Sonntag, 28. November 2010

Snow Queen

Winter broke into Glint over night. Everything is under a thick blanket of snow. Snowflakes dancing from the sky in an endless row like tiny balletdancers. Its so cold that the shoe law was lifted for a while and it feels strange to walk in boots after such a long time being barefoot.
I like the snow. It soothes my heart to see everything covered up. Everything seems softer, quieter. And the coldness matches my soul well.
It took a while but I must accept the fact now that I will never be able to get over this thing that happend with Defiant. It will never be solved. Its like an open wound that can not heal.
I am the snow queen, there is a splinter of glass in my eye. It distorts my vision and freezes my heart. He won't come and pull it out.

I don't see many people lately but when I do its always the people from the old days. That makes it easier to keep going.
I saw Lacey and Sami and even CE is back.

The most curious event though was the return of Chy. Something has happened to him that made him lose his memory. He can not remember who he is and we are all strangers to him. He thinks he is in a dream and we all are just figments of his imagination. I envy him.
And while we all struggle with our small lives, Glint is shocked by bad news. Cara was kidnapped again. They suspect the UN no less.
Goldfire is on the case and his methods promise success. I think of Cara constantly. I pray she will not be harmed. My own guilt enhances my worries. She forgave me but i still haven't forgiven myself.

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