Samstag, 23. Januar 2010

Incorrigible - The Drow Wars, Day 1

Here I was going to post about Gera's adventures in the Drow War as a healer. How she was proudly strutting through the battle field, like an angel of war, helping the wounded, saving them from death...Alas, the reality was quite different.
All gathered at the docks and from there on it was off to the battle field. The Archers first, the healers right behind them. As soon as they reached the field, the first men went down. Some of the best fighters in Incorrigible were among them. Gera was pushed, found herself in the middle of the Archers and was swayed along and found herself in the middle of battle. All around her bodies, warriours falling to the ground next to her. Then a piercing pain in her back and she collapsed to the ground unconcous. She woke up in the infirmary. A deep knife wound between her shoulder blades. She was lucky that the knife had missed her lungs. She won't go anywhere today. But tommorow is another day and hopefully she can then do her duty as a healer and prove herself.

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