Mittwoch, 18. November 2009

Princess Gera's first day in the kingdom of Beauty

Princess Gera arrived at Beauty in the early morning hours. She met a friendly count and a Princess, who was naked and showed her around. After the tour she was taken back to the Inn where she was introduced to the Arch Duchess, a sister to the Queen. She was stripped naked and a chastity belt was put on her, so that her virginity may stay intact for as long as the Queen would desire.
She then met Princess Alice who told her about the things that may await her. Alice took her to the sleeping quarters and later to the market square. Another Count arrived. He orderd his servant to put cuffs on Gera. Then she was chained to an archbow that displayed her for all to see. The Count announced that here the first lesson would start. Princess Gera was spanked, first by hand, then with the whip by several nobel men. A Count first, then a Baron, then a rough Lord. She was left there in her restraints, awaiting the night...

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