Donnerstag, 4. Februar 2010

Dark Den - Gera's situation in Glint

Ever since Sir Dunnagh went missing, some even believe he is dead, Gera lives alone with her son Aindreas Dunnagh. They are under the protection of Sir Illisan. Illisan pays for the home they live in. In return, Gera takes care of his house and plays the willing slave for him. The relation between Illisan and Gera is a not ruled by love. Emotions do not come into it. Its calculated. She is grateful to him that he takes care of her and her son. Illisan does not demand a lot. Whenever he appears after long absences, all he wants is a warm place to come home to, an obidient slave by his feet, a hot meal. Gera is by far not his only possesion. Sir Illisan owns at least five girls. One could say that she is now living the celebate life of a widow. Long gone are the times when she was fresh meat to any visitor who came to Glint. Sometimes friends drop in. Mainly butterfly and Sir Chy, who incidently put up his bed in the house. She does not sit at the gathering spot as often as she used to. New faces have replaced the old friends.It is a quiet life for her in Glint. A place to reflect. Home. When all the changes in Glint took place, instead of participating, she stayed in the backround and watched. This has made her an observer. Life in Glint passes her by like a warm summers breeze...


  1. Dearest sunrise, whenever you come home from wandering, i will be here. There are those that miss you and love you too. Please never forget.

  2. Sweet butterfly, I promise I won't forget. Thanks for reminding me.