Sonntag, 27. Januar 2013

Madness, fire, war and peace

It all started with a concerned Legion sending me a message to hurry over to the police station where he and Winter stood in the front of a cell, inside was Ma'am, sleeping obviously exhausted. Others like Erikk and vb were at the entrance and it was a chaos of voices and Fidel's growls . Winter and Legion told me that Ma'am had locked herself inside the cell to protect herself from Winter who, she claimed had tried to kill her. She then woke up and I tried to console her and get behind it all, and sooth her. So Legion and Winter sent everybody out and left me alone with Ma'am. She said that Winter had become jealous of Jarethe. And seeing them together had prompted his attempt to kill her. Legion and Winter though told a different story. They said Winter had no choice  but to chase her as she had been running rampant. Shooting at everybody  in sight and acting  like a mad and hurt animal. As soon as i was alone with her, she opened the cell, not to let me inside but to run past me, smiling suddenly and whispering:"Thanks that you got Winter away from the cell"

 So i had helped her to escape and  only now realised that she had gone mad indeed. A wild chase followed and ended at the run down spooky hotel where a fire had broken out and we had seen Ma'am running inside it. We found in a large room under a room , at the (secret?) headquarter of the Agency. While the crackling fire grew and ate the old wooden beams away fast, Ma'am stood there with her bow screaming at  her people to get away from her and the arrows flew.

In all the chaos Winter was burned badly after he had caught Ma'am and Legion  tied her up. I was devastated. We all could  not grasp what had happened to her.

We brought her to the bar and tried to calm her  but she stayed hysterical and screamed whenever Winter came close.
Then Chy entered the scene. Chy who is back in Glint finally and has since then done  nothing  but acting aloof and and arrogant and I admit I didn't like my former friend anymore since his return. And it seemed my sentiments were proved correct. He took Ma'ams side instead of helping us to calm her and speak sense to her. He agreed with her that Winter was after her, that we all would harm her and he was the only loyal friend left. She let him come close, he moved fast and a syringe with a yellow fluid suddenly shone bright in his raised hand. Winter, Erikk and Legion opened the fire on Chy, he fled and while the men went after him, Ma'am got free and ran also. From then on it was just terrible chaos. War had broken loose. Arrows flying everywhere , no place to hide. I ran between them and tended to the injured. A girl called Lisa, turned out to be the bravest, helping the men, getting them back to their feet.

When I saw  Winter laying at on the  ground and Chy approaching, ready to shoot him, I stepped between him. Chy told me to move out of the way and to think of my unborn child but  I knew Chy would not harm me. As much as I was disappointed  of him, I knew he would not harm me in my condition. Anything but not that. And he didn't. His hesitance bought enough time for Lisa to tend to Winter and all of us escaping in a surprise moment. And on it went. Slut appeared and thinking it was us who wanted to harm Ma'am fought on Chy's side and against us. Finally Chy broke the confusion when he told me that he could  get Ma'am and  sedate her midly if we would trust  him and stay out of his way. I tolf the others we had no other choice  but to believe my former friend. And alas, when he came  back from the jungle he carried a drowsy, giggly Presidente  in his arms. And then he told us that he was with the Agency since his return to Glint.

We brought her to the Agency Office and laid her down gently. She  seemed utterly exhausted. The men were all sent outside so that we women could tend to her.
Ma'am recovered quickly and then....but...we ..should not talk about was...oh ..just silly girly  talk, no I must  not talk about it....And Ma'am took her PawMe and went to the jungle to celebrate and told Martha and me to return to the men and tell them...all was good now...

The end of this day ended in the bar. How quiet it was after all the turmoil. And we spoke quietly and agreed to stay peaceful just like Ma'am and the PawMe somewhere in the jungle.

Once though, I look up into the evening sky and I spotted Chy. He lay on the roof of the Agency office building. Seemingly resting. And I wondered how long he had been laying there and what he might have heard from the conversation that Ma'Am had with us Glint women behind closed doors...

Samstag, 26. Januar 2013

Reaching the next level

When you finally understand that you need him so much that it scares you

Freitag, 25. Januar 2013

Reunion with sweet butterfly and oh what a week that was!

I met butterfly again. She is a Pawme of course, despite Ma'ams comment to her that she is too soft. I suppose thats why butterfly captured my legion on his first days of arrival in Glint. She had to prove that she can be tough and Legion was her first try at that. Hence his first impression of my sweet, gentle friend. They have since become  good buddies, teasing  each other and have good laughs. This pleases me of course.
When butterfly met me at the Community Nursery and saw that i have my son back, she told me sadly how she misses her own son, who had been taken away from her like all our children. He is about Andy's age too.
I have promised her that we will get her child back. We will get all our children back. And raise them together.

butterfly and I  reunited

There has been a lot of upheaval over the past week. After the announcement of the new laws, the males were challenged by Ma'am to justify their positions. Winter and Legion were ordered to bring a virgin by friday or dress as chickens and dance. Judge Cam, she cornered until he had a bow fighting contest with  her, which turned into a "capture the flag" Jarethe had nightmares about a fluffy Glint and was accused by slut that he is getting old, hence his dying manhood and Winter "accidentaly" shot a dozen arrows at slut because...I forgot why.  Ma'am arrested Winter and Jarethe and announced the first male who makes her pregnant will become Mr. Ma'am :) Her Ex , Nalle who is back in Glint already saw himself back in his old, very brief position, he suffers from a lack of memory, the old dear.

Everyone was on their toes

Jarethe behind bars, Winter was to follow soon

But as so often with lovely capricious YT, she changed her mind a day later, released Winter and Jarethe and claimed she won't marry at all. She belongs to her people and any child she might bear will be a child of the people. I like that.

Dienstag, 22. Januar 2013

Most recent plane crash

Legion and I discovered the wreck two days ago. There was still dark smoke asccending from it. But nobody was there. Only small packages wrapped in white plastic or something.

The Agency reported about it in the newspaper and they want information to be brought forward about anything concerning those packages or about recently arrived strangers in Glint.
The most recent person arriving in Glint that I saw a soldier. A tall, older man, wearing a military beret cap. He was at the bar and nobody took much notice of him. Could he be connected with the plane wreck? I should report it to the Agency.

Montag, 21. Januar 2013

New Laws in Glint!

Oh my god, this is so exciting!!!

Ma'am has pronounced new Laws:

"One.  Henceforth males and females may dress as they wish - no limitations - save that females must be barefoot and may not wear panties."

"Two. Only males and Paw me may bear weapons. Any male not bearing a weapon may present himself for service as a male bar-tender. The dress code for that role is generally naked."

"Three. Males need to take care to expect to be challenged by other males and La Presidente and the Paw Me if they exhibit "soft" behaviour."

I can wear belts again, and skirts and funny that this law comes now, when I found out for myself that i like to walk naked.

And this amazing woman...she gives the women of Glint their dignity back, and to make sure that the borders stay clear she demands more masculinity from the males. At last!
Because how easy was it for any wimpy jerk to feel manly when he was surrounded by vulnerable naked females all the time. Now that will change!

Sonntag, 20. Januar 2013

Images of La Presidente

I so enjoy my position as curator of Glint. The work in the museum fulfills me. The research is so satisfying. I noticed that we have a rather limited source of images  of our leader. I could persuade Ma'am that we need up to date photos of her. For posters and a visual presence of our leader in general. Here are my first ideas. She has given permission for two of them and I will show her the others later.

Samstag, 19. Januar 2013

And finally I understood, I am loved...

Gera Heliosense: Legion!
Legion Farslider: hello gera i didn't mean to interrupt your thoughts
Gera Heliosense: She jumps in his arms
Legion Farslider: Ma'am is walking and would like to see you when she returns
Gera Heliosense: yes okay
Gera Heliosense: hold me
Legion Farslider: picks gera up in my arms
Legion Farslider: hello again martha
martha Teardrop: hello sir
Legion Farslider: have a nice stroll?
martha Teardrop: sorry I didn't mean to disturb
martha Teardrop: yes sir very nice
Legion Farslider: you're not just waiting for Ma'am
Gera Heliosense: you don't interupt at all Martha

Y.T. (yt.recreant): here I am smiles
Gera Heliosense: and congratulations on your wedding Martha
Gera Heliosense: i am sorry i could not be there
Legion Farslider: i held her for you Ma'am as you can see
martha Teardrop: im sorry also misss and thank you
Y.T. (yt.recreant) smiles "very good Mister Legion
Gera Heliosense: Ma'am!
Gera Heliosense: she beams
Y.T. (yt.recreant): so, Gera, your future husband is.. like.. each day when you are not around.. wailing in my ears.. how unfair I am, that you are not a Paw Me
Gera Heliosense looks at Legion"Oh?"
Legion Farslider shrugs "more like cheerleading but ..."
Gera Heliosense: and now you think i set him up to it...I didn't Ma'am
Y.T. (yt.recreant) grins "well, he clearly underestiamtes you..
Gera Heliosense: and i have accepted that you have other plans for me than becoming a PawMe
Y.T. (yt.recreant): he did not believe for example that you kidnapped once a Presidente
Gera Heliosense looks at Legion"I did kidnap a presidente yes
martha Teardrop: may I sit sir?
Y.T. (yt.recreant) nods at Legion "she is a tough one.. trust me there!
Legion Farslider smiles "you never cease to amaze me gera"
Gera Heliosense bites her lips
Gera Heliosense: I was a bit...crazy ..beside myself....
Legion Farslider watches
Y.T. (yt.recreant): uhm, she also started the only panties revolution
Gera Heliosense nods
Gera Heliosense: yes, true
Legion Farslider: i see
Gera Heliosense: but again, that was not under your reign...Ava reigned at that time
martha Teardrop plunks her tired ass down on a pillow
Y.T. (yt.recreant): nah, it was mainly like, Legion thinks you are too soft..
Legion Farslider: you'll have to bring me up to date sometime gera
Gera Heliosense sighs
Gera Heliosense: A lot of people think that
Y.T. (yt.recreant) nods "and I know you are not.. soooooo soft
Y.T. (yt.recreant): I mean...
Y.T. (yt.recreant): butterfly is softer
Gera Heliosense: not always no
Gera Heliosense: yes butterfly is yes
martha Teardrop: sounds like she should be vice presidente heheheheheheh
Gera Heliosense: who?
Y.T. (yt.recreant) scrunches my nose "martha means you
Gera Heliosense smirks
Gera Heliosense: god help us
Legion Farslider: curator is probably enough Ma'am
Y.T. (yt.recreant) smiles "you never told me why you want to be a Paw Me
Legion Farslider looks at martha's boobs while listening
Gera Heliosense nods" know me too well, Ma'am....i wanted to be a PawMe to be in a better be safer...its true, i have nothing, a good PawMe needs. I suck at shooting, I like girly stuff..."
martha Teardrop notices legion looking at her breasts "" kinda little arent they""?
Legion Farslider chokes for a second
Y.T. (yt.recreant): martha, doc can help with implants.. trust her
martha Teardrop: mr . mathan has asked me to talk to mr winter to see if theres something that can be spread on them to make them bigger
Y.T. (yt.recreant) scrunches my nose.. "well.. gera.. you feel unsafe then?
fidel: fidel has been ordered to stay
Gera Heliosense: Maybe unsafe is the wrong know i love Glint, I feel good here...but , i find it difficult when it comes to
martha Teardrop makes a mental note that doc can make them bigger
Y.T. (yt.recreant): to?
Gera Heliosense stops and stares at Fidel
Y.T. (yt.recreant): yes, I called him.. go ahead please
Gera Heliosense looks back at Yt, totally honest and dedicated for a moment...then she bends closer to YT in a confiding manner, crunches her nose and whispers to her " know?..all that women degrading stuff"
Y.T. (yt.recreant) tongues my cheek as I listen "when.. exactly. .. were you.. degraded?

Legion Farslider leans forward slightly to hear better

Gera Heliosense: oh... well..." she laughs and waves her hand with a limp wrist" just know...being forced sometimes to sit naked and masturbate, with a symbolic gun being pointed to my then having to say what a horny slut I am...or being...trapped in this wooden thing we used to have, and someone pokes his finger into my bum and tells me how I enjoy it and what a horny slut I am...Well..unfortunately I don't have a clit in my ass, nor a prostate like a gay man either!!

Y.T. (yt.recreant): hmm
Y.T. (yt.recreant): ok.. uhm..
Y.T. (yt.recreant): let me reword..
Y.T. (yt.recreant): when have you been degraded since I am back as Prez?
Gera Heliosense: Nooooo, not at all
Y.T. (yt.recreant): see?
Gera Heliosense: i am talking about old days
Gera Heliosense: but i know this can happen again
martha Teardrop mumbles softly not loud enough for Maam to hear I hope. "" I think the guys should all be naked too""
Y.T. (yt.recreant): ok, let me check first how far we are on the same page.. are you fine with the clothes rules or are they degrading?
Legion Farslider whispers to martha "shush or you will be back where you started"
martha Teardrop: oops sorry sir
Gera Heliosense: I am fine with that know that was a struggle, but i am fine with that now .....i mean they are degrading since the men are clothed...but hey....and...
Y.T. (yt.recreant): are you fine with public sex? by you or by others where you witness?
Legion Farslider watches gera
Gera Heliosense: yes i am totally fine with public sex as long as I can say myself when or if I am horny and not some guy telling me!

Y.T. (yt.recreant): well, see, here is now why things are as they are...
Gera Heliosense listens
Y.T. (yt.recreant): first: you maybe had some rougher encoutners when you were more.. challenging to law and order.. an example is martha. who behaved very different from your, granted, but also challenging. look.. I had to threaten her, I had to degrade her.. and within a week, she became a valuable member of the community, married and all
Y.T. (yt.recreant): with you, it was much the same
Y.T. (yt.recreant): as for being naked...
Y.T. (yt.recreant): it is nothing bad as we are .. and, Mister Legion, excuse my boldness, but, we are more asthetic.. we don't have hairy feet and all that
Y.T. (yt.recreant): so, why not enjoy it?
Y.T. (yt.recreant): now, since you adjusted and all, you don't have rough encounters anymore. makes sense?
Legion Farslider: i too find the female form preferable Ma'am
Legion Farslider: more pleasing to the eye
Gera Heliosense nods thoughtful

Y.T. (yt.recreant) nods "exactly. that does not mean that I am preferring women sexually. those who know me, know, that I am quite straight. but, the form, is more like art
Gera Heliosense: you are right of course
Gera Heliosense: and its true i am fine being naked now
Gera Heliosense: but that was a natural process...not because i was told
Gera Heliosense: you know how long i have always fought the rules? how many times you had to scold me?
Gera Heliosense: it was when i realized how free you were
Gera Heliosense: and how it feels to be sensual and beautiful
Gera Heliosense: all the things you have always told me were true
Y.T. (yt.recreant): and so, your fear right now is.. that someone would.. abuse you?
Gera Heliosense: I guess you are right ..I have adjusted here and i didn't get abused for a long time...but ..."me purses her lips , looking angry again: "why did the agency had to enforce making this rule about nakedness stricter .?
Gera Heliosense: Wasn't it fine as it was?
Y.T. (yt.recreant): ah you know, people always try to find work arounds.. caveats.. I remember very vividly, as if it was yesterday.. when I saw you with a skirt and panties, and you told me that would be totally ok, because they were of the brand "glitchpants"
Gera Heliosense laughs and nods, shaking her head and shrugs"Okay, you win...yes i was stupid then"
Y.T. (yt.recreant): rules only work when they are simple.
Gera Heliosense nods
Y.T. (yt.recreant): but I understand your fears.. would some way to protect you, make you feel better?

Gera Heliosense looks at you suspiciously"uhm....if that means to be in a collar again...then i pass"
Y.T. (yt.recreant) sighs "gera.. sweet one.. when will you ever learn to *really* trust me?
Y.T. (yt.recreant): simply answer my question.
Gera Heliosense sighs" I want to know ..that.i need you but....ok , simple answer..yes i would like to have a way to protect myself
Y.T. (yt.recreant) smiles "good, come"
Gera hesitates, then follows her.
fidel: fidel has been ordered to stay
Legion Farslider watches gera
fidel: fidel has been ordered to stay
fidel: fidel has been ordered to follow its owner

"Fidel is your cat now"

Y.T. (yt.recreant) smiles at gera, "fidel is your cat now. I hope that is protection enough
Legion Farslider smiles
fidel: fidel has been ordered to stay
Gera Heliosense cups her mouth, starts crying and hugs YT overwhelmed
Legion Farslider whispers to dan "it appears she is in a very good mood, try not to ruin it"
Y.T. (yt.recreant) smiles and squeezes gera
Gera Heliosense: Oh Ma'am....Ma'am forgive me
Gera Heliosense: thank you
Y.T. (yt.recreant): you are welcome, don't forget to feed fidel with the occasional tourist
Legion Farslider watches them hug "whispers "i could almost hug her too"
Gera Heliosense is overwhelmed, and nods, smiling though tears of joy and then walks over to Fidel, patting his black fur

Y.T. (yt.recreant) smiles and walks back into the bar "and, Mister Legion, all setteld now?
Legion Farslider nods at Ma'am with a double meaning
Y.T. (yt.recreant): wonderful, then I am happy too
Legion Farslider: once again Ma'am your wisdom amazes me"
Gera Heliosense still sits outside with Fidel, calming herself and then whispers in the panther's ear"yes, she does loves me after all...and i was an idiot"

Gera Heliosense: Walks back inside, flushed and feverish with emotion
Legion Farslider looks at gera's shining face "it appears gera we need to talk some tonight"
Y.T. (yt.recreant): ha, charmer, Legion /sticks out my tongue briefly
Legion Farslider smiles
Y.T. (yt.recreant): I still have china.. so
Y.T. (yt.recreant) grins
Gera Heliosense: Oh yes of course , china
Y.T. (yt.recreant): I think, as next.. I am going to tame the crocodiles
Y.T. (yt.recreant): I am sure one can like surf on them
fidel: fidel has been ordered to follow its owner
fidel: fidel has been ordered to stay
Legion Farslider: Ma'am should be careful i heard the paper talked about an attack
Y.T. (yt.recreant): uhm.. really? I am not fearing anything.
Legion Farslider: course not Ma'am, but forwarded is forearmed
Legion Farslider: i don't want to have anything happen to you
Legion Farslider: you have been so generous and understanding
Y.T. (yt.recreant) smiles "you are sweet, Legion. thank you - I will watch out
Legion Farslider: thank you Ma'am
Legion Farslider watches gera bursting with pride
Gera Heliosense bursts with pride

Donnerstag, 17. Januar 2013

Talk at the bar in the morning...with the occasional disturbance by Dan

Y.T. (yt.recreant) smiles "you are kind, Mister Legion - and good morning you two" nods to gera with a smile
winterthyme smiles as Gera pops up
Gera Heliosense yawns and smiles at them all:"Good morning"
Legion Farslider notices gera "morning gera. how are you feeling?"
Y.T. (yt.recreant): and, still nausea in the mornings?
Gera Heliosense: I am feeling great, thank you...well...a little but it should soon stop I am sure
Legion Farslider "Ma'am a point of clarification ... gera's beaded waist chain. it certainly doesn't hide and indeed seems to highlight her loveliness ... is that permissible?"
Y.T. (yt.recreant): yes of course Mister Legion /smiles/ but, on a different note...
Legion Farslider thinks "oops"
Y.T. (yt.recreant): I would like, if you, and Winter, and maybe Cam and Jarethe, all together or in groups of two.. also suggest new laws
Gera Heliosense looks down on her belly" may i say something? it will come off anyway, because my belly grows and will burst it"
Legion Farslider: of course Ma'am
Legion Farslider: but not yet gera
Gera Heliosense goes quiet, listening
Y.T. (yt.recreant): there is still time, gera, yes ..
winterthyme nods at Ma'am's suggestion "I think it demonstrates that democracy thrives in these lands.. "
Y.T. (yt.recreant): do you know already what it is? or, how many?
Legion Farslider looks at gera
Gera Heliosense looks back at him beaming
Legion Farslider "since gera seems to be off in dream world Ma'am the answer is that we don't know yet"
Legion Farslider pats gera
Gera Heliosense looks at Legion puzzled and scratches her head
Y.T. (yt.recreant) grins "pregnancy has this effect sometimes
Legion Farslider: doc said it was still too early for her to even guess"
winterthyme nods "It will be the hormones - often the case. I knew a girl in New orleans once - but that's another story..."
Gera Heliosense smirks
Legion Farslider laughs "one of these day's you'll have to complete one of those stories"
winterthyme grins "Ah - you know me Legion old chap - sould of discretion. Not one for gossip..."
Legion Farslider: I'm sure you've had a varied and full life"
winterthyme: ^soul
Y.T. (yt.recreant): Winter seems to be very promiscous, yes
Legion Farslider: experienced is the word i was grasping for Ma'am
winterthyme quirks an eyebrow "I prefer to think of myself as friendly"
Y.T. (yt.recreant): ah, yes, of course /grins
Y.T. (yt.recreant): well, now, I can't say so much about that, me being a virgin and all
winterthyme coughs
Y.T. (yt.recreant): yah really, in both ears!
Legion Farslider: of course Ma'am
winterthyme laughs "One day you will hear someone coming..."
Y.T. (yt.recreant) laughs
Gera Heliosense smiles at them
Y.T. (yt.recreant) notices gera's gaze.. "hey, daydreamer.. what are you thinking?" and smiles
Legion Farslider: 'sugar and spice and everything nice?"
Gera Heliosense: I am thinking...that i want to know about this new concept about making new laws and
Gera Heliosense: i am excited to hear more
winterthyme nods "I agree. Are there any specific areas of concern Ma'am where new regulations might be needed?"
Legion Farslider looks at gera
Y.T. (yt.recreant) smiles "well.. ok, lets make it a test.. Mister Legion, if you coul dmake now a law, valid, simply so.. which would it be?
Gera Heliosense looks at Legion, excited
Legion Farslider: 'well Ma'am i can think of a few but they would all be tailored to my specific needs ... as for over all? let me see"
Legion Farslider thinks for a minute
Y.T. (yt.recreant): it does not matter to what they aretailored, its anyway just a test...
Gera Heliosense touches Legions shoulder lovingly and soothing
winterthyme lols in the chair as Legion ponders
winterthyme: ^lolls
Legion Farslider: 'well then Ma'am, last night vb mentioned that gera needed some stables in her diet. since you have put her application on hold to become a PawMe and she is therefore unarmed she can't safely go into the jungle to look for them. i think the restriction on pregnancy might be reconsidered. especially since i once met snowy who is both pregnant and a pawme. gera woudl do equally well i believe"
Y.T. (yt.recreant) smiles "nice idea.. now.. Winter.. what law would you suggest, if simply so?
Gera Heliosense holds her breath
Legion Farslider: "i warned you they were tailored to me Ma'am"
Y.T. (yt.recreant): I am fine with that suggestion Mister Legion /smiles
Legion Farslider nods
winterthyme nods approvingly at Legion's suggestion and turns to Ma'am "I would pass a law relating to health and safety: for example, the females are at risk in my view even with the few clothes they do wear - snagging on branches and so forth. And - with some exceptions - paint markings and dirt pose a risk of infection and rashes.."
Y.T. (yt.recreant): ah, in other words, you would deny *any* add ons? like jewelry, ropes and such?
winterthyme nods "Simple necklaces would be fine, and leg ropes if tightly secured - but the belts that have become such a fad are potentially dangerous.."
Y.T. (yt.recreant) grins "and how about weapons?
Legion Farslider looks at gera's
Gera Heliosense gives Winter a stern look
winterthyme smiles "Only the Paw Me are allowed weapons - and your tribe is familiar with managign them as the flit through the forest - so I don't think weapons pose a risk"
Gera Heliosense: Why are belts dangerous? they are handy to cary things
Gera Heliosense: carry
Legion Farslider places a hand on gera's foot
Y.T. (yt.recreant) grins "you see.. there is already potential to discuss...
Y.T. (yt.recreant): but we are not ready yet...
Y.T. (yt.recreant): gera, what is your idea? a suggestion?
winterthyme turns back to Gera "They are pretty of course - and yours is delightful. But imagine your panic if the belt snagged on a thronbush and held you trapped..."
winterthyme: ^thornbush
Legion Farslider: well of course gera is special and not allowed in the jungle .. but for others perhaps
Gera Heliosense gives Winter another stern look, then points at herself"Me? Oh thank you. okay my idea is this...
winterthyme smiles sweetly at Gera and leans forward to listen
Gera Heliosense: I find the males of this island risk heartattacks . The constant heat makes them prone to that, consideriing how easily males get heated up anyway
Y.T. (yt.recreant) nods "and?"
Gera Heliosense: so i suggest proper healthy attire for the males too, loincloths maybe?...or another idea for both...
Gera Heliosense: females and males go both naked but are allowed to enhance their body's with nice so many tribes do
Gera Heliosense: because i can't see a danger in necklaces and belts
Y.T. (yt.recreant) grins
Y.T. (yt.recreant): well, now, you see.. in this short example.. why democracy fails
winterthyme listens
Gera Heliosense raise her hand and shows with index and thumb a length:" like those littel...penis...covers"
Y.T. (yt.recreant) looks at winter "do I really need to explain that? you say belts are dangerous, gera replies instantly they are not, and legion wants them knocked up ones go rampant
Legion Farslider: welll to be fair Ma'am only one knocked up one
winterthyme grins at Gera "or big penis covers" and turns to Ma'am "This is why your wise rule makes this such a happy place"
Y.T. (yt.recreant) smiles
Legion Farslider: and i did admit mine was selfish ... that's why i'll never be a politician
Gera Heliosense nods slowly"as long as we have a constant stream of males coming in when our males die of overheating and heart attacks
Legion Farslider: just an open book
Y.T. (yt.recreant) nods "yah, but that is ok, I am not a poloitician either /grins
Legion Farslider nod to Ma'am
Y.T. (yt.recreant) smiles at gera "actualy, males have no rule about clothes really.. because.. uhm.. that makes no sense
Y.T. (yt.recreant): so, they can go naked if they like
Gera Heliosense: Ah good" Gera smiles
winterthyme: One thought did occur to me Ma'am - religious observance is quite lax here, other than the occasional sacrifice... an act of communal worship on a regular basis might reinforce the already strong moral sense that exists here..
Legion Farslider: actually the male anatomy dictates that we not hang out when around thornbushes gera
Y.T. (yt.recreant) grinnst at Legion "a valid point too, I did not think of that even..." and nods to winter "you mean, worship the penis?
Legion Farslider looks at gera wondering what the hell she's trying to get me into
winterthyme smiles to La Pres "I think the details would need to be agreed, but some form of communal observance - in whatever form - might help reinforce the community"
Y.T. (yt.recreant) smiles at winter "well, I plan to. like for example martha, she is oooo. how to say it politely.. so.. dumb as fuck.. that I don't mind sacrificing her, virgin or not
winterthyme grins "I think that would be a good start"
Gera Heliosense: So we need a day for regular worship in the pavilion by the beach
Chet  Torok (baltar.torok) is online.
Legion Farslider: is that the one with the bloodstained rock in it?
Y.T. (yt.recreant): blood stains?
winterthyme glances at Gera "Not necessarily there, although it might serve.. The ceremony could be as simple as building a bonfire in the square here..."
Legion Farslider: perhaps it's just a flaw in the rock giving that impression
winterthyme glances at Legion "Blood stains?"
winterthyme: Perhaps
DannyB Timeless: Danny enters the scene and keeps standing in the entrance ... looking at the people ....
Gera Heliosense sees Dan and waves
winterthyme nods to Dan
Y.T. (yt.recreant) nods "well.. a bon fire.. dancing around... some couple mating.. all nice ideas.. excuse me please, I need a minute and will be right back
DannyB Timeless: smiles
Legion Farslider looks up and sees dan "greetings"
Gera Heliosense: Come Dan, join us
DannyB Timeless: See Ma`am going away ...
DannyB Timeless: He moves closer to the crowd ...
Gera Heliosense gets up to adjust her belt
Legion Farslider sighs at gera pushing the limits
winterthyme: welcome back Ma'am
DannyB Timeless: Gera ... Legion ... Mr. Winter ...
Y.T. (yt.recreant): thank you Winter.. and.. hello again Dan
DannyB Timeless: Ma`am ... smiles at her ...
DannyB Timeless: So ... how is your day ?
Y.T. (yt.recreant): we were just toyng around with "what if residents cna make a law" - what would your law be?
winterthyme watches and listens
DannyB Timeless: Well ...
Chet  Torok (baltar.torok) is offline.
DannyB Timeless: good question .... depends who is the leader of the residents
Y.T. (yt.recreant) snorts "that is not going to change
Y.T. (yt.recreant): that question already.. ts
Legion Farslider snorts at the thought of change
winterthyme laughs
DannyB Timeless: smiles ... already ?
DannyB Timeless: looking around in the crowd ...
DannyB Timeless: Guess your question is meant to be with you as the leader, am I right ?
Y.T. (yt.recreant) sighs "Danny? look: I ask - I get answers. ok? I am not a politician, please spare me with rethoric questions
DannyB Timeless: ok ... ask !
Legion Farslider shakes head
Y.T. (yt.recreant) groans " nevermind - and Legion, Danny wil be our first male sacrifice
Legion Farslider: dan have you met marth ayet?
winterthyme grins
Legion Farslider: yes Ma'am
DannyB Timeless: No
Y.T. (yt.recreant): you are his virgin - protector, watch is ass
Y.T. (yt.recreant): #his
Legion Farslider: might be too late, should doc check it?
Y.T. (yt.recreant) snorts again and chokes a bit "actually.. just lock him in prison..
Y.T. (yt.recreant): he pushed my patience yesterday, wakes up, and pushes it riught away again
Legion Farslider: as you wish
winterthyme nods and stands
Y.T. (yt.recreant): maybe he is a salt trader? or sells hney?
Gera Heliosense looks up and watches
winterthyme nods to Ma'am "Somethign of that sort, certainly"
Y.T. (yt.recreant): yah, I mean.. how can one...
Y.T. (yt.recreant): pfff
Y.T. (yt.recreant): and all this and that, innit!
Legion Farslider: Ma'am if i may be so bold?
Y.T. (yt.recreant): yes Mister Legion?
Legion Farslider: a double header with him and martha?
Y.T. (yt.recreant): as in beheading?
winterthyme mutters "Lock them both in the same cell "
DannyB Timeless: I think i dont like this game ... guess I take a swim . See ya ...
Legion Farslider: your wisdom once again shines through Ma'am
Y.T. (yt.recreant): mind the sharks Danny
Legion Farslider: and the crocs
Y.T. (yt.recreant): I hope he really goes swimming
Y.T. (yt.recreant): and drawns
Y.T. (yt.recreant): or whatsitcaleld
Legion Farslider looks at Winter 'but if we put them together they might reproduce and you can imagine the results"
Y.T. (yt.recreant): oh God No!
Legion Farslider shakes head
winterthyme nods at Ma'am "I think it would be death by mutual idiocy first though"
winterthyme: (to legion)
Legion Farslider: maybe a dash of tom in the mixture?
Y.T. (yt.recreant) shivers
Y.T. (yt.recreant): you both are perverts!
Legion Farslider: indeed Ma'am ... an open book
Y.T. (yt.recreant) whispers: ha!
Legion Farslider: with pictures
winterthyme: Why me? *looks hurt* I just want all the dickheads and idiots of both genders locked away
Y.T. (yt.recreant): let me check with fidel if that dickehad of discusser is still around
winterthyme: yes - keep Fidel close
Legion Farslider looks at Winter "i wonder if collectively those two would be smart enough to know how to mate?"
fidel: fidel has been ordered to stay
winterthyme: I think it's unlikely old chap - they would spend all their time asking dumb questions
Legion Farslider: one new law might do with upping the mental requirements for entering the prg
Y.T. (yt.recreant) watches fidels snout being a bit bloody "I guess, Dan was still around
winterthyme nods to Legion "Yes"
winterthyme grins at Ma'am "Fidel is such a scamp!"
Y.T. (yt.recreant): is a scamp something good?
winterthyme: In this instance, very much so
Y.T. (yt.recreant): wonderful then
winterthyme stretches "So...communal worship..."
Y.T. (yt.recreant): I need to sit down a bit, that Dan guy.. wears me out, mentally ((RL ~15 minutes))
winterthyme nods
Legion Farslider whispers to gera " have i told you that your growing belly is sexy looking?"
winterthyme grins but tactfully pretends not to have heard the comment
Gera Heliosense blushes and smiles, tip toes and kisses Legion
Legion Farslider: i have to wonder about immigration laws winter. first a horse cock woman roaming around and now a satyr?
Legion Farslider: not to mention the village idiots
winterthyme nods "Strange days - I don't know who looks after immigration...."
Legion Farslider: they must think this is the USA
winterthyme laughs
Gera Heliosense: Mr. Winter?
winterthyme: Yes gera?
Gera Heliosense: you said you got something for me to help my morning sickness
Legion Farslider: oh yes Winter that would be nice
winterthyme glances at Legion "I would be happy to oblige - but it is quite an intimate process...."
Legion Farslider: well if that's the case i can probably produce the cure also
Gera Heliosense nods ernest and looks at Winter in awe"ah yes of course"
winterthyme nods and gestures to the herb cabinet "There is a cream in there somewhere - it has to be administered both orally and - ah - internally, using a particular ..applicator"
Legion Farslider: anally also?
Gera Heliosense purses her lips"oh...kaayyyy"
winterthyme shrugs "If the sickness is debilitating, it is best to be thorough..."
Legion Farslider: i see
Gera Heliosense: brb
Legion Farslider shrugs "oh well"
winterthyme turns again to Legion "The best applicator is the male member in my view - you may prefer to administer the treatment yourself, or - if you prefer - I am happy to help"
winterthyme adds "Purely in a professional capacity as a trained herbalist, you understand"
Legion Farslider: most generous of you Winter, i do feel that i should do all i can personally to help her through this pregnancy though.
Legion Farslider smiles
winterthyme nods "That may be best - as sire of her child, such duties sit more happily with you"
Legion Farslider nods and smiles
Legion Farslider: i have to admit the swelling of her belly has a certain charm
Legion Farslider: a promise of things to come
winterthyme glances at Gera "I would be glad to help if at any feel that is warranted, of course. She is very hot. *coughs* Umm...with a mild fever, I expect"
winterthyme nods in agreement "I have a great fondness for women in child"
Legion Farslider: thank you Winter, your offer is taken in the spirit it was given
winterthyme bows courteously "Most welcome Legion, old chap"
Legion Farslider nods
Legion Farslider: "Ma'am must be tired, but she does look serene sitting there
winterthyme nods
DannyB Timeless: Danny comes back ...
winterthyme: It has been a busy few days
Legion Farslider looks up and see dan has returned
DannyB Timeless: wou ... that was a nice bath ... wonderful ... you should have tried ...
Legion Farslider: quite so Winter
DannyB Timeless: He takes place beside of Ma`am ...
Legion Farslider sighs
Gera Heliosense: (back)
DannyB Timeless: But then he stands up again ...
DannyB Timeless: Well .. I have some wine left from yesterday, someone wants ?
winterthyme turns to Legion "Time to act on Ma'am's instruction ?"
Legion Farslider: Winter, do you know the definition of ignorance? doing the same thing and expecting different results
winterthyme: Yes - I have heard that. Nice to see it demonstrated though.
Legion Farslider: dan come along and let me show you our wine storage building
winterthyme: Dan - I suggest you put down your sword. You are testing your welcome here

Short scene of the men fighting, Winter shoots some arrows into Dan and Legion arrests him.
Ma'am comes back, and they explain to her and Jann who also arrived what happened

Gera Heliosense: and Legion is locking him up now
winterthyme: So legion and I took him down. Legion is locking him up now.
Janna (janna.karillion) grins 'he seems like a pleasant type alright'
winterthyme peers "My mistake - I must have a fleck of dust in my eye"
Y.T. (yt.recreant): we will sacrifice him.. saturday
Janna (janna.karillion): a virgin?
Legion Farslider: you ok gera?
Y.T. (yt.recreant) shrugs "nah, I don't care whether he is a virgin.. nor do I about martha.. I call it.. darwins law.. some people need to. be sacrificed
Legion Farslider: sorry Ma'am but he had the nerve to molest you while you were asleep
winterthyme grins
Janna (janna.karillion) purses her lips and half smiles 'Indeed'
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Y.T. (yt.recreant): eeeks, am I stil virgin now?
Legion Farslider: i don't think he touched your ears Ma'am
Y.T. (yt.recreant): good then
winterthyme: Legion was too quick for him "Excellent shooting old chap!"
Legion Farslider gives an ah shucks look "thank you Winter"
Y.T. (yt.recreant): I am seriously impressed
Legion Farslider: but did you notice he brought a sword to a bow and arrow fight?
Legion Farslider: not very bright
Legion Farslider shakes head
Y.T. (yt.recreant): I guess he is living in his own world
Legion Farslider nods
Janna (janna.karillion): But honourable though... if' I'm guessing right that he comes from where I think he does
winterthyme: /menods "Curious behaviour - but you both say a curious individual. He will be happier sitting rocking in his cell. Less stress."
Y.T. (yt.recreant): and where from would that be, smartypants doc?
Gera Heliosense: brb
winterthyme listens to the Doc with interest
Legion Farslider looks to make sure doc doesn't have pants
Y.T. (yt.recreant) grins
Janna (janna.karillion): Hrmmm, Sword land of course, Ma'am. And now I'm offended cause you said I have pants and I dont!
Y.T. (yt.recreant): awww, doc, I did not mean to offend you.. and good you don't have pants.. that would cover your lovely ass
winterthyme truns to Ma'am "Have you posed your question to Doc? the one you asked the others here.."
Janna (janna.karillion) 's sulk turns to a smile 'Thank you Ma'am, Pryor will be delighted, that you think he's lovely
Y.T. (yt.recreant): ah, yes. doc. we made a little game.. or.. to speak in the tongue of some.. seriously.. different people.. a *lil* game...
Legion Farslider takes gera's hand and holds it
Y.T. (yt.recreant): if you could make a law, right now - which woul dit be?
Janna (janna.karillion) raises a curious eyebrow 'I'm only good at asking questions usually' she groans 'I do like 'lil' games though, s'pecially if they start with mmmmmmmm'
winterthyme's hides a grin
Janna (janna.karillion): If I could make a law.... wow.... Well, it'd have to be that ...... can I think about it for a few seconds, please?
Y.T. (yt.recreant): of course, I wil admire your mmm lil ass meanwhile mmmmm
Janna (janna.karillion): mmmmmm
Janna (janna.karillion): Ok, I have it!
Y.T. (yt.recreant): yes?
Legion Farslider listens
winterthyme listens
Janna (janna.karillion): My law would be that the female barworkers would have to greet and serve the females of the land just as quickly and pleasantly as they do the males. I don't know how many times I've been passed over for some walking cock. I have needs too!
Legion Farslider: drink needs or otherwise doc?
Y.T. (yt.recreant) nods and listens
Janna (janna.karillion): All of it Legion, it's not nice being ignored ans then seeing some random bloke pounced on the second he sets foot in the place
Legion Farslider nods
winterthyme grins and nods "You make a good point Doc."
Y.T. (yt.recreant): good, we can even organize for you a lil male sub with lil tongue and lil cock.. if that helps?
Janna (janna.karillion): In all fairness though, it's not every barslut who does it
Janna (janna.karillion): No thanks Ma'am but I'd just like the mmmm barsluts to be mmmm a lil bit more courteous and eager to do their fecking job that they are well mmm paid for!
Y.T. (yt.recreant): mmmmm we don't mmm pay themm mmm mm lil mm sluts tho
winterthyme grins at Ma'am and Doc
Janna (janna.karillion): they are allowed to live aren't they. Is that not enough for their lil selves?
Y.T. (yt.recreant): thinking of martha, it is outright generous
Legion Farslider: and all of the protein they can swallow
Janna (janna.karillion): Exactly!
Janna (janna.karillion): Free zinc too
Gera Heliosense: (back)
Legion Farslider bows slightly to doc
winterthyme: Plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration...
Janna (janna.karillion): Maybe if we make mmmm Tom marry every lil one of them they'd be mmm more inclined to do their jobs well?
Legion Farslider: turns out Ma'am is most generous
Y.T. (yt.recreant): good.. well, doc, here are the ideas that others had: Legion wanted gera to be armed when pregnant. gera wanted all males in loincloth or naked, and witner wanted al lbelts on females to come off
Janna (janna.karillion): A very mixed bag, Ma'am
winterthyme: "Purely for Health and Safety reasons..."
Y.T. (yt.recreant): yah, that is why I am glad it was just a simulation
Janna (janna.karillion): Oh, of course
Legion Farslider: and Ma'am not just armed but a loyal member of the PawMes
Y.T. (yt.recreant): so, gra, do you think really you have what it takes to be a Paw Me?
Y.T. (yt.recreant): #gera
Janna (janna.karillion): Pregnant women should never be armed though, it just encourages violence
Gera Heliosense nudges Legion" not possible"
Legion Farslider whispers "i tried"
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Gera Heliosense: yes Ma'am i do think that I have what it takes
Janna (janna.karillion): Ma'am would you mind terribly if I went to have a look at the guest in the gaol? I'm a bit curious about him
Gera Heliosense: I am a PawMe in my heart already
Y.T. (yt.recreant): Doc.. in all earnest.. he.. loves to discuss.. he made me groan in 2 minutes
winterthyme nods "He needs to change his attitude...seriously"
Janna (janna.karillion) grins 'I won't be long then, I suspect. See you all in a bit'
Y.T. (yt.recreant): ok doc
Y.T. (yt.recreant) looks at gera and smiles
Legion Farslider "doc does indeed have a lovely ass"
winterthyme observes "No-one could deny that gera has plenty of spunk"
Gera Heliosense: because whatever i did or even when i was not obying you Ma'am...I always loved you..and even when you needed to punish me, i loved you....being a PawMe would come natural to me in regards much ...."she blushes" how much i need you by my side Ma*am"Here she shuts up blushing deeply"I know that sounds all sticky and gooey"
Y.T. (yt.recreant) smiles and caresses your arm tenderly "well, gera... ... as a paw me.. you are aware that this jewelry, and the eey shadow.. the make up.. are.. not really what a native jungle girl wears?
Gera Heliosense sighs a bit and nods
Gera Heliosense: could i not be...uhm...the girly one?
winterthyme stifles a laugh
Gera Heliosense: like in "the spice girls"?
Legion Farslider: perhaps some blackberry juice gera?
Y.T. (yt.recreant): uhm.. we are all.. in a way.. ok, sometimes not so obvious than on other times.. you can become a Paw Me.. right here and now.. if you drop the make up.. the jewlery,, and.. if you sacrifice Dan or Martha today
Gera Heliosense: and also Ma'a,...all tribes always have a...drag queen kinda guy
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Legion Farslider scratches head and other parts of my anatomy
winterthyme's eyebrows lift at Gera's last comment
Gera Heliosense: Gera's jaw drops
winterthyme: welcome back Doc
Gera Heliosense: you mean, i can become a pawme if i drop my girly stuff and sacrifice one of them?
Janna (janna.karillion): Thanks, Winter. Our guest was sleeping
Y.T. (yt.recreant): yes
Legion Farslider watches gera
Gera Heliosense: and how do i sacrifice them? with a knife? Is that what a Pawme must do?
Gera Heliosense: i thought Pawme are not allowed to kill
Y.T. (yt.recreant): uhm, I would suggest, you slice them up, on a table, remove the heart and we all take a bite from it?
Gera Heliosense: hm
Y.T. (yt.recreant): and if they survive that, we did not kill them..
Gera Heliosense taps her lip thinking
Legion Farslider closes eyes for a moment
winterthyme nods with approval "It's been a while since i have had a decent snack"
Gera Heliosense: Ma'am...give me a few hours to think about the killing...thats something i never done...actually something nobody in Glint has ever done
Janna (janna.karillion) blushes
Y.T. (yt.recreant): errm.. almost nobody
Gera Heliosense looks at Janna surprised
Gera Heliosense: did...she?..
winterthyme's glance flicks to Janna
Gera Heliosense: she points at Janna
Y.T. (yt.recreant) sighs "Meh, Gera, she is a doc.. shit happens, ok?
Gera Heliosense: uhm...oh yes yes...sure
Legion Farslider remains stoic
Janna (janna.karillion) looks off to the far distance and whistles softly
Y.T. (yt.recreant): and, male subs, you know how.. I welcome them
Gera Heliosense: yeah i do...but you don't kill them
Y.T. (yt.recreant) coughs and turns around, and whistles softly too now
winterthyme grins "They likely die a little...inside.."
Gera Heliosense frowns and cringes
Janna (janna.karillion) changes her tune to fall into harmony with YT
Legion Farslider "is that the theme from the bridge over the river kwai?"
Janna (janna.karillion): Most of them were asking for it though, Gera. that lawyer... SD... the other ones....
Janna (janna.karillion): Eastenders actually
Y.T. (yt.recreant) laughs hard ""SD! you reminded me!
Janna (janna.karillion): Ah yes, death by castration
Gera Heliosense: Sir Defiant?
Y.T. (yt.recreant): yah, he. .. wanted to openly refuse myorders, and I offered him to obey.. he insisted on not obeying .. and so. .well. .what do they expect?
winterthyme swallows and places a hand unconsciously on my crotch
Gera Heliosense: She goes pale and curls her hands into fists
Gera Heliosense: he deserved to die
Legion Farslider: well in all fairness there's debate whether lawyers are actually alive
winterthyme laughs at Legion's comment
Y.T. (yt.recreant): SD got a fair warning!
Gera Heliosense: And i am forever grateful thats you made...Defiant die
Janna (janna.karillion): SD, wouldn't obey the orders... but I did. Now he's dead
winterthyme: Death is a blessing for some.
Janna (janna.karillion) nods
Y.T. (yt.recreant): and.. then there was 'strapon' .. slut wanted to remove the cock.. but he died of loss of blood, when I assisted slut with a gun.. these were the times
Gera Heliosense: yes
Janna (janna.karillion): Nostalgic indeed
winterthyme listens and grins wishing I had not been detained in St Louis in those days
Y.T. (yt.recreant): and that .. pains lave.. I forgot her name.. I had to kill her on stage in class room
Y.T. (yt.recreant): I really forgot her name.. but.. she tried to stab me when I was with child
Janna (janna.karillion): Gawd, I missed that one
winterthyme shakes my head, looking angry at the very thought
Legion Farslider shakes head
oughs and turns around, and whistles softly too now
winterthyme grins "They likely die a little...inside.."
Gera Heliosense frowns and cringes
Janna (janna.karillion) changes her tune to fall into harmony with YT
Legion Farslider "is that the theme from the bridge over the river kwai?"
Janna (janna.karillion): Most of them were asking for it though, Gera. that lawyer... SD... the other ones....
Janna (janna.karillion): Eastenders actually
Y.T. (yt.recreant) laughs hard ""SD! you reminded me!
Janna (janna.karillion): Ah yes, death by castration
Gera Heliosense: Sir Defiant?
Y.T. (yt.recreant): yah, he. .. wanted to openly refuse myorders, and I offered him to obey.. he insisted on not obeying .. and so. .well. .what do they expect?
winterthyme swallows and places a hand unconsciously on my crotch
Gera Heliosense: She goes pale and curls her hands into fists
Gera Heliosense: he deserved to die
Legion Farslider: well in all fairness there's debate whether lawyers are actually alive
winterthyme laughs at Legion's comment
Y.T. (yt.recreant): SD got a fair warning!
Gera Heliosense: And i am forever grateful thats you made...Defiant die
Janna (janna.karillion): SD, wouldn't obey the orders... but I did. Now he's dead
winterthyme: Death is a blessing for some.
Janna (janna.karillion) nods
Y.T. (yt.recreant): and.. then there was 'strapon' .. slut wanted to remove the cock.. but he died of loss of blood, when I assisted slut with a gun.. these were the times
Gera Heliosense: yes
Janna (janna.karillion): Nostalgic indeed
winterthyme listens and grins wishing I had not been detained in St Louis in those days
Y.T. (yt.recreant): and that .. pains lave.. I forgot her name.. I had to kill her on stage in class room
Y.T. (yt.recreant): I really forgot her name.. but.. she tried to stab me when I was with child
Janna (janna.karillion): Gawd, I missed that one
winterthyme shakes my head, looking angry at the very thought
Legion Farslider shakes head
Y.T. (yt.recreant): so far.. I guess 5 or so died by.. governmental order
Legion Farslider looks at gera's belly and thinks
Legion Farslider clinches fists
Y.T. (yt.recreant): so, gera.. that no one ever kiled here, is not true...
Y.T. (yt.recreant): we also just tel lfor the audience that Jarethe raped the girl the other day with a cock of a dead that he digged out of a tomb...
Y.T. (yt.recreant): in fact, he killed and then cut the cock off and raped the girl with it
winterthyme mutters "It's good to have a hobby I suppose.."
Legion Farslider: new meaning to the word stiff?
Gera Heliosense nods" but ...they mostly deserved it...these too...Martha and Dan....I am not sure
Janna (janna.karillion): I think I just did a little bit of sick in my mouth
Y.T. (yt.recreant) laughs "yes doc, I had that too
Legion Farslider makes note not to kiss doc
Janna (janna.karillion) swallows and laughs
Gera Heliosense shrugs"Thats just Jarethe, normal for him
Gera Heliosense: I quite like the romantic aspect of his doings
Y.T. (yt.recreant): errm
Y.T. (yt.recreant): ok
Janna (janna.karillion): Ah Jarethe, god bless him. Only a mother could love him
Legion Farslider looks at gera questioningly
Y.T. (yt.recreant): romantic
winterthyme: or an undertaker
Gera Heliosense: Yes Ma'am, necrophelia is the base of all the most romatic novels and fairytalesY.T. (yt.recreant): uhm
Y.T. (yt.recreant): anyway, gera.. lets do this then.. the audience now suggests ideas as a test for you to become a Paw Me
Y.T. (yt.recreant): and we vote then about thse ideas
Gera Heliosense: yes okay
Gera Heliosense: i like that idea
Y.T. (yt.recreant): good, Doc first, your idea?
winterthyme considers "Tricky - give gera's condition..."
Janna (janna.karillion) looks a little disturbed 'Oh no... do I have to, Ma'am?'
Y.T. (yt.recreant): it can be harmless stuff really, doc.. like, kiling martha
Janna (janna.karillion): Ok, I'll go with that one then 'Gera can kill martha'
Legion Farslider: Ma'am how about i just bash one of their heads in with my table leg for gera?
Gera Heliosense raises her hand"Ma'am, while you collect their ideas, i must excuse my sekf(must lof off now) but please can someone send me a note later of what ideas there were and maybe what was decided?
Y.T. (yt.recreant): ah Mister Legion, *she* wants to become a Paw Me - not you. and you would anyway then need to udnergo serious surgery and hormone treatment
Y.T. (yt.recreant): of course, gera
Legion Farslider: i see your point Ma'am
winterthyme: take care Gera
Janna (janna.karillion): Ma'am, I need to go and set up the clinic for the day. I'll be back in a while too
Y.T. (yt.recreant): of course doc..
Y.T. (yt.recreant): now, Legion, what is your idea?
Janna (janna.karillion): Take care everyone, and good luck with the Paw Me, Gera