Dienstag, 27. April 2010

Reflecting my situation

Master came home last night. He was still very cold and strict with me while we were in public. But once we were home I danced for him and then we found each other in passion. Maybe things are getting better. Of course one thing will not change and that is his long absences in between. I get lonely a lot. Especially when I see the other girls with their Masters. So "I rely on the kindness of strangers" as Blanche in "a streetcar named Desire" has said. Of course I am never alone because I am surrounded by all my friends. The girls are all so marvelous and we have a lot of fun together. Janay and I get up to some mischief, sweet Moosey is funny as hell, butterfly with her sweet nature and oh too many girls here to describe them all. I should do a post just about the girls really. And then of course there is my son. I've heard there is a nursery in Nayeli now but I have to find out if that nursery is just for the sisterhood or for all citizens of the PRG. I must find Yazhi and ask her. Haven't seen her for some time.