Mittwoch, 11. April 2012

You still haunt me

[15:04]  Dunnagh Scarmon walks out of the shadows of the little jungles, stops on the open beach, sucking in a big draught of the powerful sea breeze as well as the fine view as he starts to reach for a smoke.
[15:04]  Dunnagh Scarmon spots her across the open beach, checks her out from the distance as he lights up
15:05]  Gera Heliosense stumbles through the sand on her high heels, concentrating on where she is going, there fore doesn't see  him but comes straight to him.
[15:06]  Gera Heliosense crashes into him full frontal
[15:06]  Gera Heliosense looks up, whispering "Oh sorry sir my fault, i wasn't looking, I...." she stops and her jaw fall down and her dark eyes muster him with surprise and shock.

[15:08]  Dunnagh Scarmon doesn't recognize her, what with the the diminishing sunlight and her new look, until she's almost on top of him, and then he's belatedly backpedalling to avoid the collision, a bit too late. He starts to call out a warning, reaches out his hands to absorb some of the impact, her looking up confirming her identity. He reaches up to reseat the smoke in his mouth, his face kind of stoney and unwelcoming. He grunts in reply.

[15:11]  Gera Heliosense: She is leaning into him, wobbly on her heels, her hands still on his arm, slowly she becomes aware of it and pulls her hand back, backs off a little, watches him. Her mouth twitches, she blushes and looks away, to the ocean:" I..haven't seen you in a long time"

[15:13]  Dunnagh Scarmon , studying her with his arms crossed truculantly, replies a little curtly: "No.... Not since yeh sent me on me way."

[15:17]  Gera Heliosense: Her eyes darken and her expression is one of hurt duddenly, she presses her lips together and takes a breath to fight back tears:" You made it quite clear that you wanted to get away from me...because I don't fit our high standartds...a scarmon never runs away..thats what you said"

[15:22]  Dunnagh Scarmon reaches up for his smoke and plucks it out of his mouth, taps off the ash from it's end, his eyes not leaving her, studying, watching, either not noticing her tears or unmoved by them or feigning to be unmoved by them. "I might'a said that last part- and it's true, we don't run away. But yohr reversin' the start a it- t'was YOU what said you wanted teh be done with ME. I just gave you what you wanted."

[15:25]  Gera Heliosense: She looks up at him wildly:" I never said that! Damn Dunnagh, you are as stuborn as ever! I explained to you why i fled, there was nobody left here! She cups her mouth and looks away, shivering.

[15:29]  Dunnagh Scarmon: A little flare lights up his eyes, her response goading something in him, his voice louder, sharper: "Might naught'a been nobody left 'ERE, Gera, but that don't much explain you fleein' ME, does it?! You bolted from me without so much as a 'thanks fohr the mem'ries'!"

[15:34]  Gera Heliosense: She looks back at him confused now. As always, she scans her brain , trying to reconstract the blank space between her escape and finding herself back in Glint. She knows it is impossible to leave the island, but the storms and earthquakes caused such a chaos that it had opened a vortex, or so she believes. She stares at him:" The memories....I haven't forgotten a single haunt me...even when...I am..."she stops here, tries to search in his eyes . What does he know of her current life?

[15:45]  Dunnagh Scarmon , taking her words the wrong way, growls a little around the smoke he's jammed back in his mouth, teeth clenched about it too hard, wrecking the draw of it: "'AUNT you, do I?! Well, I'm not shore I can really do that until I'm dead- or are there plans fohr me teh that end soon?" He eyes her more closely now, starting to take note of the femme noir look to her.

[15:48]  Gera Heliosense: She shakes her head, grabs his strong arm:" No no are so...bitter and hardened up..i can not reach you anymore. How can you even think i want to see you dead...Oh Dunn..!" she starts sobbing , her hands fly to her face and she weeps.

[15:55]  Dunnagh Scarmon 's anger flickers, sputters, her reaction throwing him. His smoke hasn't much ash on the end of it but he reaches up for it again, removes it and taps on it to buy some time, try to process what the hell is going on. His voice is a bit sulky when he speaks, aggrieved: "I'm not so 'ard, nor bitter, Gera. But I'm no dohrmat no more, either.... A 'course you can't reach me- you been doin' yohr damnedest teh put distance between me and yohrself fohr ages now. What's a man s'posed teh think, eh?"

[16:01]  Gera Heliosense wipes her face and when she looks art him again, her cheeks are flushed and her eyes swim in tears:" I don't know Dunn...I don't know anymore.."she whispers. Desillusioned she looks down on the sand, now and then a sob still hick ups in her throat:" Then it is too late...then there seems to be nothing we can do..."

[16:05]  Dunnagh Scarmon , looking at her with some concern, becomes aware that her tears and anquish are having effect upon him. He shrugs, stammers a half moment "I dunno... I mean- what was you 'opin' we would do?"

[16:10]  Gera Heliosense: She lifts her flushed tear stained face to him:" Love me?" she whispers:" thats all...I thought.....we would...let it be and remember our love...but..." she sighs. Folding her hands together, kneeding her fingers.

[16:15]  Dunnagh Scarmon blinks with surprise, a little blown away, suddenly feeling very heelish: "We-elllll! I ne'er fohrgot that, lass! I mean- well, 'ell, what did you s'pose was makin' all this so painful but fohr the thought a knowin' what we'd 'ad!"

[16:18]  Gera Heliosense: She nods slowly. For a moment it looks as if she tries to touch his hand, but then she curls her fingers into a fist, pressing it to her chest.

[16:24]  Dunnagh Scarmon saw her reach for him and then abort. The silence starts to draw out, threatens to swallow them both. "So, ah-" he gestures at her hair with a jerk of his chin "Change yohr 'air again, did you?"

[16:28]  Gera Heliosense: She blinks, the reaches up and touches her hair and even manages to smile a little. She nods :" Oh..yes...yes I did" her eyes lock with his, there is a deep warmth in them in this moment.

[16:31] Dunnagh Scarmon grunts shortly, nodding. "Looks nice. So-" he gestures awkwardly to the shoreline. "Come out 'ere teh enjoy the air, did you?"

[16:34]  Gera Heliosense: She nods again, smiling more and nodding. She is as shy and awkward as if its their first day of meeting:" Yes...I ..had to see if i can find someone to organize delivery..but there is nobody there right I just spend some time here, looking at the ocean

[16:35]  Dunnagh Scarmon nods and nods again, grunts again. His smoke isn't smoking anymore and he reaches up and tosses it away. "Care fohr some company?"

[16:36]  Gera Heliosense: She looks at him with a timid smile and nods, fussing a little with her hair she sits down in the sand.

[16:39]  Dunnagh Scarmon had started to put a tentative hand to her shoulder in order to steer her closer to the shore, but he immediately turns the gesture into a scratch of his head when she starts to sit. He blows out a little anxious breath quietly, not heard over the steady offshore breeze, and settles into the sand by her. Not too close. Not too far....

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