Mittwoch, 10. April 2013

This is not the end...

The last few survivors huddled around the burning crate, their eyes watering as the smoke swirled in the draughts that whistled through the broken window panes.

For a long moment, no-one spoke - the room echoing to the crack of the wood as the flames licked over the shards.  In the distance, barely heard at first, a low rumbling gradually built in volume until the low thrum of powerful engines could be denied no more.

The girl with the long black hair, shaved at one side to a checker-board pattern cleared her throat and spoke, her voice carrying clearly "So.... I guess this is it....". She gestured to the window where, in the gathering darkness the ships stood just off the coast of the island - barely visible clots of threat moving slowly on the swell.

The eyes the last few survivors follow her gesture briefly, then looked away from the window and the sea beyond, turning back to listen.

"Maybe....", she continued, her voice firmer now, "Maybe it is for the best. We have all done what we could to keep the island running but.... well.... I guess now it really is over.  They will flatten it with their missiles or bombs or guns or whatever and some day soon something new will be built up from the ashes here. Something new - something wholesome and good.. Ordinary people, leading their ordinary lives - loving and laughing and crying and fighting and...and...just living... 

She paused for a second or two and glanced around at her faithful friends - slut, Vb, Winter, Jarethe, Mare, Gera, Legion, Rachel, Anne - and thought of all the others who had passed through the land.

She smiled softly at each of them in turn "It's been a blast - thank you. And we'll all go out together. And when the dust is settled, who knows? Maybe we will all meet up again and live ordinary lives, loving and laughing and...and..." Her voice caught and she stopped, fiercely brushing a tear from her eyes.

"It's time now. War is over. Let's go into the light...."

Written by Winter

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