Dienstag, 8. September 2009


Today Ava gave a speech at the auction block.Everybody had come for this was a very important speech. My beloved Ma'am has resigend as Presidente and has appointed Ava to take her place. There will be a lot of changes in Glint now. We are finally allowed to wear shoes, stockings too. Its an exciting time for Glint and its citizans. And me...I am sad, I need time to cope with this. YT was Glint for me. She was the spirit of Dark Den. I do have a great respect for Ava, our new Presidente. I am sure she will rule Glint wonderfully. And the new changes she made, make her popular already. But I will miss Ma'am. Her moods, her arrogance, her humor, her wisdom, her warmhearted understanding for everything. I know I must try to let go. If you love somebody , you want that person to be happy. YT will now live in Nayeli, in a tent. She formed a new tribe, the "Pawme". I can still see her, she didn't change. She is still there. Only in a different attire...

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