Montag, 30. November 2009

Dark Den - Sir Illisan is back

...and he came back with a vengeance. More than his usual "charming" self he was force-seducing a girl who was tied to a pole when Gera arrived. He performed the act on her as Argent and Gera looked on.
He then ordered Argent to kiss Gera while he tried to force the tied up girl to lick his boots. Argent got under Gera's skin. Meanwhile the tight up girl vomited. A grotesc and bizarre scene.
Later Lacey asked Gera how it is going with Sir Illisan. She said she is grateful he is back. And yes they get on fine ever since he broke her in. But the union is not based on love. Its a master and his future wife holding a slave relationship. Its not like it was with Dunnagh.
More people came. A silent man, a man called Bear and someone named Olli. The gathering spot was almost as crowded as in the old days. Argent was holding Gera's hand until her master called her away.

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