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Dunnagh and Gera - No choice?

[13:36] Dunnagh Scarmon sees her coming towards the police station, gasps and grabs for his paperwork again, putting on a stern expression.

[13:38] Gera Heliosense walks inside the molesteri office, with a confident strde, then stops dead in her track when she spots him sitting there:" What are YOU doing here?" She stares at him almost shocked

[13:43] Dunnagh Scarmon , making a show of being occupied with the papers before him, glances over at her with a black look, his spying on her out the window having given him enought time to prepare himself against the reaction she had to him. "Diggin' up pohtaytohs" he says in a surly voice. Then turns his attention back to the papers.
[13:44] Dunnagh Scarmon: "Well" he continues, not looking at her this time, his attitude dismissive, cold "What you want with us, eh?"

[13:45] Gera Heliosense presses her lips together, narrowing her eyes. She slams the wooden door open and walks towards him:" You mean you work for the Molesteri now?"

[13:48] Dunnagh Scarmon gets to his feet, his own face screwed up in a dangerous scowl, gray eyes hidden by the shadow of his cap and the poor lighting in the office, but spooky glints of light flashing off them now and then. There's some papers in his left hand, forgotten. The rest of his body looks tense and ready for violence, his voice a low growl: "I might.... What's it teh you, any'ow? And 'oo're you teh come chargin' past the barristers?!"

[13:51] Gera Heliosense ignores his last comment and squints her eyes suspiciously, fists on her hips:" You might? You might work for the molesteri? " She pauses and tries to get a glimpse of the documents he is holding:" and what is your position here?"

[13:56] Dunnagh Scarmon 's face whitens and his lips squash against each other to make a colorless hard line. He tosses the papers onto the table and takes several steps up to put himself square and towering before her, his breath loud and fast, in and out of flaring nostrils. Through clenched teeth he growls again: "I do the questionin' in 'ere, little girl, NOT you!" The last two words are almost shouted and now he raises a thick, pushy finger up by her breastbone and face. "'Oo the fuck're YOU teh come chargin' inteh MY office demandin' things?! Eh? I don't answer teh you! Not no more I don't!"

[14:01] Gera Heliosense looks down on his thick finger stabbing her chestbone, slowly she looks up , a mouse against a giant but she does not bat an eyelash as she casually says:" And you might not be aware what MY position is now...Mr. "Oh-so-mighty-Mr. Scarmon. And I didn't demand anything of you...I simply asked you...thought its okay to ask my...former husband..." she bites her lip and looks sad for a moment before pulling herself together again and giving him a determined glance out of sparkling dark eyes" since when are you a Molesteri?"

[14:07] Capitano Mendoza: walks by, frowning deeply, ignoring the two interlopers in his station as he heads out into the snow

[14:08] Gera Heliosense turns briefly and nods to Mendoza

[14:08] Dunnagh Scarmon 's fury pot heats up several more degrees at her defiant attitude. He takes a half step back, bending his knees and doubling over at the waist some so his face is down at the level of her's, the pointing finger still there, his eyes flashing and wide with his fury. "If you think you got some sort'a t'aurity o'er me, missy, you'd best produce it, and fast! 'Cause I'm 'bout this far away from puttin' you in a dark, lonely 'ole, so I am!" The pointing finger now with it's thumb very close to it.

[14:12] Gera Heliosense looks at him wildly and whispers:" You wouldn't do that, you would not go that far...because if you do...then nothing we ever had would mean mean anything..." she trails off, her fingers curled into tight fists. Looking back into his face , which is level with hers she says in a gentle tone:" But if this is what you need to do..."

[14:18] Dunnagh Scarmon gets a look of wonded shock on his face and steps back from her, quickly transforming it into a stoney, some-what defensive scowl. He crosses his arms and paces back and forth before her. "The past is the past, Gera. You made yohr choices and that's that. And you 'ave no business marchin' inteh the Cap'n's offices makin' demands. No, no business a'tall. Nor can you expect teh be treated 'special' on account of what we once 'ad. You must follow the rules like ev'ryone else.... Or deal with the consequences like ev'ryone else." But he makes no move to evict her from the restricted area.

[14:22] Gera Heliosense nods slowly, crossing her arms before her chest like he does, searching in his hard grey eyes before giving up:" Then you better arrest me" She holds her arms out:" Yes Officer Scarmon, arrest me...to hell with the past...who cares eh? Deal with the consequences is what I have been doing for the past year....so go ahead" She looks down and swallows, but still holds her arms out

[14:25] Dunnagh Scarmon stops his pacing and gives her a hard, searching look, trying to read her face for some moments before he speaks, the slender arms offered up to him. When he does speak, his voice is quiet, the edge to it gone: "Are you shore you want teh go down this road, Gera?"

[14:28] Gera Heliosense blinks at his question, then whispers " And you? do you want to go down this road too, my...sir?" She looks at him gentle now, no defence, no agression" she lets her arms sink and sighs, rubbing her temples:" Do we have a choice?"

[14:33] Dunnagh Scarmon was beginning to shake his head energetically at her first two questions, even mores so when she calls him by the old term, but now looks at her as she voices the third, some incredulity on his face, in his voice: "'Course we 'ave choices, Gera- well, usually we do. You, fohr instance, could'a not charged through the barrier there and started paintin' me inteh a corner... I've duties now! Standards teh keep! And you can't 'ave me lookin's soft in front a the Cap'n now!"

[14:39] Gera Heliosense: She steps back:" no of course, we can't have you look soft in front of the Captain" She turns around and walks out of the office, with an expression of sadness and confusion

[14:41] Dunnagh Scarmon looked satisfied as she pushed through the gate to the other side of the barriers. The look changes to a stricken one as she continued on out of the building entirely, leaving him there all alone again.

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