Sonntag, 4. Oktober 2009


YT blew up the passage to Nayeli. They admitted her to the clinic of Glint. They say something might be wrong with her brain. The paper is full of it. About last nights incident too, although they didn't get all the facts right. Like they write Ava was released finally when in fact I had to free her. Ava watched over YT's drugged sleep at the clinic like a mother would over a child...

Samstag, 3. Oktober 2009

The pussy war continues

YT came to Glint today with her fellow Paw Me tribe members and shoot at anything that moved. They captured many, even La Presidente. YT demanded that all captives should strip, have "Pussy" written on their chests with lipstick and perform a little dance. It didn't come to that. As I was told to look after La Presidente by YT, I knew I had to free her. I know I betrayed YT, she trusted me but I could not stand and watch our Presidente being a captive of the Paw Me. I managed to go to the security office and steal the key for the pole where Ava was tied. I freed her. Ava mobilized her troups and slut and YT were captured.
Ava told YT:"You know what this bout of insanity has cost you. No longer will I hold back people from attacking Nayeli, taking you all as captives. Glint's protection of you is as broken as your collar. If you want back the protection of Glint, the friendship of will show it. You may earn it back. But at this point....there is no relationship between the two."
With this all Paw Me were released to go back to Nayeli. Ava said:"They can discuss there, what they want to do, to appease Glint."

Changes again

Lots is happening in Glint. Scientists claim that the sea monster exists, Sir Illisan has been turned into a boi by Dr. Tara and Sexi, and La Presidente lifted the ROS-order against sweet YT.
As for me, I have given up my job as a midwife. Not only having to see to the pregnant women of Glint but also to the visitors to the Mama Allpa clinic, proved too much for me.