Donnerstag, 12. August 2010


Well, as it so happens I was entered into a contest about who is sexier. It was Alley's idea and she chose Coria and me. I tried my best, painted my face, puffed cigs with a long holder and swayed my hips alot but when Sir Defiant saw me he only shook his head and offered me this: He will show me how to be sexy, he will be my coach and teach me. He will be my Prof. Higgins and I will be his Eliza.
Meanwhile Jez still tries to get at me, everytime she sees me. And I think I know why she does it now.


  1. No one needs to show my Gera how to be sexy. And anyone trying to do so is screwing with the perfect thing I've got and I won't take kindly to it.