Dienstag, 22. September 2009

An act of love

Here is the sign they hung up at the rack by the gathering spot.
But I also talked to YT and I talked to Presidente Ava and she told me this:
"Yes, hun. She is free from all of the expectations, the daily grind of being La Presidente. I have taken that on for her, because I love her, and would do anything for her. So now...instead of being called on to fix every problem, arrest every lawbreaker...she can do as she likes."
And YT told me:
people cry because i get raped?
people are shocked because i am wearing a collar?
who am i?
the pope?
people want to see what they have seen in me
I felt ashamed when she said that, because I was guilty of this as everybody else.


  1. if she is the pope then i must be "saint slut".

    what we all need to remember is that for 2 years Ma'am has been "the" mistress for many of us. It is not easy being the Dom* in any relationship. Oh it may appeal to some; the thought of having so much power over another but real Dom*s know that it is the subs that have the easy job.

    Dom's "have to be strong" and "have to be firm" and "have to be responsible". they are the ones looking out for our safety, they are the ones that have to do the hard and often stressful things that keep us in that subspace we love so well; they are the controlling ones, they have to make the decisions and in the end it is they that have the 'performance anxiety' and worry if they have pleased us.. they walk a tightrope between "am i going far enough" or "am i going too far". I do not envy the Dom's; the good ones are worthy of our worship. Most that try fail dismally but there are some, like Ma'am, that are truly gifted and instinctively know how to make a sub purr.

    as a switch it can be difficult to stay constantly in the Dominant role. a switch knows and craves the same "subspace" feeling that we subs know very well. it is a powerful craving and for so long this fulfillment has been denied to her. We place her on a pedestal, idolize her, and want to protect her but our feelings and desires to look out for her and protect her keeps her from experiencing part of the experience that she craves. It is our selfish desires to have her be the "Dominant" that WE want her to be. This is totally backwards. As subs we should place
    what she wants and needs ahead of what we want from her.

    We are sometimes our worst enemies at the den. We are all there to act out force rp scenes and i have seen several times that a would be kidnapper/rapist arrives and starts to assault one of the slaves (or a guest) and immediately the collective friends of the slave leap to her rescue. We all want to watch out for our friends but why are we there? i WANT to be (RP)raped, i WANT to be (RP)kidnapped...

    i am Ma'am's property and i would die before allowing her to be raped in rl; we all know that what we do at the Den is roleplay, it is playful and fun. i am rarely "roleplaying" with my owner so the very idea of turning away and not helping her when she is being attacked (in RP) is quite uncomfortable to me. it goes against my nature and is one of the hardest things i have ever done in sl. I absolutely want to let her experience the RP but it takes a great effort to witness an assault beginning and not get in the middle to shield her and offer whatever protection i can but that is what we need to do. We need to allow her to experience her sub side. We need to allow our friends to experience their sub sides too.

  2. Yes of course. I understand that now [And don't forget this blog is written IC by Gera. It does not always reflect the ooc opinion of the real person behind Gera ;) ]

  3. While being in the Den RPing as both a sub and a Dom AV, I have made some very keen observations that I would like to share.
    First let me start by saying this, in truth, there are no true Dom/mes or true subs. We all have each in us and they have very different needs and desires. We are all switches with various degrees of the Dom/me or sub side in us. If you wish to argue this point please feel free and I will give my argument to the contrary.

    Second thing I have noticed is that there are those that have used the the RP as just a way to achieve or aquire a free sex partner. While this is fine in most cases, there are those within the den that are there for the RP aspect of things and not for the sex, while a good RP may lead to sex, sex isn't the motive for being there.

    Third and final comment, I am very happy to see that YT is getting the opertunity to have her sub needs met. I feel that everyone needs to be able to achieve the same satisfaction from the RP. I myself have made a sub alt just to achieve this. (and no I am not mentioning my alts here). Since the needs between Dom/mes and subs are so different, it is very important that we as RPers pay attention to the RP to determine what the needs of an AV are at that time by careful listening and dialogue. Slut is a good example of a sub AV that also has a touch of Domme in her. If you watch her RP, and she is very good at it I might add, you can see both sides of her showing at times. Within the BDSM community we would refer to her as an alpha sub, a sub by nature but also possessing or earning the leadership role when it comes to other subs.

    Final thought, watch the RP carefully and you can see what roles the AV's are playing at the time and it will tell you their needs or desires. See you all in PRG!

    Deacon Dimsum