Montag, 30. November 2009

Incorrigible - The Pestilence

Pestilence having descended on the realm, there are no unclaimed supplies--no food, no water, no wood. Bees are swarming and attacking anyone without honey...

Lady Gera thought she would be safe in the tavern. After a horrendeous run through the woods, fleeing from an agressive swarm of bees, she was shaken,tattered and torn. Her dress was in shreds. She had severe cuts on her arms and chest where tree branches had whipped her.
Here in the tavern were others. All people who had seeked shelter.
Alas, another swarm attacked the Tavern shortly after. They were trapped. Their only protection a few meads of honey. But by that time they were already covered in stings. Gera and a man named Jon were severly injured. But there were healers with them who saw to their wounds.
Sgt. Dunnagh arrived at the tavern, saw his lady unconcious and stayed by her side, applying ointment to her wounds...

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