Mittwoch, 9. Dezember 2009

Dark Den - There is no place like home

Gera met La Presidente YT, butterfly and Argent in front of the new court house. YT for a change not naked, looked stunning in a new white dress. During the conversation it became clear that Argent was sitting out a punishment which requivers her to be naked until New Year. But alas, YT told her she could change that if she would grab Gera, tie her to the post and let at least one man have his wicket way with her. Argent didn't hesitate, grabbed Gera and tied her to the post. That very moment an old visitor stopped by, Sir Nalle. He saw Gera, smiled sinister and decided to have fun with her. After some touching and a brief whipping he was called away. Argent freed Gera and whispered to her that they would say, Sir Nalle went all the way, hence Gera was free and Argent could skip her punishement. A male slave overheard them but they were oblivious to that. Then Sir Kayak, another old visitor strolled by and offered to see to Gera's whip marks. There were quite a few people about and it was a sunny day and all was well.

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