Samstag, 14. August 2010

Walking on thin ice

[11:38] Lil: Hi Seabreeze!

[11:38] Jezebel Darkstone: there use to be a cross ther..but someoen stole it

[11:38] Gera Heliosense: Hey everybody!

[11:38] Briel Mynx: Hiya, sea

[11:39] Vala Renfold: Not sure its a sandcastle bucket but more a dog cum bucket...

[11:39] Hug & Kiss 2.02 Deluxe: Eefje Afarensis invited you to a couple animation, choose 'yes' to accept

[11:39] Vala Renfold: Hiya seabreeze

[11:39] Lil: Yuck

[11:39] Hug & Kiss 2.02 Deluxe: say /50stop to stop the animation prematurely

[11:39] Vala Renfold snickers at Lil

[11:39] Briel Mynx pulls a sour face, "Can't we just say sand castles and little forts and leave it at that?"

[11:39] Jezebel Darkstone smirks seeing Seabreeze " hello seabreeze"

[11:39] Lil: Hmm... haven't talked to you in a while

[11:39] Gera Heliosense smiles over to the girls while she hugs Lil

[11:40] Gera Heliosense: Yes I know, but you see, I am in training

[11:40] Lil smiles back: "Hao have you been?"

[11:40] Vala Renfold chuckles again

[11:40] Lil looks surprised: "Oh, for...?"

[11:40] Jezebel Darkstone: oh training for what seabreeze?

[11:41] Gera Heliosense: Oh I am training to become sexy

[11:41] Vala Renfold stretches out both hands and plays with the tails she finds

[11:41] Jezebel Darkstone: oh you ean you need " snickers" training for that

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[11:41] Lil smiles... why would you need training for that?

[11:42] Jezebel Darkstone: i guess it just doesn't come naturally fr some

[11:42] Jezebel Darkstone: for*

[11:42] Gera Heliosense: Sir Defiant is my coach...and I need to train very hard , yes

[11:42] Gera Heliosense: I've got a lot to learn

[11:43] Briel Mynx's tail sways, wrapping up around V's wrist, her expression quizical, "How do you teach how to be sexy?"

[11:43] Jezebel Darkstone starts to purr at Vala touch only to bust up laughing hearing seabreeze " Definat is training you?!? oh this will be good.

[11:43] Lil: Wel... oddly... you would expect he would need to be sexy himself to know how to teach it...

[11:44] Vala Renfold looks around her, "Everyone is sexy in their own unique way." she grins as her fingers scratch each tail tip.

[11:44] Jezebel Darkstone: now know that's just not true..some are sexy..others are cute..and others are just down right ugly.

[11:45] Briel Mynx blinks, a shiver running up her spine and her tail poofing out to twice it size in fluff at the strange sensation. She blushes and grabs her tail

[11:45] Gera Heliosense: Well" She pushes out her chest in defence:" There is more to it than people think" She counts on her fingers:" Flirting, making people want you...and then...keeping them away from you"

[11:45] Vala Renfold nods, "A man's defination of sexy is diffrent to a woman's..." she nods , "Aye some are downright ugly but have their own inner sexiness, you have to look hard but can find it."

[11:45] Lil looks pensive... well.. ugly to some may be attractive to others *shrugs*

[11:45] Jezebel Darkstone: But i'm sure if seabreeze thinks..spending with Definat..will make her sexy, then she won't mind the bulge her tummy will make before long

[11:46] Gera Heliosense looks at Jez confused:"What bulge?"

[11:46] Lil looks at seabreeze's very flat tummy: "That would be a shame... or sexy in it self"

[11:47] Vala Renfold smiles at Bree's blush and bats at her tail, the hand on slutling's tail moves along the entire length till her fingers tap at the base as she listens to the talk.

[11:47] Jezebel Darkstone: Oh so he's teaching you to be a tease then to go along with slutty ways also seabreeze. And if you don't know how a woman get a bulge..go ask definate..i'm sure he will be more than willing to show you..again

[11:47] Lil whispers to the side:"a baby bulge"

[11:47] Briel Mynx points to her belly, "A baby bump. . .or buldge. Whichever."

[11:48] Gera Heliosense nods slowly:" Ah that kind of bulge....She tilts her head and observes Jez's tummy closly

[11:48] Briel Mynx: Seabreeze, why do you think you need the training, anyways?

[11:49] Lil nods: "As I said, I wondered too"

[11:49] Vala Renfold wonders, "Is sexy slutty slutling?"

[11:49] Jezebel Darkstone grins at seabreeze watching her look at my tummy " likemy tattoo seabreeze?"

[11:50] Gera Heliosense looks at Bree:"Well you see, Bree...Alley entered me into the sexyness contest...and I must not dissapoint her..."She turns and looks at Jez:" Yes...uhm...nice tatoos"

[11:50] Jezebel Darkstone: depends ont he slutty Mistress

[11:50] Briel Mynx: slutty can be sexy, it just isn't the only kind of sexy.

[11:52] Briel Mynx adds matter-of-factly, "If it exists, there is someone on earth who finds it sexy."

[11:52] Lil furrows her brow: "How do you measure 'sexy'?"

[11:52] Jezebel Darkstone: hmm yes..i just spent several days tied to a desk getting tattooed. Definat did a good job for all that i was wiggling about

[11:52] Vala Renfold laughs, "Ahh that interesting word, 'depends' very true slutling" she nods, "And also true Bree."

[11:53] Lil grins at bree: "Philosphical today?"

[11:53] Lil: (missed an o somewhere)

[11:53] Gera Heliosense nods:"Why did you let him tattoo you , Jez? I thought you despise him?"

[11:54] Jezebel Darkstone leans over and nuzzles Vala" I do despise him..I didn't have much of a choice. He wantted to do it and he is stronger than i am

[11:54] Briel Mynx giggles, "Nope, I just read too many of Jomei's secret books."

[11:54] Lil: Hehe... what titles?

[11:54] Jezebel Darkstone: as much as you like to imagine that im some super slut Seabreeze.. I do have some standards

[11:55] Briel Mynx: I'm not allowed to repeat them, Lil, too many bad words.

[11:55] Vala Renfold chuckles and licks slutling's cheek, "Mmm tasty." she grins, "Of course you do slutling and yes he is stronger than you."

[11:55] Gera Heliosense: "Hm..." she watches Jez, not believing a word she says

[11:55] Lil chuckles: "Sure... sure..."

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[11:55] Jezebel Darkstone nuzzles vala hand grinning " hmm yes"

[11:56] Lil: But slutkins has knives at hand... and if he isn't paying attention...."

[11:57] Vala Renfold's hand holds slutling's cheek tightly, she nods, "He is an arrogant son of a..."

[11:57] Cara Lionheart: Hello ladies, how is everyone?

[11:57] Jezebel Darkstone laughs slightly " you try making a grab to knives when your hands are full of either laundry, or release papers and he's forcing cuffs on you

[11:57] Jezebel Darkstone: Hello Cara

[11:57] Lil: Hi cara, and welcome back Janay

[11:58] Briel Mynx: Hiya, Cara, hiya again, Janay!

[11:58] Gera Heliosense: Hello Presidente

[11:58] Lil: Ah, sure... but you're not doing that all the time

[11:58] Jezebel Darkstone: Cara, Seabreeze and Lil don't believe tha definat can over power me

[11:58] Cara Lionheart: Someone bothering you sluttling?

[11:58] Vala Renfold glances to her left, "Hey Prez, nice kip Janay?"

[11:58] Jezebel Darkstone: i'm nto doing what Lil? Doing my job?

[11:58] Cara Lionheart: Oh that man.

[11:59] Janay Freenote: he has strength and an ego, he can overpower

[11:59] Cara Lionheart: Yes...he can.

[11:59] Lil: holding laundry or papers...

[11:59] Cara Lionheart: he's an arrogant prick and I'd like to kick his ass. But I chose him because yes he is that strong.

[12:00] Jezebel Darkstone: Well no..when i wasn't i was chained to the desk.. and he was tattooing

[12:00] Vala Renfold chuckles, "There are many ways to overpower..."

[12:00] Gera Heliosense shrugs:"Hm..."

[12:00] Lil: Biding your time, you COULD find an oportunity yo turn the tables... not that I say you should...

[12:00] Jezebel Darkstone: Hmm it's seem to be implying that i'm lieing about this

[12:01] Jezebel Darkstone: tell you what lil..i'll chain you to my desk for up to 6 or 8 hours and i'll tattoo your whole body and you tell me if you have any strength or desire to fight me

[12:01] Vala Renfold shakes her head, "Seabreeze surely not.."

[12:01] Gera Heliosense looks at Jez, holding her gaze bravely as she whispers:"yes"

[12:01] Lil shakes her head and sighs... "Not at all... I just mean, you could get your chance in the future"

[12:02] Jezebel Darkstone smirks at seabreeze " very well then seabreeze. Prove that i am lieing

[12:02] Cara Lionheart shakes her head "I think she hopes for the chance to be chained to his desk, personally."

[12:02] Jezebel Darkstone: oh i'm sure she's getting that cara..he's training her to be sexy you see

[12:03] Gera Heliosense taps her lip with her finger:" I can't prove it, but I know that you are lying"

[12:03] Cara Lionheart eyes seabreeze up and down and nods "hmm must be early in the lessons yet, I feel no desire to jump her"

[12:03] Jezebel Darkstone nods and looks to cara" i want seabreeze arrested for slander Cara"

[12:04] Gera Heliosense goes pale

[12:04] Briel Mynx cuts in, her voice small but clear, 'it isn't really illegal to argue with someone, is it?"

[12:04] Cara Lionheart pulls out her law book and flips through it " on furniture...;loitering.... Nope, looks like slander isn't illegal, sorry sluttling. Of course, you can kick her ass just for the sheer fun of it"

[12:04] Lil frowns: "How can you know it, seabreeze?"

[12:05] Jezebel Darkstone: she isnt' arguing bree..she has called me a liar

[12:05] Vala Renfold looks over her shoulder at Cara and smiles, "My a whole book of laws, very clever."

[12:05] Briel Mynx: People say thing like that when they argue. . .it's different than, say, spreading the same thing around, or putting up posters, or whatever."

[12:05] Lil: Well..... don't we all lie sometimes?

[12:06] Cara Lionheart winks at Vala "it's a small book and the writing is reallllly big"

[12:06] Jezebel Darkstone: oh very well Cara..." looks to Seabreeze" I will give you a chance to prove i'm a liar Seabreeze.. Next time you see Definat you will ask him PUBLICLY how I got my tattoos

[12:07] Vala Renfold winks back, "Ahh handy for those 'hard to see' occasions" she smiles to herself thinking of 'hard to focus' moments

[12:07] Cara Lionheart sighs "I'd have gone with the ass-kicking, myself"

[12:07] Gera Heliosense: I can do that of course but its not about the tattooes

[12:07] Briel Mynx: What's it about, seabreeze?

[12:07] Jezebel Darkstone shakes her head " oh's the tattoos you are saying i'm lieing about Seabreeze

[12:08] Vala Renfold considers, absintedly mindedly sucking on her little finger, "Some men finds bruises and such sexy I guess."

[12:09] Lil nudges Seabreeze on: "So, what IS it about, can you tell?"

[12:09] Jezebel Darkstone leans over takes vala's hand and sucks ont he inger that was jsut in her mouth

[12:09] Briel Mynx scrunches her face, "What's sexy about bring hurt?"

[12:10] Jezebel Darkstone: i ahven't seen seabreeze do anything sexy yet bree

[12:10] Gera Heliosense: Its about making love" She looks down and plays with her skirt:" Thats all...and its really nothing to be ashamed of..

[12:10] Lil shrugs :"Some men like to be walked on with high heels"

[12:10] Jezebel Darkstone blinks " making... " roars with laughter " She's in love with definat!! " bends over slapping her knees from laughing so hard

[12:11] Vala Renfold's fingers does a dance with slutling's tongue and she licks her lips the blinks, "'Making love'! oh my, not heard that expression for like yonks."

[12:11] Cara Lionheart snorts "did she just say 'making love'? Seabreeze you think when Def bends you over whatever is handy, that's love? It's called 'fucking', girl...and it's about satisfying his physical need, nothing more. Don't flatter yourself."

[12:11] Gera Heliosense nods, looking at them all bravely."I was talking about Jez"

[12:12] Janay Freenote laughs then shakes her head

[12:12] Jezebel Darkstone: you think i'm in love with Definat?!?! " laughs even harder

[12:12] Cara Lionheart leans against the lightpole "I'm sorry...Slutling understands what fucking is...there's no love there"

[12:13] Briel Mynx looks at Sea strangely, "What makes you think she's in love with him, or all people?"

[12:13] Vala Renfold shakes her head then asks in a soft voice, "What ever gave you that idea seabreeze?"

[12:14] Jezebel Darkstone holds onto Vala to stay standing as she laughs

[12:14] Gera Heliosense shrugs" Because I heard them"

[12:14] Lil looks at Seabreeze expactantly: "Did you observer something? Or did Sir convince you?"

[12:14] Janay Freenote yawns and heads up tot he roof so she can listen but nap a bit

[12:15] Vala Renfold's arm sneaks around slutling's waist, her nails running up and down her skin as she listens

[12:15] Cara Lionheart's shoulders shake in silent laughter "next you'll say I'm in love with him too. And then what? Janay is in love with Bart?"

[12:15] Jezebel Darkstone gulps lungfulls of air as she stnds wipping tears " oh do tell us seabreeze what did you hear?"

[12:16] Lil: wasn't Bart 'married' to you, Cara?

[12:16] Janay Freenote looks down at lil's words then laughs, "no she was collared to him."

[12:16] Jezebel Darkstone leans against vala relishing in her touch

[12:16] Cara Lionheart nods "Oh and while you're at it, tell us how you heard it...are you listening in at doors and windows? You might need a hobby."

[12:16] Cara Lionheart winks at Lil "yeah but he cheated so I got an are so fickle"

[12:17] Lil smiles and nods: "Yeah, I heard... and rightly so"

[12:17] Gera Heliosense looks over to Cara with a serious face, then back to Jezz: She swallows.

[12:17] Janay Freenote looks at cara as she realized what she said a couple mins ago, "me? bart? Yes i can see that getting past aidan." She grins"

[12:17] Cara Lionheart shoots Sluttling a look "Watch it, demon. I was never collared to bart. Never. I agreed to 'try' training. It lasted 3 days before I tried to kill him. I was never and will never be his."

[12:18] Vala Renfold leans against slutling, her mouth turned to kiss then she looks up at the Prez's words and frowns, "Hmmm listening at doors and windows, isn't that spy behavior?"

[12:18] Briel Mynx looks to cara quickly, surprised, "Why'd you agree to try it in the first place? You seemkinda independent, for training like that."

[12:19] Jezebel Darkstone blinks " i know that's Lil who is talking about Bart not me. I'm waitting on seabreeze to tell me how she know i'm " holds her fingers up in quotes" in love with Definat

[12:19] Janay Freenote: i thought it was two days

[12:19] Cara Lionheart nods to Bree "I'll tell y'all the full story .... after we decided if Miss V is right and seabreeze is a spy"

[12:19] Lil chuckles at the confusion

[12:21] Janay Freenote looks down at bree then arches an eybrow, "you know an independent mind can be a sub."

[12:21] Io Vaher: looks at the gaggle of women chatting and decides to steer clear of them

[12:21] Briel Mynx looks back up and nods, 'A sub, but not quite as extreme as a slave. it's hard to dedicate your life's worth to a person, depends on them, and retain all your independence."

[12:21] Lil waves at the shy IO

[12:22] Cara Lionheart waves at Bones and Io

[12:22] Vala Renfold nods to Cara then looks at seabreeze, "So.. do tell seabreeze." she turns and waves to Io

[12:22] Briel Mynx waves at Io, smiling

[12:22] Bones61 Braveheart: waves back at Cara

[12:22] Io Vaher: waves to the ladies as he goes towards the baths

[12:22] Janay Freenote snorts, "I dedicated myself to my former master and retained who i was. He wanted me to be myself and was his wish."

[12:23] Jezebel Darkstone: i think she has fallen mute, Mistress

[12:23] Cara Lionheart sighs "girls, girls, we're distracting poor seabreeze when she's about to admit to being a spy....shhh. confession is hard sometimes."

[12:23] Briel Mynx shrugs up at Janay, "Guess I've just seen a lotta girl who've, like, fused to their doms, and vice-versa. Though, not all of em have."

[12:24] Vala Renfold shakes her head, "I agree with Janay Bree, it depends on the owner and well that word depends again.."

[12:25] Gera Heliosense looks down:" Just that you lied to Sir Illisan, saying that you don't have sexual relations with Defiant...and later that day, when I was checking out the new popcorn machine I heard you. It wasn't hard, everybody could have heard you. I think you even knew because later when you saw me , you asked me if I got the blues, like you always tease me....

[12:26] Jezebel Darkstone: Hmm calling me a lair again.. I told Illsan that I didn't fuck Defiant when he first arrived. If i remember correctly you called me a liar then too

[12:26] Cara Lionheart blinks "was this when I found you hovering around on the courthouse porch and you showed me the popcorn machine?"

[12:26] Briel Mynx nods, understanding, "Yeah. . .the women around here seem more independent."

[12:26] Janay Freenote shrugs and looks at bree, "Its not a place for every girl. Many try and want to buck the horse instead of submit. Its a thing of the heart. Its a desire from within. It can't always be taught until you desire to do so."

[12:26] Jezebel Darkstone: What day was that Cara? you know he's had me in there tattooing me fore several days now

[12:26] Vala Renfold nods, "No not mute but...." she listens to seabreeze's words, "Again that lying word and more hovering, hmmm" she frowns

[12:26] Gera Heliosense nods:" yes Presidente"

[12:29] Cara Lionheart tilts her head "And yet, I heard nothing but some mumbled words...the sound of the popping kernels of corn nearly drowned out the words entirely. did you hear anything? I suspect an ear pressed to the wall...."

[12:29] Lil: So, Jez was loud... screaming in pain or pleasure?

[12:30] Cara Lionheart: Tattoos can be painful if done...brutally

[12:30] Jezebel Darkstone looks at Lil smirks" i'm aways loud..arent' i Mistress?" smiles to Vala

[12:30] Jezebel Darkstone: have you seen where i'm tatted this time? " looks to Cara, points to the lip and eye tatts..the palm of her hands

[12:31] Janay Freenote giggles, "even when you walk sluttling." She sticks out her tongue

[12:31] Jezebel Darkstone: talk about painfull

[12:31] Lil: Ouch!

[12:31] Vala Renfold nods gravely, "A Presende has to be wise and you Prez are truely wise and perhaps your suspicions are well founded. "she grins, "Aye slutling you are indeed loud and I wouldn't have it any other way." she nods, "Very painful places indeed."

[12:32] Jezebel Darkstone: hurt worse than when Mistress put toothpaste on my cutn

[12:32] Gera Heliosense sighs

[12:32] Briel Mynx recoils, "Eye tattoos? Going for the places that hurt the worst, first?

[12:32] Vala Renfold laughs, "Now that was fun for me and a treat for you.." she winks to slutling

[12:32] Jezebel Darkstone nods to bree and looks to seabreeze " so tell us more of what you ....heard..seabreeze"

[12:34] Cara Lionheart: and... what I'd really like to know is how this is proof of you being in love or 'making love', sluttling...

[12:34] Lil looks nonchalant saying: "Oh, I have had eye piercings, even"

[12:34] Briel Mynx looks at Lil like she's lost her mind, "Hell, how can you see with piercings through your eyes?"

[12:35] Janay Freenote giggles, "I wanna see sluttling in love in general. Wonder what that'd look like"

[12:35] Jezebel Darkstone: the only man I make 'love' to is my Master

[12:35] Cara Lionheart looks up at Janay "I've seen it 'Nay....when she is with Drake"

[12:35] Jezebel Darkstone: and if you remember janay, cara..I can't stay away from him

[12:35] Lil: well.. it was in a circle, around the pupil ((cornea transplant))

[12:35] Vala Renfold nods folding her arms, "Straight to the crux of the matter oh wise Prez." she looks straight at seabreeze and waits for her answer, her right foot tapping

[12:36] Briel Mynx nods, a small smile across her mouth, "You wait for him so long, you better be in love with him, slutling."

[12:36] Janay Freenote sighs, "I can't remember the last time she was with drake. Its been so long so i can't remember what that lookd like."

[12:36] Jezebel Darkstone grins at bree

[12:37] Gera Heliosense shrugs" No its okay, La presidente said that nothing could be heard and La presidente's word is law

[12:37] Cara Lionheart leans against the post again and sighs wistfully "some things are worth waiting for, if they'd ever come back..." she stares out towards the seas and sighs again

[12:38] Cara Lionheart looks back to seabreeze, irritation flashing across her face "are you getting flippant with me, breezy? My patience does have a limit, you know."

[12:39] Lil nudges seabreeze again, whispering: "Just tell them"

[12:39] Jezebel Darkstone looks to seabreeze " I would demand an apology but then that would imply i care what you think about me. But I do think you owe the others here one for lieing to them. Hmmm " rubs her chin " and 3 days naked should do it

[12:39] Briel Mynx looks confused, "How can you un-hear or un-see something cause someone tells you to?"

[12:40] Vala Renfold's hand moves to her collar, her fingers trailing over the rusty almost loose fastening as she listens to Cara's words and whispers, "Perhaps, waiting.." then sighs. Grinning, "Uhoh seabreeze, naked is definitely sexy in Glint."

[12:40] Gera Heliosense looks back at Cara, shaking her head slowly:" No Presidente, I was not , forgive me"

[12:41] Cara Lionheart tilts her head "yes naked...naked to all for the lies. But something more...for the spying...hmmm. I need a breezesitter."

[12:41] Jezebel Darkstone: Ooo i know Cara..Assins her to cum drop

[12:41] Jezebel Darkstone: he needs some breeding time

[12:42] Vala Renfold snorts

[12:42] Briel Mynx claps a hand over her mouth to hide a snicker at the idea

[12:42] Cara Lionheart: No, she'll ruin him, he's too new. She'll have him talkikng all wimpy and showing no backbone....and that just won't do.

[12:42] Lil: Aww,,, don't sit on seabreeze!

[12:42] Gera Heliosense watches them all carefully, she touches for Lil's hand

[12:42] Cara Lionheart watches the two girls "Lil? You are her friend, yes?"

[12:43] Lil nods: Yes, I am

[12:43] Cara Lionheart nods to herself "And you'd like to keep her out of trouble?"

[12:43] Vala Renfold chuckles, "Bike saddle, toothpaste, simple"

[12:44] Jezebel Darkstone grins at vala" but then she'd never get off the bike, Mistress

[12:44] Briel Mynx looks at V suspiciously, "Depends where the toothpaste is going. . ."

[12:45] Lil nods again: "yes... I do... " looks at her friend... adds at a low voice: "Like with SIr that time"

[12:45] Vala Renfold nods, "Stop her from hoovering and 'not spying'"

[12:45] Gera Heliosense casts her eyes down, holding on to her friends hand

[12:46] Lil squeezes her hand

[12:46] Jezebel Darkstone: I don't think lil can keep her out fo trouble Cara..or she would have stopped seabreeze from getting her self into this mess

[12:46] Cara Lionheart: Alright then, here's how this will work. Seabreeze, you will go naked for a week, for lying. You will tell everyone why you are naked and that you are learning not to lie, and not to listen at doors and spy on people. Lil, you will be reponsible for her. She goes nowhere without you. If you are napping, she is to come to this area of town, sit on that railing behind you, and not move until you arrive, unless a Dominant takes her somwhere.

[12:48] Lil listens to Cara, and nods slowly, looking at Seabreeze, she smiles encouraging

[12:48] Cara Lionheart: Lil, it is your job to prevent her from lying and spying on people. Should she be caught lying, spying, or wandering alone, you will share her punishments, which will be harsh.

[12:48] Vala Renfold nods, "A very wise judgement Prez." she looks up at the sky and exclaims, "Oh my! Gotta dash. Be well folks and have a sexy fabby time." she waves and walks off with a wiggle

[12:49] Jezebel Darkstone looks to them and then to cara, grins" can i choose the punishment if she is caught Cara?"

[12:49] Briel Mynx waves to V, "Bye-bye, V, and have a good time."

[12:49] Cara Lionheart: Seabreeze, you have not only your own hide, but Lils, to worry about. If you care for her as much as she does you, then you had best behave

[12:49] Cara Lionheart: Bye, Miss V!

[12:49] Lil looks back at cara, with confidence: "I;ll do my best"

[12:49] Jezebel Darkstone hug vala tightly " bye Mistress

[12:49] Gera Heliosense: Bye Miss V

[12:49] Lil: Bye V

[12:49] Jezebel gives Vala a big hug.

[12:50] Cara Lionheart: And yes, should punishments be needed, they will be selected and carried out by the person you attemted to harm with your lies, namely Sluttling.

[12:50] Gera Heliosense: Yes Presidente..."she looks depressed

[12:50] Vala Renfold kisses slutling's boobies and grins, "Always time for booby hugs."

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[12:50] Jezebel Darkstone: Mmm love my boobie hugs

[12:50] Vala Renfold runs liek the white rabbit, "I'm late, I'm late.."

[12:51] Cara Lionheart: And, at the end of your week, you will write an apology leter to sluttling, and will give it to her personally.

[12:51] Lil grins: V is funny

[12:51] Cara Lionheart: Are there any questions, girls?

[12:51] Jezebel Darkstone turns to lil and seabreeze, smiles slightly

[12:51] Gera Heliosense swallows hard and then she shakes her head

[12:51] Vala Renfold is Offline

[12:52] Briel Mynx glances behind herself at the apology poster pasted to wall, in Sea's handwritting, and bites her tounge

[12:52] Lil looks at Slutkins: "I haven;t tried to hurt you, ever..."

[12:53] Cara Lionheart: And seabreeze... next time you decide to make statements about someone....have proof.

[12:53] Jezebel Darkstone raises an eyebrow " oh and i suppose trying to poke fun at my name isn't an attempt. But no worries..cause you see..I have to care about you for you to hurt me. And well i just don't care about either of you

[12:54] Gera Heliosense looks down, her fingers curling into fists

[12:54] Lil sighs... "That's sound advice..."