Montag, 30. November 2009

Incorrigible - The Pestilence

Pestilence having descended on the realm, there are no unclaimed supplies--no food, no water, no wood. Bees are swarming and attacking anyone without honey...

Lady Gera thought she would be safe in the tavern. After a horrendeous run through the woods, fleeing from an agressive swarm of bees, she was shaken,tattered and torn. Her dress was in shreds. She had severe cuts on her arms and chest where tree branches had whipped her.
Here in the tavern were others. All people who had seeked shelter.
Alas, another swarm attacked the Tavern shortly after. They were trapped. Their only protection a few meads of honey. But by that time they were already covered in stings. Gera and a man named Jon were severly injured. But there were healers with them who saw to their wounds.
Sgt. Dunnagh arrived at the tavern, saw his lady unconcious and stayed by her side, applying ointment to her wounds...

Dark Den - Sir Illisan is back

...and he came back with a vengeance. More than his usual "charming" self he was force-seducing a girl who was tied to a pole when Gera arrived. He performed the act on her as Argent and Gera looked on.
He then ordered Argent to kiss Gera while he tried to force the tied up girl to lick his boots. Argent got under Gera's skin. Meanwhile the tight up girl vomited. A grotesc and bizarre scene.
Later Lacey asked Gera how it is going with Sir Illisan. She said she is grateful he is back. And yes they get on fine ever since he broke her in. But the union is not based on love. Its a master and his future wife holding a slave relationship. Its not like it was with Dunnagh.
More people came. A silent man, a man called Bear and someone named Olli. The gathering spot was almost as crowded as in the old days. Argent was holding Gera's hand until her master called her away.

Sonntag, 29. November 2009

Dark Den - A nice talk with Sir Sami

Gera had a wonderful conversation with Sir Sami who after a long absence is back in Glint. He showed her some of his writings. Stories about people from Glint. A must read!

The Dilemma between fantasy and (virtual) reality

As a part of the 16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence, a series of events to promote an end to violence against women being held in Second Life from 25 November to 10 December, a broad coalition of activist groups in SL staged a performance protest at Hard Alley on 27 November.

Hard Alley was chosen because it is one of the most popular sims in SL featuring animations, poses, and products that depict violence against women, including rape, bondage, and violent physical abuse. Such depictions desensitize users to the violence that they represent; they "normalize" the rape and sexual abuse of women by asserting that these things are not merely "fun," but also sexually arousing. By doing so, they impact upon real life attitudes towards a horrendous social blight that annually leaves millions of women across the world traumatized, psychologically and physically scarred or injured, or even dead. Any activity that trivializes or seems to validate real life violence of women is intolerable. This protest was staged to make it clear that our society should not, indeed must not, tolerate it.


As residents of Second Life, we recognize that role play here is "consensual," and that the simulation of rape or other forms of violence against women is NOT the same as real life abuse. At the same time, however, we also understand that images and behaviours here do impact upon first life attitudes and practices, just as the images in any media, electronic or otherwise do. The media, and in particular interactive and "social" media such as Second Life, have an enormous impact, for both good and ill, upon societal values. Our protest here was both in opposition to the misogyny reflected by the form of role playing encouraged at this sim, and a forceful statement of our own commitment to ending the attitudes that sanction or create violence against women.

Because a founding principle of feminism is nonviolent activism, we chose a form of protest that was appropriately peaceful. We were not there to "attack" the sim, nor to grief it or its users. We did not spam visitors here, nor abuse them individually. We are protestors, not griefers.

We chose to represent ourselves as "meat," because this is the most appropriate metaphor to describe the attitude towards women and their bodies endorsed by the activities of places like Hard Alley. We also chose this means of protest to show that, while we take the issue of violence against women very seriously indeed, we also have a sense of humour and playfulness. The joy of shared laughter is one of our most potent weapons against the sort of hatred towards women exemplified by sims like Hard Alley.

More information on the 16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence can be found online at:

I felt strongly that I had to post this. For me this is a subject I am faced with daily as I roleplay, as I live out my fantasies and yet sometimes I do feel torn between my strong ooc opion and the urge to roleplay and live out fantasies.

Christmas is coming

Gera loved it to decorate their home for Christmas. And I made it snow. This is something one can only do in SL .

Dienstag, 24. November 2009

Montag, 23. November 2009

Incorrigible - Lady Gera meets a satyr...

his name is Vasa and he was very charming.

Freitag, 20. November 2009

Impressions from Beauty

Dark Den - A video about the PRG

YT, the former presidente of Glint has made a wonderful video about the new PRG wich captures the most important impressions about this new form of the Dark Den. Enjoy:

Mittwoch, 18. November 2009

Princess Gera's first day in the kingdom of Beauty

Princess Gera arrived at Beauty in the early morning hours. She met a friendly count and a Princess, who was naked and showed her around. After the tour she was taken back to the Inn where she was introduced to the Arch Duchess, a sister to the Queen. She was stripped naked and a chastity belt was put on her, so that her virginity may stay intact for as long as the Queen would desire.
She then met Princess Alice who told her about the things that may await her. Alice took her to the sleeping quarters and later to the market square. Another Count arrived. He orderd his servant to put cuffs on Gera. Then she was chained to an archbow that displayed her for all to see. The Count announced that here the first lesson would start. Princess Gera was spanked, first by hand, then with the whip by several nobel men. A Count first, then a Baron, then a rough Lord. She was left there in her restraints, awaiting the night...


After spending a wonderful time with her beloved Dunnagh, Gera likes to dedicate this song by the Carpenters to her man, who makes her so happy:

why do birds suddenly appear
ev'ry time you are near
just like me they long to be
close to you

why do stars fall down from the sky
ev'ry time you walk by
just like me they long to be
close to you

on the day that you were born
the angels got together
and decided to create a dream come true

so they sprinkled moon dust in your hair
and golden starlight in your eyes so blue

that is why all the girls in town
follow you all around
just like me they long to be
close to you

on the day that you were born
the angels got together
and decided to create a dream come true

so they sprinkled moon dust in your hair
and golden starlight in your eyes so blue

that is why all the girls in town
follow you all around
just like me they long to be
close to you

just like me they long to be
close to you...

Beauty's Awakening - Beautydom

This sim is just dreamy. Beautiful surroundings, a love for detail, friendly open people, a community that greets you with open arms. Beautydom is based on the novels The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty (1983), Beauty's Punishment (1984), and Beauty's Release (1985) by the wonderful Anne Rice. In here Gera is the teutonic Princess Gera who was send to the far of land of Beauty to be educated and refined in a very special way. In the book as well as in this roleplay there are naked slaves, dozens of them, in the Queen's palace, all princes and princesses sent by their royal parents from the surrounding kingdoms as tributes. In this palace they spend several years learning to become obedient and submissive sexual property until they return to their own lands "being enhanced in wisdom". Gera will grow here, most certainly...

Samstag, 14. November 2009

The Human Trafficking Mansion

The place is lush, rich, marvelous attire. The girls are frightened, hardend, dissillusioned. There are no friendships to be made here. The players are all brilliant writers. But it is not easy to get into the community. I am a member for a while now and yet I still haven't managed to get an involved story line. A tough place, an elite place.

Dienstag, 10. November 2009

More places to explore

Sinner's Rest - An urban kidnap roleplay
The Dogan - A PoW Camp

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