Freitag, 30. März 2012

A meeting with the boss

( OOC-Note: The following conversation took place at Mendoza's office. For a few months now, Gera works as an undercover agent for Mendoza. This is of course kept secret within the ranks, therefore this conversation can not be used as information in RP nevertheless its important to tell the full story in this diary to be able to follow the plot and to understand motives and actions of the characters )

[03:53] Capitano Mendoza sits dozing in the chair.

[03:56] Gera Heliosense barges in, slamming the door shut. Only then she realizes Mendoza is present. She looks startled, brushing a lock from her eyes.

[03:59] Capitano Mendoza: opens his right eye and looks up at the door.

[04:00] Gera Heliosense: she straightens herself, eyes front, hands on her "seams":" Capitano....I did not expect you here so early"

[04:01] Capitano Mendoza: opens his second eye and sits up straighter. "Hello Gera. I came in early to read some reports that were left for me"

[04:04] Gera Heliosense nods and comes closer:" Nothing too disturbing I hope" She reached the wooden panel and peeks over it, looking at the papers in front of him.

[04:06] Capitano Mendoza: chuckles as she looks over the divider. The papers are a handwritten report, the handwriting rather untidy. He turns them over so they're face down and folds his arms. He inclines his head to the side, eyes scanning her face "What can I do for you today, Gera?"

[04:10] Gera Heliosense realizes she has been nosy and steps back:" Well, as i did not expect you here I am not well prepared but I do think it would be good if we could talk. "She looks around, then opens the gate and stands in front of the pin board:" Maybe in your office?" she whispers.

[04:11] Capitano Mendoza: stands and pushes the chair in under the desk. He gathers the papers and moves to his office door. He opens it with the key fob, locks whirring to release. "Very well. After you my dear."

[04:12] Gera Heliosense steps inside, nodding "Thank you" and clears her throat.

[04:13] Capitano Mendoza: lets the door close behind him. There's another whir as the locks automatically re-engage, sealing the door in place.

[04:14] Gera Heliosense: She waits until he is done with the door, folding her hands :" Its about one of the men that you recruited"

04:16] Capitano Mendoza: stands with arms folded. His eyes stray for a moment to her translucent dress before returning to her face. His right eyebrow twitches a little with interest and he nods "Go on"

[04:18] Gera Heliosense: "Well" she looks away before focusing on his face:" His name is Dunnagh Scarmon and i believe you brought him into your service about a month ago...." She pauses, looks over to his desk, then continues:" Would it be possible that you tell me his position in the Molesteri?"

[04:26] Ulric Dalglish: [04:20] Capitano Mendoza: 's other eyebrow crooks as well. The lines of wrinkles across his forehead deepen "That's interesting. What makes you believe he has any status with the Molesteri?"

[04:31] Gera Heliosense: She knits her brows together, then taps her lip:" Well...he told me so himself ...kind of...what he did, was to blow himself up and threatend that he could arrest me"

[04:33] Capitano Mendoza: shakes his head "Well blowing himself up, presumably, means pretending he's more than he is? He has no status with the police. We keep an eye on him and have no reason to be concerned about his activities. He has indicated an interest in the past but he lacks the necessary papers."

[04:39] Gera Heliosense: So he is...not in any position to arrest anyone , right?" She sighs, then looks Mendoza straight in the eye:" Of course he could well be in the same position that I am, working for you undercover but not, no...he wouldn't have bragged if he was...." she bites her lip:" I might as well tell you. That man is my Ex-husband. "

04:41] Capitano Mendoza: listens to her comments and nods at the end "I'm aware of your relationship to him Gera. It's why I'm prepared to accept you may not be as naive as you used to be in believing what he told you. Don't be mistaken though, he can make a citizen's arrest any time... he just better make sure he's sure of his facts otherwise he might be the one ends up in the cells"

[04:50] Gera Heliosense: She opens her mouth but then shuts her lips tight:" You knew he was my husband? "She smiles vaguely:" You were not concerened we would cause trouble due to our complicated relationship then. ..." Thinking for a moment she raises her hands, showing her palms:" Forgive me Capitano, that last remark was inapropriate. I thank you for clearing that up for me"

[04:52] Capitano Mendoza: regards her small hands as they hover in front of her not particularly well covered chest. "If I'd been concerned I'd have done something about it. No need to be sorry. I didn't take offense."

04:59] Gera Heliosense: "okay..." she nods. Hesitating a little before she moves to the next subject:" The other matter i wanted to talk about with that...I am still a little insecure about my position with the molesteri. I was under the impression that I work for you, that i would get a contract maybe. You said something the other day that sounded as if I am not a full undercover agent...but rather a snitch, like a criminal who sometimes informs the police but who is not within the system. Is that so?"

[05:06] Capitano Mendoza: moves forward and to her left. His eyes stay on her face as he starts to circle her. "I gave you a warrant didn't I?"

[05:07] Gera Heliosense: "well yes, you did but..." she breaks of nervously and watches him fro the corner of her eye as he circles her:" but does that give me full rights?"

[05:09] Capitano Mendoza: steps behind her, leaning in so he speaks from just above her left shoulder "Of course it gives you full rights. I just told you to be careful about how liberally you use the warrant. Otherwise it will no longer be a well kept secret and I may as well just issue you a badge and a uniform."

[05:13] Gera Heliosense: She stares straight ahead when he talks to her, his mouth close to her ear, so close his breath is stiring the air, making some whisps of her hair move. "and I was...I was very careful...but ...well....I just felt i did not get enough information to do my job good. There is always a certain kind of vagueness about our colaboration..."

[05:14] Capitano Mendoza: rests his left hand on her left shoulder. He stays leaning close, eyes scanning the side of her face as he speaks "I was satisfied with what you delivered. It was adequate."

[05:17] Gera Heliosense: She tenses a little when he lays his hand on her shoulder, but upon hearing his reassuring words she sighs in relief:" Thank you...Capitano..." Closing her eyes for a moment to gather herself:" I just needed that little reassurance from you."

[05:18] Capitano Mendoza: 's right hand moves forward. The tips of his index and middle fingers brush the ridges of muscle on either side of her spine, just above her lower back "Unless you'd prefer a uniform that is? Maybe you have a craving to wear a uniform Gera?"

[05:23] Gera Heliosense: His closeness and the touch of his fingers, even though its only a brush, makes her nervous. She trembles slightly. She lifts her chin and looks over her shoulder at him, to seize him better:" A uniform would be very tempting Capitano, but I am not sure I could fill it well. The undercover position holds more oportunities for someone like me. And also..." she gives him a lopsided grin:" Could you see me in a uniform, waving handcuffs and playing big bad cop?"

[05:26] Capitano Mendoza: 's fingers brush the back of her shoulder blade en route to resting on her right shoulder. With hands on both of her shoulders he steps behind her, out of her view. His head stays low, behind her left ear as he speaks "I could see you in uniform, yes. I've seen you naked for long enough, although you've matured into a very attractive young woman. But to be frank, you can serve my interests in either guise: under cover or overt."

[05:32] Gera Heliosense: She stiffens under his hands and goes a little pale when he tells her, he saw her naked. Closing her eyes she tries to deal with the feeling of shame about her past as a house slave. Then she swallows and nods:" you for the compliment...and in that case, I will serve your...interests without a least for a while" She makes a slight movement away from him, indicating the desire to escape his closeness.

[05:34] Capitano Mendoza: feels the shift in her weight and raises his hands from her shoulders. He speaks as if there had been nothing inappropriate "Very good. I am glad that this is resolved to your satisfaction."

[05:36] Gera Heliosense: She steps away from him now, avoiding eye contact and glad about his matter of fact tone:" Yes indeed, thank you for your time Capitano. You set my mind at rest." Walking over to the door she now has to look at him, waiting for him to unlock it.

[05:39] Capitano Mendoza: does not make a move to unlock the door. He merely hooks this thumbs into his utility belt "And you can always come back and offer to entertain me in a uniform or in anything else you might find comfortable, Gera. I have no doubt you haven't completely lost your touch."

[05:43] Gera Heliosense: She blinks at this, narrowing her eyes for a moment:" No..I have not...lost my touch, sir...but my entertaining has become more...more focused." She feels her heart beat faster again . She does not trust this arrogant Mendoza, she never did. Looking to the door she touches the door knob:" Would so friendly and...unlock it , please?"

[05:45] Capitano Mendoza: looks at the door and back to her. His face remains impassive as he reaches across the desk to depress the locking button "Yes of course Gera. I forgot that it was locked. Thank you for visiting. I look forward to receiving more from you. I hope that I shall not have to wait so long, next time."

[05:48] Gera Heliosense: As soon as he pushes the button she opens the door and stands in the doorframe, standing her ground again. She even smiles now, a tiny sparkle in her dark eyes:" I assure you that you will not be disappointed, Capitano" She raises her hand to her forhead in a mock salute, turns around swiftly and struts out of his office with swaying hips.

[05:49] Capitano Mendoza: chuckles as she leaves and mutters "Good girl" under his breath....

Awkward but short episode at the Bordello

[12:59] Gera Heliosense strolls into the bordello lazily, humming softly to herself, then stops dead in her track when she sees Transic and Kristina ob the cuddle bed.

[13:00] Kristina Locke gave her shoulders a shrug. "I know, nothing good ever comes out of a fight, nobody ever enjoys it. No need to state the obvious." She teased, a hand moved up to give him a playful poke on the nose. She furrowed her eyebrows and inclined her head. "Oh? Who might it be?" She looked to the entrance and noticed Gera, waving to her direction. "Hello there, don't mind us, we aren't doing the dirty...yet." She quipped.

[13:03] Gera Heliosense: Gera nods, looking slightly taken aback, blushing even. She murmers something like" yeah sure, don't let me stop you" and tries to giggle offhand and brave, trying to look as if she is oh so calm, cool and collected

[13:05] Transic Pexington smiles as he looks to her, 'Gera, come here please, join us." he looks to her eyes, "Please gera, just come and cuddle up with us here." he opens an arm to her trying to coax her into the couch/bed with kris and himself.

[13:05] Dunnagh Scarmon stopped in the doorway, pulling his sunglasses down the bridge of his nose to see better in the shawdows of the bar, checking out the little thing.... Who was she? New dancer? Bar help? New arrival?

[13:06] Kristina Locke chuckled and waved a hand in dismissal. "Oh, I may need to be dragged off him if this continues." She quipped dryly, still well composed in her usual fashion and sat up. "I have an interview soon anyways, or I hope to."

[13:08] Gera Heliosense swallows and nods, and she comes closer, hesitantly . stops in fron of the"love nest" then suddenly and awkward sits on the edge. She is still unaware of Dunnagh.

[13:10] Kristina Locke inclined her head, she emanated a lazy yawn as she made herself comfortable a top the cushions callously. Her gaze started upward at the ceiling, her mind contemplated over private matters and paid little attention to anything else. "Quite day huh." She murmured.

[13:12] Transic Pexington sighs, "I am sorry, would you prefer I was bit more hairy Gera?' he looks to her as he lets his hand run through Kris' hair. "Is there something wrong Gera, you have been a bit distant the last few times I have seen you.' he looks to her the concern showing in his tone.

[13:15] Gera Heliosense: She looks over to him, dark eyes thoughtful, then she shakes her head:"No..yes....I I am not know...and you know...I am...well in your other form you are...more familar to me..." she breaks off, biting her lip, realizing she sounds like an idiot.

[13:17] Kristina Locke drummed her fingers over the surface of the mattress, she yawned and listened idly to their conversation, but made little of the details.

[13:15] Dunnagh Scarmon: He circles around behind the bar, the advantage two-fold: make a drink, but also have the girl in the sun dress in veiw again... His head snaps up as the new girl is identfied, the tap filling his mug and spilling over, soaking his hand, unnoticed.

[13:20] Transic Pexington nods to her, 'Well would you prefer the hairy me then." he stretched a bit then looks to her smiling, 'Just hang on to yourself because when I do this it will not sound very pretty." he looked to her, 'So let me know."

[13:22] Gera Heliosense looks up and watches the male figure at the bar, his statue and movements seem strangely familiar. She snaps out of her pondering when Transic speaks:" Oh...I know you don't sound pretty when you do that...and Kristina might not like it...." she shrugs with an apologetic smile to Kristina.

[13:23] Kristina Locke sat casually on the sofa bed still, her fingers laced behind her head while she continued to idly count the tiles on the ceiling, callous to everything around her and allow the two nearby continue on with their discussion uninterrupted. She grimaced slightly after hearing Trans comment on his transformation and shook her head, closing her eyelids. "I hate it when you do that, the sounds are just disgusting." She mumbled. She creased a smirk on her lips, nodding to Gera before she finally realized the presence of another figure by the bar. She lifted a gloved hand, sending a lazy wave to his direction.

[13:27] Gera Heliosense clears her throat, looking directly at Kristina:" Are you...Transics sub?"

[13:29] Transic Pexington chuckles as he shifts a bit, "No Gera, Kris is my friend and my equal. we are just a bit closer then most friends." he looks to Gera and then to Kris, "Damn were we not just discussing this, wow that is so strange." he teased the tip of Kris' nose with his finger. he reaches over to Gera and tries to caress her arm,

[13:31] Kristina Locke quirked an eyebrow, she appeared genuinely surprised at the question and choked on dry air. After a moment to calm herself down, she cleared her throat as well. "No, definitely not. I'm no one's sub, in fact I have my own sub." She replied back. She turned to the finger moving her nose and jerked her head away. "We were discussing a possible relation, which I logically deduced that was impossible under the circumstances."

[13:34] Gera Heliosense nods:" Me too, I am nobody's sub either. " she sighs and listens closely when Kristina mentions their discussion about a possible relationship and she purses her lips and looks a bit moody. She watches as Transic reaches for her, trying to caress her arm but makes no attempt to move closer to him.

[13:38] Kristina Locke appeared to be in a more defensive state after her dominance was questioned, but was enough of an empath to detect the hint behind Gera's demeanor and offered an empathetic nod to her direction. "I can't speak for everyone, but it's the way I prefer." She muttered softly before she returned to her previously laxed state.

[13:39] A. waits for a little while for her eyes to adjust. She gazes around, and then seeing three people on the couch, peers a bit harder to make sure they're not in any sort of intimate situation.

[13:39] Transic Pexington sighs as he looks to them both, "Ok so it seems I am just making things worse here." he looks to Gera, "I am not a monogamous individual gera I am sorry, I am polyamorous. And I do consider only a few people special and worth my heart and time." he looks to Kris, "And what were are still discussing is that it is difficult and we have others in our lives, but we were not going to let the chance slip away, or did I misread that earlier." he shook his head, Waves, "Hello leader, how is the business today?"

[13:42] Gera Heliosense sees Ava and smiles and waves"Hi Ava" then she turns and looks at Transic:" yes I know you have a explained it to me before...I..I just wanted to make sure that I am aware of the actual count.

[13:43] A. smiles and waves at Gera. She half turns to look outside. "I didn't mean to interrupt your talk."

[13:45] Kristina Locke snickered at Gera's comment and turned to Trans. "You know, when I called your place a harem I was just kidding."

[13:50] Transic Pexington shook his head, "No it is not a harem, the true meaning of harem is forbidden, and it is not forbidden.' he sighs, "I think I would be best to just hold up in the bunker at this rate." he looks to the women, then to Ava, "No leader, just a bit of discussion is all it is. I am about ready to progress in my application. So I should be ready soon to assist you."

[13:53] Kristina Locke chuckled, her shoulders shrugged nonchalantly "Good to know it's not forbidden, I should pay your place a visit when I get the chance." She remarked casually. She furrowed her eyebrows to the latter comment. "How far along are you now?"

[13:59] Transic Pexington looked to her, 'need to hit the clinic and get checked out." he shook his head as he looked around a bit more. "Gera, there are just you, Kris, and Ranya. I have given my feelings to just you three." he looked to the ceiling, "Gods this place is a paradise and hell all in one." he chuckled as he shook his head.

[14:01] Gera Heliosense tilts her head and looks to the entrance, squeezing her eyes together as she tries to make out the figures. Slowly she slips off the couch. SHe looks surprised at Transic:" Just us three? No other?...oh I thought..." She breaks off and nods:" I hope I am not in the hell department"

[14:03] Kristina Locke chuckled as she slowly pushed herself up. "I was just remarking yesterday that this place may be purgatory." She gibed and slid off the mattress, stretching her torso. "I'm gonna fall asleep if I keep lounging around." She announced, rotating various joints in her. "Good to know that I'm one of few you have feelings for." She added dryly.

[14:06] Transic Pexington: me sighs as he stand and the bones break and tendons snap, the sounds of pain and destruction and reconstruction fill the corner of the room. "You are welcome Kris." his voice raspy and flat. "yes Gera, just those, no others, except for the occasion plaything. I am going to go for a walk need to think and clear my head a bit." he stretched and shook before he made his way to the entrance.

[14:07] Gera Heliosense: Gera smiles at Kristina, her witty remarks are to her liking. Surprised she then nods at Transic:"I was just on my way out too"

[14:07] Gera Heliosense: She walks to the entrance

[14:08] Dunnagh Scarmon hears the clop clop clop of some wedge heels coming out onto the big stone entryway and glances about.....

[14:09] Gera Heliosense: Gera walks out, sees Clara and smiles. As she loos to her right, her smile ebbs away and her eyes widen:" Dunnagh?'s you?..."

[14:09] Clara Ricarin: "J--j-just d--d-delusional and s-s-sometimes a b-b-bit s-s-sarcc--c-castic, n-n-not q--q-quite a s-s-screwb--b-ball." Clara syas to him, then looks over at the three who joined them. "Hel-l-lo n--n-nice of you to j--j-join us." Clara says to them.

[14:10] Dunnagh Scarmon looks away from Gera: "'Course it's me." he says flatly.

[14:10] Kristina Locke stepped out to the open patio, without even identifying those gathered around, she just drew in a lungful of island's fresh air. She emanated a delighted sigh, having awoken up some from her laxed state and looked around. "Hey everyone." She greeted with a smirk.

[14:12] Gera Heliosense swallows and stares down on her wedge sandals, all color has left her face. She even seems to tremble slightly. Thankfully Kristina's greeting gives her time to gather herself.

[14:13] Dunnagh Scarmon stares off across the green, himself grateful for the last stub of stogie he can pretend occupies his attention.

[14:13] Clara Ricarin glances between Dunnagh and Gera for a moment. "Should w-w-we l--l-leave you t-t-two al--l-lonne for a b-b-bit?" Clara asks the two of them.

[14:14] Gera Heliosense: No!" Gera exclaims, a bit too hasty

[14:14] Transic Pexington looked around a bit then sniffs near gera, He looks to the man then nods to Clara. he took a long breath in letting his scent permeate his senses. he would make sure to remember him. he stood his ground and watched them not speaking.

[14:14] vivi waves at the people with a bright smile.

[14:15] Dunnagh Scarmon draws himself up with a start "No need-" he eyes Gera "I was just leavin'."

[14:16] Kristina Locke looked between Gera and Dunnagh momentarily, her stance appeared nonchalant, hiding her curiousity. She tore her gaze away from the two to wave to Vivi. "Hello."

[14:16] Gera Heliosense suddenly feels Transic werewolf heat behind her, his animalistic scent that always makes her weak in the knees. She watches with her mouth open as Dunnagh leaves and turns around to Transic.

[14:17] Clara Ricarin nods with a small smile. "S-s-see you l--l-later d--d-dunnagh." Clara says to him then looks at Gera. "How l--l-long ag-g-go was it he at--tt-acked you?" Clara asks her.

[14:18] Gera Heliosense: Gera looks at Clara:" Attacked me? Dunnagh? but...he never attacked me"

[14:19] Kristina Locke took a few steps forward out into the open. She chuckled watching Vivi disappear again. "The aliens are always after her." She gibed. She shifted her attention back to the conversation, listening to them with a look of intrigue this time, not bothering to hide it.

[14:20] Transic Pexington stood impassive as he listened to the conversation. He did not move toward or away from Gera. just stood listening.

[14:21] Gera Heliosense: Gera has moved back a little, drawn to Transic like a magnet. She can't help it.

[14:22] Clara Ricarin: "You l--l-looked a b--b-bit pale." Clara says to her, "L--l-like you j--j-just s-s-saw an old g-g-ghost you ww-w-wish was st--t-till d--d-dead." Clara says to her, raising an eyebrow.

[14:27] Gera Heliosense: "well..yes, he is..I thought he would never come back to Glint. But he never attacked me...he was my husband" Gera bites her lip and smiles apaologetic at Clara.

[14:29] Kristina Locke cupped a hand over her mouth and yawned into her palm, her gaze shifted around the group gathered. She chuckled to the response, but remained silence.

[14:30] Transic Pexington huffed then turned, "I need a good run, I will be back later." he nods to the women then suddenly tries to wrap an arm around kris and Gera, if he is successful he would kiss them both together then set them down and head off into the woods.

[14:31] Gera Heliosense giggles breatless when Transic suddenly kisses her and Kris before he heads off:" Oh.."

[14:32] Kristina Locke stood nonchalantly, she just gave her shoulders a shrug to the kiss. "Eeewww, doggy drools."

[14:33] Clara Ricarin: "Oh." Clara says shortly. "D--d-do you m-m-mind m--m-me asking w-w-w-w-what hap-pp-pened?" Clara asks her.

[14:36] V turns the corner, takes a few steps and quietly admires the view.

[14:36] Gera Heliosense: Gera stops giggling, looks back at Clara and her brows knit together when she replies softly:" Life happened....we were seperated...the government fell, there was chaos everywhere...and when we found each other again....he was like a different man..."she sighs. "but he says the same about me...." She shrugs:" oh well...."

[14:38] Gera Heliosense sees V and waves:" oh hi V"

[14:38] V waves back, her eyes still locked on the lovely view, "Oh hi Gera sweetie! How you doing?"

[14:39] Kristina Locke wiped her cheeks with a gloved hand, her peripheral caught a movement of someone in red and looked over. "Oh hello there V." She called over with excitement in her tone. She looked to Gera and Clara, listening to the explaination before she turned her attention back to V. "So, how have you been?"...

Dienstag, 20. März 2012



The day after that little intermission Gera decides to go to the Bordello and walks into the following scene:

[12:19] Transic Pexington stopped and looked to her, 'Well guess you need to catch her if you want hers Clara." he tucked everything back in and looked around, "Hello Gera." he smiles to her.

[12:20] Ranya smiled at Clara as the girl left, "Well she's outside the bordello now," she said with a smile hen waved o the girl in the fluffy dress

[12:20] Gera Heliosense walks into the bordello, smiling and waving:" Hi girls" she stops before the bar, seeing Transic and bushes. Then a secret smile plays on her lips as whispers back:" Hello Transic"

[12:20] Clara Ricarin watches her leave then sighs. "I'll j-j-just t--t-take the w--w-water... I had hoped from a m-m-mixed d--d-drink b--b-between the two of you b--b-but..." She shakes her head. "Oh w--w-well. Hel-l-l-lo G--g---g-g-gera." Clara says to her.

[12:21] Mercy looks confused but the beautifully dressed girl.." hello.."

[12:22] Gera Heliosense nods to Clara and Mercy, playing with her hair in a half coquettish , half shy manner.

[12:22] Transic Pexington: me shrugs and looks to mercy, you might still be able to get one special Clara." he winks to Gera and nods, "Hello darlin, what are you drinking."

[12:24] Gera Heliosense: Leaning her ellbows to the bar, looking at all the bottles, she purses her lips thing before she points to the Guiness:" I'll have that. to get some hair on my chest" She giggles.

[12:25] Ranya wound her dance down "sorry all getting thirsty, May I have some ice water please?"

[12:26] Mercy: mmmmmmss can I stop pole dancing.. I dont like it as much as freestyle.." she remarks a little.. still wodnering why waitressing is bad... as she plays with the pole slide up and down it contemplating a little.." why not try the lemonaide thats realyl good.."

[12:26] Transic Pexington laughs as he nods, hands Clara her water then begins to pour Gera a guiness, "Now that should take care of everyone but my lovely girl, " he smiles to her, "Of course my love, here you go." hans her the bottle of water from cooler.

[12:29] Ranya takes the water with a smile and unscrews the cap, "Thank you master," she said then poured half the contents over her sweating body and began to drink the rest, "Oh I needed that. ah!"

[12:30] Transic Pexington smiles to Ranya, "You did that just to tease me my love." he looks to her and laughs.

[12:32] Clara Ricarin takes the water with a sigh and takes a long sip, relaxing in the bar stool

[12:32] Gera Heliosense watches them and sips her Guinness

[12:32] Mercy: well that was fun.." she moves to sit back down at the bar..

[12:33] Ranya smirks at him a bit, "no that was to cool me down," she told him "But this might be to tease you." she said as she climbed into the stool beside her and sat with her legs spread wide to give him a view.

[12:34] Kristina Locke strolled casually into the Bordello, her gaze surveyed the crowd already gathered. Gradually she joined the others, still lacking her usual swag and enthusiasm. "Hey all."

[12:34] Mercy blinks a little... at Ranya......boldness and smiles.."umm ok.. can I have some more to drink Transic....getting thristy.." she remarks.....

[12:34] Gera Heliosense: Gera forgets to drink her guinness and stares at Rayna
[12:35] Gera Heliosense: oh hello Kristina

[12:36] Clara Ricarin looks over at Kris, taking another sip of her water. "Hey, K-k-kris." Clara says. "W--w-what's up?"

[12:36] Transic Pexington smiles at Ranya, "You know how to get my attention my love." he shook his head then took the lemonade off the shelf and poured Mercy another one. 'hey Kris, what can I get you." he winks to her.

[12:37] Ranya waves to Kris as she drinks her water, "I know, Not sure why it gets your attention. But if it works it works."

[12:37] Kristina Locke inclined her head while she quirked an eyebrow. "You're all naked, is Trans charging you all for the drinks?" She nodded to the lycan behind the bar. "Another Guinness."

[12:37] Gera Heliosense now observes the interchange between Ranya and Transic more closely for a moment. The she sips on her guinness and twirls a curl around her finger in thought.

[12:37] Mercy: this is is soo yummmy." she remarks.." thank you.."

[12:39] Transic Pexington laughs, "You know me Kris, always looking out for the business." he laughs as he pours her a guiness and then leans against the bar, "I think I need a bit of air ladies." he looks them all over, "Oh I do so need a moment or two."

[12:40] Clara Ricarin: "Oh he's charging them." clara says. "I'm only d--d-d--ddrinking w-w-w-water." Clara says . "You c--c-can j-j-join in and st--t-trip t---t-too." Clara says to her.

[12:40] Ranya blushes and waves at her master, "enjoy Master."

[12:40] Gera Heliosense: Yes, I bet you do" Gera replies

[12:40] Mercy: have... fun.." she remarks really enjoying her lemonade..."its sooo yummmy." she giggles... a little feeling absent mindly the texture of her panties then slowly her skin then back...again starting to get facinated with the texture..

[12:41] Kristina Locke inclined her head and shrugged. "I get to drink of free here, some of the perks for working here." She quipped then turned toward Mercy before she shifted to Trans. "Why does she still have her panties on?"

[12:43] Ranya shrugged as she finished her water, "Stripping is part of my job here."

[12:43] Transic Pexington smiles to Kris, "House rules she can strip to her panties and dance, but we have been trying to get her to take them off as well, the other one just popped her top then left." he growls slightly at the comment.

[12:44] Gera Heliosense sets her empty glass on the counter with a bang and wipes her lips with the back of her hand:" Right!" she exclaims to no one in particular.

[12:44] Kristina Locke smirked toward Trans "Very well, we'll get the other way later, with interests too. As for this one, the house rule only apply to dancers. The price for the drinks is to strip completely naked."

[12:45] Transic Pexington looks around a bit, "Ok I need some air, be back in a bit."

[12:45] Ranya after putting the empty bottle on the counter, leaned back and placed her hands behind her back.

[12:45] Mercy slowly swirls her fingers across the lace then the texture of her thigh, kind of oblivious to the conversation going on around her as she slowly sucks on the straw slowly.... carefully "suddenly coming out of her reverie.." sorry.. do I need to go back to dancing? she looks startled for some reason...looking at Gera... "you ok...?" she asks... not quite paying attention the conversation about her.

[12:46] Transic Pexington leans in and whispers to Clara then walks off.

[12:46] Kristina Locke waved toward Trans as he departs.

[12:47] Gera Heliosense looks at Mercy and raises her brows:" Yes...why?" she asks innocently.

[12:48] Mercy considers the answer and smiles a little." well when someone usually says... "right like that they have come to a decision that they were needing to make its like Ahhhhaaa!!! or something.."

[12:48] Kristina Locke then turned her gaze back to Mercy, she creased her lips into a wry smirk as she leaned against the bar, her gaze fixated on the blonde's face. "Indeed, and this time, the panties have to come off and you must stay up there for thirty minutes."

[12:50] Gera Heliosense: "Oh..." Gera nods and smiles at Mercy:" yes you're right...I might have come to a conclusion " she crunches her nose, smiling and then looks around.

[12:50] Mercy: Up there?" she blinks a little.... "not on a pole...?" she asks.. a little... her eyes distracted a little..... slowly sipping her glass.... contents.."I am supposed to be a waitress... but I guess I can dance some more..."

[12:50] Clara Ricarin glances over at Trans and says back. "I alr-r-r-ready have s--s-someone." Clara says to him. then looks back to the bar.

[12:51] Transic Pexington smiles, "Introduce me sometime then Clara." he then heads out the door.

[12:51] Kristina Locke looked at Mercy and nodded. "Yes, up on stage, on a pole." She replied then turned to Clara and inclined her head. "Mind if I ask why are you naked?"

[12:52] Mercy: kind of hungry... V said there was food.." she get an idea popping into her head...."alright..if I have too.."

[12:52] Clara Ricarin smirks. at Mercy's answer and looks at Kris. "W-w-w-hy a p-p-pole d---ddance?" Clara says to Kris, "Have her m-make a sp-p-pecial if she w--w-wants to b--b-be a w-w-waitress. That's a k-k-kind of d--d-dance." Clara says to Kris. "And I j-j-just forgot to p-p-put on c--c-clothes tod--d-day." Clara says to her.

[12:53] Kristina Locke chuckled at the answer and shrugged "Sure, I'll believe that. Although a fine idea." She turned toward Mercy. "You can dance for the drink and then serve up a House Special for the food."

[12:54] Mercy: a house special What is that?" she blinks a little confused by the code talking.."is it some kind of special dish or something I am not a very good cook.."

[12:55] Kristina Locke chuckled "Don't worry, we'll teach you when you're done. And every woman is capable of making a House Special." She remarked.

[12:56] Clara Ricarin: "Oh n-n-n-o I'm sure you'll b--b-be able to m-m-make it." Clara says to Mercy with a grin then looks at Kris. "I'd l-l-like a shot of it t---t-t-too so she mm-m-may have to -m-m-make a d--d-double." Clara says.

[12:57] Kristina Locke shrugged her shoulders "The order was for you, I don't really drink that stuff. But if you wish for a double shot, I'm sure she'll be able to make it."

[12:57] Gera Heliosense smirks and pushes her herself off the bar with two hands" Greedy greedy Clara" She smiles and walks out waving:" See you later girls"

[12:57] Kristina Locke chuckled and nodded to Gera. "Take care."

Outside the Bordello on the cliffs overlooking the ocean...

[13:01] Transic Pexington sits up as she approached, "Can I help you gera. " his hand still on his cock as he looked to her.

[13:02] Gera Heliosense looks down on him , realizing she must have disturbed him:"
[13:03] Gera Heliosense: was just...well...sitting here ...collecting my thoughts" she answers in a tone that sounds rather haughty.

[13:04] Transic Pexington tucked everything away again, "Ok Gera what is wrong?" he stands walking to her.

[13:06] Gera Heliosense stands up to and looking at him, eyebrows raised like a little madam with an attitude.

[13:06] Gera Heliosense: "Nothing...why ever would you think that?"

[13:08] Transic Pexington: me growls low in his throat, 'because I am a werewolf and I can tell when someone is upset." he looks to her, "And even without my heightened senses right now it is painfully obvious you are upset, and I am betting has to do with the fact that Ranya is my submissive." he looks into her eyes.

[13:10] Gera Heliosense bites her lips and the blood rushes into her cheeks. Suddenly she looks up to him with a wild glance and pushes him against the chest with both small hands, not that this will have any effect , but at least it gives it a dramatic appearance" No good womanizing bastard!"

[13:13] Transic Pexington looks to her, he tries to catch her wrists together, "I am many things but I am no womanizer. What we had happen, had meaning and still does, but Ranya is apart of my life as well. I am one who can and does love many, what is wrong with that. Especially where we are, how can it be so wrong." he looks to her, "I am sorry I did not tell you before, but you did not ask and I did not say."

[13:17] Gera Heliosense still looks at him wild, she tries to free her wrists but rather halfhearted:" yes, yes...i bet you say that to all the girls..." she pauses and takes a deep breath. Then she calms down and gives him another haughty look, pursing her lips" Well see if I care, Mister...ha!" But now she frowns and thinks hard before she finally whispers" it had meaning?"

...and from there on the little argument moves on to softer tones and paths. He convinces her that what happened the other night did not leave him untouched. She on the other side explains to him her nature as good as she can. Being a dreamer, passionate and jealous...which is so not conform with the usual behavior of Glint women.
And of course unlike many, she also explains that she never made a good slave because her nature rebels against it.
He tells her, he would never demand of her to become his slave, even his other girls are merely subs, not slaves.
Their talk becomes even more gentle as both lay in grass now, looking at the sky and the ocean. He talks to her of his island not far from here. Where he lives with his girls. He says that he would like her to come and stay with them. Gera ponders about this, after all she has no set home currently and Dunnagh.....her thoughts trail off.
So he takes her over to the island and shows her the beauty of his home. Inside his bunker he winks and smiles telling her he will now slip into something more comfortable. And before her eyes, under convulsions and cracking bones, he transforms to his human form.
For the first time she sees him as a man now and not a beast. Her reaction is surprisingly not as delighted as he may had expected. In shock she looks at him, shy and suspicious suddenly, touching his skin feebly, exploring his face with her fingertips. Her face expresses confusion and she seems like a stranger. He asks her if she would rather prefer the beast, the wolf. And replies that she needs time to get used to his human form. To her the wolf is familiar, the man though is like a stranger.

Where will it all lead? This episode that started as a little slip of passion after a party on a night so clear and starry. Why is Gera doing what she does? Is this a new obsession? Is she rediscovering her lust. Or is it something romantic with this beast who is so nobel and powerful. And Dunnagh? Is it really over with him?
Or is this her way to revenge herself? Revenge herself for what? And then again, it could also be that she wants to make Dunnagh jealous. Oh we will see...very soon.

After the Party...

After the party
You took me back to your parlour.
A little nervous laughter
Locking the door.
My stockings fall
Onto the floor.
Desperate for more.

Nobody else can share this.
Here comes one and one makes one,
The glorious union.
Well it could be love,
Or it could be just lust,
But it will be fun.
It will be wonderful.

Oh, feel it. Oh, oh feel it,
Feel it, my love.
Oh, feel it. Oh, oh feel it,
Feel it, my love.
Oh, I need it. Oh, oh, feel it,
Feel it, my love.
Feel it!
See what you're doing to me?

God, but you're beautiful, aren't you?
Feel your warm hand walking around.
I won't pull away.
My passion always wins.
So keep on a-moving in.
So keep on a-tuning in.
Synchronise rhythm now.

Sonntag, 18. März 2012

The St. Patrick's Day Party in Glint

[15:28] Transic Pexington looks to Gera and winks to her as he held his ground even as she seemed to be teasing just a bit.

[15:29] Gera Heliosense purses her lips and smiles cheekily, giving him a little lazy wave with her hand.

[15:30] Jynx wrapped her arms around Clara's hips, holding her down, wanting to keep those hips exactly where they were, her purple eyes glazing over slightly as she bathed in Clara's lust, waking up the other half of her twin nature, feeding on it happily.

[15:32] Transic Pexington smiles to Gera once more then feels a knock below his feet, he looks then squats down, "You got a what, that needs to be where?" he sighs and shakes his head, "No I will take care of it, send it up." he watches towards the center of the stage, "Stay clear all, booze on the move!!' he grabs the Keg and hefts it to the right side of the bar, "And I was just supposed to be bouncing tonight." he grunts as he sets it down.

[15:32] T walks back in, dusting herself off and swears "Bloody fucking...."

[15:33] Clara Ricarin groans, head falling back, grinding her hips against Jynx's mouth as she moans again. She leans forward to press against Jynx's face to try and put more pressure on Jynx to try and push her backwards and down to the ground.

[15:33] Vanaja looks up at the outburst, "Somehitng the matter Head Slave Trainer?"

[15:34] Now playing: Cranberries - Zombie

[15:35] Kristina Locke inclined her head, she looked to T with a curious, yet concerned look. "Looking to take your frustration out? I'd recommend the imp." She said.

[15:35] T sighs and looks at Vanaja "I stumbled over two of these stupid gnomes. Leprechauns. Whatever. They just popped into existence right in my path and made me stumble. Stupid pests" she grums and sighs, then lightens up a bit and smiles "Someone should hunt them down, they're annoying"

[15:35] Gracie reads the latest news and is off to look for the leprechauns.. .What fun

[15:36] Jynx yelped, her hands trying to unwrap form Clara's thighs and move back to catch herself, but a little late, the imp falling flat on her back, her horns hitting the ground first, keeping her head from being injured, her whole face lighting up a shade of red as she realized the position Clara had put her in.

[15:36] Jinx Gumbo frowns at Mistress T's distress" I propose we all hunt the little bastards dare they????"

[15:36] Gera Heliosense dances to the cranberries with closed eyes.

[15:37] Ori sticks up a finger. "Not now tho...not now, im still playing music and drinking and feasting must be done!"

[15:37] Kristina Locke shrugged "It's not the aliens I like to avenge on, but I suppose I like to take some frustration out on some little green men."

[15:37] T pounds her fist into her other hand and nods at jinx "indeed, how dare they." her eyes graze over the newspaper gracie just dropped, which makes her smirk "Ah, looks like they've been causing even more trouble already"

[15:37] Gracie says, "If they can mess with the rainbows, I hate to think what they might do to the island!"

[15:38] Aazzi Baguier had stopped dancing, and started to circle the dance floor.

[15:38] Vanaja nods and shrugs, "Aye, I detest leprechauns.. why you think I'm here and not in my lovely woods...? The darn things are running around, trampling everything.. its a crime, to be sure!"

[15:38] Clara Ricarin moans as she sits down on Jynx's face and grinds against her, completely lost from the conversation as she presses her sex against Jynx's mouth.

[15:39] Kristina Locke reached underneath her coat, pulling out her dagger and sighed. "I wish KT would just grant my gun permit, the hunt will be so much quicker if I'm able to shoot."

[15:39] Now playing: Chris De Burgh - The Lady In Red

[15:40] Jinx Gumbo scratches her head:" hmmm..if someone would take the high road...I'd take the low road...."

[15:41] Kristina Locke turned to the imp. "Great, and my bodyguard is busy tonguing while there are dangerous cultists out there." She mumbled, not realizing her own words' irony.

[15:41] T starts scritching her pet's hair again, her finger nails digging into the skin on her head as she is less than gentle, agitates as she is. Meanwhile she nods to Vanaja "Bloody green gnomes" and shakes her head "I hope someone will find them and kill them for good". She pauses and giggles "Who knows, maybe they'll make good cabbit food?"

[15:41] Jynx grumbled unhappily, bit slowly wrapped her arms around Clara's legs again, her tongues setting back to work, one of them pushing into her sex a short ways before pausing to let the two split ends slide over the walls with a feather light touch, her second tongue moving up to toy with Clara's clit. Hearing Kristi she grunted, waving at her from her place trapped beneath thew writhing Clara

[15:43] Transic Pexington looked around huffs, "Well guess it is not St patrick's day without em." he smiles to Gera and watches Clara sex face jynx. he then let is eyes wander the dance floor again.

[15:43] Casey flinches as the nails dig in, but otherwise doesn't move.

[15:44] Now playing: Lest We Forget - The Real McKenzies

[15:44] Vanaja laughs hearing the song, "Where is she? I wanted to discuss some plants and flowers I had a eye one..." she laughs then looking to KRis, "Dangerous eh... of course we are.. and some are not of sound mind at all" she winks to T, "Gnomes.. most un natural"

[15:44] Clara Ricarin groans, and wiggles back and forth on Jynx's face as more juices leak out and Clara moans a bit louder, more juices leaking out as she cums against Jynx's face with a loud groan then sighs, continuing to sit on Jynx's face. "M-m-much b--b-better." She whispers.

[15:45] Kristina Locke glanced to Vanaja, she blinked a couple of times and swallowed hard, looking dumbfounded. "Oh." She mumbled, the only sound she managed to emanate at a loss of words.

[15:46] Jinx Gumbo lets herself spin to the beat of the boys....*

[15:46] Now playing: Thin lizzy - Dancing in the moonlight

[15:47] Gera Heliosense lets go of the pole, dances over to Transic, tugging on his massive furry arm and pulling him to the stage" they are playing our song"

[15:47] T chuckles and shurgs, winking back to Vanaja "Well, I think now that everyone knows about them, I think our trigger happy population will be quite delighted to do away with them"

[15:47] Jynx parted her lips further for Clara's release, the imp purring happily like a cat who had just been fed, her hands troking up and down along Clara's thighs, " Better?" She asked, the word muffled with Clara still sitting on her face

[15:48] Jinx Gumbo beams at Gera" perfect, hon!...go get 'em!"

[15:48] Transic Pexington looks to her, "I am tyhe bouncer tonight my dear," as he feels her puling him to the dance floor. "I really need to be watching the..." feels her hands on his arm and sighs, "Ok one dance then.'

[15:49] Gera Heliosense looks over her shoulder at Jinx, winking and biting her tongue.

[15:49] Vanaja nods watching her move and smiles, "Yes, I want my woods clear again then peace will return.. You dancing?"

[15:49] T walks onto the dancefloor, giggling as she starts dancing to the music.

[15:49] Now playing: Dropkick Murphys - Drink and Fight

[15:49] Gera Heliosense: Then she giggles and pulls him right in the middle of the dance floor.

[15:50] Jinx Gumbo laughs at Transic as the huge one boogies*

[15:50] Jinx Gumbo: " shake it, wolfman!"

[15:50] Vanaja glances ot the furry one, "I can keep an eye for one dance.. we shaould all dance, tis a way to celebrate life afterall..!"

[15:51] Gera Heliosense: oh no, not like that, Mister" she comes close and wraps her delicate arms around his massive body" couple dance"

[15:51] T turns and waves her hand to her pet "come here my pet, lets dance!"

[15:51] Now playing: The_Boomtown_Rats_Diamond_Smiles_May_1980_Tokyo_Japan - Drink and Fight

[15:51] Clara Ricarin smiles and looks down to Jynx, placing a finger on her forehead. "I hope you w--wwill r-r-remember yoru p-p-promise." Clara says to her. "And I exp-p-pect you to n-n-not d--d-do what you d--d-did aga-g-gain." Clara says to her, rolling her hips to grind her hips long Jynx's chin, mouth and nose. "Underst-t-tand?" Clara says to her.

[15:52] Jynx whined, but nodded, nuzzling gently into Clara's thigh to show her sincerity, " There other person I did it to.." She smiled sweetly, trying to wriggle out from under Clara.

[15:52] Gera Heliosense dances happily in the werewolf's arms, almost drowning in his fur.

[15:53] Transic Pexington chuckles and is glad for the fur covering, 'Well I guess then I am pout numbered here and will bow to the mob of people." he took Gera in his arms carefully, as if she were a porcelain doll and began to dance.

[15:53] T giggles and shakes herself to the music, nodding for her pet to come closer and do the same

[15:54] Kristina Locke swallowed hard as she heard Jynx, she kept her attention on the conversation by the bar, listening intently while her gaze scanned over the dance floor.

[15:54] Vanaja laughs making plane movements agian, "Weeeee!" and just laughs more. She looks to Kris, "surely your feet must have recovered now? "

[15:55] Clara Ricarin: "D--d-do it to everyone." Clara says to her in a low growl, grabbing Jynx's horns and keeps her pressed against her sex. "And I"m n-n-not d--d-done w-w-with you yet." She says.

[15:55] Casey moves in close to her Mistress and kisses softly, "I'm going to sit this one out Mistress, if thats ok with you?"

[15:55] T smiles and kisses her pet back softly "alright then pet"

[15:56] Kristina Locke glanced to Vanaja and just smiled, she waved a hand before her "Give me a moment."

[15:56] T smiles and gives her ear a brief an affectionate bite

[15:56] Jynx whined, shaknig her head side to side to try and free her horns, looking up at Clara, her tongue darting out to run over her slit apologetically.

[15:56] Casey meeps at the ear bite and backs off the stage rather quickly.

[15:57] Now playing: Stiff Dylans - Ultraviolet

[15:57] Gera Heliosense is swept off her feet literally by her beast cavalier and smiles over to T and her pet, smiling dreamily.

[15:58] Ori looks up from his remote after adding some songs and sees T on the dancefloor too now."Ohh T, glad you're dancing too now." he quips with a smile

[15:59] Vanaja exclaims, "Crikey! the Irish certainly made some music... Good on them. Erin Go Bragh! "laughs

[15:59] Transic Pexington watches Gera and her gaze, "They do look good together do they not." he let his paw caress her back a bit as they twirled together on the dance floor.

[15:59] Kristina Locke stepped back onto the stage, letting her legs take command of the rest of her.

[15:59] Clara Ricarin: "b-b-better...." Clara says. "You w-w-wanted to l-l-lick... s--s-so k--k-keep licking." Clara says to her, pressing her sex against Jynx's mouth as it moves left and right and sighs as the tongue brushes against lower petals.

[16:00] Gera Heliosense looks back at Transic and nods, smiling at him gently and snuggling closer to his furry chest.

[16:00] Now playing: Aslan Crazy world - Ultraviolet

[16:01] Jynx squirmed under Clara, " F-For how long?" She asked, not sure she would like the answer, her tongues once more wrapping around eachother to make themselves thicker before pushing into Clara's folds.

[16:02] Transic Pexington pulls Gera in so close she almost disappears in his fur. "You seemed a bit lost when you looked to them, everything ok?" he whispered to her as they moved about the floor together.

[16:02] Clara Ricarin groans as the tongues enter her. "Unt-t-til your m-m-mouth is s--s-sore and I'm s--s-sated." She says to Jynx grinding against her face.

[16:02] Vanaja yawns and looks to the Head slave Trainer, "Say can I bunk down in your office while this chaos is going on?

[16:03] Gera Heliosense: She nods looking up to Transic with sparkling eyes:" Oh i am not lost...not in your strong arms" she giggles softly , squeezing his muscled arm gently.

[16:03] T grins to Vanaja "Oh certainly. There's a basket next to my desk" she giggles and winks

[16:04] Kristina Locke curtsied while she moved to the rhythm toward Ade. "Hey, hoped you had fun. Care to join us back on stage." She turned toward the hooded white figure "Awwwe, leaving already? You've shed new light on the cultist for me, my curiousity isn't even satiated yet." She gibed.

[16:04] Now playing: Irish Rovers - Star of the County Down

[16:05] Adelaidia: sighed sitting quietly

[16:06] Jynx sighed at that, knowing she wasn't going to like the answer. She squeezes Clara's thighs, her tongues starting to piston into those folds, the two of them wrapped around eachother just large enough to make a viable dildo.

[16:07] Kristina Locke noticed another arrival and smiled toward Rena. "Hey there, make yourself comfortable and feel free to join us."

[16:07] Now playing: The Script - Nothing Drinking Version

[16:08] Vanaja laughs, "I dun do baskets, you has lots of chairs that will do, I am used to sleeping in the trees, still I can find somewhere to perch" she nods, "Yep, sleep time, as to your curiosity, it got you sated when we last met, I'll be happy to do the same again" she waves then, "slann agus bannacht Townsfolk!"

[16:08] Jinx Gumbo waves to the new person in the corner*

[16:08] Reverick Vaher smiles softly from hir corner "Thank you Kris

[16:08] Reverick Vaher waves back

[16:09] T chuckles and winks to her "Oh don't worry. The basket was more of a joke. Indeed, the bean bags are actually not too bad, and there's a few sun chairs out on the roof" she smiles

[16:09] Casey: arches a brow at Vanaja, "YOu got who sated in what way?"

[16:09] Kristina Locke furrowed her eyebrows, unsure what Vanaja meant and looked on with bewilderment.

[16:09] Jinx Gumbo nods to the hooded one" 'twas good craic, Missus"

[16:09] Ori looks at the lady in white and responds to her trying to copy her words. "slann agus bannacht miss."

[16:10] Kristina Locke sighed "Slang angus banana key."

[16:11] Now playing: Dropkick Murphys - I'm Shipping Up To Boston

[16:11] Kristina Locke turned to KT "Hey, wake up cadet. I can't have patrons getting drunk and passing out on my watch."

[16:11] Vanaja chuckles, "Twas indeedy" she winks to the naked pole dancer. Pauses for a moment to consider the kneeling white furred ones question then shrugs. before laughing seeing Kris's befuddled look "Bananas, tell that rogue sister of V I'd like some bananas.. good for potassium" she laughs and heads out

[16:12] Casey looks at her Mistress lifting a brow.

[16:12] T snickers and waves and Vanaja walks out, smiling "Ah, a rare occasion to see her. I'm glad she's well"

[16:13] KT lift her head,,, h huh ,,oh yeah ,,, what did I uhmm miss,, alooks around a bit confused

[16:14] Jinx Gumbo nods" she moves in mysterious ways indeed, Mistress T"

[16:14] Now playing: U2 - Pride (in The Name Of Love)

[16:14] Jinx Gumbo: "speaking of.....U2!

[16:14] Casey continues to look at her Mistress.

[16:15] Jinx Gumbo lets her body twirl to the music, strutting in the name of love*

[16:15] Adelaidia: stands to leave

[16:16] Kristina Locke maintained an eye on the doorway, noticing Ade. "Awwe, leaving already? Take care and beware the leprechauns."

[16:16] Jinx Gumbo waves to the woman at the doorway" safe paths, Miss!"

[16:17] Ori smirks and alters the lyrics a little. Ïn the name of making loveee!"

[16:17] Clara Ricarin groans and begins to thrust her hips down on Jynx's face in time with he pistoning then pauses as she frowns. "Oh I hate it wh-when this happens." She growls , trying to wiggle on Jynx's face then growls and stands. "G--g-go lick K-k-kris." She says with a sigh.

[16:17] KT looks at the empty bottle,,, and sighs, before getting up,, and trying to stand holding onto stool

[16:17] T turns to the woman at the door and offers a wave and calls out "take care!"

[16:18] Now playing: Thin Lizzy - The Boys Are Back In Town

[16:18] Transic Pexington smiles to Gera, "Well I am glad you feel that way gera, but you had a look on your face as if you were seeing or missing something you saw." he kept her in close to his fur as he kept them moving along the dance floor.

[16:18] Casey clears her throat, "What curiousity was sated Mistress?"

[16:18] Jynx hopped to her feet with a blush, grabbing a rag off the counter to whipe her face clean, " As you wish, Missus Clara..."

[16:18] Kristina Locke turned toward Clara and Jynx. "Whoa, no distracting the host while she's working." She glanced around the room then back. "Go lick Jinx or someone."

[16:19] KT stumbles to the door and waves drunkenly,, before going to find a tree to pass out under

[16:19] Gera Heliosense shakes her head, smiling and biting her lip" No, I am blissfully happy , just wanted to see if everybody else is happy too." She leans back into his massive body, enjoying the tender touch of his huge paws that handle her so delicately

[16:20] Ori notices Rena in the corner and waves over. "Hey there Rena."

[16:20] Jynx grinnedm ischeviously at Kris, taking a big step for the stag,e " Missus Kristi, I have my orders. What kind of island slave to be would disobey orders?"

[16:20] Casey sighs and just walks out

[16:21] Reverick Vaher: Hello Ori *waves back to him*

[16:22] Kristina Locke rolled her eyes "You aren't a slave anymore and I've given you a different order."

[16:22] Now playing: The Cranberries - Ode To My Family

[16:22] Jynx batted her lashes, " I will be as soon as my visa is complete, assuming no one sweeps me away before then." She stepped up onto the stage, making grabby hands at Kris, " I'd be setting a bad precident ."

[16:23] Transic Pexington lets his fur caress her body everywhere at one time. Her body pressed to his as he twirled her around some more. He tries to keep his bulge below his fur from poking her or out for others to see. "So how ahve you been my dear?"

[16:24] Kristina Locke snorted a scoff, she leaned forward with her cheek up front. "Well, Clara wasn't very specific with her instructions then. Lick my cheek." She said casually.

[16:24] Jinx Gumbo grinds slowly to the ballad, the harmony haunting and soulful

[16:24] V skips in and grins, "Happy Paddy's Day! Man I needs a beer!"

[16:25] Jynx stomped a foot, turning her back on Kristi, " That isn't fair!" She huffed, moving over to take her place behind the bar.

[16:25] Jinx Gumbo beams" Greetings, Mistress V!"

[16:25] Jinx Gumbo looks over" and to you, too Sir ViV!

[16:26] Kristina Locke exclaimed in excitement. "V! You made it, I was afraid you'll miss the party." She then turned to the minotaur. "Hey, welcome big guy. You can dance, but be careful with the floor." She turned to Jynx and frowned, looking over with a stern look. "Hey, that was an order. You're setting a bad precedent." She said, mirroring the imp's own words.

[16:26] Now playing: Aslan - yealous guy

[16:26] ViV trots into the bordello looking around at the green glow of the patrons. he nods in greeting and proceeds to scratch his head " why is it so green in here?"

[16:27] Jinx Gumbo frowns at ViV" green? it looks green to you?"

[16:27] Jynx crossed her arms over her chest, sticking her tongues out at Kris, " Your orders weren't very clear." She mirrored Kris's words from a moment before, " You never said when to lick your cheek."

[16:28] Gera Heliosense smiles, having already noticed a poke here and there from his hidden bulge, when she pressed her body into his. " I have been well. Looking after myself. Had an encounter with some brute today....and head butted him" she giggles. "I am not strong but when he bent down to me i couldn't resist. Used the surprise moment to escape" she sighs content and lays her face to his warm furry chest" I love this song" she whispers into his fur

[16:28] ViV takes a deep btreath an closes his eyes as if straining to push out a bowel movement . his skin takes on a shade of green

[16:28] T girns to Kur-Mausk "The food was bad yesterday"

[16:29] Kristina Locke turned to Kur Mausk "Because we didn't want to upset you with red." She said then turned to Jinx. "Come over here and lick my right cheek this instant." She said, motioning with a finger, pointing to the proper spot.

[16:29] Kristina Locke: turned to Jynx*

[16:30] Gera Heliosense looks up from her furry chest cushion briefly and waves to Mausk" Hey Mausk!"

[16:30] Now playing: The Irish Rovers - Finnegans Wake

[16:30] Ori waves to Mausk. "Hey there big guy."

[16:31] V laughs dusting herself down, "Bloody fucking as T would say.. And yay Jinx thank you!" she winks over to the minotaur, "WElcome, happy Paddy Day! And good! The keg got set out, puts lead in yer pencil does Guinness!"

[16:31] Jinx Gumbo beams at the latest arrival:" hey honey-bunch!" *she jumps off the pole and goes to hug Lerris

[16:31] Mausk waves to the crowd "yes hello to all of you..."

[16:31] Lerris Bedrosian hugs Jinx tightly mmmmmm

[16:31] Jinx gives Lerris a big hug.

[16:31] Jynx kept her arms crossed over her chest, " Earlier you ordered me to tend the bar, I'm getting crossed messages here, Missus Kristi, no idea what order to follow and which to ignore." The imp giggled, leaning on the counter she looked out at V, " Want something to drink, lazy boss lady?"

[16:31] Ori: ((unless someone has more requests music is over in 30))

[16:32] Kristina Locke waved to Venture and Lerris. "Hey, welcome to the party and relax. Enjoy some Guinness and come dance."

[16:32] Transic Pexington smiles as he looked to her, "Well I am glad you are safe and well." he looks to where she was waving, "hey there Mausk." he kept Gera close as he felt her rub inadvertently against his bulge, growling soft and low in his throat as he inhaled her scent again, the intoxicating aroma of her.

[16:32] Jinx Gumbo: hmmmmmmm

[16:32] Lerris Bedrosian waves to Kris as Jinx holds me

[16:33] T giggles and waves as she finally looks up again "Ohh hey Kru-Mausk, and hey Lerris"

[16:33] Jinx Gumbo: hmmmmm

[16:33] Lerris Bedrosian: Hi T!

[16:33] Now playing: The Script - The Man Who Can't Be Moved

[16:33] V looks to the non spider woman and nods, "Yep beer! Am parched for a beer! Though I will.." she laughs then turning, "Help myself.. cos I dun doi lady like!"

[16:33] Ori looks around smiling, happy to see that everyone is having a good time.

[16:33] Lerris Bedrosian thinks Jinx is having a problem with my current state of dress *giggles*

[16:33] Lerris Bedrosian: Hi V!

[16:34] Jinx Gumbo pulls her into a dance" come here, you!"

[16:34] Mausk clompsover to a chair and takes a seat with a slight sigh

[16:34] T giggles and blows a kiss over to V "heyhey bordello owner! About time you showed up to your own party" she grins

[16:34] Jinx Gumbo: "hmmm...since that's not gotta lose it!"

[16:34] Jynx held the vial of aphrodesiac behind her back, shaking her head at V, " I insist, Missus boss lady..Let me get it for you, it's my job today."

[16:35] Kristina Locke stepped off stage momentarily and strolled toward the imp behind the bar. She leaned forward with a smirk. "You're absolutely right. I did order you to tend to the bar, but you left your duty when you began to play with Clara, so I must punish you once the party ends." She said with a smirk.

[16:35] Gera Heliosense overhears Transic's soft growl, knowing very well why he growled. Innocently she looks up to him, smiling sometimes, laying her face to his chest, moving her body ,her breasts hardly conceiled by her flimsy dress,brushing her nipples against his fur.

[16:35] V wiggles her sexy arse, spits out the shamrock and gurggles the black gold, "Hwy blub blub T! Party is happenblug glug ing"

[16:37] Jynx blinked, " Oh..Yea..That...Heeeyy! How about I get you a glass of beer in the mean time, Missus Kristi! I have a feeling you'll forget all about it by the time you finish the glass. Imp's intuition."

[16:37] Now playing: CLANNAD - Theme from Harry's Game

[16:38] Transic Pexington looks to her, "You are not that innocent gera, I know that much for sure." he caressed her back softly with his paw as he leans down and nuzzled her neck softly.

[16:38] V turns off the tap and rises, she wipes her lips with the back of her hand and grins, "Boy that was good! everyone needs to have some...! Tis just what is needed." she mturns and looks at folk, "Ohh dun you all look nice... Love the hat KRis"

[16:38] Kristina Locke rolled her eyes "Right, after seeing what you did to Clara's drink." She said, covering for herself. "You'll be getting it after the party." She replied with a wry smirk before she returned to the dance floor.

[16:38] Ori turns on some slower songs in the play list to give the party somewhat of a more romantic, slow ending, not having everyone still pumped when the music will end in about half an hour.

[16:39] Now playing: Corrigan_Brothers_Lord_of_the_Dance - Theme from Harry's Game

[16:39] T laughs as she hears V splutter and blubber from the beer and winks "Good plan, everyone raid the guiness barell"

[16:39] Jynx looked over at V, quickly storing the vial under her hat, " H-Hey! Lazy Boss lady! Think you can take over here, I need to run away before this shin dig is over."

[16:41] Gera Heliosense: She looks up to Transic surprised and pouts:" Oh but I never claimed to be innocent, did I?" Then she pulls her shoulders up and giggles when he nuzzles her neck" Oooh...tickles"

[16:41] V raises a brow, "Less of the lazy now you, or I'll have you learn the opposite of lazy Jynx"

[16:42] Now playing: Scotland the Brave - Three Irish Tenors - John McDermott

[16:42] Kristina Locke chuckled and mocked tipping her hat toward V. "Thank you, I hope everything pleases you." She said, turning on her brown-nosing mode as she returned back on stage.

[16:42] Jynx wiggled her fingers, " What are you going to do, drink me to death?" The imp scoffed, looking over towards the door, plotting her escape.

[16:42] Transic Pexington shook his head, "Nay ya didn't but that look was trying to say it." leans down and slips his tongue between her breasts as he then licked along her skin then teases the tip of her nose.

[16:43] Jinx Gumbo nods once more to Lerris" yup, the dress is not you gotta lose it!"

[16:43] Lerris Bedrosian: grumbles, I like this dress, but I do have a cute st patty's day outfit I think you'll like

[16:43] V warms as the dark liquid fills her and relaxes her, moving to the stage she grins, "T dance?" then laughs, "Everything pleases me with Guinness glasses KRis... though Ori might need a dance?"

[16:44] Jinx Gumbo raises an eyebrow and waits

[16:44] Now playing: Emily_Smith_ - _The_Silver_Tassie

[16:45] V smiles, "Hey REverick, Lewis" then grins, "Gera! And yay, the bouncing lycan.. I trust all is in order?" she winks, "Good tunes Ori, I heard them all over the Island while looking for the white robed one"

[16:45] T giggles to B and nods entuthiastically "Ohh yes! Lets"

[16:45] Gera Heliosense cringes in delight in his strong arms and shivers when his long tongue caresses her skin. Her breathing has paced up a little:" Oh , I didn't realize...that I that" she sighs and lets herself fall, knowing that he will hold her.

[16:46] Jinx Gumbo grins at the lovely pasties" oh my dearie!...Lets warm those up a bit! " *she makes a grab to dance with the lithe, sexy one*

[16:46] Lerris Bedrosian waves at everyone and yells "Hi everyone" *giggling*

[16:46] Gera Heliosense: She turns her head and nods to V, smiling sweetly:"hey beautiful V"

[16:47] Gera Heliosense waves at Lerris, then looks back up to her werewolf, sighing contently

[16:48] V returns her smile, "Looking sexy gorgeous, and orange! Well done.. I have orange nails..!"

[16:48] Now playing: Van Morrison - Someone Like Youoriginal

[16:48] Jynx hopped over the bar, moving over to hunt down her favorite slave girl.

[16:48] Transic Pexington felt her slip and then adjusted to keep her close. One paw now cupping her ass as they moved along the floor. Looking into her eyes, "testing my reflexes my dear." he looks to her as he spun her around a bit the slower musci keeping them close together. "And I see you are having a good time."

[16:49] Jynx hopped up onto the stage behind Jinxie, pressing her front up against her back, " Hey, you. I believe you owe me another hug, as make up."

[16:49] Jinx Gumbo: jghugh mar

[16:49] Jinx Gumbo: jghug mar

[16:49] Jinx gives Marina a big hug.

[16:50] Jynx grins, squeezing the Jinxie, " Much better..And I think I want at least one dance with my gorgeous friend."

[16:50] Gera Heliosense nods slowly:" Yes, testing your are well in order Mister Transic. " she wraps her arms around his massive neck when he swirls her around slowly.

[16:50] Kristina Locke looked over to Venture "Hey kitten, come up here and dance or else I'm declaring the party spoiler to the newspaper."

[16:51] Jinx Gumbo: hmmmmm....*she murmurs*" seems my other partner has been abducted...again. So my card is open at the moment!"*she giggles*

[16:51] Ori pants a little and steps off the stage, taking a seat on the stacked up flight cases, swaying side to side slowly and missing his willow.

[16:52] Now playing: My Bloody Valentine - you made me realise

[16:52] Mausk sonters over to the Guinnes barrel and filles himself a glass.. he takes a sip of the thick black beer then trots over ot the dance floor staning just off to the side to watch the gyrating bodies enwine and part like dropletes form a waterfall

[16:52] Jynx purrs, pressing herself up against the slavegirl, " Oh, so you can pencil my in, hm?"

[16:53] Venture Eternal turns to Kris and eyes her for a moment "I might just dance! It would serve you right, then you would have to report the same thing after I scared everyone off"

[16:54] Jinx Gumbo lifts the imp as if she were nothing. She moves gently, pressing them together:" gonna complain or you gonna dance?" *she gigglies and wipes off a bit of shiney left on Jynx's cheek*

[16:54] Kristina Locke inclined her head while she looked toward Venture with a smirk. "From monsters to aliens, but it's your dancing that will scare off folks of this island? Now -this- I want to see." She quipped.

[16:55] T giggles and kisses V's cheeks, inhaling the goregous smell of guiness emanating from her and giggles softly

[16:55] Jynx leans in to steal a kiss, " Lead away, pretty lady. And you simply must let me make you a drink after this...I have something special in mind."

[16:55] Transic Pexington looks into her eyes, 'Well I am glad I have your seal of approval." leaning down he licks between her breasts then moves to her jaw. Paw still on her ass as they moved about, the bulge a bit more pronounced if she were to rub against it again.

[16:55] Venture Eternal nods her head seriously, "You should be very sure, the last time i started dancing the place was deserted within twenty minutes!"

[16:55] Now playing: Ta_Ma_Chleamanas_Deanta - you made me realise

[16:56] Mausk shakes his booty to the rythm of the music. some of his beer sloshes out and splaters on the floor around his feet

[16:56] V: .me chuckels then, "Indeedy. Venture come dance with us.. lets see you shake yer booty!" she giggles from the kiss and winks to T, "Am sleepy"

[16:57] Gera Heliosense: She giggles again when he licks between her breasts, her erect nipples lining up nicely through the flimsy material of her dress. She feels his bulge more prominent now, wriggling her butt as he paws her ass. "you dance so well...I mean ...for such a big....male"

[16:57] T giggles and cuddles V "Sleepy but happy love, a good combination"

[16:57] Jinx Gumbo smiles and then chuckles " well...normally I would, but no one pours me a Guiness on this day...but me! And its all I drink today, too! I'll give it a try some other day, I promise! Cross my heart and hope to die!" *she giggles*

[16:58] Kristina Locke canted her head and barked with laughter. "That cause you danced after the party." She murmured and turned to V. "Awwwe, but you've only arrived. Don't tell me you've been partying without us."

[16:58] Venture Eternal jumps up from the cushions "Very well then" she says slipping her jacket off and tossing it atop the nearby speaker. moving towards the stage stesps up on to it and picks out a safely empty spot

[16:58] Jynx pouts, leaning in to rest the side of her head on Jinxies shoulder, " You're hardly any fun, lovely Jinx."

[16:59] Gera Heliosense catches a glimpse of Mausk dancing and smirks.

[16:59] V laughs, "Tastes just grand form the tap Jinx! Best way to have it!" then she nods, "Indeedy T, though time for a kiss KRis"

[16:59] Mausk wiggles his massive bar darkening frame about the room

[17:00] Kristina Locke chuckled as she watched the minotaur sway to the rhythm before turning to V. She stopped dancing and nodded. "Alright, Kris Kiss time."

[17:00] T giggles and waves to ori "hey DJ, wanna come dancw with your boss?"

[17:00] Casey looks at Mausk, "You don't want to me near me right now. Remember Titan."

[17:01] Mausk grins at casey "Hola pocito Cabbit" he winks at her "comoestas?"

[17:01] V laughs moviing over, "Dance first, then kiss KRis"

[17:01] Ori turns the music back to the radio with his remote as the song ends. "Thank you everyone for coming, i hope you all liked the music i played."

[17:01] Jinx Gumbo grins and comforts the imp with a gentle kiss, the music getting to her. " I will let you impress me another day, my sexy imp!:" *she glances quickly over her shoulder*" well, if its volume you want, Mistress T then I'd agree with ya! But a proper pour is the only way it tastes right! No offense!"

[17:01] Transic Pexington smiles to gera, "i will take that as a compliment as it should be taken. And you are light as air on your feet my dear." bending down to her ear he whispers, "If I am out of line please say so. but you are lovely tonight, and I think you can tell the effect you are having on me so far."he rubs his bulge along her body as they danced close together.

[17:02] Kristina Locke shrugged and continued dancing. "Sure, and hopefully a raving review of my performance tomorrow." She gibed and reciprocated the dance moves.

[17:02] V claps and cheers, "We did Ori. Thank you! But not enough, more, more!"

[17:02] Ori shrugs. "That was all i had."

[17:03] Casey looks at Mausk, "Estoy encabronado"

[17:04] Jynx drops her hands down to grasp at Jinxies rear, " You realize that at some point this evening I'm gonig to have no choice but to kidnap you away, my lovely..It's been far too long since we had some proper alone time."

[17:04] Jinx Gumbo lightly spins and lifts the imp" you move in Mysterious ways, my little imp!"

[17:05] Gera Heliosense looks up, only her nose and eyes showing behind a furry muscly arm" Thanks Ori, you were wonderful" Then she tilts her head and listens to Transic's gently whispering" You are not out of line...and I forgive you...the effects" she looks down to his bulge, then up again with a cheeky glint in her dark eyes" In fact I feel flattered by it" She closes her eyes and sways in his arms.

[17:05] Mausk frowns at Casey "Por que? La poquita Cabbit?"

[17:06] V moves pulling Kris into a dance and laughs, "Ever the perfectionist Jinx!" then laughs watching Venture, "Ohh nice!"

[17:06] Kristina Locke turned toward Kur Mausk. "Pork? I thought you were all beef."

[17:07] Casey: Por razones que no voy a decir ahora mismo.

[17:07] Jynx grinned, " I'm not used to not being the lead..Though I am comforrtable in that position with you, I suppose, my Jinx."

[17:08] T looks between casey and kur-mausk and lifts an eyebrow "Why are you two talking gibberish?"

[17:08] Jinx Gumbo moves in ever increasing circles" share my days...light up my nights!

[17:08] Jinx Gumbo snuggles her closer*

[17:08] Casey looks to her Mistress, "Its not gibberish. Its spanish."

[17:09] Jynx leaned down to nibble at Jinxies neck just above her collar, " Think the powers that be would be upset if I scooped you up and out of here?"

[17:09] Mausk nods still frowning "Que sea justo... quiero saber si puedo volver a viver su carga" he simes and winks still wiggling his booty

[17:10] Transic Pexington: me nods and smiles to her, "Thank you gera." bent down to talk he licks along her neck to her ear. "Then take this as a compliment that I would love to disappear with you.." he held her in his arms and waited for her reaction. Looking around a bit knowing no one else other then a lycan and gera would hear his comment to her. His hand roams her ass gently and then runs along her back as softly as he can.

[17:10] ViV grins at T "preferez-vous,je parle, francais?"

[17:10] Kristina Locke snickered as she moved abouts with her arms around V. "This is better than pole dancing, I like it when I get to keep my pants on." She chuckled then turned to Ventured. "See, everyone remained after twenty minutes, so it wasn't your dancing that scared people off. Must've been something else."

[17:10] Casey blinks, "What?"

[17:10] Jinx Gumbo raises an eyebrow" let me ask...." *she spins them both over closer to Mistress T"

[17:10] Jinx Gumbo whispers: "

[17:11] Mausk simply smiles at casey

[17:11] T smirks to Mausk

[17:11] Jinx Gumbo: Mistress T.....Jynx and I need to go check something....I think I left the stove on back at my Ava's. May I be excused for a bit?"

[17:11] T: 'Kur-Mausk

[17:12] Jinx Gumbo: " I mean...I can feel the heat, all the way over here..."

[17:12] T looks between jinx and jynx and laughs "Left the stove on, eh? Well, yea, you two go on and see if the heat is on" she giggles and wink to jinx

[17:13] Kristina Locke furrowed her eyebrows and looked across to her dancing companion. "Oh, some cultist lady came by and wanted to place an order for bananas with Ava." She said dryly, in disbelief of her own words.

[17:13] Jinx Gumbo jumps up and flashes a look to her " ready?"

[17:14] Casey: ¿Qué desea hacer a mi carga?

[17:14] Jynx grinned, licking her lips, looking over at T, " I promise I'll probably return her in the condition she is leaving in, maybe with a big grin on her face." She looked to Jinx and nodded, holding her hand outy with a smile, " Shall we?"

[17:14] V lets her hands move over the Interviewee's , "You are wearing more and more clothes lately..." then laughs, "What are you talking about now?"

[17:15] T chcukles to her pet "Kur-Mausk just asked me if I prefered to speak frensh"

[17:15] Casey looks at Mausk, "No hay sólo una persona que puede hacer eso."

[17:15] Gera Heliosense shivers under his tongues and giggles breathless. Without saying a word, she just looks at Transic. Her dark eyes sparkling, golden lights are dancing in them. She gently frees herself but only to take his huge paw and walks to the exit. On the way out she nods to Kristina, smiles at T and V, waves to Mausk and winks to Casey. Whispering a breathless "Goodnight all!"

[17:16] Kristina Locke inclined her head and chuckled. "Well, clothes add to the mystique." She replied casually with a smirk. I'm not sure, some lady in a white hood and sunglasses." She waved toward Gera. "Good night, thanks for coming and sleep well."

[17:16] V turns and beams, "Sleep well Gera!"

[17:17] Transic Pexington looks to Kris, "Oh she will, she will indeed." he looks to gera as they head out together.

[17:18] Haku Akula waves to Trans on the way into the Bordello

[17:19] Gera Heliosense smiles to him, still holding his paw with two hands

[17:19] Gera Heliosense: "Where to now?"

[17:19] Haku Akula wanders into and see's Ori looking a little lonely behind the dj stand, wandering over to keep him company

[17:20] Transic Pexington nods to Haku and then looks to her, "Well now that you have me all to yourself, where to." his words spoken at the same time. Chuckling, "Your island or mine my dear." he pulls her in close as he sniffed her arousal and her complete aroma deep into his lungs.

[17:22] Gera Heliosense: Breathing faster, feeling his hot breath on her skin, she squirms in delight, looking at him with big eyes:"You have an island?" she smirks and slaps his chest playfully:"Nah…you're pulling my leg!" She holds on to his arm:"come!"

[17:25] Transic Pexington slaps her ass playfully as he followed her enjoying the view of her hips as they swayed when she walked. "Have somewhere in mind my dear gera." he leans down to nuzzle her and lick her. He then kissed her lightly only to nibble on her ear next.

[17:26] Gera Heliosense: She giggles breathless and then starts running...