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The rescue of Sir Dunnagh

We had not seen him all day. No message from him, nothing. But in the early afternoon, Faith and I found his weapons and hes bloodstained clothes in the bathhouse. We didn't hesitate one second and started the search. First we went to the old hospital. The place always gives me the creeps. He wasn't there. We didn't know what reception we would get. We only had my knife. But I figured it was a female captor for I had smelled perfume on his bloodstained clothes. Our next idea was the castle up on the hill. And here in one of the room upstairs we found him. I went in first, knife in hand. And there he was. Hanging from the wall, gagged, blindfolded and his ears were muffed...there were rags tied to and taped around his forearms with fluid from weeping sores and blood running down his arms and pooling below him.
"Oh my god, here!" I called.
Faith ran into the room and gasped at the sight:" master!!"
"We must get him down" I was close to tears.
Faith just stood there, looking stunned.
Sir Dunnagh was motionless, like dead. And there was all the blood seeping through the rags. Finally Faith snapped out of it and came closer too, talking softly to him and he moaned behind the gag.
I cut his restrains so that his body slipped down, I tried to hold his heavy body, and let him down to the ground as gentle as possible and with the strength of ten men. I sank to the floor with him.
Faith ran her soft hand over his wrist and felt his pulse and breathed a sigh of relief, then she removed the gag.
"Its okay sir, its faith and gera, we're hear to help"she says in a calming soft voice. Sir Dunnagh collapsed onto the floor, spitting up bile and blood, gasping for breath. He moaned in agony. I stroke his bloody cheek and cried:" Sir...what happened? who did this to you?"
Faith started to clean up his wounds and I got out bandages from my pocket.
Dunnagh Scarmon looked up towards our voices, blinking as his eyes struggled to focus , he yelled out as Faith removed the rags, ugly burn marks encircled his upper arms
"My darlings! You found me!" He muttered weakly
I called out in horror" burn marks!
" gasoline" he whispered:"She...soaked the cloths in gasoline..."
A shiver went through me as I was unable to comprehend such cruelty.
Dunnagh Scarmon pushed himself up onto to his knees, stooped over with pain and exhaustion.
Faith looked on, her face twisated with anger.
"That hag....Elvira, she could return at any minute"
"Elvira did this?" I asked, gasping.
Faith handed our master her tin of water:" drink this sir or you'll dehydrate from the burns".
Faith and I looked at each other. I could see that Faith contemplated revenge.
Sir Dunnagh saw the look in our faces and his own look turns grim and determined "Aye! There'll be time for that yet! She did me well, though- I'll need some time to recover before I can do her proper!"
Faith brushed her hand through his blood soaked hair, :we'll take care of you sir, you'll be better soon"
I started to bandage his arms and upper body.
Faith whispered:" why did she do this to you, what did she want?"
"She said it was revenge"
He winced as I wiped him clean.
"And how did she get hold of your weapons? revenge for what?" I asked suspiciously now.
He looked over atme , wellaware of that tone in her voice: "For my treatment of Ava"
Faith looked at him confused and he explained to him the story that I already knew about:"Long before you, darling Faith, Ava and a House Slave named guttersnipe - gs - kidnapped and robbed me.I escaped and later caught Ava and- uhm- iterrogated her
Faith's eyes widened
Sir Dunnagh looked defensive "To get my money back from the wretched girl!"
"...and you burned her with your cigar...."I added.
Sir Dunnagh shook off his defensiveness and assumed a more Dom-like attitude "Aye! This hag, Elvira, thinks she has a right to avenge Ava!So she ambushed me in the pools and brought me up here"
Faith Moyet: narrows her eyes suspisciously
Faith Moyet whispers: ambushed...or seducde you sir?
Faith Moyet: her mind flashes back to elvira giving him a lap dance
Dunnagh Scarmon looks a little uncomfortable again "Seduced, ambushed, same thing!"
Gera Heliosense bites her lip and pulls a bit too hard on his bandage
Dunnagh Scarmon flinches and yells out, looking down at the bandage and then indignantly at Gera
Faith Moyet: sighs deeply, well your weakness wasn't much different than most of the men i know - sex
Dunnagh Scarmon now looks indignantly at Faith
Gera Heliosense looks at her sir with narrowed eyes and says nothing
Faith Moyet: looks down quickly
Dunnagh Scarmon: "Here, now! Perhaps I'm better off with Elvira!!!"

And that comment almost brought a smile back to my face. So with my eyes still moist I kissed him and told him how happy we wee that he was alive.
We helped him back into his clothes and he secured his weapons. By that time Guin arrived. We had passed on a message to her, here she would find us. She was relieved to see Sir Dunnagh already smiling again. We all helped him to walk out of the castle and he wished to go swimming , to let the saltwater clean his wounds. So while Faith and Giun returned to their duties, Sir Dunnagh and I went to the beach, stripped and swam over to Nayeli. And Iended to him and when he held me in his arms i felt his old strength had returned already. And that is that. For now. Until my Sir finds Elvira to take his revenge...

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