Dienstag, 30. Juni 2009

About a false spy, a "fucktoy" and a discussion on the topic of pregnant slaves

There was a new girl at the gathering spot. She was talking to Sir Jarethe when I joined them. Her name is ashikki and she is owned by Sir Damion, a rather new Master in Glint. And while I inspected Sir Jarethe's latest invention from afar, a so called "sex spreader" and according to Sir Jarethe, the first and only toy designed to bring pleasure not torture, Sir Ulric strolled by. He greeted us, then narrowed his eyes and took a closer look at ashikki. He tapped his teeth in thought and told Sir Jarethe:" Sir, perhaps you would be interested to know that there is a proven spy kneeling at your feet... if I am not mistaken".
ashikki denied this but Sir Ulric only told her that it could easily be proven by removing her clothes as the would be flooging marks on her if she was indeed the said spy. She had to comply. Then Master Ulric ordered me to examine her further, to touch her to make sure there were'nt any marks. I was a little hesitant and asked her if I may touch her.Sir Ulric Dalglish snapped then "Gera, stop being so bloody nice about it. Run your hands over the spy's breasts and thighs now." And I did. There was nothing. Or maybe there were faint marks I could not be sure. And I don't like doing this, I don't like it at all to assist when it comes to interrogations or worse, torture even. But I did because I am a good house slave and because...well it was Sir Ulric who had ordered me to do so...
ashikki's voice became a little cold as she snarled "Sir, one person could dislike having other people touching their *naked* skin".And she growled at me.
Ulric Dalglish shook his head :"You know, I don't need to debate philosophy with you missy. If I suspect you of being a spy I am fully within the law to further an investigation. You're lucky you have the ever so pleasant Gera here and not the more brutal ce or my own v. They'd have you eating sand already"
In the end, as nothing could be proved Sir Ulric and Sir Jarethe said they would check the security tapes again and let the matter rest for now. And Master Ulric bend down and kissed me on the forehead "You are a delightfully obedient slave my dear. A glowing example to others. Thank you for your help" I blushed. Oh my god, he had praised and kissed me.
A new girl, Starling Levitsky had arrived by that time, she seemed sluggish and drugged and Sir Ulric went over to her and greeted her with "wake up fucktoy". We soon learned that this drugged girl was indeed that. Sir Ulric and Valas fucktoy. He adressed her in his very own charming way:"I said wake up, Fucktoy. And you should reply 'Yes, owner. Good morning. I hope you are well. How would you like me to be your fucktoy today?' That's how you should answer if, of course, you want another high.I watched the "fuck toy , feeling so sorry for the poor girl, my heart went out to her but I remained silent and swallowed. Amazed as so often that charismatic charming Ulric can be such a cruel bastard.
Sir Ulric took his toy and they left. Ava and Chy and a few other people had arrived by then. And then an intersting discussion about our neighbors the Breeding Grounds spun off:
janet Quicksand: breeding grounds?
Layla Admiral: Its the pregancy studio nearby in Glint
Layla Admiral: Islanders who want to get pregnant or be milked go there
janet Quicksand: pregancy? as in kids? yeck!
Gera Heliosense: yes we have a lot of pregnancies here...I am Gera the midwife here
janet Quicksand: midwife? well, i guess we do need one then...
Jarethe Anthony shakes his head. "With the amount of fornication that occurs, even with a 99.9% successful rating of means to prevent pregnancy, that point 1 percent, still bites an ass every now and again."
A.: I'd say the nation of Glint has an unusually low birth rate, if anything.
Gera Heliosense: but that changes rapidly now.
Jarethe Anthony: "It'd be even lower... with a few modifications."
Layla Admiral: Hmmm I think all the slaves should be spaded
A. frowns
Layla Admiral: Used for a fucktoy for life, and a fucktoy only
Gera Heliosense: uhm....
Layla Admiral: Not as a woman having the ability to give birth
Gera Heliosense: well Miss...being a house slave is more like being a Geisha
Gera Heliosense: its not all about sex
janet Quicksand: of course not, Gera
Alicia Flanagan nods to sunrise
A. doesn't bother to take the bait, and cracks her neck and adjusts her bow.
Layla Admiral: You can keep your birthing geisha rights
Jarethe Anthony: That is about the style I find exciting. However, it doesn't answer the question in point: Why allow slaves the ability to give birth occassionally?
What is the status of a child, born to a slave?"
Jarethe Anthony: "And what is the child, born to a slave, never exposed to?"
Gera Heliosense: never exposed to? I don't know Sir Jarethe? what?
Jarethe Anthony: What they are never exposed to, is the public schools education that preaches all living souls have the same rights granted just because they were born.
Layla Admiral: Then they are slaves
Gera Heliosense: but if I had a child, my Master would bring it up as his and he would be free
Jarethe Anthony: "Then he still has to prove he has the right to be a master himself."
Jarethe Anthony: "History has taught, that those born of mixed status are always discovered, and confronted
janet Quicksand: welll, i have no inention of hving a child - it ruins your figure...
Jarethe Anthony: If they can't show they are able to earn and fight for the right, then they don't have the right
I became quiet. I had good reasons to. I looked over to Nayeli, and I watched a seagull circling just under the clouds. And my heart became heavy.

Montag, 29. Juni 2009

My Master

He came and when he saw my rhinestone studded cascading belt, he took it away from me:" No adorments,Gera:" Oh he is so strict. We spend time at the gathering spot with Ava and Lacey and later we made love.

Sonntag, 28. Juni 2009


Strange I've seen that face before
Seen him hanging round my door
Like a hawk stealing for the pray
Like the night waiting for the day...
(Grace Jones - Libertango)

Donnerstag, 25. Juni 2009

The re-collaring of my sister Faith

Last night My Master re collared my sister Faith. She was released by her other Master and so my Sir thought it was fair and just to have her old collar removed and replace it with a new one. As a symbol of his now sole ownership of hers. It was a touching moment when my Master kneeled down to face Faith and tell her:
"Little Faith, the collar on you is the past- the symbol of two Masters' desire to own you, and to force that ownership upon you."Dunnagh Scarmon unsecured the collar and slowly removed it from her neck "A past which is done, girl"
Master set the collar aside and then reached to the back of his belt where he retrieved a second collar and brought it forth to hold before the two of them
Faith Moyet watched him move the new collar up, holding her breath for a second
"This, Faith *gestures with the new collar* can be the future....My collar, as your sole owner...But it will not be forced, my dear, not this time.If you want this collar, if you want this future, you must ask for it, Faith"
"Master Dunnagh, may I wear your collar and be yours still?"Faith asked.
"Faith Moyet, I would be proud and honored to have you in my collar- I readily grant your request!"
Master circled the new collar about her throat and secured it to her. The collar I might add here is a lovely silver collar, with tiny diamonds, I think. Faith looked stunning. We all cheered and congratulated. Joy, pg, aurora, trainee k and I. Then my Master kissed Faith and then I kissed and hugged Faith and it was a wonderful touching moment.
"Congratulations to the Scarmon clan..!" aurora cheered. And I smiled. Because thats what we are indeed now. A clan.

Mittwoch, 24. Juni 2009


Today I witnessed how Sir Ulric corrected a girl . Maybe I should mention here that Sir Ulric is best described as the pin up boy of the Dark Den. I have no doubt that the whole female population of Glint has a secret crush on him. He is very very strict. An Agent of the British Empire. Owner of the lovely V and Ella. Very charming when you are on his good side, a cold cruel interrogator when you are at his mercy. I’ve know that from experience. Both ways. But this is about the incident today. Chy and Missy were there, V and I when Sir Ulric talked to a very frightened but adament girl called Gigi, who refused to admit that she is a slut as was stated in her slut visa. When I came to the scene she had just uttered another“NO“
Sir Ulric’s smile broke into a grin, showing his perfect teeth. "What do you mean No? I am being so very soft on you my dear. Now Chy's idea is far more... demanding. Perhaps we should follow through on that... although you could always just tell all the lovely people that you are indeed a slut."
Gigi screamed, and looks at the men, terified, "stop it, you can not just do this sort of thing"
V laughed, "Oh girls screaming in the morning is such a delightful sound Master"
And I , I fell sorry for poor Gigi. I could understand her. I remembered when I had to justify my slut visa and how terrible I found it to say, I am a slut. Nevertheless, I wasn’t as adament as Gigi.
Chy glances at Ulric "Do you have one of those stun inducing weapons? I have a feeling she's going to put up a struggle and I dont feel like chasing anyone this morning"
"I don't need any stun guns, sir.“ Was Sir Ulrics response.“ There are cameras and traps all over the island, piranha in the rivers, land mines on the beaches, and sharks in the seas. We own the police, the pirates and the smugglers. We have agents in every mainland port. Where can she hide? We already watch every step of her grubby little life. It is quite amusing to see her scrabbling through the bins or cry herself to sleep at night while she tries to sleep in the laundry... or the favours she offer Manuel the cook to get some food."
Here I started to feel even more compassion for poor Gigi. And wondered who this cook Manuel was.
"All true,“ said Sir Chy:“ but none of those help put your hands on her when you want her, if she wants to run away. I'm not a patient man myself, when I want something, I want it now. Unfortunatly when it comes to girls, this usually means chasing them down"
Ulric Dalglish laughed :"Aye, I see where you're coming from but I am not concerned. If she has half a brain she will just admit to you all that she is indeed a willing slut. Then she can return to sucking off cooks for food. If she runs she will pay later... when I can be bothered to spend time on teaching her her place or have the Molesteri do it for me."
Gigi looked at Ulric with horror in her eyes....and started to sob heartbreakingly
My heart went out to her.
“I will never admit I am a slut,Gigi sobbed:“ I got off the boat here for help and got into a nightmare“
Sir Ulric took off his flashy sunglasses"So what are you going to do gigislut? Are you going to admit that you are indeed a cum-guzzling, pussy munching slut or are you going to go and hide under the filthy knickers where we know you play with yourself to while you try to sleep at night?"
I couldn’t stand it any longer, I truly wanted it to stop so I took a deep courageous breath and faced Gigi." Please why don't you just say it...and all will be well, Gigi“
Chy shrugged "Nightmare would seem to indicate that you're not living it girl. This is your reality now. You can either fight against it or you can learn to embrace it like some others and find value in it" his gaze strayed down to me at this point , "If you leave her tied up somewhere for public use Sir Ulric let me know, I might even try her out. But now, kitty and I have an appointment in that chair over there. Come along kitty"
Now V stepped in "I am happy and proud to be my Master's slut gigislut, why do you not just your true nature? I am sure you will feel much better for it. Glint is full of many folks and natures and all are accepted with delight."
„Manuel is lying“ Gigi bursted out:“: I am sure it is another slut, there seems to be plenty willing ones here“....And then she looked straight at V.
Now that made me change my opinion about poor Gigi. My compassion turned into anger. V is a highly respected woman after all, and one of the kindest people I know.
Sir Ulric placed a hand on his V "Well that's not the matter for debate here, Gigi - although you will win many friends here in Glint with that sort of attitude. You are most likel to find yourself stripped, whipped and crawling on all fours with a lpastic cock shoved up your cunt if you continue in that vein. So I encourage you to do so and I will let the subs decide your fate."
"Those security tapes are the downfall of many Master. " V smiled, holden her palms open "Why don't you come closer dear?" She turned to her Master, "You know Master, Gera ran off and got some lovely pink clothes for gigislut here and on her collaring day and she did not even say please, she is earning many 'friends' with her attitude it would seem" she chuckled and looks up at Sir Ulric
„What?cried Gigi:Vala admitted she was a slut, i did not say anything to her directly
... on my collaring day....i have not had a collaring day!“
Here V growled "I said I was my Master's slut girl, there is a hell of a difference. And Gera's collaring day. you really are stupid aren't you?"
„ you did not make that very clear vela.“ Gigi bitched:“...you went to school did you?
„Her name is V or Vala...not Vela, Gigi, I corected her , trying to stay calm.
Sir Ulric looked around at me "Well Gera, you are the mildest of the mild. A sweet and lovely young lady. What do you think we should do with Gigi?"
I gazed at Sir Urlic, felt my heart beating and swallowed hard:" I think...she should be taught some manners. She must learn how to be humble. And we should strip and display her.“ There! I had said it. Gigi looked at me in horror
I caught her glance:“ Yes I am sorry Gigi but you have to learn about manners and being humble“
Ulric Dalglish took a few steps to the left and forward, not closing his distance on Gigi, but starting to circle her, slowly. He kept his eyes on her "That is interesting Gera. A little light-handed but very interesting, thank you. Hello trainee c. Oh and savvy. I have always know you to be reasonable and considerate. What do you think Gigi should be made to do?"
Gigi glanced at me and said:“I thought you were on my side Gera, but you are like all the others“
I tried hard not to break with guilt, I shook my head:" You were talking bad about V...that was not right“
Trainee c looked V and Master Ulric with question .. " what happen with Miss Gigi ?"
While Savvy looked to Ulric, then at Gigi, "I'm not sure Master Ulric, what is her crime?"
V walked over to me and while stroking my hair she said to me, "Its okay dear, she will learn manners one of these days and soon I suspect. And c., of course you may ask, gigislut here, is struggling with her nature and respect. It is of no consequence, just ignore the stupid slut hun“
Sir Ulric walked further into the alley between the passport office and the police station, answering savvy but not taking his eyes from Gigi "Well she had no papers. She was let off lightly with a slutvisa that she didn't have to do much to earn - just admit she's a slut. Now it appears she asserts she isn't and she seems to like to tell us all about how the laws are bad, insult the citizens of Glint - all of which when she is living in Glint free of charge."
C looked at us and said shy: Mistress, sis, i'm sure is an incomprehencion, i talk with Miss gigi many times and she is always kind“
Gigi looked so desperate now that I had to fight down my compession for her again.
Then suddenly Gigi stammered:“ I am sorry Vala for what i said“
„What are you sorry for, hmm?“ V asked.
„ For inferring that you are a slut and getting your name wrong Vala“
I decided to help poor Gigi along and pleaded with her:"Please Gigi, don't make it worse on yourself, you’ve apologized to V , thats a good start...now admit to the rest...and all will be good...nobody wants to hurt you“ Well so I was hoping anyway.
Gigi Kjeller looked at Sir Ulric and me. She was .shaking with fear and whispered."what must i say?"
Sir Ulric towered over Gigi:"All you need to do for now is tell all these nice people that you are a cum-guzzling, pussy-munching slut - and you love it."
„Alright...I am...can I go?“ Gigi whispered.
Ulric Dalglish laughed "No, no, no. Say exactly that. Tell them you are a cum-guzzling, pussy-munching slut and that you love it."
„But i am not“, Gigi replied.
V and I both sighed deeply.
„Oh....well if i have to say it then can I go back to my corner? Gigi asked
Ulric Dalglish reached into his pocket and took out a cigar and a lighter. "Well if you say it you will be allowed to stay free for a while longer. If you continue to piss me off then...."
I took my courage and whispered: Please Gigi just say it...there are worse things you could admit to.“
And there finally , Gigi took a deep breath, closed her eyes and mumbled:“I am a cum guzzling pussy munching slut and i love it"
We all sighed with relief and Sir Ulric smiled, immediately moving on past Gigi to v and pocketed the cigar and lighter. He laughed as he wraped his arm around his sexy slave "Well done, hoboslut. You are free for a while longer."
Hoboslut. Sir Ulric is so creative with words. And that was the end of it. I honestly was releived that it had not come to the worst. Because you see...I hate to see anybody being humiliated or tortured. Even after all this time in Glint, I can not get used to it.I can not harden myself or laugh about it. Even when the girls are stubborn or arrogant. I just don’t like anybody to be treated badly.

Dienstag, 23. Juni 2009

The philosophy of Sir Jarethe

Jarethe Anthony smiles. "torture....brings out the best of people, the purity."
Gera Heliosense looks at Jarethe fearful:" You mean torture purifies people, Sir?"
Jarethe Anthony shakes his head. "Not purifies, but it lets a person see the best of the person. When a person is finally willing to release everything, and give them self over to full awareness."
Gera Heliosense looks at sir JareThe:" You make it sound as if torture equals awareness..."
Jarethe Anthony nods. "Only once the body and mind is broke, can the soul truly be free."
Gera Heliosense swallows:" But that freedom of the soul...if it was induced by pain and fear...how can it be true freedom?"
Jarethe Anthony looks to sunrise. "How can fear and pain help find true freedom?
Jarethe Anthony: "If you do not experience pain, do you know what true pleasure is? What could you compare it to, to trully know? Without fear, how can you know true acceptance?"
And he closed with the statement that "only if you experience loss you will know what true love is". That I understood well as it confirms my theory about jealousy. So in the end I understood it. Understood the weird philosophy of sir Jarethe...

Love mints

Today I saw my sister Guin, only briefly but it was good to see her at all.

And I met Sir Sami, we went for a walk and he gave me special sweets. Kind of love mints. An aphrodisia.

Montag, 22. Juni 2009

A firmer hand

After the incident of my lawbreaking, the hardest part was still to come. I had to face my Master. When he arrived I ran up to him:"Master! oh Master forgive me, I have been stupid"
Master Dunnagh approached me, frowning "You have been disobedient...and for quite some time now. "He held up a hand, interrupting my attempt to hug him:" It is I who have been stupid, for permitting you to be disobedient for so long, Gera."
"Disobidient to you? Oh Master...what have I done" I felt tears burning my eyes. I held out my hands to him, I wanted him to take me into his strong arms, I wanted him to kiss away my worries. Master took my hands, his face momentarily softening, but then his face hardend again. He fished in his pouch for my leash and hooked it to my collar, pulling down on it as he fastend it to put me in kneeling position.
"I have allowed my love and fondness of you to cloud my duties for too long, Gera
You disobey the rules I give you, and I permit it, weakly ignoring my duty to punish your disobedience. And so others must step in."
I felt a surge of shock going through me.
"In my weakness, I risk losing you, my love", he continued:" and you know I can never, never allow that while there is breath in me. You still do not leave me notes. Even after our talk. And now I hear you disobey Glint's most basic laws." He shook his head in bewilderment.
I was deeply shocked and scared. And I could not bear how he would not touch me, not take me in his arms, it was hell for me and I whispered:"Yes Master...you are right. I broke the laws of Glint, I should have always written to you. I was disobidient. I deeply regret my mistake ...but please..."and here, my voice almost broke and I choked up with hot tears:"Please do not push me away....I beg you"
He looked startled and dropped to his knee again, coming down to bring his face closer to mine "Push you away! Gera, you do not hear me! I love you more than my own life, my love, to see you punished by others pains me more than if those very people were to stick me with hot irons. It is because I want so to be with you, it is so that your health and happiness matters more to me than anything else that I need to take a firmer hand with you- and am going to do so! For starters, you will remain naked in public indefinitely. Second, you will take a submissive pose in public for a likewise indefinite period of time. Third, you will remain on a leash when we are together, again for an indefinite period of time. And Gera..."He unhooked the whip from on his belt and let it unravel:"If you fail to report your daily doings to me, I will be forced to use this upon you...do you understand?"
I felt a bitter taste of fear, he had never whipped me before. I nodded and whispered:" Yes my beloved Master" He never scared me so ever before and I loved him so much at this moment, so much.Master recoiled the whip and hooked it back to his belt, looking at me sadly when it was secured:

"Pray don't make me use that on you, my love."

Then he kneeled before me, his face softer and said quietly:" You are my world and I can not risk my world being ruined". He brought his lips closer to mine:" Do you love me, Gera?
I looked back at him , surprised almost shocked and I whispered:" more than anything in the world...I love you Master...I love you ...I love you".And I started crying.
"And will you obey me, Gera?"
"Yes...always my Master I will obey you"
"And you will make me proud to have my collar on your throat, my love?"
"Yes Master, I will make youproud...I will...I will"
"Then my love put 'round my neck those arms whose touch I love so much. And press to my lips yours which I worship. And kiss me to show you love and obey me."
And I did. Oh I did. I kissed him so deperate, breathless, so grateful, so in love, so overwhelmed by his stern love. My heart pounding in my chest, my body trembling like a leaf. Emotionally exhausted. Happy.
And before he had to leave me, he asked me, almost embarrassed, about my condition. Because, yes....on our wedding night, he told me that we may try for a child. So far I didn't fall but I hope it happens soon, I want his son. I want it so much.

About love

This is a little post about love, even though it looks like the regular confession of a lawbreaker. Yes, I broke the law. And I dissapointed Ma'am. I was punished and yet to me this incident showed me something very important. Something about love. Well, the whole thing started with a new outfit my Master had bought me some time ago. A catchy little number in white. The skirt to be worn with leggings. Now leggings of course are pants. But this stupid little slave didn't think about that when she put it on. She was blissfully happy, still being in honeymoon heaven, feeling invincible. So on with skirt and pants and off to the gatheringspot where I bumped into sir Jake.
We chatted for a while, then I got up, walking away from him because...Sir Jake always makes me kind of nervous. Jacobius Bravin watched me, his eyes narrowing as my skirt flipped up a bit. I straightend my skirt, feeling Sir Jake's eyes on me, and I nervously stood on the street, confused as to where I was going.
He stood up, walking up behind me, placing a hand on my shoulder, "We need to have a talk."He quietly directed me away from the others. I followed him without protest. In the policestation .Here he backed me into a corner, his hand pressing my shoulder back against the cold stone, "Have you forgotten the rules so soon?"
I was confused and thought he talked about my house slave status but he shook his head slowly, holding me firmly in place, " I speak of the laws of Glint. Have you forgotten those so soon?" His eyes turned cold, his other hand dropping to my thigh and sliding up under my skirt to grip the cloth of my pants, "So you think you're above them, do you?" Oh I felt hot shame and cold realisation washing over me. I stood there stammering, begged him to forgive and hastily, pulled my pants down, getting all tangled up in my skirt, exposing myself unwittingly, making such a fool of myself. His hand slid between my thighs and up, feeling nothing but warm flesh, but alas, he was adament:"The offence has been done, the punishment is due"
I begged with him, reminded him of how well he knows me and he said:"I know you very well. Strict is what you need"
I had to strip, then he smiled crokedly, shifting his grip to my hair, pushing me ahead of him out of the room. Outside he opened the stocks, roughly pushing me to my knees, holding my head in place, he growled "Put your wrists in the grooves"
I did, eaten up by despare and shame, cursing myself for being so careless and downright stupid. I deserved all this, no doubt about it.
I think I started crying with shame silentl. I knew very well he did right. But this was so degrading. I had come so far, earned the respect of the community, and now this . And what would Sir Dunnagh say?
Bravin's fingers continue to stroke me, his other hand gripping my hair to lift my face to those around, "Let them see how you're taking your punishment"
My face being lifted I closed my eyes, blushing with shame. My sex hrobbed and I could taste the salty tears of shame on my lips . When I dared to open my eyes , I glances over the public place. There were thankfully only a few people about.I strained my eyes to see the street and I was almost relieved...when suddenly Ma'am appeared before me.
My heart dropped, my mouth became dry and I could not look into her eyes, so ashamed was I to dissapoint her like that.
"Hello La Presidente. We have a law-breaker here"
"A law breaker? my midwife? what did she do?"
Bravin shook my head gently by the hair, "Confess your crime"
"Oh Ma'am...Ma'am..." I sobbed now, feeling so ashamed, so terrible ashamed to have dissapointed my beloved Ma'am:"I wore pants"
Jacobius Bravin nodded, "They're with her other clothes, inside the police station"
I sobbed:"Yes Ma'am...I am so sorry...I was thoughtless...Sir Dunnagh bought me this outfit and there were pants going with it and..." I didn't know how to finish the sentence.
Ma'am and shook her head slowly :"this is how the roman empire fell - when the citizens got too much leeway"
Sir Jake said:"Maybe I should leave her to your tender mercies, La Presidente?
A time in the stocks might be all she needs"
I tried to explain my mistake, told them I thought leggings don't count as pants.
Asked them to forgive my stupidity...
"Now she even discusses with me and tries to justify, "said Ma'am
Sir Jake nodded, "And she argues... Some things never change, do they?"
"That is so true," Ma'am answered:" I bet Dun got quite a handful there".
Then they teased me for a while, pondering upon the question whether I am an exhibionist and if I secretly enjoy being handled by dominant males. And I confessed to that. Confessed to it all, drowning in shame and regret. The hardest thing was not to be in the stocks, to be humiliated...the hardest part was that I had dissapointed Ma'am and I was so afraid to loose her now.
Sir Jake left me with Ma'am at this point and went of whistling a happy tune.
Ma'am caressed my back softly: "...and, my sunrise, now?"
She traced with her fingertips along my spine, tenderly "I would really not like to have you in this thing here for the rest of the day - so , offer me something"
I tried to think hard, tried to gather my confused thoughts: "Ma'am I honestly regret and I offer you...what ever you desire from me. If there is anything at all...just know...my worst punishment is that I dissapointed you"
Ma'am nodded:"You know, the twist for me is - I can not really be hard agaisnt you, for known reasons - still, you have to lead by example, for exactly the same reasons"
I begged her I'd do anything. She contemplated on the situation. She touched me. In the end she said halfloud, more to herself: "well, one thing is for sure - for the next two days - when Dun is absent, you are naked, automatically"
Then Ma'am smiled and kissed my back tenderly "I can not be hard on you, no matter what you are doing"And she opened the stock. I stood up shakily and instantly fell to my knees hugging Ma'ams legs, crying with relief and deep regret for my crime.
She caressed my hair "Now, calm down, my sunrise"
And I calmed, soothed by her gentleness, her forgiveness, her love.
And as I left, my heart was filled with deep gratitude and love for this wonderful, charismatic, fair but strict woman. Love can be many things. This is one of them...

Samstag, 20. Juni 2009

My Collaring Ceremony - Reception

...and afterwards we all went to the 'End of the road' club and danced, danced, danced...

My Collaring Ceremony -The service

Collaring ceremony

[16:03] xx Reyes: let's go
[16:04] Dunnagh Scarmon is dumbstruck
[16:04] YT Recreant smiles at slut and sunrise as they walk in
[16:05] aurora watches her sister walk the aisle, she wipes moisture from her eyes
[16:05] YT Recreant: Dear Ones,
[16:05] Dunnagh Scarmon only sees Gera, eyes a little wide
[16:05] YT Recreant: We come together in this place today to witness these two people make a commitment to each other that they are not at this time able to make under the laws of any land but which they know they must make.
[16:06] YT Recreant: we are referring to Sir Dunangh Scarmon and to gera, also known as sunrise
[16:06] YT Recreant: *Dunnagh
[16:06] YT Recreant: so, gera, are you ready?
[16:06] Gera Heliosense: yes Ma'am
[16:06] YT Recreant smiles
[16:07] YT Recreant: before we come to the main ceremony....
[16:07] YT Recreant: let me remove first the collar of the Dark Den
[16:07] Dunnagh Scarmon looks into Gera's eyes, smiling
[16:07] YT Recreant: sunrise has been until today house slave of our place
[16:07] YT Recreant: and she served each single day with fire
[16:08] YT Recreant: also she was and is ...
[16:08] YT Recreant: a wonderful midwife....
[16:08] YT Recreant: and a good friend of mine
[16:08] Dark Den OpenCollar (spine): Your collar has been unlocked.
[16:08] YT Recreant reaches out for gera's neck and removes the collar
[16:08] YT Recreant: it was an honer, to have you in my collar, sunrise
[16:09] YT Recreant: *honor, too
[16:09] Gera Heliosense: thank you Ma'am*wipes a tear*
[16:10] YT Recreant nestles a bit with the collar, that it goes off the neck and swallows silently
[16:11] YT Recreant smiles at the audience "that seems to be quite a reluctant collar, sorry, one sec"
[16:11] Dunnagh Scarmon: Can't blame it
[16:11] YT Recreant smiles
[16:11] Tanith Rosenbaum smiles and thinks "a well locked collar is a good collar"
[16:11] YT Recreant: i should not have used that superglue
[16:12] Gera Heliosense: done
[16:12] Eva muttters: "Never a blowtorch at hand when you need one
[16:12] YT Recreant: Being collared is a huge step, but it is also rewarding and gratifying.
[16:12] Vala Renfold wipes a tear astounded just how beautiful Gera is and smiles so happy for her and breathes softly
[16:12] YT Recreant: Wearing a collar is a great privilege, and should not be undertaken lightly.
[16:12] YT Recreant: Each partner needs to agree about the significance of the collar;
[16:13] YT Recreant: once the agreement is reached, the submissive is at once completely free and completely secure.
[16:13] YT Recreant: The Dominant is rewarded by the gift of submission, which is in its richness beyond description of words.
[16:13] Dunnagh Scarmon nods unconsciously
[16:13] YT Recreant: This commitment is without end, depth, breadth or height.
[16:13] YT Recreant: It is immeasurable, cannot be seen, touched or felt by anyone more than them.
[16:14] YT Recreant: And...
[16:14] YT Recreant: it is a commitment from both sides.
[16:14] YT Recreant: It is a locking of hearts, minds, spirits and souls.
[16:14] YT Recreant: It strengthens them and makes them one.
[16:14] YT Recreant: Now Master Dunnagh, it is your turn to say your vow:
[16:15] Dunnagh Scarmon unhooks from his belt the collar he has brought, and holds it before the two
[16:15] Dunnagh Scarmon: With the placing of this collar around your neck and your acceptance thereof, I vow to do everything I can to be worthy of you.
[16:15] Dunnagh Scarmon: I promise to hold you and keep you safe, to stretch you and give you flight, to respect the needs of our relationship above all others, to love you, honour you, support you in all things and be sensitive to your needs and desires all underpinned by the respect that I have for you and the deep and joyful knowledge that with you two halves are made whole.
[16:16] Dunnagh Scarmon: I acknowledge the trust you have placed in me and the responsibility that goes with my acceptance of that trust.
[16:16] Dunnagh Scarmon: I will never violate or even threaten to violate that trust.
[16:16] Dunnagh Scarmon: I will endeavour to be open minded enough to learn new things. Strong enough to grow. In times of trouble, to be a supportive friend and partner, never forgetting that this is still a loving relationship between two caring people.
[16:16] Dunnagh Scarmon: We will continue to love and enjoy all our children. Our home will always be haven for them and they will each know that they are not only accepted just as they are, but also adored and enjoyed.
[16:17] Dunnagh Scarmon: I acknowledge and accept with all my heart the gift of submission you have made to me. The collar itself is a symbol of that which we already know... that you are mine and by it's wearing you are safe to be everything that you are.
[16:17] Dunnagh Scarmon: I acknowledge and accept with all my heart the gift of submission you have made to me. The collar itself is a symbol of that which we already know... that you are mine and by it's wearing you are safe to be everything that you are.
[16:17] Dunnagh Scarmon: ((whoops))
[16:17] Dunnagh Scarmon raises the collar before the two of them "Do you accept this symbol in the spirit by which it is given you?"
[16:17] YT Recreant smiles at gera
[16:18] Gera Heliosense smiles
[16:18] Gera Heliosense: Yes, and this answer is given after deep reflection, unpretentious, in the spirit of my submission to you.
[16:18] Gera Heliosense: The collar you offer me is a powerful reminder of the control I have surrendered to you.
[16:19] Gera Heliosense: I accept this collar as an outward expression of your ownership of me.
[16:19] Gera Heliosense: I do so freely, fully and without restriction.
[16:19] Gera Heliosense: I agree to honour our relationship above all others, and seek to fulfil your
needs and desires as you allow.
[16:20] Gera Heliosense: I promise to support you and to be there for you always when you need me.

I promise to always communicate openly and honestly with you keeping nothing
from you.
[16:20] Gera Heliosense: I will strive to be the best soul mate that I can be for you and will not in
any way dishonour you.
[16:20] Gera Heliosense: I will love you also in silence within my soul.
[16:20] Gera Heliosense: I will wear this collar with pride, knowing that you love me, cherish me,
respect me and hold me above all others.
[16:21] Alicia Flanagan: afbracelets
[16:21] Gera Heliosense: And in my turn I promise to love, honour, respect and obey you for the rest
of eternity
[16:21] YT Recreant: thank you Master Dunnagh, thank you gera
[16:22] YT Recreant: With this collar, locked around her neck, gera expresses the finality of her commitment to MasterDunnagh and surrenders her body and passion to him.
[16:22] YT Recreant: Within the circle it closes, it allows her to do his will and allows her to follow in all directions possible.
[16:22] YT Recreant: It remains as a solid symbol of her trust in him without fear of outcome and allows her to give herself to him.
[16:22] YT Recreant: It keeps gera safely within Master Dunnagh's bond and excludes all others' powers over her.
[16:23] YT Recreant: with the closing of this lock...
[16:23] YT Recreant: Master Dunnagh shall accept the depths of geras passion, devotion, and trust and provide a haven where she is safe to express all desires to him
[16:23] Dunnagh Scarmon nods
[16:23] YT Recreant: knowing that He accept all that she has been, all that she is and all that she will be.
[16:24] YT Recreant: The collar is locked!
[16:24] Jania Sassower cheers!
[16:24] YT Recreant: I now pronounce you Master and slave; you may now kiss your slave.
[16:24] Dunnagh Scarmon grins
[16:24] Alicia Flanagan claps her hands !
[16:24] Roisin MacMoragh smiles and cheers
[16:24] lacey Flinders applauds and cheers
[16:25] Vala Renfold claps and cheers, so delighted for them both
[16:25] Tanith Rosenbaum: /claps loudly and cheers
[16:25] Guinevere Fanbridge claps and cheers
[16:25] Gustaf DeCuir smiles, nodding slowly
[16:26] Dunnagh Scarmon happily awaits his girl to return from SL bug land
[16:26] Tanith Rosenbaum giglles
[16:27] xx Reyes: ((wb sunrise))
[16:27] YT Recreant is Offline
[16:27] Synced Kiss Poseballs unique kiss- VT whispers: Resynchronizing...
[16:27] lady kiss whispers: Resynchronizing...
[16:27] Dunnagh Scarmon: Mmmmm!
[16:28] Jania Sassower giggles. "ohhhhh.. kiss her good!"
[16:28] Dunnagh Scarmon turns to the crowd, beaming, holding Gera's hand "And we have another announcement to make.....we'll see if Ma'am returns first"
[16:29] Gera Heliosense smiles excited
[16:29] Zipora Darkfold smiles quietly*
[16:30] Eefje Afarensis: sunrise returns, and the SL sun rises
[16:30] YT Recreant is Online
[16:31] xx Reyes is Offline
[16:31] YT Recreant: (sry- we love SL)
[16:31] Dunnagh Scarmon grins at Ma'am's return "Welcome back, MA'am! GEra and I were just about to make another announcement"
[16:31] YT Recreant smiles "ooo?"
[16:31] Dunnagh Scarmon looks back out on the crowd of friends
[16:32] Dunnagh Scarmon then looks down, grinning self-consciously
[16:32] lacey Flinders waits with anticipation, excitement dancing in her eyes
[16:32] Roisin MacMoragh smiles gently
[16:32] Alicia Flanagan is nervous
[16:32] Dunnagh Scarmon: Gera has very graciously agreed to become my SL partner
[16:32] YT Recreant whips up and down on her toes
[16:32] xx Reyes is Online
[16:32] Dunnagh Scarmon: And I couln not be happier!
[16:33] lacey Flinders cheers
[16:33] YT Recreant smiles wide "congratulations!"
[16:33] Gera Heliosense beams
[16:33] joy grins broadly, 'congratulations!!'
[16:33] Breathless Blinker smiles, over at the happy couple
[16:33] slut woots...
[16:33] Jania Sassower smiles brightly "contrats!"
[16:33] Alicia Flanagan smiles broadlyyyyy
[16:33] Gustaf DeCuir smiles softly
[16:33] Guinevere Fanbridge smiles happily
[16:33] Roisin MacMoragh applauds quietly
[16:33] Nano Siemens: Congratulations
[16:33] Dunnagh Scarmon: We would just like to say thank you to all who are here- and to many who could not make it- for sharing this day with us
[16:34] Dunnagh Scarmon: But also for making this such a wonderful place to be
[16:34] Vala Renfold beams happily and claps, "Congratulations!"
[16:34] Tanith Rosenbaum cheers happily
[16:34] Jania Sassower slips away to return to work, her smile offering the happy couple her best wishes.
[16:34] Alicia Flanagan: mhm it is
[16:34] Dunnagh Scarmon kisses Gera again
[16:34] Gera Heliosense: Yes thank you all*she wipes a tear* and Ma'am? Thank you for everything
[16:34] fenrir Snowpaw disapers from the crowd
[16:35] Dunnagh Scarmon nods in agreement
[16:35] YT Recreant smiles "it was indeed my pleasure, everything, and i enjoyed it bunches"
[16:35] Dunnagh Scarmon and to slut
[16:35] MissyJo Whiteberry is Offline
[16:35] Dunnagh Scarmon: ANd didn't Riddick and Ava do a great job on the stage?!
[16:35] Tanith Rosenbaum stand up and shouts "long live our happy couple!"
[16:35] Tanith Rosenbaum: #stands
[16:36] YT Recreant: .
[16:36] YT Recreant: yes, it looks wonderful
[16:36] YT Recreant: .
[16:36] joy cheers!!!
[16:36] YT Recreant: (chatlag ;) )
[16:36] Lace Choker - 3.201: Offering to hug YT Recreant.
[16:37] Gera Heliosense cries a little bit and hugs Ma'am
[16:37] Gera gives YT a big hug.
[16:37] Dunnagh Scarmon nods to the cheers, smiling gratefully
[16:37] YT Recreant holds her tight "thank you, sunrise"
[16:37] Dunnagh Scarmon kisses Ma'am's cheek with thanks
[16:37] YT Recreant smiles at the kiss "and thank you to Dunnagh ;)"
[16:38] YT Recreant: *too, even
[16:39] YT Recreant: And, in ancient Rome - the day of a public collaring was the day where all slaves of the city were allowed to behave as they want - this, applies for one hour, to the PRG now as well
[16:39] lacey Flinders cheers
[16:39] Dunnagh Scarmon: I think we should go celebrate in that new roadhouse bar!
[16:39] Nano Siemens: "Oh-oh" looks nervous
[16:39] YT Recreant smiles
[16:40] YT Recreant: not a bad idea ;)
[16:40] Gera Heliosense: yes
[16:40] YT Recreant: so, lets move over ;)
[16:40] Breathless Blinker looks up at Master quietly
[16:40] Alicia Flanagan: afrelease
[16:40] Alicia Flanagan: afrelease
[16:40] Breathless Blinker lenas her forhead against your knee
[16:40] YT Recreant grins at Bre "that applies for all slaves on our ground"
[16:41] Breathless Blinker smiles, winking to YT, i am not sure that Master agrees, Ma'am
[16:41] Gustaf DeCuir stands, We'll make our exit now, before the freedom goes to Bre's head
[16:41] Dunnagh Scarmon leads Gera by her hand
[16:42] Breathless Blinker snaps her fingers, "drat!"
[16:42] YT Recreant smiles and mumbles something about arrests etc, but then takes slut and goes dancing
[16:42] lacey Flinders: are you coming, zip? It will be fun!
[16:42] Breathless Blinker: bbstop
[16:43] Zipora Darkfold: Ummm..n-no thanks
[16:43] Roisin MacMoragh smiles
[16:43] Roisin MacMoragh: well done.. finally
[16:43] Dunnagh Scarmon smiles back
[16:43] Dunnagh Scarmon: Lovely dress, Lady!
[16:43] Vala Renfold smiles and gets up to offer her congrats
[16:43] lacey Flinders: ((that is too bad, zip see you soon, then))
[16:43] Roisin gives Dunnagh a big hug.
[16:43] Roisin MacMoragh: yours too
[16:43] Roisin MacMoragh whispers to him
[16:43] Dunnagh Scarmon: Thank you! *laughs*
[16:43] Alicia Flanagan: hello Mistress T
[16:43] Tanith Rosenbaum: heya ce :)
[16:43] Serendipity: Vala would like give you a hug. Say [Yes] to accept.
[16:43] Tanith Rosenbaum: wow, new outfit?
[16:43] Alicia Flanagan: afkiss tanith
[16:44] Alicia Flanagan smiles
[16:44] Alicia's collar: Alicia gives Tanith Rosenbaum a big kiss.
[16:44] Alicia Flanagan: muakkkk
[16:44] Vala's collar: Vala gives Gera Heliosense a big hug.
[16:44] Tanith Rosenbaum waros her arms around a very sexy ce and kisses hotly
[16:44] Tanith Rosenbaum: #wraps
[16:44] Alicia Flanagan: well well as some people got who i am now its difficult to hide
[16:44] Vala Renfold smiles and hugs tightly, You look lovely Gera, I knew you would
[16:45] Gera Heliosense: thank you
[16:45] Dunnagh Scarmon smiles and kisses her cheek "Be well!"
[16:45] Roisin MacMoragh: you too
[16:45] Vala Renfold: My Master sends his apologies, he wanted to be here but sl deemed it not to be, he offers in congrats also and asked me to pass them on
[16:46] Vala Renfold: /vrhug dun
[16:47] Gera Heliosense: Oh thank you so much V, I am honored
[16:47] Tanith Rosenbaum gives Dunnagh Scarmon a big hug.
[16:48] Vala Renfold: ((Sorry not sure which one has both items in so here goes 2))
[16:48] Dunnagh Scarmon: Thank you, Miss!
[16:48] Tanith Rosenbaum smiles and hugs dunn warmly "congrats to you. i hope it goes well for you two"
[16:48] Nano Siemens: Congratulations, Dunn
[16:48] HUDDLES EZ Animator Deluxe v1.3.0: Tanith Rosenbaum would like to give you a hug. Choose 'YES' to accept.
[16:48] Nano Siemens: and Gera
[16:48] Alicia Flanagan smiles broadly at Sir Dunnagh *i am very very happy about that all , you and Gera have a very special place in my heart
[16:48] HUDDLES EZ Animator Deluxe v1.3.0: Say /99stop to end the hug and end permission to animate your avatar.
[16:48] Tanith Rosenbaum gives Gera Heliosense a big hug.
[16:48] Dunnagh Scarmon: And you in ours!
[16:48] Tanith Rosenbaum smiles and hugs gera
[16:48] Alicia Flanagan: afkiss dunnagh
[16:48] Alicia's collar: Alicia gives Dunnagh Scarmon a big kiss.
[16:49] Alicia Flanagan: muakkkkk
[16:49] Tanith Rosenbaum: I'm wishing you the best too hun.
[16:49] Dunnagh Scarmon smiles and winks at Averix "Thank you for the messages!"
[16:49] Alicia Flanagan: i am so proud to have been here
[16:49] Dunnagh Scarmon: :)
[16:49] Alicia Flanagan: afkiss gera
[16:49] Neophyte collar with bells: Alicia would like give you a kiss. Say [Yes] to accept.
[16:50] Alicia Flanagan: i am so sorry Gera
[16:50] Roisin MacMoragh smiles, "Congratulations, sunrise"
[16:50] Alicia Flanagan: but i need to kiss you
[16:50] Dunnagh Scarmon laughs

My Collaring Ceremony

It was a lovely gentle afternoon. Everybody had come: Miss Tanith, V, CE, Master Gustaf...oh too many to name here. Ma'am held the service and slut was my usherette...

My Collaring Ceremony

...and at last I am wearing HIS colar. He is my Master now, my beloved Master!

Freitag, 19. Juni 2009

Thoughts of a blushing bride in the morning

Will I be good for him? Will he be good for me? Will we spark each other off in good or bad ways? Will I be for him what he wants me to be? Will I meet all his expectations? Will we be strong enough for all of life's turmoils. And stand together on the wall while guns explode above our heads?

Hen night

And then we went for drinks to celebrate my bachlorette party! Lacey, Lu, Missy, Faith and I. It was great fun and I got tipsy on fancy cocktails

Preparations for the big day

Ava prepared the stage at the auction ground today. The old auction stage looks like a wedding palor now. With marble columns, silk drapes, candle holders and Hibiscus flowers. She did a wonderful job. It looks dreamy...

Donnerstag, 18. Juni 2009

We set a date

This saturday at 4 pm SL time I will take Sir Dunnagh's collar. I am so excited. Ava was so nice to offer me help and Ma'am will be there and...oh I hope lots of people will come.

Sir Gustaf

Today I've met another Master I haven't seen for a long time and I was pleased to catch up with him. Sir Gustaf. He taught me so much when I came to Glint. I've told him about my upcoming collaring and he said:" Time will tell. Sometimes a collar just makes visible what already was. Other times, it chafes and slowly erodes what might have been". He is a very good Master and a wise man and I hope he can make it to the collaring. It would be lovely to have him there along with all the other people here in Glint, who mean a lot to me.

Dienstag, 16. Juni 2009


Today we stole ourselves a little bit of time. I laid with him on the dirty mattress in the police station. We talked softly, holding each other. We talked about our first time. When I was a naive little girl and he was a smart sly head hunter. And now look at us. I've told him how I believe that it is fate that we found each other and he smiled at me lovingly "Or you're just a daft thing who doesn't know any better!"But I don't think so. I think, I am lucky to have found him...

Back from the dead

Sir Jake is back.

Sonntag, 14. Juni 2009

My first captive...well almost

I captured a shoe wearer for the first time in my life...

...and let her free when she begged for mercy, took off her shoes and had me in tears.