Mittwoch, 16. September 2009


Her name is Clair and she made the vital mistake of being disrespectful to Sir Illisan.
"Tell her what I am able to do, sunrise!" he ordered me and before I could answer, Clair responded:" Yeah you mean peeing upright?"
Sir Illisan growled he would teach her about peeing upright. He catured her, secured her to the post and forced several liters of water down her throat. Then we waited and it wasn't long until the poor girl couldn't hold her water any longer and had to empty her bladder right there. At the gathering spot.In public and in front of everybody she had to pee upright.
And even while I write this down I tremble with excitement. Sure there is compassion too but why am I so excited about this incident? Could it be that...I am really into this? Oh my gosh, what a bad girl I must be to find this stimulating.

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