Donnerstag, 10. Juni 2010

The shape of things to come

I love Glint. And I never lost trust in my country, no matter how many...uhm...accidents happened. The world is not perfect but we can try to make it a better place. And Glint has run through a lot of changes over time. The idea came from cookie. I don't know how serious she takes this but as for me I take it serious. Our goal is to fight for equal rights. Therefore , today we will make a peaceful protest march through the streets of DD and demand UNDERWEAR for the women of Glint. I've got my fighting gear on and I prepared protest signs. And I hope they will listen to us and negociate in peace after we have said our piece.


  1. Gera!
    Nasty underwires restricting our bounciness, and impaling us on their spikiness when they manage to break through. Scratchy lace chaffing our poor overworked nipples? Horrible nasty gussets causing us all to have terrible bouts of thrush?
    Medically speaking, I can't recommend it

  2. Yes Tara but see? this is not about medical physical things, its about the spirit, the soul...underwear as a symbol of freedom and equality. PLease try to understand our view.