Mittwoch, 16. Februar 2011

A radio broadcast

Gera Heliosense clears her throat and taps the microphone:" Uhm...hello?...uhm it goes."

She ruffles through a pile of papers.

"This is the Presidential Daily or something....this will be daily from now is Gera Heliosense speaking, secretary of our beloved Ma’am, La presidente del Glint".

She sits up straight:

"First, the VFZ law is abandoned, the bordello is not a weapon free zone anymore. Uhm...for people who speak normal, ...VFZ means Violence Free that’s not that anymore. Everybody can get their big guns and bows and daggers out there again and shoot around."

She clears her voice again:

"Second... , the resident formerly known as Kahla announces overjoyed her return to the former position of being buttslut. Thats B-u-t-t-s-l-u-t..Not to be confused with Buttplug.
Not that anybody in Glint is called Buttplug anyway...just saying though...yes, anyway. Buttslut....".


"Third... slaves do not have to kneel! There will be two different kinds of them now...unowned slaves are live stock. Owned slaves, are....well....slaves...And the trainers are Live Stock Ressource Managers...that kind a farmer but for humans and other...uhm...creatures."


"And finally... Our beloved Presidente and the whole PRG are looking for a job for our Ava... suggestions, recommondations or ideas, are to be directed to Ma’am herself. She will handle all information confidential.
And thats all for now. Have a lovely day and all that jazz. Over and out."

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