Sonntag, 8. April 2012

Into the woods...

13:15]  Zeev Rootcreeper yawns "so wut new wit ooo Geer?"
[13:15]  Gera Heliosense: ooh!
[13:16]  Gera Heliosense: She jumps a bit , waking up from her daydreaming
[13:16]  Zeev Rootcreeper smiles at her with his lop sided smile "heehehe ooh funny"
[13:17]  Gera Heliosense: well not much." she stops and tilts her head, smiling at him:" I am funny? hehe...." she gives him a friendly slap on the shoulder:" hey lets do something..."
[13:19]  Zeev Rootcreeper: me nods "otay! wut oo wanna doo?" he stands up fondling his belly happily
[13:21]  Gera Heliosense: She giggles" we go and ...explore the woods and see if we can go on someone's nerve
[13:22]  Zeev Rootcreeper nods happily "soun lyke fuuun!" he begins to scamper towards the woods "lesssgoooo!"
[13:23]  Zeev Rootcreeper stps seeing jinx "oh haey der!" he waves a bit then looks back at gera
[13:23]  Jinx Gumbo grins" hey Zeev!....hey Gera!
[13:23]  Jinx Gumbo whispers: "
[13:23]  Jinx Gumbo: so what sounds like fun?"
[13:23]  Gera Heliosense follows him, giggling and almost rans into him when he stops before Jinx
[13:24]  Gera Heliosense: ooh hi Jinx
[13:24]  Jinx Gumbo: oh're pretty in purple, today!"
[13:24]  Gera Heliosense: Zeev and I were just about ...going into the woods and doing something crazy
[13:24]  Gera Heliosense: thank you.
[13:25]  Jinx Gumbo: well....being crazy in the woods is the thing to do it seems...."
[13:25]  Gera Heliosense: and you are pretty in nude
[13:25]  Zeev Rootcreeper grins a dribbles rom his mouth a bit "yup da woogs!"
[13:25]  Gera Heliosense: yep
[13:25]  Gera Heliosense: because we got bees up the ass
[13:26]  Zeev Rootcreeper scratches his head "der bees en Zee's ass?"
[13:26]  Jinx Gumbo smirks" ah yes, well....that new demon guy likes me this way....he pops up at all hours...and I got tired of sewing all my scraps back"
[13:27]  Jinx Gumbo: well....if you didn't sit on hive so much...they would leave you alone!"
[13:28]  Gera Heliosense giggles and then looks curious" demon guy?
[13:28]  Zeev Rootcreeper attempts to turn and look at his rear end but ends up shuffling in a circle
[13:28]  Gera Heliosense smiles and holds his arm:" S' okay bees there....I was being silly
[13:29]  Jinx Gumbo chuckles at Zeev but answers Gera" oh ...this ten foot tall dude...mostly grey skinned....upper boty anyway. He has android arms and legs....and a bone penis"
[13:29]  Zeev Rootcreeper 's head wobbles as he stops spining his eyes shaking in their sockets with how dizzy he is "oh no bees? dats goo..." he crabs his head and wobbles a bit trying to keep his balance
[13:30]  Jinx Gumbo: He wears a mask, most of the time....but he has some weird saliva....changes colors...when he kisses makes you do...well....whatever he wants you to do"
[13:30]  Gera Heliosense gasps:" a bone penis? you mean like sceleton like?
[13:31]  Jinx Gumbo: " looks like a man's penis...but I swear it tastes and is as hard as bone..."*shrugs*
[13:32]  Jinx Gumbo whispers: "he's been pretty adept at finding each slave's weakness....and he uses it against you....
[13:32]  Gera Heliosense raises her eyebrows and looks at Zeev, then back at Jinx:" and he wears a helmet? Then I have seen him...So he uses his saliva to drug you? kind of?
[13:33]  Jinx Gumbo: " helmet....just a mask
[13:33]  Gera Heliosense: ah okay
[13:33]  Jinx Gumbo whispers: his head is full of tentacles...and he has an eight foot as hell on the tip...
[13:33]  Jinx Gumbo: well...I"m keeping you two...."
[13:34]  Jinx Gumbo: " have fun now..."
[13:34]  Zeev Rootcreeper scratches his head listening to the two women "dis guy souns pretty crazy
[13:34]  Gera Heliosense nods and looks at Zeev while he drools and drools, her head turns to Jinx" that sounds....ghastly"
[13:34]  Jinx Gumbo: " yeah....not one you take home to mom and dad....."
[13:35]  Jinx Gumbo: " gods below...he can do you wild"
[13:35]  Gera Heliosense pulls a face
[13:36]  Zeev Rootcreeper nods slowly "dun wild huh?dat suns nye"
[13:38]  Jinx Gumbo looks between the two" you sure you two will be safe down there....lots of strange critters out and about"
[13:39]  Gera Heliosense waves a hand:" long as Zeev is there to protect wanna come too, Jinx?"
[13:39]  Jinx Gumbo beams" well...sure....its a lovely day for a walk.....lead on!"
[13:41]  Gera Heliosense smiles and takes Zeev's arm:" okay, lets go...folllow the yellow brick road..."
[13:41]  Gera Heliosense: come Jinx" she holds her other hand out
[13:41]  Zeev Rootcreeper grins an smiles and begins to shamble towards the woods with Gera in toe latched to his arm
[13:41]  Jinx Gumbo chuckles" if we run into a small dog....."
[13:43]  Gera Heliosense: look
[13:43]  Zeev Rootcreeper points at the big flower "dat a big flower! WOW!"
[13:43]  Jinx Gumbo: how cool....a bird bath that looks like a flower?"
[13:44]  Gera Heliosense: hm
[13:44]  Gera Heliosense tiptoes closer to the "bird bath"
[13:44]  Jinx Gumbo: "careful.....lots of things look innocent..."
[13:44]  Gera Heliosense: there is some stuff inside
[13:45]  Zeev Rootcreeper: looks inside it "dun loog lye water... dat loogs lye sumting else"
[13:45]  Gera Heliosense: hm...looks a bit like....
[13:45]  Gera Heliosense: like....
[13:45]  Jinx Gumbo: yes?
[13:46]  Gera Heliosense: well...spunk, semen.
[13:46]  Zeev Rootcreeper grins and looks between the two of them while he absent minded ly scratches his groin
[13:47]  Jinx Gumbo looks aghast " really? that much...I should ahve been able to smell it a hundred paces away.....I wonder?"*she leans in close, looking to dip in a finger*
[13:49]  Zeev Rootcreeper looks between the two of them "well hoo es gunna taste ett? only way ta know fer surre"
[13:49]  Gera Heliosense shakes her head" not me....
[13:50]  Zeev Rootcreeper looks to jinx
[13:51]  Jinx Gumbo laughs" well....that leaves...." *she scoops some onto her finger and sucks it down* " yep...sure tastes like it....on an organic diet, though" *she chuckles*
[13:52]  Gera Heliosense gasps:" you mean...its sperm? human sperm? or...plant sperm? Is there such a thing as plant sperm?
[13:52]  Zeev Rootcreeper wrikle his nose "heheheh gross... Hoo you tink left ett here?"
[13:54]  Gera Heliosense: well, must have been a big tall guy for sure...with lots of sperm being produced in his huge balls" she gestures with both arms, showing how big those balls must be
[13:54]  Jinx Gumbo grins" hey, my you know Gera? Gera this is Lerris"
[13:54]  Lerris Bedrosian wanders over to the group standing around the flower and moves over to Jinx, leaning in for a quick kiss than looking up and waving at everyone "Hi, I'm Lerris"
[13:54]  Jinx Gumbo: jghug ler
[13:54]  Jinx gives Lerris a big hug.
[13:54]  Gera Heliosense smiles "Hi Lerris, I am Gera, and this is Zeev"
[13:55]  Lerris Bedrosian smiles, "Hi Gera, Hi Zeev"
[13:55]  Zeev Rootcreeper waves "Hay der Lerrs! I es Zee! nye ta meecha!" he grins a drooly grin at her
[13:55]  Jinx Gumbo: "you have met Zeev before, right?"
[13:55]  Lerris Bedrosian looks over "Yes, I think so at least once"
[13:56]  Jinx Gumbo: " we're trying out the sperm flower want a taste?" *grins as she scoops more onto her finger and holds it up to Lerris*
[13:58]  Zeev Rootcreeper grins and blinks slowly "yup dis is a big spermy flower... ets perty gross huh?"
[13:58]  Lerris Bedrosian giggles, taking Jinx's hand and slowly licking each finger clean
[13:59]  Gera Heliosense watches and bites her lips:" yeah Zeev...its..."she sees Lerris liking it off Jinx's finger and takes a deep breath:" looks like it tastes good"
[13:59]  Jinx Gumbo nods in appreciation" that's my girl....its not half bad, really....not as earthy as say Wulfie or Trans....but better than some of the Masters that used to hang around the island...."*chuckles*
[14:00]  Gera Heliosense smirks and leans over the flower, studying the white thick liquid
[14:00]  Jinx Gumbo of course....there are other...
[14:01]  Zeev Rootcreeper scratchs his head "oo dun say..." he watches Leeris lapping up the spunk off jinx's finger "hmmm" he looks to Gera "ooh gunnna take a taste?"
[14:01]  Jinx Gumbo raises an eyebrow" oh go on know you're curious"
[14:02]  Jinx Gumbo scoops up another dollop....*
[14:03]  Gera Heliosense: There is a splash and Gera dissappears inside the the sperm, coming up like a shot, covered in cum, cursing and spitting
[14:03]  Gera Heliosense: damn...shit...fu...damn!
[14:04]  Zeev Rootcreeper: me grins chuckling at her mishalp "hahhaha Gera fell en!" he watches the cum dripping off of her "loogs good on oo Geer!"
[14:05]  Gera Heliosense glares at Zeev and slams her flat hand into the spunk, causing a big splash that hits both , Jinx and Zeev
[14:05]  Jinx Gumbo looks startled at Gera falling in:" oh hell couldn't...well..I guess you could. me help you about an orgy fast lane...."*she bites her lip and then giggles as it's splashed out over them*
[14:06]  Gera Heliosense: Then she tries to climb out , holding on to Jinx
[14:06]  Jinx Gumbo whispers: " oopos....your hand's slick...."
[14:07]  Zeev Rootcreeper looks shocked and totally disgusted "EEEW! get et off meee!!!" his shakes his hands and stamps his feet shaking his head back and forth
[14:07]  Jinx Gumbo laughs at Zeev, even as her own fingers slip and slide in trying to hold onto Gera's hands*
[14:08]  Gera Heliosense manages to climb out with Jinx 's help and laughs but stops when Zeev really seems to be disgusted
[14:09]  Gera Heliosense: Don't panic Zeev, we can all go down the beach and wash it off
[14:09]  Jinx Gumbo: " won't hurt you.....make you smell guess"
[14:09]  Jinx Gumbo: " yes...we can go swimming later..."
[14:09]  Gera Heliosense chuckles about Jinx's comment
[14:09]  Zeev Rootcreeper frowns "lick ett off me! ets all sticky and grrroooooos"
[14:10]  Gera Heliosense purses her lips and looks at Jinx:" will you....lick it off him?"
[14:11]  Jinx Gumbo looks back at Gera" I don't mind about you? Join me?"
[14:12]  Jinx Gumbo: " I made him sticky..."
[14:13]  Zeev Rootcreeper continues to flal a bit with his eyesclosed "ets gross!"
[14:13]  Gera Heliosense hides her face behind her cum drenched hand and murmurs:""
[14:18]  Jinx Gumbo: " okay Zeev....settle don't have that much on you....hold still....I mean it!"
[14:19]  Zeev Rootcreeper wimpers and holds still as he can. his eyes and mouth clamped shut
[14:20]  Gera Heliosense watches , her jaw falls open and she waits what will happen next
[14:22]  Jinx Gumbo kneels and sucks it off his grubby over-alls. She makes her way up to his exposed chest, tasting his sweat along with the spunk. She finall spots the last of the spots on top of his bald head. She goes up on tiptoe to lick that off, leaving his pate shiney and slick*' there....the last of it, Zeev. She just hugs him for good measure and kneels again, her natural pose*
[14:23]  Jinx Gumbo looks up" all better, Zeev?" *she smiles at him, warmly*
[14:23]  Gera Heliosense cups her mouth and giggles, watching them. Then she realizes that she smeared more spunk on her face and grimaces
[14:24]  Jinx Gumbo holds up a hand to Gera. She rises and licks her face clean, giggling*" hmmm....fourth meal? something like that..."
[14:25]  Zeev Rootcreeper peeks uper hies eye and grins "ohmuch beter!" he grins happily "dank ooo jinx!" he hugs her back. a buldge in his pants its quite visible
[14:25]  Gera Heliosense looks surprised and smiles.
[14:27]  Jinx Gumbo just looks at Gera" allow me to get that, too..." *she takes the goopy hand and starts with the fingers, sucking and licking it clean*
[14:28]  Gera Heliosense gasps, watching how Jinx licks her hand clean, she giggles and looks at Zeev:" Isn't she amazing? ...thank you Jinx"
[14:29]  Zeev Rootcreeper grins "very mazing!"
[14:29]  Gera Heliosense nods, looking down on Zeev, noticing his bulge
[14:30]  Jinx Gumbo wipes her own mouth with the back of her hand:" problem....for a galley slave....that would have been nothing
[14:31]  Jinx Gumbo follows Gera's eye and she too giggles at Zeev's bulge

(Here Zeev.player had to leave suddenly, so  lets say, out of embarrassment Zeev flees)

[14:31]  Jinx Gumbo laughs" well....maybe he was embarrassed?"
[14:32]  Gera Heliosense nods" yes, and maybe scared too...he usually does not get much attention from women...not in this way "
[14:33]  Jinx Gumbo nodders" poor guy....he's so innocent"
[14:34]  Jinx Gumbo looks down the rest of Gera" you want to head for the beach? Or is there some other way you want to clean up?:"
[14:34]  Gera Heliosense: She sighs"yes...he is....its quite heartbeaking." She looks down on herself"can we go to the beach? I wanna..." she stops and giggles" Great minds think a the beach!"

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