Montag, 25. Januar 2010

Incorrigible - Healing the enemy?

Gera found them upstairs at the infirmary. Two drows, the woman with severe wounds and broken bones, the man deep in shock, naked, covered in dirt and blood and painted symbols on his skin and smelling of graveyard.
She called Monty, a fellow healer who was just outside and together they tried to help. A sedative was needed. Now what herb has that effect? Oh yes, Poppy. More people arrived at the infirmary and while the men carried the woman downstairs, Gera remained upstairs with the young male drow, singing to him to sooth him...while downstairs a drama took place, the drow woman screaming for her dagger begging them to stab her. That instant a servent named Tara arrived. She knew them both and knew that the wish of the female drow would have to be granted. And true, something evil left the womans body when she was stabbed by Tara. Monty then cared for her wounds and saved her. What had really happened up there? The dagger, the symbols, the smell of graveyard...Although drows, they were known to live in Incorrigible and were therefore not enemies. Still caution was taken. And it remains to be seen what had happened up there in the loft of the infirmary...

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