Dienstag, 30. Juni 2009

About a false spy, a "fucktoy" and a discussion on the topic of pregnant slaves

There was a new girl at the gathering spot. She was talking to Sir Jarethe when I joined them. Her name is ashikki and she is owned by Sir Damion, a rather new Master in Glint. And while I inspected Sir Jarethe's latest invention from afar, a so called "sex spreader" and according to Sir Jarethe, the first and only toy designed to bring pleasure not torture, Sir Ulric strolled by. He greeted us, then narrowed his eyes and took a closer look at ashikki. He tapped his teeth in thought and told Sir Jarethe:" Sir, perhaps you would be interested to know that there is a proven spy kneeling at your feet... if I am not mistaken".
ashikki denied this but Sir Ulric only told her that it could easily be proven by removing her clothes as the would be flooging marks on her if she was indeed the said spy. She had to comply. Then Master Ulric ordered me to examine her further, to touch her to make sure there were'nt any marks. I was a little hesitant and asked her if I may touch her.Sir Ulric Dalglish snapped then "Gera, stop being so bloody nice about it. Run your hands over the spy's breasts and thighs now." And I did. There was nothing. Or maybe there were faint marks I could not be sure. And I don't like doing this, I don't like it at all to assist when it comes to interrogations or worse, torture even. But I did because I am a good house slave and because...well it was Sir Ulric who had ordered me to do so...
ashikki's voice became a little cold as she snarled "Sir, one person could dislike having other people touching their *naked* skin".And she growled at me.
Ulric Dalglish shook his head :"You know, I don't need to debate philosophy with you missy. If I suspect you of being a spy I am fully within the law to further an investigation. You're lucky you have the ever so pleasant Gera here and not the more brutal ce or my own v. They'd have you eating sand already"
In the end, as nothing could be proved Sir Ulric and Sir Jarethe said they would check the security tapes again and let the matter rest for now. And Master Ulric bend down and kissed me on the forehead "You are a delightfully obedient slave my dear. A glowing example to others. Thank you for your help" I blushed. Oh my god, he had praised and kissed me.
A new girl, Starling Levitsky had arrived by that time, she seemed sluggish and drugged and Sir Ulric went over to her and greeted her with "wake up fucktoy". We soon learned that this drugged girl was indeed that. Sir Ulric and Valas fucktoy. He adressed her in his very own charming way:"I said wake up, Fucktoy. And you should reply 'Yes, owner. Good morning. I hope you are well. How would you like me to be your fucktoy today?' That's how you should answer if, of course, you want another high.I watched the "fuck toy , feeling so sorry for the poor girl, my heart went out to her but I remained silent and swallowed. Amazed as so often that charismatic charming Ulric can be such a cruel bastard.
Sir Ulric took his toy and they left. Ava and Chy and a few other people had arrived by then. And then an intersting discussion about our neighbors the Breeding Grounds spun off:
janet Quicksand: breeding grounds?
Layla Admiral: Its the pregancy studio nearby in Glint
Layla Admiral: Islanders who want to get pregnant or be milked go there
janet Quicksand: pregancy? as in kids? yeck!
Gera Heliosense: yes we have a lot of pregnancies here...I am Gera the midwife here
janet Quicksand: midwife? well, i guess we do need one then...
Jarethe Anthony shakes his head. "With the amount of fornication that occurs, even with a 99.9% successful rating of means to prevent pregnancy, that point 1 percent, still bites an ass every now and again."
A.: I'd say the nation of Glint has an unusually low birth rate, if anything.
Gera Heliosense: but that changes rapidly now.
Jarethe Anthony: "It'd be even lower... with a few modifications."
Layla Admiral: Hmmm I think all the slaves should be spaded
A. frowns
Layla Admiral: Used for a fucktoy for life, and a fucktoy only
Gera Heliosense: uhm....
Layla Admiral: Not as a woman having the ability to give birth
Gera Heliosense: well Miss...being a house slave is more like being a Geisha
Gera Heliosense: its not all about sex
janet Quicksand: of course not, Gera
Alicia Flanagan nods to sunrise
A. doesn't bother to take the bait, and cracks her neck and adjusts her bow.
Layla Admiral: You can keep your birthing geisha rights
Jarethe Anthony: That is about the style I find exciting. However, it doesn't answer the question in point: Why allow slaves the ability to give birth occassionally?
What is the status of a child, born to a slave?"
Jarethe Anthony: "And what is the child, born to a slave, never exposed to?"
Gera Heliosense: never exposed to? I don't know Sir Jarethe? what?
Jarethe Anthony: What they are never exposed to, is the public schools education that preaches all living souls have the same rights granted just because they were born.
Layla Admiral: Then they are slaves
Gera Heliosense: but if I had a child, my Master would bring it up as his and he would be free
Jarethe Anthony: "Then he still has to prove he has the right to be a master himself."
Jarethe Anthony: "History has taught, that those born of mixed status are always discovered, and confronted
janet Quicksand: welll, i have no inention of hving a child - it ruins your figure...
Jarethe Anthony: If they can't show they are able to earn and fight for the right, then they don't have the right
I became quiet. I had good reasons to. I looked over to Nayeli, and I watched a seagull circling just under the clouds. And my heart became heavy.


  1. i believe in my heart these children will be free here in Glint. Else, they will never have the chance to decide. If they are not born free, my heart would not be able to continue. You once told a Lsdy at the gathering place that we chose this life. i pray the children born here will have that same right. And i thank you for writing this. To me,it is a very important point you have raised.

  2. well...
    the child of a slave is property of the slaves owner. How else should that be? Do we really need a law for that too?
    ...shakes her head and goes back to cleaning her fingernails...blowing a kiss to her midwife and her butterfly