Sonntag, 7. November 2010

Just a nice day amongst friends

It has been a while since I was out and about in town. I had buried myself in the office getting aquainted with my new job but today Dunnagh came home and V invited us over to the Bordello. She has done wonderful things to the place and we admired the new furniture and the dancepoles. I even had a spin on it. Many people came in one by one. Mostly the people who I still know from the old days and that was nice. We talked and then we all watched vb producing the main ingredient for the house special, a popular cocktail served in the Bordello.
Later I slipped back into my offical role and greeted a new visitor. His name is Caz and he sits in a wheelchair. He is a professor. V and Lina were with me and we noticed some posters which state "Stamp out corruption - No pool tables". Now V has just bought some pool tables for the Bordello and we do worry what is in store next...


  1. And it was lovely to have you there. Your dance skils are awesome! Looking forward to dancing with you again!

  2. Thank you V. For everything you've done. You know what I mean...*kisses*