Freitag, 29. März 2013

Glint or A tale of two cities

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to Heaven, we were all going direct the other way...
Is it not a strange thing?
I was in the bar with Legion and Jarethe the other day and Jarethe who fits so well into the scene nowadays, with his ever gloomy mood alternating with indifference,  was lamenting about what has become of us and of Glint. I listened to him. I was exhausted and yet restless and terrible alert. I had spend another day surviving, protecting our children, hunting for something to eat and facing and training the overcoming of my fear of the walking dead. I looked at him and I told him...and it was from the bottom of my heart:
 "But now at least everything make sense!"
Of course Jarethe looked at me as if I had gone completely mad. Legion regarded me thoughtful. He knew what I was trying to say, for he and I had talked about it before.
I believe only when a human being feels a purpose and sense in life, he or she will feel alive and celebrate the sensation of it. Before the apocalypse the life in Glint was an exsistence bare of all logic and sense.
We would walk around in a state of constant confusion, we had to dull our senses to pull through. Rape for example never made sense and was hence never a crime in Glint. We always had a large population of females on the island. The few men here could really take their pick of available females. As a result the Rapings I have viewed were always conducted in a manner of duty by the males. It was expected of the males to rape so they may prove their masculinity. But where was the desire, the passion, the lust, the fear, the challenge. More so, because of the dress code, I found myself ordered to walk around naked most days. The ever present sight of naked females had dulled the male senses. And we females did not fear rape, nor did we  anticipate it. And yet, everything focused on it because it was the only sensation we were able to experience. For better or for worse.
Now, all that has changed. Our focus is not fighting the boredom anymore but on fighting death and infection. Now we are under a constant threat, a universal threat that knits us together closely in one respect but on the other hand it also gives way to a desperation that makes all of us unpredictable.
A hunger for life has raised. And this hunger causes all human emotions finally rise to the surface. Now a rape will be what it is. Either a terrible egocentric crime to destroy a woman's soul, as it happens usually in the world beyond Glint . Or to stay more with the spirit of Glint, a crime of passion. A hunger for life and the most the drastic display of desire a man can show to a woman. And for the women it is the ultimate sense of being claimed, always of course with the threat that the rapist may not be the one you would have chosen. The encounter I had with Psycho shortly before the apocalypse was like an Omen for these things to come. And was I not shaken by the experience to be claimed, to be desired so much?
So sexuality, the mirror of life in Glint has changed. There is a sense in it now. We all have won in depth. 
Before I was Gera, just another available piece of meat. 
Now I am a woman. I can be glorious and strong at times, when I protect the children, when i overcome my fear of the walking dead, when i learn how to use a weapon. Or I can be bad, stealing a scrap of food from a fellow hungry citizen. But I am a woman, a person. All my human facets are able to show now. And it is the same for all other citizens of Glint. We have become a community of persons, we express ourselves now and everyone becomes a character, an individual when before we were a bunch of random people who could not talk to each other, because there was nothing to talk other then idle superficial chatter. it was the age of foolishness.
Now we have in Glint the season of Light, the season of Darkness, the spring of hope,  the winter of despair, we have everything before us, we have nothing before us, we are all going direct to Heaven, we are all going direct the other way joining the walking dead...

But whatever may be, it all makes sense now.

Sonntag, 24. März 2013

Life after the Apocalypse

Our new place

View from the street

Every blood stain tells a story: We found the house empty and claimed it,
 the previous owners will not return. Well, not in their old form anyway.

Just out on an errant

Veebs and I

Legion and I

The Glint community grows tighter

Our home is always open. 

A thoughtful Winter, a refugee and my son playing

Another refugee coming for shelter

Makeshift furniture

Family life

home sweet home

Mare on the floor

Waiting for nightfall

Our terrace overlooking the graveyard.
 We have the walking dead in constant view

Getting organized

Making plans

Sticking together

Depending on one another

Jarethe and Legion, man-talk


The haunted hotel changed it colors.


Amazed that we pulled through so far

But the big sky is too big to care

Good team: Curator and Judge

Mittwoch, 20. März 2013

On the eve of destruction

The first earthquakes that had ripped Glint open, were only minor hand when it was over, it had unearthed the old subway, that was built by the UN. As I walked through the town, through smoke and dust I could hear strange sounds coming from there. From the chamber below, but I walked on. I was on my way to the beach, to the Nursery which thankfully had been left untouched. The children were safe. As I walked on I must have lost my orientation. Suddenly a huge white wall blocked one side of the beach. Climbing the hills I saw a camp. I walked on until I came across a sign. The sign  said "No Geras". A camp for the correction of females. This was the camp of Psycho Fhang. As I glanced at the sign, a hot anger rose up in me. I thought of the day when he had faked his death. I thought of the indifference of the others and how only I had cried tears for him. 
I stormed through the bushes, angry and emotional and suddenly found myself standing right in the middle of a huge part of the beach. A pavilion further down and Psycho, sporting a full beard now. He was talking to one of the new bargirls, she  was naked of course. When he saw me he walked up towards me.

[10:58] Psycho Fhang: gera your not allowed on this beach unless your naked.
[10:57] Gera Heliosense: Psycho what happened here?
[10:58] Gera Heliosense: What is this? And why?
[10:58] Psycho Fhang: because thats how it is
[10:59] Gera Heliosense: and what have I done to you that you hate me?
[10:59] Psycho Fhang: I don't hate you as a matter of fact I like you a lot. I just think all females should be naked all the time
[11:00] Gera Heliosense: you have treated me with contempt ever since your "resurrection"
[11:00] Gera Heliosense: i was the first and only one on your side.
[11:00] Gera Heliosense:  and i was honest in my desire
[11:00] Gera Heliosense: and you treat me like dirt
[11:00] Psycho Fhang: no ever since you decieded you were better than the rest of the females
[11:01] Gera Heliosense: i hate you!!!
The moment he threw a net over me.
[11:02] Psycho Fhang: well well Legions little tart
[11:02] Gera Heliosense starts crying and trying to free herself
[11:03] Gera Heliosense: fighting to get out of the net.
[11:03] Gera Heliosense: let me out!!
[11:03] Gera Heliosense: I hate you!!!
He handcuffed my hands 
[11:05] Gera Heliosense cries miserable
[11:05] Gera Heliosense: helplessly cuffed
[11:06] Psycho Fhang bends down and kneels before his prize as he attempts to place shackles around her ankles
[11:08] Gera Heliosense sobs abd turns her face away from him
[11:08] Psycho Fhang haveing her secured I drag her out of it
[11:10] Psycho Fhang reaching down I untie the knot holding her skirt in place and whip it off of her "" you won't be needing this again
[11:11] Gera Heliosense looks at him, her dark eyes swimming in tears
[11:11] Psycho Fhang reaches behind her and attatches a dog leash to the handcuffs
[11:13] Psycho Fhang: so darling you think your special do ya ? well I agree and because I do I think I shall make you a treasure to be safeguarded and kept and admired.
[11:13] Gera Heliosense: She shakes her head, sobbing
[11:13] Psycho Fhang: well darling you brought it on yourself
[11:14] Gera Heliosense: why?
[11:14] Gera Heliosense: because you hate me?
[11:15] Psycho Fhang: hardly darling, because I wanted you a lot but one doesn't steal another mans girl even if that other man is only a boy.
[11:15]Psycho Fhang pushes gera against the tree and starts tieing her to it before I remove her cuffs
[11:19] Psycho Fhang steps closer to gera and runs his hands over her stretched taught body admireing the feel of her curves and the muscles underneath
[11:20] Gera Heliosense sobs and whimpers, her arms are almost pulled out of their joints, she looks at him pleadingly through tears

[11:20] Psycho Fhang: you shall be my most cherished treasure darling
[11:22] Psycho Fhang: the goddess has brought you to me and hear it is you shall stay
[11:22] Gera Heliosense stares at him, eyes wide and scared and innocent, she searches for glimpse of humanity in his face, she is scared that" cherished" will mean pain and fear.
[11:22] Gera Heliosense: Please Mr. not hurt me anymore.
[11:24] Psycho Fhang: ohh darling I know you can endure a lot more pain, but I don't like inflicting pain on my possesions of course unless I have to, is this uncomfortable for you?
[11:26] Gera Heliosense: Y..yesss"she sobs, while hot tears run down her flushed cheeks.
[11:27] Psycho Fhang slides his hand down your body across your firm tummy and slowly over your soft folds "" perhaps we can find a more comfortable position for you. would you like that?"
[11:28] Gera Heliosense hick ups from crying so hard and nods, her doe eyes pleading with him.
[11:30] Psycho Fhang smiles at her as she looks at him her big soft eyes pleading with him pleases him as I withdraws his hand from her body and slides the sawhorse between her legs and begins lowering her down onto the sawhorse
[11:34] Gera Heliosense widens her eyes in horror, machinses and objects ,inserted in to her have always made her so uncomfortable and miserable, there is a trauma she had endured once , that Psucho does not know abot. She screams and tires to free herself, her wrist are soon raw and bloddy from her struggles.
[11:37] Psycho Fhang: notices the bad effect this is haveing on her and smileing at her bends down and turns the crank faster forceing her open even more "bad girls get bad treatment . do you understand this concept gera?""
[11:37] Gera Heliosense: take it away,,, oh hurts me
[11:39] Psycho Fhang stops turning the crank and retracts it from gera, then pulling the saw horse from between her legs. grasping the rope he loosens it from the tree lowering her to sit on the ground

[11:40] Gera Heliosense: She sinks to the sand weeping.
[11:43] Psycho Fhang kneels next to her and wraps ropes around her binding her to the trunk of the tree
[11:44] Gera Heliosense: watches him lethargic, she is too shocked and sore and miserable.
[11:46] Psycho Fhang: now my little treasure don't look so sad you will be treated like a prize possession an honored guest once you accept the fact your here to stay and will never leave this beach again
[11:47] Gera Heliosense: She watches him tired and confused.
[11:48] Gera Heliosense: but this Glint...I don't understand
[11:49] Psycho Fhang: ahh this beach is my home now it is a separate colony from the rest of glint what is allowed to happen in that town will not be allowed to happen here
[11:50] Gera Heliosense: she tries to crasp his words"you mean..." she whispers, you are the leader here?...but...the Glint presidente....
[11:50] Gera Heliosense: I m a citzen of Glint
[11:51] Psycho Fhang: that citizen of glint crap means nothing here your a female granted a very beautiful female but never the less female and shall be expected to act like one
[11:52] Gera Heliosense looks up, her lips quiver"
[11:53] Gera Heliosense: you have betrayed me.
[11:54] Psycho Fhang: I have not betrayed you in any way I was true to you refuseing to have sex with anyone else besides you
[11:56] Gera Heliosense: She suddenly stops and gasps
[11:56] Gera Heliosense: you...refused to...have sex with anyone...because
[11:57] Psycho Fhang:  yes
[11:57] Gera Heliosense: Her dark, moist eyes watch him alert, a new expression in them
[11:58] Psycho Fhang: I  turned them down because it wasn't you
[11:58] Gera Heliosense: she is still sobbing softly but regards him with a new awareness, a strange sensation folds around her, deep inside.
[12:00] Psycho Fhang: so don't give me that crap that I betrayed you, darling I have never betrayed you and yes I posted a sign trying to warn you to not enter this beach because I knew I could not resist you.
Nancy walked by casually as if the scene she saw perfectly normal.
[12:03] Nancy Khaos: hello Mr Fang
[12:03] Nancy Khaos: hello gera
[12:03] Psycho Fhang: hello nancy darling
[12:03] Gera Heliosense is studying him, her expression soft and surprised, her body trembles with exhaustion.
[12:05] Psycho Fhang: so my little treasure now you are here and now you are mine.
[12:06] Gera Heliosense: She looks around:"But I can not stay here...i am the curator of Glint...and babies...and Legion and Ma'am..."
[12:11] Psycho Fhang: your babies will be fine Legion will mother them just as he's been doing and the rest is no longer your concern. Nothing else exists for you except me and this beach...

And then, there is darkness.

I lift my head. From far away I hear the sound of rolling thunder. It comes closer...closer...I press my hands to ears. The ground beneath me is shaking. The sky turns purple, then black. That terrible sound, piercing in my ears, exploding in my head...

I don't know how long I had been unconscious, and how many hours or days after that I had been laying in apathy. But now I was awake. 
I had survived. Again. I am a Citizen of Glint. We must survive everything the gods throw upon us.
My children. I must find the children.
I stumbled to my feet. I was thirsty.
I looked about. Glint had changed. Bleak and black, like a negative from a photography.
I put one foot before the other. And started walking...

Donnerstag, 7. März 2013

A day so rich of many things...

(This is dedicated to Ma'am, sweet YT our beloved Leader La Presidente who has currently taking a break from town to get her resources back. )

[12:27] Jarethe (jarethe.anthony): "Hello Gera"
[12:28] Gera Heliosense: Hello Jarethe
[12:28] Gera Heliosense: Who is she?
[12:28] Jarethe (jarethe.anthony): "I been having a.. well, someone limited conversation, with the girl here. seems the pres, made her only able to bark."
[12:29] Jarethe (jarethe.anthony): *somewhat
[12:29] sIave atiya (atiya.carami) heard the other voice...."arf.."....then seeing the Judge...her face paled more.....
[12:29] Jarethe (jarethe.anthony): "Hello Legion."
[12:29] Gera Heliosense: then she should be leashed
[12:29] Legion Farslider she's frolic ..Ma'am's dog .. one bark means yes and two barks means yes"
[12:29] sIave atiya (atiya.carami)'s eyes widened....
[12:29] Legion Farslider: hello jarethe
[12:29] Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) nods. "I am out of leashed at the moment myself."
[12:29] sIave atiya (atiya.carami): arf arf"....barking to teh leashed comment.....
[12:29] Jarethe (jarethe.anthony): *leashes.
[12:30] Legion Farslider: do you want to be leashed frolic?"
[12:30] Jarethe (jarethe.anthony): "and, still not sure, where she is suppose to be, though the bar is likely the wrong place."
[12:30] Gera Heliosense: you don't ask a dog
[12:30] Gera Heliosense: you just leash them
[12:30] sIave atiya (atiya.carami) backed up...."arf arf..."....shaking her head frantically
[12:30] Legion Farslider: this one answers with barks gera
[12:30] Legion Farslider: see.. she said yes"
[12:31] Legion Farslider: the thought was that she could guard the stock of the bar"
[12:31] Gera Heliosense smirks
[12:31] Gera Heliosense: oh yes
[12:31] sIave atiya (atiya.carami)'s face paled....shaking her head more emphatically..."arf...arf.arf
[12:31] Gera Heliosense: uhm...Jarethe
[12:32] Jarethe (jarethe.anthony): "Yes?"
[12:32] Legion Farslider: are you hungry frolic?"
[12:32] Gera Heliosense: what will happen to the Agency building now?
[12:33] Jarethe (jarethe.anthony): The Agency, for now, is... gone. dunno if it will remain that way for ever or not.
[12:33] sIave atiya (atiya.carami) shook her head...having no desire to have her face in that bowl of nasty dog food again
[12:33] sIave atiya (atiya.carami):
[12:33] Legion Farslider: /menudges frolic with my foot
[12:33] Jarethe (jarethe.anthony): but, the agency building, I'm renovating, into a .. storage for, slaves.
[12:33] Gera Heliosense: oh
[12:33] Legion Farslider: good girl let me get you some food
[12:33] Jarethe (jarethe.anthony): well.. for slaes that the prg, doesn't plan to maintain for a long period of time
[12:34] Gera Heliosense: do we have so many slaves here currently?
[12:34] Jarethe (jarethe.anthony): "What where you thinking of doing with it ?"
[12:34] Legion Farslider rummages in the bar and finds a can of dog food opens it and returns to frolic
[12:34] Jarethe (jarethe.anthony): "Not currently, but the goal, is to remedy that
[12:34] Gera Heliosense nods
[12:34] Legion Farslider sets the food down in front of frolic
[12:35] Gera Heliosense: i thought we could turn it into a store, for food and stuff
[12:35] Legion Farslider: eat up girl .. it's good for you"
[12:35] sIave atiya (atiya.carami)'s face paled as the nasty smelling horrible tasting bowl of food was placed on the floor...shaking her head..."a..arf arf"....
[12:35] Gera Heliosense: to have a central point from where citizens get their supplies
[12:35] Legion Farslider nods .. "I know it's good girl so go ahead and eat"
[12:36] Jarethe (jarethe.anthony): There is still an upstairs, and that is less likely to be infested with random roaming animals too."
[12:36] sIave atiya (atiya.carami) felt teh tears well up in her eyes again.....
[12:36] sIave atiya (atiya.carami): a...arf...arf arf
[12:36] Gera Heliosense: hm
[12:36] Gera Heliosense: okay
[12:36] Gera Heliosense: well...we see...
[12:36] Gera Heliosense swallows and looks away
[12:37] Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) smiles. and watches the girl. "Maybe she only thought she was hungry"
[12:38] Legion Farslider puts my leg between frolics and shoves her towards the dish
[12:38] Legion Farslider: now eat girl or you know what will happen"
[12:38] sIave atiya (atiya.carami) could smell the foul smell so near....she felt teh leg between her legs..piushing her...she whimpered as she was pushed nearer the food
[12:39] Gera Heliosense turns and watches Legion fascinating, surprised how he has changed into a far more dominant man lately
[12:40] Legion Farslider: do i need to force your muzzle down into it girl?"
[12:40] sIave atiya (atiya.carami) scampered away from teh bowl.....realizing she was able to move away from it.....
[12:40] sIave atiya (atiya.carami): arf..arf
[12:40] sIave atiya (atiya.carami) shook her head....barking at Him
[12:40] sIave atiya (atiya.carami): arf arf arf...arf..arf arf
[12:41] Legion Farslider: then get your face in the dish girl"
[12:41] Legion Farslider: eat!"
[12:42] Gera Heliosense watches mesmerized, feeling a delightful shudder down her spine
[12:42] Legion Farslider sighs walks over and grabs her hair and drags her back to the bowl
[12:42] sIave atiya (atiya.carami) whimpred....feeling herself dragged to teh bowl....
[12:42] sIave atiya (atiya.carami): arf arf arf
[12:42] Legion Farslider shoves her face down into the bowl of yummy dog food
[12:43] Legion Farslider: "now eat of i will hold your face there until you do frolic"
[12:43] sIave atiya (atiya.carami) felt her face shoved into teh bowl..the soft food covering her face..making a mess...
[12:43] Legion Farslider: or*
[12:43] Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) drapes his hand over his knee a rests his cgin on his forearm "You both seen the pres's letter I'll guess."
[12:43] Legion Farslider nods sadly "yes we did"
[12:43] sIave atiya (atiya.carami) tried pulling back against His hand...finding herself with her face sutck in the bowl....sobbing..whimpering
[12:43] sIave atiya (atiya.carami): arf.a.a.rf
[12:44] Legion Farslider applies a little more pressure on her head
[12:44] Jarethe (jarethe.anthony): "the last sentence, is what bothered me most."
[12:44] Gera Heliosense swallows and nods sadly
[12:44] Gera Heliosense: yes
[12:45] sIave atiya (atiya.carami)'s lips parted as she felt teh food in her mouth..gagging violently on it...the nasty taste...swallowing...she sobbed...but ate as He held her head there...
[12:46] Legion Farslider moves frolics head around in the bowl still keeping pressure on it
[12:46] Legion Farslider: "eat all of it girl"
[12:46] Gera Heliosense: you mean when and if she will return
[12:46] Gera Heliosense: but she will return
[12:46] Legion Farslider: she can be stubborn gera .. you know that"
[12:47] Jarethe (jarethe.anthony): phone moment
[12:47] Gera Heliosense: We need to give her time
[12:47] Gera Heliosense: she hates to be pressured
[12:47] Legion Farslider: we need to tell her we need her .. and we do"
[12:47] Gera Heliosense: yes
[12:47] sIave atiya (atiya.carami) felt teh food smeared all over her face.....hearing Them talk...sobbing...eating..her body shaking
[12:48] Legion Farslider smiles .."good girl frolic"
[12:48] Legion Farslider: lick the bowl clean girl"
[12:48] sIave atiya (atiya.carami) looked up...her face a smeared mess.....eyes pleading
[12:49] Legion Farslider looks sternly at the dog .."go on eat it all"
[12:50] sIave atiya (atiya.carami) shook her head......tears running onto the mess of food smeared on her face...gagging still...
[12:50] Legion Farslider shoves frolics head down harder.."I SAID EAT IT!!!!!"
[12:51] Gera Heliosense jumps a bit
[12:51] Gera Heliosense: then smiles shy to Legion
[12:52] Legion Farslider smiles sweetly at gera
[12:52] sIave atiya (atiya.carami) whimpered....her face pressed hard into teh bowl...licking.....her otngue moving around the bottom..then the sides of teh it.....gagging as she did
[12:53] Legion Farslider smiles as the bowl is cleaned .."good girl frolic" .. then releases her head
[12:53] Legion Farslider: want some water before i take the bowl away frolic?"

[12:53] Gera Heliosense lifts her head, staring at a figure a bit further away
[12:54] Gera Heliosense: Oh
[12:54] Gera Heliosense: uhm...excuse me for a monent...i..see someone...there
[12:54] sIave atiya (atiya.carami) barked..needing to get teh taste from her mouth
[12:54] sIave atiya (atiya.carami): arf
[12:54] sIave atiya (atiya.carami): arf
[12:54] Legion Farslider: well then hurry up frolic"
[12:55] sIave atiya (atiya.carami) dipped her head down..tongue lapping at teh water...barely getting any into her mouth..but even the little bit was a help
[12:55] winterthyme: hello all
[12:55] Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) nods to Winter. "Morning."
[12:55] Legion Farslider: greetings winter"
[12:55] Gera Heliosense walks from the bar and stands in the way of the man who just arrived
[12:56] winterthyme pats the dog
[12:56] sIave atiya (atiya.carami) flinches.....
[12:56] sIave atiya (atiya.carami): arf arf
[12:56] Transic Pexington looked ot the woman as he tried to put his mind and thoughts back together. 'Hello there, I think I know you from somewhere."
[12:57] Legion Farslider: are you finished with the water frolic?"
[12:57] sIave atiya (atiya.carami) shook her head..arf arf.....
[12:57] sIave atiya (atiya.carami): arf arf...
[12:58] sIave atiya (atiya.carami) dipped her head back to the bowl......lappig at it more
[12:58] Legion Farslider: ok you are then frolic .. now i don't want you licking anyone's faces .. your breath .. well it smells like dog food" .. takes the dish and returns it to under the bar
[12:58] Gera Heliosense tilts her head, listening to his voice, his blue eyes stir a memory in her too....she remembers those eyes, the voice...but she associates those with the memories of hot breath on her skin, with a heavy hairy body pressed to hers, claws and teeth


[12:59] Legion Farslider pats the dogs hind end managing to slide a finger into her moist sex as i do
[13:00] sIave atiya (atiya.carami) jumped....eyes widening as she felt the finger inside her....the first time anything had ever been inside her there...her eyes widened..."arf arf arf"....she looked frightened...backing away
[13:01] Legion Farslider walks over and grabs a handful of hair dragging frolic back to where she had been .."you're a little skittish girl"
[13:01] sIave atiya (atiya.carami) whimpred...
[13:01] sIave atiya (atiya.carami): arf arf
[13:02] Legion Farslider: yes girl i know you like that"
[13:03] Transic Pexington looked to her, "I guess you do not speak." he looked around a bit still disorientated. He loked to her, "This is still Glint is it not?" he smiles to her warmly.
[13:03] Legion Farslider: well winter any ideas what we should try to teach our dog?"
[13:04] winterthyme glances down at frolic "Does she come on command?"
[13:04] Legion Farslider smiles .."don't know .. haven't tried that one yet"
[13:05] Gera Heliosense trembles and swallows:"Y..yes" she manges to say. And then after a pause, with a insecure shy glance she whispers:" it you?"
[13:06] sIave atiya (atiya.carami) heard them talking...looking confused....she looked the man seated.."arf arf...arf arf"....her eyes pleading as if He could help her some
[13:06] Legion Farslider: i do know she seemed to get excited when Ma'am had her fingers in her.. course that wasn't in her pussy though"
[13:07] Transic Pexington looked to her, "As far as I can tell, minus the strength and senses." he chuckles, "And the fur." he sighs as he grabbed his head trying to sort it all out.

[13:07] winterthyme nods "Up her arse, as I recall...."
[13:07] Legion Farslider: exactly"
[13:08] Legion Farslider: did you like that girl?"
[13:08] sIave atiya (atiya.carami) shook her head..."arf arf"....looking worried...frightened
[13:09] winterthyme glances at Legions "You are a hero of the hershey highway if I recall...."
[13:09] Legion Farslider: so you did girl .. that's nice .. i could do it for you instead of Ma'am but my fingers are larger.. perhaps i could use something else girl .. would you like that?"
[13:10] sIave atiya (atiya.carami) looke dconfused...shaking her head..."arf arf...arf arf..."...she tried backing away again
[13:10] Qetesh's Networked Donation Meter 1.0.7 Client: Thank you for your donation, Legion Farslider
[13:11] Legion Farslider smiles.. "you're an eager one frolic .. i'll give you that " .. walks over and again drgas her by her hair back to where she was
[13:11] Legion Farslider: drags*
[13:12] Gera Heliosense gasps, then suddenly runs to him and throws her arms around his wait:"Oh Transic!..I thought...I were dead..I..I so much happened..Oh god...look at you...oh i must must meet the others"she pulls his shirt excitedly
[13:12] sIave atiya (atiya.carami) whimpered....her knees and hands fighting back against eh ground as He dragged her back...frightened
[13:12] sIave atiya (atiya.carami): arf arf..a.rf arf
[13:13] Legion Farslider: nlow frolic .. we'll let you decide where you want to take my probe.. one bark for you vagina and two barks for your rectum .. seems oddly appropriate doesn't it?"
[13:13] Legion Farslider: now vote"
[13:14] winterthyme grins as I listen to Legion
[13:14] Legion Farslider: more than two means everywhere frolic if you were wondering"
[13:14] sIave atiya (atiya.carami)'s face paled...shaing her head..."arf..arf arf.....arf...arf arf
[13:15] Transic Pexington looked to her still a bit confused, "meet everyone? Where are V and T and Cassie, and Jack and all the others, Where the fuck it is the brothel and the customs office." is head was hurting again as he tried to sort it all all but let her drag him to where she was going.
[13:15] sIave atiya (atiya.carami)'s face paled as she heard that while she was barking....
[13:15] sIave atiya (atiya.carami)'s stomach sank even more
[13:15] winterthyme smiles at Legion "That seems like an unequivocal response...."
[13:16] Legion Farslider smiles well .. the vote is in and the results... may i have the envelope please .. everywhere"
[13:16] Jarethe (jarethe.anthony): "That regime, died, and has since haunted this island's revival. We are trying to clear the ghosts of that past." He states, having overheard the spout of questions. "This is the PRG as it, orignially existed."
[13:17] Gera Heliosense stops suddenly, staring at him and frowning:" don't remember me anymore? you..y..yes...Glint is back to its original state...and V and the oll regime all left...but..I am still here..."she breaks off, looking to the ground
[13:17] Legion Farslider: ok frolic we'll start very quickly with the traditional place .. doggy style of course"
[13:18] Legion Farslider: doesn't that sound good frolic?"
[13:18] sIave atiya (atiya.carami) looke dconfused....not having a clue what He was saying...her virgin self quite unfamiliar with what their intent was
[13:18] sIave atiya (atiya.carami) shook her head...arf arf
[13:19] Transic Pexington looked to her,"I could not forget you my gera." he reached out to caress her hair gently. "You were always there for me and my needs." he looked to her then looked to the voice, "Well guess I hibernated well."
[13:19] Jarethe (jarethe.anthony): "I tried to, talk with the girl earlier, didn't know the "arf" commands, though, made communication hard.
[13:20] Legion Farslider smiles it's all just a matter of imagination "
[13:20] winterthyme: I believe it is straightforward - one bark for yes...two barks for YES!!!
[13:20] Legion Farslider: ((get on the pink pose ball please))
[13:20] Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) smiles. "imagination, is easy, but, makes more sense, knowing what her series of barks means."
[13:21] winterthyme grins
[13:21] Gera Heliosense looks up and her lips finally part to a smile"Oh thank god, you remeber me...please come Transic"she pulls him to the bar

[13:21] Jarethe (jarethe.anthony): ((is the person, in the entry area really thre, or a ghost? I see a girl in red , but no green dot))
[13:22] winterthyme: ((ghost - i see no-one))
[13:22] Jarethe (jarethe.anthony): ((sighs. okay, thanks. that is two of themtoday for me then))
[13:23] Legion Farslider smiles as i unzip and frees myself .. then kneels between frolic's spread legs .. ever so gently pacing the head of my phallus against her opening ..THAEN RAMMING IN WITH ALL OF THE STRENGTH I HAVE >> impaling her on my cock
[13:23] Gera Heliosense pulls Transic along
[13:23] sIave atiya (atiya.carami) trembled on all fours.....sobbing..whimpering..."".....arf arf".....feeling the Man's hand on her.....eyes widening.....screaming as she felt teh cock thrust uncerimoniously into her...feeling something inside her tear......crying out at that
[13:23] Transic Pexington smiles down to her "Lead on my gera." he patted her ass softly as he looked around a bit working out the logistics.
[13:24] Legion Farslider smiles "may i sue your favorite line winter? .. damn girl you sure are tight"
[13:24] Legion Farslider: use*
[13:24] winterthyme smiles at Gera "It has been too long Gera - good to see you again"
[13:24] Gera Heliosense stops at the entrance, eyes widening and her mouth open"Oh...uhm...Transic...maybe...we...postpone this and..and..."she looks at Winter helpless, then to Jarethe
[13:25] sIave atiya (atiya.carami)'s tears running from her eyes as she felt teh cock inside her...the first time she'd felt anything inside her...cept teh fingers in her ass yesterday....sobbing....body shaking....
[13:25] Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) glances over his shoulder to gera, his eyes still flicking back and forth between the mirage and the bar. "Postpone something?"
[13:25] Legion Farslider pounds rapidly in and out of the quivering girl .. fucking her hard .. our flesh slapping together with wet meaty sounds .. my balls swinging and spanking her
[13:25] Gera Heliosense: SHe them bites her lips and points at the man raping the girl:"That is, the honoroble judge Legion...
[13:26] winterthyme smiles and beckons you forward "Legion is just doing some training - please iontroduce your friend Gera" as I glance at the man
[13:26] Gera Heliosense: and this is Mr. Winter and Sir Jarethe
[13:26] Legion Farslider smiles pleasantly .. "nice to meet you"
[13:26] winterthyme extends my hand "Pleased to meet you... "

[13:27] Gera Heliosense: please meet Transic...he is a Resident of Glint...but he was missing for a long time
[13:27] Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) nods an draises a hand, though his head flicks also to the side, catching movement again. "Think I need to get my eyes checked soon."
[13:27] winterthyme smiles "Glad you have found your way back to the Island Paradise then Transic..."
[13:27] Legion Farslider pumps harder and faster in her sex .. the fragrance of her sex a pleasant odor to me ... her ouraged tissues gripping tightly around my shaft
[13:28] Transic Pexington reached out ot gera as eh looked to the man, 'Well this much of glint has not changed." he looked between the men, "Good to meet you Mr Winter, Jarethe." he looked over the girl being used.
[13:28] Legion Farslider: outraged*
[13:29] sIave atiya (atiya.carami)'s cunt throbbed painfully...trickle of blood from her broken innocence dripping down her thighs.....feeling His hands...sobbing
[13:29] winterthyme grins down at the coupling "I imagine some things never change...."
[13:29] sIave atiya (atiya.carami)'s eyes pleaded as the Man looked to her....
[13:29] sIave atiya (atiya.carami): a..a.arf...a.a.rf
[13:30] Legion Farslider smiles and pats her ass.."now. now girl .. this hurts me more than it hurts you.. well, ok it doesn't but you have to admit it sounds good"
[13:30] Jarethe (jarethe.anthony): This .. part of Glint.. is as old as the islands' first inhabitants... And likely, will be the same with the future of each generation.
[13:30] winterthyme glances at Gera with a frown "Feeeling cold Gera? You are dressed as if expecting a heavy snow fall...."
[13:31] Legion Farslider: are you enjoying this frolic?"
[13:31] Transic Pexington nods, "Some parts of nature never ever do." he looked to gera, 'So how have you been my gera?"

[13:32] Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) steps around to grab a seat on the crate, keeping his eyes towards whre he saw the ghost. "I know I'm not seeing things."
[13:32] Legion Farslider: i suspect someone has put something in the water jarethe"
[13:33] sIave atiya (atiya.carami) sobbed....her cunt throbbing..feeling His hands gripping her hips tight..the slapping of His balls...teh deep thrus dep inside...sobbing
[13:33] Legion Farslider: for instance those boobs could not be real!"
[13:33] Gera Heliosense shakes her head at Winter, her eyes on Legion and the girl before she looks around, trying to smile:"Oh...I have been well....I am the curator of Glint now...and..uhm..I had a baby recently...and...well...we are in a bit of a turmoil our beloved leader La Presidente left us
[13:33] Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) nods. "Then this ghost, I'm not the only one seeing"
[13:34] winterthyme tuts "She is busy with affairs of State... I am certain she will return in due course..."
[13:34] Gera Heliosense: what Ghost, Jarethe?
[13:34] Transic Pexington looked to jarethe, "yeah i just saw something move across there."pointing to the large stand of trees. "Well now haven't you been a busy girl gera." he reached out to caress ehr hair softly.
[13:35] Legion Farslider grow tired of this sport and shoves frolic to the ground .. pulling my drippping cock out slimy with the dogs juices and spread her ass cheek.. again gently placig the tip against her tight pucker and then gently .. oh who am i kidding i shove it all into her ass
[13:35] Mama Allpa Multiposer (M) whispers: bottomup
[13:35] winterthyme adds "The burden of leadership lies heavy on her shoulders... a respite will do her good... and we will keep things moving forward while she rests"
[13:36] sIave atiya (atiya.carami)'s body shaking...shuddering as she felt Him raping her....her cunt sore...throbbing....feeling His weight on top of her as He pushed her into the dirt
[13:37] Gera Heliosense smiles when Transic caresses her hair, looking at Jarethe as he dissapears from sight, sighing and turning to face Transic, watching Legion fucking the slave out of the corner of her eyes, watching Winter too as he stands there grinning

[13:38] Legion Farslider: fucking her tight ass rapidly .. i shutter and groan and deliver a load of hot sticky cum deep in her ass.. then with a contented smile i stand up and put myself away :good dogy"
[13:38] Legion shudders in the grip of an intense orgasm!
[13:39] Legion Farslider: ((dam lag is bad .. take care Atiya.. see you later))
[13:39] sIave atiya (atiya.carami) sobbed..shaking..tears stremaing from her face as she felt the seed erupt inside her....shaking.....then just as quickly...feeling empty...the trickle of cum from inside her
[13:39] Mama Allpa Multiposer (M) whispers: STOP
[13:40] Transic Pexington nods to the men, "Well then guess when she returns I should introduce myself a bit." he caresseed gera's hair absently as he looked to the raping of the girl. "I had hoped to find a bit more of those I remember." he looked to gera. 'other then thinking I was dead did you miss or mourn me at all?"
[13:40] sIave atiya (atiya.carami) crawled away....arf arf arf arf..."...tears streaming...her body aching..sore...dirty from the floor..her face still smeared with dried dog food
[13:41] Legion Farslider smiles "we'll get you your mouth frolic when it isn't quite so dirty"
[13:41] sIave atiya (atiya.carami) glared at Him...spitting..but it only dribbled from her mouth and down her chin....
[13:42] Gera Heliosense looks at Transic, but she hesitates to answer, watching Legion tugging himself away and obviously more aware again. She smiles at Transic and quickly nods, whispering"yes...of course"

[13:42] Legion Farslider smiles hello Mare"
[13:42] winterthyme smiles to Mare as she approaches "Hello there..."
[13:42] Mare (maregulotta) smiles, "Hello everyone"
[13:42] winterthyme: ((bye atiya))
[13:42] Gera Heliosense: (byeee :) )
[13:43] Gera Heliosense: Hello Mare
[13:43] winterthyme grins at Mare "Nice to see you..>"
[13:43] Mare (maregulotta): Hi Gera. Nice to have you back again / grins
[13:43] Transic Pexington smiles to the new arrival, "hello there." he continues to caress gera's hair as he looekd around.
[13:45] Gera Heliosense feels Transics heavy but gentle hand in her hair, smiling to Mare and the others
[13:46] Mare (maregulotta): so... anyone need a drink ?
[13:46] winterthyme nods "A bottle of gin please Mare..>"
[13:46] Legion Farslider smiles "diet coke please Mare.. the drink of champions"
[13:47] Mare (maregulotta) nods, "anything for you Gera, or ... what's your name sir?"
[13:47] Mare (maregulotta) looks at the heavily tattooed man
[13:48] Lakota Bucyk: Good afternooon
[13:48] Transic Pexington looked to gera, 'Jack and coke if you have it please gera." he winks to her then looked to Mare, "I am Transic, mare is it?"
[13:48] winterthyme turns and glances at the blonde man in the black shirt "My name is Winter - I don't think we have met...."
[13:49] Mare (maregulotta) nods, "yes, it's Mare" / smiles
[13:49] Mare (maregulotta): Gera can I get you anything?
[13:49] Lakota Bucyk: My name is Dr Lakota
[13:49] Lakota Bucyk: glar to meet you
[13:49] winterthyme: A Doctor? I am a herbalist by trade.. pleased to meet you
[13:50] Lakota Bucyk: Oh good we will be doing business together im sure
[13:51] Lakota Bucyk: Looks at Marie
[13:51] Gera Heliosense: thank you Mare"she blinks and blushes
[13:51] Lakota Bucyk: "I believe we have a meeting scheduled for todat"
[13:52] winterthyme: Business? You have an interest in herbs then?
[13:52] Gera Heliosense: and hello Dr. Lakota
[13:52] Lakota Bucyk: I" I will yes"
[13:52] Mare (maregulotta) brings back a tray with drinks and dispenses them, "a diet coke for the champion, a jack and coke for you sir, and a bottle of gin for Mister Winter"
[13:52] Lakota Bucyk: Hello Youn Lady
[13:53] Legion Farslider takes my drink and sips it..."thank you mare"
[13:53] winterthyme nabs the gin bottle and cracks the seal taking a long swig "thank you Mare.... most kind..." as I run my hand over your ass
[13:53] Transic Pexington looked down to gera after he took the dirnk from mare, "Thank you mare." his eyes questioning gera as he thenn looked around a gain.
[13:54] Lakota Bucyk: " and your name is? Yooung lady?"
[13:54] Mare (maregulotta) smiles at Lakota, "La presidente is not here right now... but Mister Winter here knows a great deal and can help set you up if you wish to stay here"
[13:55] Mare (maregulotta) rolls her eyes playfully at winter
[13:55] Legion Farslider: ((i saw that))
[13:56] Gera Heliosense looks at the blond Doc and smiles "Iam Gera"
[13:56] winterthyme nods to Mare and turns back to lakota "I foyu wish to practice here that might be possible - the former clinic has been damaged, but I am sure you could find a spare room in the old hotel up on the hill"
[13:56] winterthyme: ^if you
[13:56] Legion Farslider: lays down on the rug and relaxes
[13:56] Lakota Bucyk: "Well Master Winter" "Im looking to be a physican in town" I guess I need to offically ask"
[13:56] winterthyme nods "There are a few females who are with child - are you trained in dealing with such matters?"
[13:57] Lakota Bucyk: I am trained in delivery yes
[13:57] Gera Heliosense walks inside and motions Transic to come inside inside too:"Why ..don't you come and take a seat, Transic"
[13:58] Lakota Bucyk: "Marie a Gin and tonic please"
[13:59] winterthyme nods approvingly "That's good to hear. I suggest we see how things go over the next days and weeks...."
[13:59] winterthyme adds "It takes a while to settle in here...."
[13:59] Lakota Bucyk: I would like to take ofer the old clinic if possible, it is more convenient for my patients"
[14:00] Legion Farslider smiles .. you might need an axe"
[14:00] winterthyme: Sadly it is damaged beyond repair at the moment - let's see how things progress.
[14:00] Lakota Bucyk: "Yes I see the tree there, im sure it can be removed
[14:00] winterthyme: In time it is possible that it might be removed. We will see.
[14:02] Mare (maregulotta): A gin and tonic you ordered doctor? / hands him a glass
[14:02] Transic Pexington sat next to gera his hand laying on her thigh as he caressed her skin and listened to the conversations trying to put things together as he sat there.
[14:02] Lakota Bucyk: "I understand that at one time you had some medical equipment"
[14:02] Mare (maregulotta) addresses the room , "so la pres is gone on vacation?"
[14:02] winterthyme frowns slightly "I have never understood why anyone would want to dilute gin...but I guess it takes all sorts..."
[14:02] Legion Farslider nods "sadly she has Mare"
[14:02] Gera Heliosense sits shy between the Transic and Legion, The past and the present

[14:03] Legion Farslider: a short one i hope"
[14:03] Lakota Bucyk: Takes the lass from Marie
[14:03] Mare (maregulotta): ((brb ~15 min))
[14:03] Lakota Bucyk: "Thank you young lady"
[14:03] Gera Heliosense: (ok Mare)
[14:04] Legion Farslider looks at jarethe and the girl .. "now i know i'm seeing thing jarethe" .. smiles
[14:04] Gera Heliosense looks up when Jarethe returns
[14:04] winterthyme takes another swig from the bottle and stretches, nodding to Jarethe
[14:04] Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) moves over and grabs a seat at the pillows, gesturing nancy over to join him. "Well judge, this one, wasn't a ghost I saw after all."
[14:05] Legion Farslider mutters "most impressive"
[14:05] Lakota Bucyk: "about the equipmwnt , do you have any"
[14:05] Gera Heliosense looks at the girl and her large melons and blinks
[14:05] Legion Farslider looks at winter.."I think that all belonged to doc janna"
[14:05] winterthyme sahkes my head "I imagine as a trained specialist you would prefer to use your own...."
[14:06] Jarethe (jarethe.anthony): "That.. was my thought too, something.. quite.. eye catching. says her name is nancy. and was very cooperative, in adjusting to custom here."
[14:06] Transic Pexington caressed gera unaware of a change betwen them as he looked to the man and the wman he had broght with him to the bar as they had called it. "So gera curator, sounds like you have moved up int he world." his fingers traces soft circles along her skin.
[14:06] Legion Farslider smiles "hello nancy .. I'm legion"
[14:06] Nancy Khaos whispers: just don't say the B (boob) word
[14:06] Nancy Khaos: hello Mr Legion
[14:07] winterthyme glances at the well-endowed woman "And I am Winter - but I am not stickler for formality - so you may call me Mister Winter"
[14:07] winterthyme: ^no stickler
[14:07] Nancy Khaos: hello Mister Winter sir
[14:07] winterthyme smiles and winks
[14:07] Legion Farslider laughs softly at winter's words
[14:07] Lakota Bucyk: My boat sank, with all my stuff, so all I have is my knowledge"
[14:07] Jarethe (jarethe.anthony): "There are a few.. items we slavaged fro the old hospital on the far island, but, no place to set it up yet, .. and.. even so, we need to, wait for the gardener, for the trree to be, properly attended to. Right now, small level medical is best we can hope for."
[14:07] winterthyme turns back to Lakota "Doubtless you will be able to recover your equipment in time"
[14:08] Legion Farslider nods in agreement with jarethe
[14:08] Lakota Bucyk: I agree
[14:08] Gera Heliosense bites her lip, looking at Legion, before hse answers shy"Yes...I..really did...and...and...also...I am...well...The Judge...he is...the father of my daughter...and..I am..engaged"
[14:08] Jarethe (jarethe.anthony): "the old fashioned style of birthing, something with hotwater, a plunger or vacuum I suppose, or maybe we can stretch some taupe for a trampoline"
[14:08] Lakota Bucyk: Gor now set up whatever you have in a rooom in the old hotel
[14:08] winterthyme: perhaps a baseball mitt if the child is expelled at speed...
[14:09] Legion Farslider: slut was a fan of the plunger .. catchers mitt method"
[14:09] winterthyme nods to Legion
[14:09] Jarethe (jarethe.anthony): "I think we have a few, that are currently pregnant, but.. a while till delivery, and.. if anyone becomes deadly ill.. well.. there is nature's cure for that."
[14:10] Legion Farslider stares at nancy's immense .... eyes
[14:10] Nancy Khaos: hehe
[14:10] winterthyme nods "Mother Nature - kill or cure...The old fashioned ways are the best"
[14:10] Lakota Bucyk: "When is our first baby due? Anybody know?"
[14:10] Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) turns to face nancy. "by the way.. what skills or trade do you have?"
[14:10] Nancy Khaos: I've got big boobs
[14:10] Legion Farslider: that would be anne i think .. and i'm not sure when"
[14:11] Jarethe (jarethe.anthony): "Ah.. you were a nanny."
[14:11] Gera Heliosense: yes Anne
[14:11] winterthyme shrugs "I am no gynecologist - just a keen amateur."
[14:11] Legion Farslider: when mare awakes from her nap we can ask when she is due"
[14:11] Legion Farslider: poor thing was tired"
[14:12] Transic Pexington looked to her as his hand stilled on her thigh, "I see." he slowly removed his hand from her thigh and downed the last of his drink quickly looking to mare hoping she would snap out of her trance soon.
[14:12] Jarethe (jarethe.anthony): "practically.. no.. literally asleep on her feet."
[14:12] Legion Farslider smiles and watches in admiration
[14:13] winterthyme grins and looks over at Mare "She is usually so full of energy...."
[14:13] Gera Heliosense smiles nervous and tucks a strand of hair behind her ear.
[14:13] Legion Farslider: she may have had a hard ... night winter"
[14:13] winterthyme tries not to look smug "Possibly..."
[14:13] Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) leans in towards nancy. "you know, gera and the judge, also operate an nurserty, someone with your..." he gestures to the large mammaries " qualifications, might be able to help during... nursing times... if, you are.. prepared for that role first."
[14:14] Nancy Khaos: I seem to have plenty to spare
[14:14] Nancy Khaos: do you have milking machines?
[14:15] Gera Heliosense looks at Nancy's breasts, talking to them:"But you would need to have milk"
[14:15] Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) eyes brighten. "Why, yes we do, that's excellent."
[14:15] winterthyme turns to Gera "the Isalnd is rich in the herb lactywort, should that be an issue..>"
[14:15] Legion Farslider: there's a milking machine over at the jail if i remember right"
[14:16] Nancy Khaos: guys are always locking me in those machines, I don't know why
[14:16] Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) nods to the judge. "Yes.. it's just needs a bit of lubing up in the joints and gears. I'm sure it would work then fine."
[14:16] Legion Farslider shakes my hear with my eyes riveted on her .. nose .."i can't imagine why nancy"
[14:17] Legion Farslider: head*
[14:17] Lakota Bucyk: Oh by the way is there an inspector here?
[14:17] Legion Farslider: inspector gadget?"
[14:17] winterthyme: Inspector Clouseau?
[14:18] Lakota Bucyk: I need to work on my Panels
[14:18] Jarethe (jarethe.anthony): "Hmm... It might be, to help you with balance.. I know. at times, I've seen others , nearly as endowed as you, fall forward unexpectantly. So.. I'd say, likely for balance."
[14:19] Transic Pexington sat quietly as he looked to Legion then to gera. He would look to his glass, he llooked around trying todiscern where the booze was as he knew he really needed a full bottle of jack screw the coke. "Gera where are the bottles of booze at?'
[14:19] Nancy Khaos: perhaps so Mr Jarethe
[14:19] Nancy Khaos: I once went to a sim called the Milk Barn, the men really liked me there
[14:20] Jarethe (jarethe.anthony): "Hmm.. the milk barn, that.. has a familiar ring to it.. think they are were we got our machine from."
[14:21] Lakota Bucyk: So who did you say could assist me?"
[14:21] Nancy Khaos: boob
[14:21] Nancy Khaos: boob
[14:21] Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) looks to the topic of the discussion and grins. "Though.. might need to, greatly adjust the machine for you, nancy"
[14:22] Nancy Khaos: hehe
[14:22] Nancy Khaos: boob
[14:22] Gera Heliosense: Oh wait" she gets up to get more booze for Transic
[14:22] winterthyme watches appreciatively as Nancy "jiggles"
[14:23] Nancy Khaos: the "B" word triggers my ao
[14:23] Nancy Khaos: hehe
[14:23] Legion Farslider: boob?
[14:23] Legion Farslider: that is very nice"
[14:23] Nancy Khaos: thank you Mr Legion
[14:24] Legion Farslider: my pleasure nancy
[14:25] Legion Farslider watches mare shake herself out of her daze
[14:25] Jarethe (jarethe.anthony): "Well.. lets go check that machine.. see, how much work is going to be needed, for feeding the masses."
[14:25] Gera Heliosense kneels down at Transics side and places bottles of whiskey and coke on the floor
[14:25] Nancy Khaos: ummm Jack Daniels
[14:26] Gera Heliosense: Then she looks up"Oh we should all go and watch that"
[14:26] winterthyme grins at Gera's suggestion "A good idea"
[14:26] Legion Farslider: boobs
[14:26] Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) smies and shakes his head. "Skip the drink for the girl, mare, we do not need, alcohol, to, be in the milk that is provided to the babies"
[14:27] Nancy Khaos: :-(
[14:27] Legion Farslider: don't frown.. would you want them togrow addicted to gin like winter?"
[14:27] Transic Pexington picked up the first bottle of whiskey, "You and your fiance go and wenjoy I thik I will see about working my way back to oblivion." he then chugs a good amount of the whiskey as he looked to gera, "Have a good life gera."
[14:27] winterthyme laughs "I am not addicted... it's just a hobby ...."
[14:27] Nancy Khaos: no Sir Mr Legion
[14:28] Legion Farslider smiles at winters retort
[14:28] Mare (maregulotta): ((ok caught up on the dialoge))
[14:28] Legion Farslider: you devotion to your hobby is to be admired winter
[14:28] winterthyme: ((Wb))
[14:28] Mare (maregulotta): We have milking machines!?!?
[14:29] Gera Heliosense swallows and touches Transics arm, whispering:"Please transic...don't...please why don't you come and join the event"
[14:29] Legion Farslider: yes mare.. surely you're been on it?
[14:29] winterthyme tips my hat "Thank you Legion... if one is to have a hobby it should be indulged in often...isn't that so Mare?"
[14:29] Nancy Khaos looks around nervously
[14:29] Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) nods. "yes, and we need to see if we can , fit the one we have for our new, ... milkmaid?"
[14:29] Mare (maregulotta): Of course Winter
[14:29] Legion Farslider: is it industrial sized jarethe?
[14:29] Mare (maregulotta): And no... not yet Legion. I would enjoy seeing it
[14:30] winterthyme winkls at Mare "Come - we are going to see if we can fit Nancy in the machine"
[14:30] Legion Farslider stands and brushes myself off
[14:30] Mare (maregulotta) smiles.. "lead the way winter"
[14:30] Jarethe (jarethe.anthony): "I'm not certain if it is, if not.. ther might be enough, spare parts in the , crates from recent building evacuations, to, expand it"
[14:30] winterthyme curls an arm around your waist and propoels you along with em
[14:31] Legion Farslider follows nancy watching her ass
[14:31] Transic Pexington looekd to her, "I need to think and i do that best while drinking and seems more then enough peiopple to oggle the big breasted woman and pump her well." he then downed the bottle again as he took another good fill in his mouth.
[14:33] Gera Heliosense stands nervously"I..I have to be present the curator...please Transic...come "
[14:35] Transic Pexington downed another swallow, "Go gera I am going to collect myself and see what the hell has happened to everything, and you ahve your duties and your man." he then downed another large swallow.
[14:36] Gera Heliosense hesitates, then she suddenly walks to him, beding down and kissing his lips softly before she turns and hurries out
[14:37] Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) frowns a moment and then smiles. "No worries, the largest size seems like it will work."
[14:37] Legion Farslider sighs .."most impressive"
[14:38] Melkstand-MLP-Low-Prim whispers: Milk-Her
[14:38] Nancy Khaos: just needed a bit of adjustment 
[14:38] Nancy Khaos: good bye mare
[14:38] Nancy Khaos: nice meeting you
[14:39] Nancy Khaos: yes there is, putting it on now
[14:39] Melkstand-MLP-Low-Prim whispers: Bend-Down
[14:39] Melkstand-MLP-Low-Prim whispers: Milk-Her
[14:40] Legion Farslider watches gera getting excited at the sight
[14:41] Gera Heliosense looks more disgusted than excited
[14:41] Lakota Bucyk: "Gera could you please show me the clinic?"
[14:41] Nancy Khaos feels the strong machine pumping her breasts
[14:41] Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) raises his had and slaps his forehead. "It helps to turn the right switches on I suppose."
[14:41] Gera Heliosense tears her eyes away from the sight of the large breasts being pumped
[14:41] Jarethe (jarethe.anthony): *hand
[14:41] Gera Heliosense: yes doctor, certainly
[14:42] Gera Heliosense: excuse us for a moment
[14:42] Nancy Khaos: omg.......... I feel like a cow locked in a stall

[15:06] Mare (maregulotta) looks at Nancy then to Jarethe, "so what is her role here?"
[15:06] Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) frowns. "I'll have the milk delivered, this , machine is.. being stubborn
[15:07] Legion Farslider: welcome back gera"
[15:07] Legion Farslider: and doctor"
[15:07] Nancy Khaos: wb Sir
[15:07] Gera Heliosense: you have trouble with the machine?
[15:07] Mare (maregulotta) smiles at Winter, "I will certainly try sir"
[15:07] Lakota Bucyk: Wy
[15:07] winterthyme nods "Jarethe - when you have finished with the machine, let's see how it fits Mare here..."
[15:08] Legion Farslider: the machine strained to milk nancy gera"
[15:08] Legion Farslider: we'll see how it owrks on mare now"
[15:08] Mare (maregulotta): I'm not lactating at present Mister Winter.
[15:08] Legion Farslider: works*
[15:08] Mare (maregulotta): I need human suckling for it to work
[15:08] Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) nods. "Of course, lemme just replace the stopper and dvices for it.. moment.
[15:08] Legion Farslider: a minor detail Mare"
[15:08] Nancy Khaos: don't worry mare, the machine dispenses small cups also
[15:08] winterthyme: I know Mare - we will just try it for size - I daresay the suction cups will fit you, but it is best to be certain
[15:09] Mare (maregulotta): I'm happy to see how it fits.
[15:09] winterthyme tugs your forward and stands behind you
[15:09] Lakota Bucyk: "Mare can you make me a list of who is pregnant and when rhet are due to delifer?"
[15:09] Gera Heliosense: bye Lakota)
[15:10] Nancy Khaos: good bye Mr Lakota
[15:10] Legion Farslider: hello cookie"
[15:11] Kayra the Imp (kayra.rae) nods
[15:11] winterthyme bends you over the bar, kicking your legs wide one hand on your ass, the other fiddlign silently with my zipper "Very good - let's get you positioned..."
[15:12] Gera Heliosense: I must go and rest now
[15:12] Jarethe (jarethe.anthony): "She needs o thave the hoses attached now" (try the size M i gave you mare
[15:12] Mare (maregulotta) enjoys her position on the bar and fiddles with different sizes... she senses winter not wasting one moment
[15:13] winterthyme leans forward and slides my cock back and foreth against your slit watching as you fit the suction cups " does that feel?"
[15:14] Mare (maregulotta): bye Gera 
[15:14] Gera Heliosense kisses her Legion good night and waves
[15:14] Legion Farslider: night gera .. sleep tight
[15:14] Nancy Khaos: good bye Miss Gera
[15:14] winterthyme: bye Gera
[15:14] Jarethe (jarethe.anthony) moves over and flips the settings on the machine, again getting a shock when it turns on, he then steps back and watches to see how well, mare fills the jug
[15:14] Mare (maregulotta): These medium suctions... fit perfectly....