to the beach, stripped and swam over to Nayeli. And Iended to him and when he held me in his arms i felt his old strength had returned already. And that is that. For now. Until my Sir finds Elvira to take his revenge...

Scapbook items

I found this on the ground, by the gathering spot. An old issue of "Time" magazin with Sir Ulric on the cover and an article about Glint. Maybe I'll snatch it up and hang it on my wall. Or put it in my scrap book. Which really means I put it here. This is my scrap book after all.

Dienstag, 26. Mai 2009


Look at that. This is my Ma'am with her newly tamed animal. I just had to post this. This picture shows so well what Ma'am is about. A tiny woman with the strength to rule even over a mammoth.

Montag, 25. Mai 2009


Maybe we are not like the other couples. We don't hide our jealousy, nor do we hide our love. We don't know all the rules. We are like two children left alone in a room once the adults have gone. We are crazy for each other. In a scene where there are rules and safewords and limits we are lost. In each other. Yes he will be my Master. But we are not like the other couples and maybe thats just the way it was supposed to be.

Those treasured moments

A bad morning

Oh my what a fright I had this morning. I was chatting with Ava and Sir Ulric when Sir Marvin came to us. After Ava and Ulric had left I went into the immigration building to get changed and to my surprise Sir Marvin was still waiting outside for me. I asked him about a good knife, he said we trade. Once I handed my knife over he suddenly jumped behind me, held my arms and put his own knife to my throat. He then forced me to walk to the police station with him. Here I was interrogated for half an hour. He said, there are rumors that an imposter has found her way into Ma'ams close circle and I was a suspect to him. It took a while to convince him that I was not an imposter. After I showed him my visa - I hate this slut visa but at least its legal - he appologized and let me go.

Sonntag, 24. Mai 2009

Just another day at the Den

I spend some time with Sir ZerO again today. We talked about Master/Sub relationships. I remember I had a talk like that with Sir Ulric some time back. And my Sir came and him, Guin and I spend a little time together.

After that I went with Sir ZerO to Nayeli and when he left I wandered over the hills. From where I stood I could see Sir Jarethe's house. He was working on something. I didn't stop and went back to Glint to watch the auction.

Samstag, 23. Mai 2009

You will still be my sunrise

Ma'am and I had another talk. She asked me, if I want the collaring to be privat or public and official. And I told her I want it to be a public affair. I then voiced my concern if I would still be her sunrise once I am in Dunnagh's collar. She told me: You will still be my sunrise. That made me so happy. When the time comes and Sir Dunnagh becomes m Master I will ask him to accept Ma'am still as my secondary owner. That way I can still be close to her. I also had a chat with Sir Gustaf. He is one of the best Masters in Glint. He is my mentor. Always someone to confide in and someone who teaches me and is always willing to help.

Sir Echo and his beast

Today I witnessed a horrible scene. A man called echo Foxclaw dragged my fellow slave sister joy to the pole and bound her. He then callled for a beast, a werewolf and after he whipped joy he let the werewolf rape my poor sister. It was confusing to watch as joy was disgusted but still climaxed in the end. After she was released from the pole, trainee a and I took care of poor joy. We comforted her and cleaned her wounds and put ointment to it. Poor joy. I know what she went through. It brought back bad memories...

Later on , while we watched Ma'am interrogating a woman who had spit on her, the werewolf came back and stood by me and touched me. And its Master, Sir echo stood just behind me and they teasingly threadened me. Sir Echo kept saying things like: He likes you. I was very scared.

Finally the beast caught up with me in the tattoo shop and forced me to see his Master at the policestation. Echo Foxclaw came and questioned me. He said :You like the beast. Secretly you want it. He kept telling me those things. But I managed to escape in the end when both were distracted by a man and a girl having forced sex in the front room of the Police station.

Donnerstag, 21. Mai 2009

A good houseslave

Sir Dunnagh told me, his first priority from now on will be to find the right moment to speak to Ma'am and ask for my hand. Although it will really be my neck of course. I was elated. And we shared another tender moment.

Later that day, I was asked to help Sir ZerO - yes the byronic one - to interrogate a female prisoner. I had to cut her clothes away and search her. And I did all that like in a trance. And when my Sir entered the scene and brought the complice of that girl, I even lost my cool and pulled her hair after she had kicked Sir Dunnagh.
What is happening to me? Was I not against the way prisoners are treated in the people's republic of Glint? And did I not always feel compassion? Yes I was careful and respectful through the interrogation, but nevertheless I lost my cool. This place is leaving its mark on me already. Only later I felt compassion again, when I had to lead them to their cells. How much did I change already from the naive tourist who came to the Dark Den a few months ago. But did I not find so much more than what I had expected? The dictator I once feared has become a dear loved friend and someone I confide in. The man who once interrogated me has become my lover...

Mittwoch, 20. Mai 2009

Sharing love makes it grow

Today I had a wonderful talk with Ma’am. We talked about very personal things. I will not repeat here what she told me in confindence about herself but I must write down what this wonderful woman saaid to me to reassure me and give me back my selfconfidence about many things. She had asked me how I feel about sir Dunnagh having two other slaves now and I answered truthfully that I find the two other girls very sweet but can’t help a tinge of jealousy of which I feel ashamed.

So Ma’am told me this:“ in general, you can lean back and relax, regarding the situation, because:

you are truely submissive at heart

that can not be faked

it is just what you are

so, you will be always ahead of all those who did not get this feeling that you have

and, as for love...

you know what makes love special? as "love" itself?

it is the only "good" that increases when you share it

i do not need to divide the love - dividing would entail "making it smaller"

where in fact it grows

jealousy is natural but contra productive - since jealousy is a symptom, not a disease“

I said: „yes...but what about jealousy...I try bnot to be jealous but...sometimes it hurts to know that he caresses them“

She said:“ jealousy is an expression of something else

when one is jealous, it can have many reasons

insecurity is one reason

or lack of self confidence

now, sunrise, look at you

how you are

you have been waiting so long for Dun

you have endured Roisins treatment

you have been waiting for him all the time

and you are blessed with a patience that it would make the pope blush

do you think you have a reason to lack confidence in yourself? ;)


i think very highly of you, no kidding

and i can only repeat what i said earlier...

a few weeks ago, when i was still pregnant

it is either that Dun realizes what gem you are and you will jsut grow old with him in passionate love...

or in the unlikely case he would be *that* dense - then he would not deserve you

let him play around

he will soon be frustrated by "wannabe subs" who throw the collar back when they dont get enough "action"

and, if the other subs who are collared by Dun are also really pure and mean it...

and have a true understanding and they really love...


remember the thing that makes love to what it is: sharing love makes it grow

it will only be good then

so, summarized, what can happen are these options:

1. the other girls are wannabes and Dun realizes it -> you are back to be alone with him

2. the other girsl are wannabes and Dun does not realize it -> he just will loose a true sub for some fakes -> which is then maybe in the moment painful for you but on the long run definetly not a loss for you

3. the other girls are bitching against you and get jealous -> again, either way, Dun sticks to you, then #1 applies, or not, then #2 applies

4. the other girls are sweet, loveable and lovely and you are all getting on well together -> you win also

you see, you have really nothing to fear“

I said: „I think the other two girls are very sweet and the end I can only win as long as I over come my insecurity“

She smiled and asked me "tell me, why are you insecure?"

I told her: „I just don't know...I have always been insecure....this is where my shyness come from and ....also my jealousy somtimes...but I don't know what I feel insecure“

And she nodded and said: „often, insecure people only do one thing wrong:

they forget themselves and what they are, what they achieved

make a notecard, and write it down, then take that notecard and read it, when you feel insecure

down who you are

you are sunrise, a Dark Den House Slave and my personal midwife

you have helped me and stood by me and showed me your caring self

you know that i really think very highly of you

and so do others

you have waited for Dun so long and taken a lot onto your shoulders for being with him

and so, that little bit "collaring around" can not really harm you

write down other things where you are proud of

and add them to the list as they enter your mind“

I said:“ really? you see after Roisin and Arva wanted to "correct" me I thought I have a bad name here...that people look down on me

I felt like dirt.

I think this is what still clings to me and why I find it hard to see my good sides

Ma’am shook her head slowly and caressed my cheek

She said: „they did so wrong on you that it made me really sad

and see?

i mean...

there they go ...

Ava did just follow Roisin, she corrected her opinion about you a lot, 180°, i would say

Jake things nicely of you, Pippa does, slut and butterfly love you

I was rarely scared - but when i saw you in that condition, i was....

scared to loose you

slut has something in her profile, let me quote it...

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."

that is as for the "other people"

there are people in your life who you want to be part of your life

Dun for example

so, the quote means, be with Dun just yourself

and he will not question it

those who think they can judge about you most often have just no idea“

She is such a warmhearted wonderful understanding person. I wish more people would know that. She has enriched my life ever since I took her collar. Now I feel I can wait until Sir Dunnagh is ready to claim me for I am in good hands.

Sonntag, 17. Mai 2009

Straight and to the point

Dunnagh Scarmon smiles....Gera- are you jealous that the other two wear my collar, while you wear


That man sees right through me...

Sir Dunnagh

Yesterday my beloved Sir Dunnagh told me that he is now the owner of two other slave girls. Although he reassured me that I am still the one who holds his heart and soul. Did I hesitate too long to take his collar? After all, a Master needs a slave to fulfill himself. It made me look harder at myself. I want to be his yet why do I hesitate? What am I afraid of?

Later today, Sir Dunnagh came to me. He was very stern with me and told me I was to be punished for disobedience. I had entertained a visitor while my Sir was in Glint. I have to admit, jealousy made me forgetful. So he forced me to wear a label that says "celibate". I have to wear that from now on whenever he is present.

I also met my fellow sisters Faith and Guin. They are very sweet. I hope I can make my future Master proud of me and be a good sister to them. My future Master...yes, I want to be his. I want to wear his collar.

Byronic encounter

Today I met a dark silent stranger at the Dark Den. ZerO Ibanez. He asked me to come up to the roof and keep him company. He looked and acted like Lord Byron. A dark romantic soul. We sat on the roof top, overlooking the gathering spot and just shared the silence with each other.

Sonntag, 10. Mai 2009

Still virginal

There is so much to explore in second life. This blog may act as a way to express my feelings and experiences. At the moment I am playing at the Dark Den. A kidnap role play but so much more. I am a houseslave and Midwife. My slave name is Sunrise. Two of the most important people there are YT Recreant, my Mistress to whom I am a midwife and Sir Dunnagh Scarmon, my love.