Montag, 2. August 2010


The first time I met Lil was when I was in jail. She came and kept me company and was really sweet. Next time I saw her was maybe a week later. We chatted for a while and I invited her inside my home. She admired the picture we have in the livingroom. Its a painting called "Christina's world" and its my Sir's favorite painting. Lil said, she knows it from a book cover. Lil came to Glint as a tourist, through a corrupt travel agency like me. So we got something in common there. Our new friendship was put to a test two days ago when we had an encounter with Sir Defiant. Sir Defiant is director of security now and he arrested us for loitering. During our interrogation I had a little accident and Sir Defiant made Lil and I do something which was rather embarressing, so I won't talk about it. But lets just say it kinda deepened our friendship to go through this together. Its nice to have a good girlfriend again. After Lynn had left and Butterfly has gone missing, its just good to have a girl again that I can confide in. Which reminds me, I really do miss Butterfly alot and I wish I knew what happend to her.