Mittwoch, 31. März 2010

Dark Den - Sunny afternoon

Today is another nice quiet day at Glint. I sat and chatted with Janay and Blondie for a while and made a welcome sign for when Moose comes back. Later Sir Io and Selina and sir Jakopo joined us. Sir Io thanked me for warning him the other day but said he has failed his tasks to become an elite molestri and that he has to start all over again. No sign of my Master today.

Dienstag, 30. März 2010

Dark Den - Cara makes the men go crazy and my Master looses his nerve

I do not know Cara, we never talked. But yesterday I was drawn into her business. My Master, Janay, Sir Bart and I were in front of the courthouse when Sir Goldfire stormed into the scene, fuming. He asked to have a word with Sir Bart. It was about Sir Io. He was with Cara and that made the two men furious. Now apparently Bart Byron and Goldfire have some sort of deal about Cara. She is under Sir Barts training and is not to be touched by anyone while she is under his protection. And it seemed now that Sir Io had been doing more than touching. For this they wanted his head, so to speak. Bart Byron was already sharpening his sword. My Master bend over to me and whispered:"Gera, find Sir Io and this Cara and warn them, hurry". So off I went. I found them in Nayeli on the big Pirate ship. I yelled at sir Io to run. I shouted that Sir Bart and Goldfire were after him. He jumped up and escaped. It was just in time too as Sir Bart had arrived at the scene. He was yielding his sword like a madman. Cara screamed at him and he screamed at Cara and I and Janay, who had come by also were in the middle of it all. Sir Bart orders Cara to come with him and she jsut laughed and jumped into the water and swam away. He went after her and that is all I know.
I was still catching my breath when my Master suddenly stood before me.I told him what had happened and he nodded. He leashed me and walked back to Glint with me. To the Bordello. Here he ordered me to dance for him. He watched me and got drunk. Very drunk. He dragged me upstairs to one of the beds and here he forced me to be a willing whore for him.
Dunnagh Scarmon: sees her opening and plunges his thick cock into her mouth, hissing at her venomously "That's it- that' it, slut.....Don't enjoy it- hate it! It'll be all the sweeter for me!" *he drives his hips back and forth savagely, raping her mouth, her teeth rasping along his length, but the sensation still satisfying to him, his face hard and cruel, the belt poised to be used again*
Gera Heliosense: she opens wide, breathes through her nose sharply and if looks could kill he would surely be deadly wounded by now, she lets him rape her mouth, when she feels she must gag she fights it, she does not want to give him that satisfaction.
Dunnagh Scarmon: sees her struggling with his length, sees her trying to hide it, and plunges his cock hard against the back of her throat, holding her to him with his grip on her hair, arm muscle meeting the force of leg and torso muscles to jam his cock hard down her throat "Once I enjoyed the pleasure of being your lover, Gera, but you through that away.... so now I have only the pleasure of being the owner of a whore!" *holds her head down fast, pressing his hips forward, knowing he is chocking her with his hard meat*
He wanted to choke me to death it seemed. He was is such a rage.
Gera Heliosense: She can not get any air anymore, her face turns almost blue, her fists become slack and she drops her hands, her body shivers, there is pure panic in her eyes now.
Dunnagh Scarmon: holds her there, the wild, destructive, all-consuming beast within him has broken free and runs amok- he glares hatefully down upon her without really seeing, the blood roaring in his ears
Dunnagh Scarmon still holds her mercilessly in the choking position, feral eyes bulging, muscles straining, until she goes limp- then something clicks within him. He suddenly pulls out of her, spilling her like a ragdoll face down onto the mattress and stumbles off the bed, bellowing with rage and torment.
He drives powerful punches at the whipping pole, causing it to shudder and strain in it's base, the dull wet crack of breaking hand and finger bones heard briefly in the room, then stumbles over to the sex toy cabinet-
Gera Heliosense: She lays very still, gasping for air, filling her lungs with air desperately. After a while and once she can breath again, she slowly turns her head and looks at him, her eyes mirror pure horror upon what he has just done to her. She tries to speak but can't, only her lips move silently.
Dunnagh Scarmon: screaming and bellowing, he grabs at it with his hands, now swelling and clumsy, and topples it over to the floor with a loud crash-
He kicks violently at the cabinet with his steel toed boots, kicks and stomps any stray toys he comes upon on the floor, then moves towards the bed-
Gera Heliosense flinches at the loud crashing sound, slowly she lifts her head and slips off the bed to the floor.
Dunnagh Scarmon squats low and lungs at the bed, his forearms disappearing under it, then lurches upwards with it, trying to flip it over but the upper crossbeams get trapped on the wall and prevent him from doing so-
Gera Heliosense suddenly starts screaming at him, hitting his chest with her fists:"Stop it....stop it!"
Dunnagh Scarmon: He lurches repeatedly with the bed, blind in his rage and pain to the impossibility of the task, the upper bed corner thudding agaist the wall, smashing a hole in the plaster, each time the bed crashes back sounding like a battering ram on the floor.
Gera Heliosense: She lets go of him and crawls out of the way, huddling up in the corner, covering her ears
Gera Heliosense: stop it! she begs
Dunnagh Scarmon: Exhausted from his destructive fit, as well as drunk, the last attempt to lift the bed ends with him staggering backwards, landing on his ass, propped up against the wall, wailing loudly, his thick, broken hands, clutching his face and head.
Gera Heliosense: she watches him careful for a while and when he is not moving, just sitting there wailing, she crawls over to him and reaches out, clasps his hand and whispers:"Master"
Dunnagh Scarmon is doubled over, hands smearing some blood on his head and face, snot and hot, grudging tears running from his face, sobbing through tormented wails "you bitch!...... you bitch!you disloyal, heartless bitch.....
Gera Heliosense swallows hard. She tries to wipe the blood and tears from his cheeks and whispers:" please calm down...if you think I am a worthless whore be it...but please stop torturing yourself
Dunnagh Scarmon shrugs her away from him, starts trying to get to his feet, choking, painful sobs still bursting from him.
Gera Heliosense: She watches him helpless, her throat hurts and the leash is tugging on her. She can't do anything but watch his self torture.
Dunnagh Scarmon staggers for the door, his boot coming down on a stray dildo, sending him crashing to the floor on his knees.
Gera Heliosense: She cringes, watching him falling down. Cupping her mouth she sits huddled up by the bed.
Dunnagh Scarmon crawls towards the door, then staggers to his feet, lurching through it, drunk, dirty, badly self-mangled, and utterly miserable...
I sat there on the floor and listened to him downstairs as he made his way out of the Bordello. I don't know when I will be seeing him again. I pray he won't be drunk next time. What is to become of us? What happened to this love that was to defeat anything?

Sonntag, 28. März 2010

Dark Den - Another day at Glint

Glint is a much more social place these days. There are always people about, always someone to see, new friends to be made. Today I met Zimmi. She is an artist. She was looking for a place to stay so I offered her our home. She made a sketch of Andy and me and I hung it up in the livingroom. Later we were all standing together:Lacey, Sir Jakopo, Sir Erikk, Zimmi and I and my Master arrived. He leashed me without a word and talked to the others. I tried to catch his glance but he did not really look at me. Lacey offered to get some food and drinks but my Master only took some ice. Then he excused us and dragged me to the court house. He sat me on the pool table and teased my body with the ice. I was scared. Because I didn't know what he was going to do. But it appeared that he was just playing with me. He is a book with 7 seals to me these days.

Samstag, 27. März 2010

Dark Den - Hola Muchahas

I was standing around with Janay, talking when a certain Frank Fuhr passed us and I remember he was present once when I was punished, enjoying himself. We greeted him, he came over and we chatted. Janay had to leave and another man I have known for some time, Sir Tristan stopped by. Anyway, Frank offered to buy me a drink and we all went over to the bordello. Here Frank filled me up with several shots of whiskey. I wanted a white russian but he didn't know how to mix that. To cut a long story short, I got drunk. From then on everything is in a blur. I woke up later, upstairs im the bordello and made my way to the court house. Lacey and Sir Marvin were there and Ma'am and Dr. Tara and Selina and some more people. I was still too tipsy to remember them all. In fact I am still tipsy now. I guess I walk around a bit to get my head clear...

Mittwoch, 24. März 2010

Dark Den - The aftermath is like a soothing ointment to my wounded heart

Before he left, he took the ball gag outta my mouth. Not for my comfort but because it scared Andy and prevented me from soothing him. Then, without another glance or explanation he departed. But I know he has come home and he will come back. So until he returns I will calm myself with this thought alone. My Master is back, all is good. The wounds on my back and rear will heal slowly, and I am in a lot of pain. Maybe there will be scars but they are his marks for his love for me. I feel cleansed and the dark thoughts and the feelings of emptiness have left me. And for the first time in months I smile from within again.

Dark Den - ...and he came back with a vengeance - Sir Dunnagh's return

It was a nice warm lazy day, Glint was busy with people swarming everywhere. This was the scene when my Master returned...

[15:55] Gera Heliosense: yes ...hello again
[15:55] Messire Beaumont: :me looks up :"hi there"
[15:56] Julianna Olifone: smiles a hello at the girl she saw earlier, hello
[15:56] kayra Rae: oh, hello there
[15:56] Gera Heliosense suddenly goes pale and looks as if she is about to faint
[15:57] Julianna Olifone: invites the girl to come sit by the fire
[15:57] kayra Rae squints into the darkness
[15:57] Messire Beaumont watching the girl turning pale :"something wrong?"
[15:57] Dunnagh Scarmon looks about the place with a flat, unreadable face.....there's a tension in his muscles, an uneasiness.....
[15:57] Gera Heliosense: It can't can't be him
[15:57] kayra Rae: who is that over there anyway
[15:57] Gera Heliosense: they said he is dead
[15:58] kayra Rae: dead? who?
[15:58] kayra Rae: are you okay?
[15:58] Messire Beaumont: who said that?
[15:58] Julianna Olifone: shudders, and looks aroud for ghosts
[15:58] Gera Heliosense swallows:"My former Master"
[15:58] kayra Rae swings around looking.
[15:58] Gera Heliosense: there is a man over there who looks just like him
[15:58] Julianna Olifone: smiles, at the girl, "he does not look like a spirit to me "
[15:59] kayra Rae sees forms in the distance
[15:59] kayra Rae: well....go check!
[15:59] kayra Rae: stranger things have happened in Glint...
[15:59] Julianna Olifone: "spirits tend to swoop around and howl and stuff, I don't think that's a spirit"
[15:59] Dunnagh Scarmon swings his gaze around, taking it all in, his face coming about to a table with some people seated about it, his look unfriendly, guarded.....
[15:59] Gera Heliosense seems to go weak in the knees and holds on to the chair
[16:00] Messire Beaumont holds His breath :"if He is death, ihe surely isn t stiff"
[16:00] Julianna Olifone: 'waves at the new person, "come over here, be you spirit, or ghost, or flesh Sir ?
[16:00] Julianna Olifone: glances at Sir Messire, "oh scared off the imp, that's never good""
[16:01] Messire Beaumont nods :"or as the widow said : finaly stiff"
[16:01] Julianna Olifone: giggles
[16:02] Gera Heliosense keeps staring, she can't even laugh about Sir Messire's jokes
[16:02] Barbed distruction tail Black W/ Rust: Cookie Tail Mine Dispenser initializing!
[16:03] Dunnagh Scarmon turns, his frown lines deepening, scowling, studying the girl
[16:03] Gera Heliosense: In the end she makes a few steps forwards the male
[16:03] Messire Beaumont: is there something more specific to recognize to this man being a formal master?
[16:03] Julianna Olifone: ducks under Sir Messire's legs, avoiding the imp tail whipping about,
[16:03] kayra Rae follows....
[16:03] Dunnagh Scarmon asks with a suspicious voice "Do I know you, girl?"
[16:03] Tara Bergan: I delivered your son Sir
[16:03] Messire Beaumont: jounleash
[16:04] Gera Heliosense: Upon hearing his voice, she KNOWS its him
[16:04] Dunnagh Scarmon blinks, then he looks away, nodding, his face looking slightly less suspicious.....
[16:04] Tara Bergan smiles
[16:04] Gera Heliosense: Weak in the knees she come closer and asks with a trembling voice:"Master?"
[16:04] Messire gives Julianna a big hug.
[16:05] Messire Beaumont: mmmmmm it was nice
[16:05] Julianna Olifone: be well Sir
[16:05] Dunnagh Scarmon turns towards the voice......
[16:06] Dunnagh Scarmon: ..... and goes still, eyes widening some- then narrowing, jaw line going tight and rigid as his teeth press hard together.
[16:06] kayra Rae: shall we go over by the sand?
[16:06] Gera Heliosense's face is full of emotions, surprise, sadness, joy, excitement, fear...
[16:06] kayra Rae places her pot 'o fire in her pocket....
[16:07] Gera Heliosense: Master! she calls, tears well up in her eyes
[16:07] Tara Bergan tiptoes towards the sand
[16:07] Sabrina Massiel: cookie!
[16:07] Sabrina Massiel grins
[16:08] Julianna Olifone: hi doc, sabi
[16:08] Dunnagh Scarmon 's jaw dips to towards his chest, his eyes glaring out at her from under a bristly brow, hands curling up into angry fists, his voice a menacing growl "EX Master so I hear- and the bare neck would seem to confirm that....."
[16:09] Sabrina Massiel: Hiya cream :)
[16:10] Sabrina Massiel: men often are
[16:10] Gera Heliosense pales and starts to shiver. How often had she pictured this scene in her dreams, longing for him to come back to her, hoping that he was still alive, but she had thought of joy, and if tears, then only tears of joy. But this is not what she had imagined. Her lips tremble and she bursts into hot tears
[16:11] Dunnagh Scarmon 's voice grows in volume "Am I wrong?!"
[16:11] Gera Heliosense: "M..Ma..ster...please...."
[16:12] Gera Heliosense: I thought you were dead
[16:12] Dunnagh Scarmon roars at her "Shut it!!"
[16:12] Julianna Olifone: forgive this girl, err I have somewhere I need to be
[16:12] Sabrina Massiel grins at Tara
[16:12] Gera Heliosense shuts up and sobs silently
[16:14] Sabrina Massiel: Sure!
[16:14] Dunnagh Scarmon stalks up to her, the heavy soles of his battered boots, thunking dully on the paving stones, to loom over her in towering fury, his face purpling, his voice barely contained rage "Do I look dead to you? Did you ever see a body?"
[16:14] Sabrina Massiel: ooh good point
[16:15] Gera Heliosense hakes her head quickly, she looks up to him, eyes large and swimming in tears
[16:15] Sabrina Massiel hops up best she can and scoots
[16:16] Sabrina Massiel: Good evening Sir and sunrise. Pardon the interruption, just wanted to make sure everything was alright. We heard shouting
[16:16] Dunnagh Scarmon doubles over some to get his face close to her's, his eyes squeezing shut, his face almost black, veins popping out at the sides, screaming at her, spittle flying "Did you even bother to look for one?!?!"
[16:16] Sabrina Massiel smiles warmly as she wiggles on her heel
[16:18] Gera Heliosense bursts into fresh tears and suddenly she yells back:"You were gone without a word. You left me and Aindreas. Everybody said you won't come back, that you were dead. What was I supposed to do?!!!
[16:18] Dunnagh Scarmon ignores the voice behind him- his fury such he might not even have heard the girl
[16:19] Gera Heliosense did hear Sabi and looks over to her briefly, eyes swimming in tears
[16:19] Sabrina Massiel tilts her head, her eyes filling for concern for her friend.
[16:20] Dunnagh Scarmon 's left hand flies out for her throat, catching her tight and vice-like, glaring into her eyes-
[16:20] Sabrina Massiel: Shall I summon security sunrise?
[16:20] Gera Heliosense gasps and chokes, eyes grow wide with fear
[16:21] Gera Heliosense: She tries to clasp his fingers that lay around her throat
[16:21] Sabrina Massiel gulps as she watches in horror.
[16:22] Gera Heliosense whispers with her last breath:"I love you"
[16:22] Dunnagh Scarmon: His voice icy and low now, his other hand reaching around to take hold his knife handle "Raise your voice to me, again, bitch, and Ill cut your tongue out....." *he turns his head to look over his shoulder at the girl whose presence he has now noticed, the look in his eyes hateful and furious*
[16:23] Gera Heliosense coughs, when his hand around her throat loosens some
[16:23] Dunnagh Scarmon he glances over Sabrina's shoulder, taking in the other shapes by the fire, then looks back at Sabrina, assuming she is some kind of leader....
[16:24] Dunnagh Scarmon: His voice is loud and clear now, intended to carry to all who can listen-
[16:24] Sabrina Massiel smiles as calmly as she can as she looks up at the obviously angry man
[16:25] Dunnagh Scarmon: "I have returned to this foul land to re-claim what is mine!" *his hot gaze swings back upon Gera, but his voice is still loud and clear* "What I do with it is MY business!"
[16:26] Dunnagh Scarmon shoves his left arm out while releasing his grip on her throat, throwing her backwards and to the ground
[16:27] Sabrina Massiel looks back at sunrise with worry. "Do you wish me to summon security?"
[16:27] Gera Heliosense falls to the ground and shivers, her eyes plead with him, her small hands stretched out to him now, begging
[16:27] Dunnagh Scarmon whirls on Sabrina and screams at her "Summons the bastards and be done with it already, then!"
[16:28] Gera Heliosense: she whispers:"No security"
[16:28] puyin Paravane looks down ... hey, sis ... i'm just moving to get off the sand
[16:28] Sabrina Massiel gulps with surprise as she looks up at the man's fury with fear.
[16:29] YT Recreant: hi Sisters and imp ;)
[16:29] Tara Bergan: mmhmm, aren't we all puyin Hey Sister
[16:29] kayra Rae: hola
[16:29] puyin Paravane: hey ... wow, you're all dressed up, sis
[16:29] Dunnagh Scarmon spins back upon Gera, his voice a growl again "I told you to shut it!" *his hand fumbles behind his back and removes a collar from his belt*
[16:29] kayra Rae looks around YT with interest....
[16:29] YT Recreant coughs "oh well, i had a class
[16:29] YT Recreant: that is why
[16:30] Sabrina Massiel calms as she notices the man turn away from her nodding at sunrise's words. "If you need anything please yell."
[16:30] Tara Bergan: Yeah well, at least I am studying now
[16:30] puyin Paravane shakes her head ... i met a count yesterday, no more counting for me
[16:30] Sabrina Massiel turns and makes her way back to the group
[16:31] kayra Rae: well, sabi?
[16:31] Tara Bergan: I can count to at least... ooooh 3 and a .... a bit now
[16:31] kayra Rae: everything okay?
[16:31] Sabrina Massiel: He is an angry guy alright.
[16:31] Sabrina Massiel: But sunrise didnt want help.
[16:31] kayra Rae: he didn't hit her, did he?
[16:31] kayra Rae: cuz i'll bite him!
[16:31] YT Recreant: but cookie... i have a different question
[16:31] puyin Paravane pats the sidewalk, not the sand, next to her "wanna sit, sabi?"
[16:32] kayra Rae: yes?
[16:32] Sabrina Massiel: Uhm, he is pretty angry cookie, ya might not wanna bother them unless she calls
[16:33] Dunnagh Scarmon stoops down, encircling the rough, beatup collar about Gera's lovely neck and cinching it tight
[16:36] Gera Heliosense's hands shoot up and feel the collar around her neck, she looks up to him and swallows, closing her eyes for a secon. she takes up her courage and whispers:"thank you...Master...."
[16:37] Dunnagh Scarmon grabs her cheeks in a tight pinch, forcing her mouth to purse, snarling at her "Disobedient as ever, eh? Well....I'll fix the speaking out of turn bit of it anyway." *he fishes something out of his pocket*
[16:38] Gera Heliosense whinces and her eyes follow his hands
[16:38] Dunnagh Scarmon gave you Metal Bitch - Ball Gag.
[16:40] Dunnagh Scarmon removes an evil looking ball gag from his pocket and roughly shoves it into her mouth, snapping the back of it in place and locking it in
[16:45] Dunnagh Scarmon: ghleash
[16:50] Gera Heliosense sits siletly, she was never ball gagged before in her life, her eyes
[16:51] Dunnagh Scarmon 's face is returning to normal color, but remains tight and grim as he leashes her, then straightens. "I've half a mind to slit your disloyal throat right here, you wretched bitch....."
[16:52] Gera Heliosense tries to say something but only a muffled sound leaves her throat, she watches him with feear
[16:53] Dunnagh Scarmon: You will take me to my son.... and the gods help you if you have not been caring well for him.....
[16:54] Gera Heliosense nods her head, eyes wide and moist...

So he dragged me along to my house. Inside I immidiatly scooped up Andy from his cot and for the first time my Masters features softened some. He looked upon his son with love but then he said something terrible. He said, he has a good mind to kill me but...the lad needs a mother. I was devasted. He took the baby from me, laid him back to sleep and yanked me closer, whispering that he needed a whore now after being locked away in the rotten cell for so long. He left the house with me and dragged me to the old empty garage which serves as a punishing place. Jez and Z came in just as he put me in shakles and made me stand on the gallows. Then he took out his whip and lashed at me. The other two watched and sniggered. Jez made sarcastic remarks, poor dim wit Z repeated them, this hurt more then the whip. My Master was in a fury, over and over he whipped me until I passed out. When I woke up again, he had removed my shackles. He was talking to Jez's Master Drake. Moer people had arrived. Maybe they all had been watching my punishment.
Sir Drake and my Master takled for a while, then he said his goodbyes and dragged me home again.
He kicked the door shut and shoved me into the wall. Then with a growl he made me face the cold plaster stone, unzipped himself and raped me there on the spot. He hurt me , the pain was almost unbearable. But I welcomed it because even though his hands handled me roughly, it was HIS touch. And at last I felt him inside me again after so many months of mourning for him , he proved to me that he was not dead. I whispered that I love him. He didn't answer. He took what he wanted, then he let me go and without a word, he went outside. As I struggled to my feet and looked through the window I could see him there, standing by the apple tree, catching his breath. His gaze stern, as he let it travel over the land. The land he had come back to claim what was his. Many questions left open. Where had he been all those months? He said he was jailed, But by whom and why? For now I will not ask. He is back that is all that matters to me. And I will do anything to sooth his angry heart. And I will try to kiss away the cruel lines around his mouth. And I beg to god that he will not push me away...

Sonntag, 21. März 2010

Dark Den - An investigation, a witch and much more besides

Gera Heliosense: hello sir
Hamilton Outlander: Greetings.
Gera Heliosense: Hello sir Hammer
Gera Heliosense: Sir hammer did you see Moose?
Hamilton Outlander: I have not seen her in days.
Gera Heliosense: I am worried about her
Gera Heliosense: you have not seen her in days? Are you sure?
Hamilton Outlander: She claimed to have seen me according ot friends, but I've not seen her.
Gera Heliosense: ah...I see....
Hamilton Outlander: That picture in her paper...Not me.
Yeania Aeon: i have seen her she was here a when the tour was going on she stayed around for around 2 hours but after wards havent seen her
Gera Heliosense purses her lips and observes you closely"Not you???"
Gera Heliosense: hmmm, very strange
Hamilton Outlander shakes his head. "When have I ever worn long hair like that guy?".
Gera Heliosense: yes...I suppose....well you could have worn a wig
Hamilton Outlander: I dun have a wig....I do know moosie has some time on tha powl as she says, when I do see her.
Hamilton Outlander: Ima send her to fat camp.
Gera Heliosense: oh you....don't be so nasty
Hamilton Outlander smirks, "I'll get her down to being almost as cute as you.".
Gera Heliosense: *blushes and smiles being flattered now* well..I...okay then I am sorry that I thought wrong of you...I am glad you're not a gorean spy and that we don't have to hang you up by your tally whacker
Hamilton Outlander: Ummm, No you dont. But we need to discuss your breaking the law.
Gera Heliosense: Me? Breaking the law???
Hamilton Outlander looks down, eyes focused on her panties, "What do you call those things...around yer waist, girl?".
Gera Heliosense: oh...thas...thas..uhm...its an accesoir...its more kinda like silks
Hamilton Outlander: Well, take 'em off. Being that this is the first time, I might be convinced to look the other way.
Gera Heliosense: and I ....i get bladder inflamation "She mutters before she raises her eyes to him in astonishment"Yes, yes, sir I 'll tak them ff right now..thankyou sir...thank you!
Gera Heliosense: She hurries to wriggle out of her panties, steps out of them and kicks them off
Gera Heliosense: all done
Hamilton Outlander continues to watch, "Now, what will you do to make me overlook this major violation of the law?
Gera Heliosense: I will...uhm....I would be honored sir if you would use me as you see fit....I ..I could also kiss your feet right here and proclaim that you are my Messiah
Hamilton Outlander looks shocked, "Certainly I don't aspire to being that! Follow me to the bordello."

So we went there and Sir Hammer ordered me to dance for him. Then we got all snuggly on the couch and I discovered a lot of things. Like that Sir Hammer has a tattoo on his back in latin or something and it means: Life is too short to dance with ugly women. And that he is pierced...everywhere you can imagine! We were still lounging around and we talked about Moose and I begged him not to be too harsh on her, when suddenly a women appeared.
Marie Laveau was her name and she was, yes! a witch. She was there for Sir Hammer, saying that he was a Gorean spy so the rumour had obviously already been spread. She and Hammer fought and in th eend he had her in chains and on a leash and dragged her off to jail. She did a few amazing magical tricks, even layed a fire and got out of the cell. Then she just poofed but not before she gave out a warning that she will return. By that time Janay appeared, also Lacey and finally Moose. I was so glad to see her but she only wanted to talk to Lacey. I treid to tell her that she was mistaken about Sir Hammer and Lacey told her that it was m not a crime in itself to visit Gor. "But why did he not help me when I was attacked?" said Moose. Lacey told her to sort that out with Hammer himself. He was then nasty to her again, saying he was close to send her to Fat Camp. With that he really hurt her. She had tears in her eyes and my heart went out to her. But I guess she will never want me as a friend now after all that. And I so wanted to be her friend. I think she is so brave being in love with Sir Hammer. Loving him in vain. Its so sad, I wish there could be a happy end for her...Oh well, life is so cruel sometimes. She went on her way then to pick up her taxi shift for the day. All done up with real hooves and besides that, naked. I thought about asking her for a ride to be able to talk to her alone but couldn't find the courage. I hope, sur Hammer will not punish her too harshly for that would be just too cruel in more than one aspect.

Samstag, 20. März 2010

Dark Den - A dream that tasted of reality and the satisfaction of my sensual cravings

Last night I dreamed that my beloved Master was back. He appeared before me all of a sudden, butterfly saw him too. And I was so shocked that I fainted. I woke up in his strong arms. He kissed me and said:"It won't be long now love...soon..."
Now I don't even know if it was just a dream or if it has indeed happened.

I feel very needy recently. Its spring, everything is in bloom. And I feel so sensual and in heat all the time. I gave myself to a dirty old gentleman and loved being taken. His hair was grey, he could have been my grandfather and I loved it. And I gave myself again today, together with puyin. I am a slave to my own sensuality right now. And I miss my beloved Sir Dunnagh.

Andy is growing so fast. I wish my sir could be here when our son utters his first word.

I am so full of cravings right now...

Freitag, 19. März 2010

Dark Den - Back to the roots

This is me, Gera. I am posting myself again. We have a laundry house at Glint now. Ma'am and butterfly caught me with my shorts and tank top on and Ma'am didn't like the idea of me getting overheated plus she announced it has just become a new law that grey clothing is forbidden. Now my shorts and tank were grey, so... They took me over to the new laundry house and showed me how the laundry is done the Glint way. Men dispose their dirty clothing on the right side. There it will be washed and dried. Women dispose their clothing on left side, there it will be...stuffed into the trash bags. Uhm...yes. So I...did as I was told. I was mumbling to myself and Ma'am asked:"Sunrise? Did I hear a muttering?" She still calls me sunrise, you see. I tried to wriggle myself out of it but with Ma'am you never can. As I was standing naked before her, she asked me what I am missing and then she touched me. I soon found out what I was missing for a long time. Cutting a long story short, I did feel better in the end. I felt like myself again. Like sunrise. And they both said they were glad to have me back. As I walked away, the wind played with my hair and it gently caressed my naked breasts. And I knew what it was that I had been missing. To feel beautiful and sensual again, thats what I had been missing. I straightened up, held my head up high and walked home, swaying my hips a bit just because it felt so good. I am sunrise again and the wind and the sun caress and kiss my naked skin...

Samstag, 13. März 2010

Dark Den - Getting social again

Gera replaced her house with a new one. After furnishing it she went to the gathering spot and met a lot of new people. After everyone had left she sat with Janay for a long time and they talked about their former Masters and the kids they left behind. It was a nice warm evening.

Donnerstag, 11. März 2010

Dark Den - Maybe a prelude to something

She can feel it. Something is going to change. Illisan didn't show up for the longest time and she believes he won't come back this time. And although many think she is crazy for believing that Dunnagh is still alive and will come back to her, she firmly holds on to that thought. She's had enough of being the onlooker for so long. She wants to be alive again. She takes off her shoes and prepares herself, for the laws have changed again and she is ready to take them on.

Dienstag, 2. März 2010

Gera's new store - Geras Ambiente

A texture and Freebie store located at crowfoot.

Arborea - City of Farah

Arborea is a distant Planet. Mediveal but not Gor. No magic, no supernatural creatures.
But therefore humans with all the range of emotions and drama.
Gera is the countess Gera of Farah, the little sister of Duchess Louise of Farah. Gera is a young widow. Her late husband was old and wealthy and left her with a title and money. After his death she comes to Farah to stay here with her sister and family. Her sister Duchess Louise, married to the Duke of Farah has two daughters. The city is swamped by pirates and outlaws. So with the Duke out of town, Louise has hired a bodyguard, a certain Donnal [played by Dunnagh], to protect her family.
The life in Farah is hard after a cruel long winter. Food is sparse and everybody fights to survive [All players wear a meter. If your hunger level goes over 50% you faint and you can only be revived with bread]
The first picture shows Gera kneeling by Louise who has fainted with lack of food, the second shows Gera with her sister meeting the princess and her servant, the third picture shows the sisters at their visit to the neighboring town of Glacia with the city's master of arms.