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Beauty and the Beast

23:24] ViV snatches up the bottle of whiskey from the bar
[23:25] Transic Pexington watches the new girl materialize, "And welcome back to the Bordello, hopefully your probing by aliens was not too discomforting." he winks to her, "Need a drink?"
[23:25] ViV lifts the bottle to his lips afterhe twists the cap off. he lets the liquid flow into his mouth and he swallows the warming liduid
[23:27] Gera Heliosense walks in, rubbing sleep from her eyes, doing a double take when she sees 2 of them...uhm...beastly gentlemen, then realizing she knows Mausk. She nods and smiles at the other one:" Aliens?...oh no...i have been asleep, thats all....and yes , thank you..I'll have a drink
[23:28] Transic Pexington nods to her, "What is your preference or poison my dear." he looks her over slowly.
[23:28] ViV smiles at Gera with a sleepy whisky covered grin
[23:29] Gera Heliosense: She gives Mausk a brief smile before looking back at Trasic:" My poison?..." for a moment she eyes the werewolf suspiciously, then she relaxes:" a white russian please"
[23:30] Gera Heliosense: Looking from one beast to the other and feeling rather small she wraps her arms around herself
[23:31] Transic Pexington nods, 'Dah this we can do," giving her his best russian impersonation and failing miserably. Watches her, "My dear please come sit, we are not going to hurt you, no violence in the bordello is permitted." he motions to a seat.
[23:32] ViV lets ut a chuckle "would it help it i kneel down to your size?" he kneels smiling at Gera
[23:34] Gera Heliosense: Inspite of being wary of the werewolf , his funny impersonation of a russian produces a nervous giggle from her and she claps her hand over her mouth, more so when Mausk offers to kneel:" Uhm yes okay...that russian was good and thank you Mausk, yes that might help" and she finally takes a seat
[23:36] Transic Pexington shakes his head, "No. it was aweful, but thank you for being nice," he makes the drink then places it carefully in front of her. "And that one is on me, for being nice." he took out another can of coke opening it by punching a large hole in the top. he then sips it carefully.
[23:36] ViV even kneeling hie stands over a head taller then her. his hot breath pours out his nostrals and over her exposed chest. he lifts his bottle to his lips again taking a deep swig
[23:40] Gera Heliosense: She looks surprised when Transic says the drink is on him, then smiles for the first time fully relaxed, taken by the charme and politeness of the beast, just as she had been impressed with Mausk's wit and manners the other day. Even though she feels Mausks hot stinging breath on her skin and Transic looking so fierce she shifts and sits relaxed, almost flirteous she gives both creatures soft smiles and glances over the rim of her glass.
[23:42] ViV grins and raises a brow to trans then gestures with his eyes to gera and raises his brow giving trans a questioning look and smile
[23:43] Transic Pexington sighs a bit then sits back against the bar back keeping the distance open from her, "Now that is something one does not see often here. A genuine smile." shrugs to ViV slightly, "Where are my manners, the name is Transic, and you are?" he looks to Gera.
[23:45] ViV lets out a sigh thinking that trans wasnt up for what he had in mind... he shrugs and listens between the too
[23:45] Gera Heliosense: She swallows her drink quickly, pressing a delicate hand to her chest:" Pleased to meet you Mr. Transic....and my name is Gera...Gera Heliosense"
[23:47] Transic Pexington nods to her, "Well a pleasure to meet you my dear Gera, I have not seen you around, are you new to Glint?" he was going to work his charm and see how far it got him.
[23:50] ViV stands and winks at trans "Iam... go take a walk... some fresh air, check out the stars and stuff.... i will catch you folks later" he inches out the door
[23:51] Gera Heliosense: Big brown eyes study the werewolf's face honestly and she shakes her head smiling:"Oh no...I have been a citizen here for...wait." she looks up thinking and counting:" For about 3 years now, I've seen governments come and go and...."she stops looking after Mausk"oh yes, bye Mausk"
[23:54] Transic Pexington smiles a toothy grin to her, "Well it is a pleasure to meet you." he watches mausk leave. Looking back to her, "Well then you are one I can pump for information as it were." he winks to her.
[23:57] Gera Heliosense: She widens her eyes but then grinses:" Pumping for information..well....there was a time when you could ...." she shrugs" but yes of course, just ask away whenever you have a question, and may i ask...have you always been ...uhm...this way? " she gestures to his body:" or are you transforming at full moon only?"
[00:00] Transic Pexington looks to her, "Oh this is just because I was a bad boy and now playing bouncer, bartender, and flirt." he looks to her, "So you said there was a time when I could pump you, I am presuming that has changed and you have an owner, or mate, or whatever they are calling it now." he looks her over again slowly as he looked her over, "And what a shame you look like you are a lot of fun to pump." he chuckles trying to keep the mood light.
[00:05] Gera Heliosense: She sets the glass down and slips of the stool coming closer:" Thank you...." she tilts her head:" I have an ex-husband ...but no current mate....and i would not take on a master...oooh...god forbid no..." she waves her hand and blows up her cheeks in a comical way:" What i meant was:" I used to be a slave here...a slave belonging to the government...." She smiles over his last comment and casts her eyes down like a girl who is half flirting, half playing hard to get
[00:09] Transic Pexington looks to her, "I see, well I can understand that and how it would not be good for you." he tentatively extends out two fingers to try and caress her arm if she let him, "And you never know what might happen, and with the new law from the Molestri may have to watch and think about other options." he smiles to her again and winks.
[00:13] Gera Heliosense: she watches as he reaches out to touch her arm and lets him because she likes his charme and the air of danger about him, but looks up concerned over his last words:" How you mean? the new law is only about slaves being registered. But I am no slave, so what do i have to fear?"
[00:16] Transic Pexington nods as he caressed her arm gently, "I am not sure if you have to or not, the Slavers say it is not right and only they should be handling the slaves." he sighs, "Then I hear if you are with someone and they are not registered and someone comes along and takes them, you may not have a right to get that person back." he sips the drink then looked to her, "And here I am going and scaring a new friend, I am sorry. And if it came down to that, I would stop them from taking you if you did not want to go." he winks to her as he caressed her skin with just the fur of his two fingers.
[00:21] Gera Heliosense nods:" Ah yes, now i see what you mean...yes its never been a safe place for females here...mind you, I survived...even without male protection...but as things are now...hm...it would probably be good to have...a strong friend." she watches his paw caressing her arm so gently and even ansers that wink with a smile and crunching her nose:" you are very charming...like a knight in shining ...fur" she giggles, cupping her mouth as she does. Then suddenly she looks up:"Oh damn, i forgot the time, i have to go Mr. Transic"
[00:23] Transic Pexington nods to her, 'Well when friends start talking and all, may I ask a small favor before you go." he looks to her smiling.
[00:26] Gera Heliosense: She studies his pale blue gray eyes and after a pause nods:" yes...certainly...what favor?"
[00:27] Transic Pexington leans in very close his warm breath brushing her lips, "A kiss from such a lovely lady. if you would do me the honor."
[00:29] Gera Heliosense: She hesitates, staring at his beastly face, feeling his hot breath on her lips. Then she swallows and and her lips part into a smile" Yes, since it will be the kiss of a gentleman." she closes her eyes and puckers her rosy lips, trembling just slightly but offering her lips bravely
[00:33] Transic Pexington leans in closer being careful not touch her other then where his fingers are still running along her arm. He lets his lips touch hers gently and softly. As he pulled back from her, "I promise the next time I request of such beautiful, I will be in my human form." he looks to her, "Now go before I keep you here too long."
[00:34] Transic Pexington: of such a beautiful girl,*
[00:36] Gera Heliosense: She recieves his kiss, is quite taken by his charme and respectful manner and opens her eyes surprised:" so you do have a human form...yes that would be nice" she blushes slightly and turns to go, giving him a little wave:" Goodbye until the next time, Mr. Transic" and with that she leaves.

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