Montag, 2. April 2012

Passion and lust and tears and laughter

[11:30] Transic Pexington sneaks in behind his woman then grabs her lifting her off the ground over his shoulder and heads out for the forest.

[11:30] Gera Heliosense yelps but giggles when she realizes who carries her off.

[11:32] Venture Eternal waggles her fingers and laughs as she watches Transic walk past with someoen tossed over hsi shoulder "Having fun?"

[11:32] Transic Pexington waves to Venture, "hey there." winks as he pats Gera's ass playfully.

[11:33] Gera Heliosense keeps still, smiling to herself as she is carried.

[11:34] Transic Pexington looks around seeing it was a bit private and sets her down on her feet, 'Hello my lover, how are you today?" he leans down to nuzzle and kiss her passionately.

[11:36] Gera Heliosense holds on to his strong neck and kisses back, answering his wolfish kisses with the same passion.

[11:38] Gera Heliosense leans back to look at him:" Where should we go?"

[11:40] Transic Pexington whispers, "You are one of the best things I have found since being stranded here." he began to massage and fondle her breasts as he looked to her. "I miss you when we are apart, and need you whenever I see you." he growls low in his throat. "You fuel my desire and my lust, yet my passion as well. I could take you here in nature for all I care gera, you do that much to me." pulls her close as he ravishes her body with licks nips, and kisses over any exposed skin he can find.

[11:43] Gera Heliosense: His passionate words make her dizzy in the head, Her heart pounds like a sledge hammer and imidiatly she feels how it gets warm between her legs. This animal passion, this lust she feels whenever he touches her or even come close overwhelms her every time. She can not understand it herself but can not fight it, does not even want to fight it.

[11:53] Transic Pexington he looks to her as he smelt the familiar scent of her desire, her passion. The ambrosia that fired his loins as he looked to her. The desire and need coming to him in waves, his heart beating in the animal way, but his mind of the human knowing she would need more. If he did not give her the care and love then the lust and desire would be all that they have and in the end, would it, could it be enough to keep her with him and his desire to be with ranya as well, He would not show either woman any thing less then all he had to offer. "I do not care, if you want to go to the island and make love and fuck like animals it is fine." he looked into her eyes showing her all of his honesty, "Or I take you here and now, rough and animal like in the world , for all of nature to see what you do to me, And for them all to see what you mean to me." his bulges was growing as he spoke to her.

[11:58] Gera Heliosense: Lifting her face up to him, her brown eyes almost black with passion and moist with emotion, she nods. "Take me here. Right here. Nature is our partner in crime, our saint, godmother to our union. Let me grab your soul, my beloved beast, and in return take me, my body my heart, ravish all of me. " she shivers with passion as she speaks, she takes his paw and lays it to her beating heart.

[12:02] Transic Pexington feels her heart as he looks into her dark eyes, "I want you Gera, I want you now." he reaches down and with a quick flick of his claw watches her skirt fall to the forest floor as his canine cock begins to extend towards her as if it was seeking her out. He looks to her and begins again to ravish her lips, neck, and shoulders. "Strip the rest off for me my woman, show me your desire to be mine, Show me that you are mine, that you want the beast to be yours as well."

[12:10] Gera Heliosense: with a little cry of surprise she watches as he sends her skirt flying, then she feels the soft mossy forrest floor underneath her, his massive furry body over her. But he is oh so careful not to crush her, his tongue and lips all over her skin, his paw , so dangerous with the claws, touching her, teasing her. She rips her top off , mad with desire for him, her eyes feverishly searching for his glance, she spreads out underneath him, then wrapping her vulnerable bare soft thighs around him, hardly reaching up to his massive body. " Yes yes...I want you..need you..oh i die if you don't take me this instant and ease my aching body"

[12:19] Transic Pexington hearing her words was all he needed for him to begin. His now hard and stiff canine cock acting as if on its own volition moved to her pussy. He leveled it above her sex as he teased her with it. He looked into her eyes, "Tell me, you are mine, give yourself to me. Let me hear you say the words." he kissed her neck, shoulders, moving slowly down to her breasts, "Tell the forest that we are one and you want the beast and want to be with him." He teased her sex and her nipples, one with his cock the other with his talented tongue. He held her to the floor of the forest as he took her to heights she would find are common in the animal he was. He wanted her as badly as he wanted ranya, and he would not let anyone stop the three of them from being together. He was going to make this woman his woman, and kill anyone that tried to take her from him.

[12:28] Gera Heliosense: She feels his cock teasing her sex, spreads her legs wider, pushing her hips up, desperate to feel him inside again. His shaft is no longer a dangerous foreign weapon, it is familar now and she welcomes it for the pleasure it brings her, she fears he will spoil her forever for every other man. Who can compare to the strentgh and animal lust of a beast. And this beast is so gently even when he fucks her like the animal he is, she feels so cared for, so secure in his massive arms. She is a proud soul but her desire and lust for him floods her soul and she whimpers, screams and cries:" yes, oh i want you...I am yours...yours...take me...I belong to you...I want the beast!-...I am yours...oh please take me"

12:38] Transic Pexington smiles to her as he then with what appears to be little to no effort flips them over. She never touching the ground only him, his fur his muscles. He lifts her supple body into the air then impales her slowly on his now rigid cock as it points to the heavens. "Yes you belong to me gera, mine and mine alone, I will care for you and give you all that a woman needs and desires. I just ask that you give yourself fully to me and understand your place in my pack. You and ranya are my alpha females, no one is above either of you two. I may take others at times, but if you or ranya desire your alpha male, your master then you need but ask." he slid her down a bit more as he spoke. "I will never deny either of you anything. But I will also keep any and all away from you." he nips her breasts a few times then licks her nipples, flicking them with the tip of his tongue, "Is that good enough for you Gera, can that be something you and your desire can agree to." he pulls her the rest of the way onto him.

And what follows is passion so wild and intense that it takes them both in its rage, like a storm, thunder filling their ears, their own heat closes around them like steam, the heavy scent of sex lingering in the air. Skin on fur, sharp claws so tender, cries of lust and desire...

[13:08] Sapphire sees the lycan and the girl in the distance and hides behind a tree. Sapphire keeps her distance, blushing as she watches the two having good sex. She licks her lips and tries to get a good vantage point.

...and when its over...

[13:46] Transic Pexington holds her to him as he looks to her, "Yes you are mine now, you and ranya, are my mates, my alphas. I will never treat you two different. And no one will keep us apart." kissing her gently, "Are you ok though? I smelt blood coming from you." he caressed her face with a soft paw. "And I did mean what I said, I am your mate, your wolf, your master now. We are now one, and no separating us will be possible. Just like now with this holding us close." he watches her eyes as he speaks knowing she was coming down from the lust high. He wanted her honest thoughts on what he offered her.

[13:55] Gera Heliosense: Slowly she turns her head and looks at him as if awakening from a heavy dream. She smiles, a soft smile that parts her lips and reaches her eyes, making them sparkle. Golden lights dance in the dark brown iris. "Blood?" She reaches down and when she lifts her hand, indeed she sees a little smear of red on her fingers:" Oh...." her smile becomes almost embarrassed. Crunching her nose she shakes her head:" I did not notice....its ok...It does not hurt..i only feel a little sore...but i like that, it reminds me that i had you in me" Snuggling close to his furry chest, stroking him lazily , she looks into his eyes dreamily:"My wolf, my Rainya and I?...She trails off, looks up into the tree crowns:" but I am not a slave " she whispers:" I only give freely...and no collar can be as strong a bond, as my passion for you can be"

Transic Pexington smiles to her, "You are sure you are ok, that is all I need to hear." he caressed her sweat soaked skin as if drying it with a large furry towel. He nuzzles her neck, "You nor ranya are slaves, you are both mine, the alpaha mates any strong wolf would be honored to have by his side." running a claw around her neck, "You see a collar lets the rest of world especially here with the laws and rules of slavery, I can not and will not chance them using your lack of a collar to take you from me." he sighs as he looks to her,"I will not force one upon you gera my love, just that I need to learn more about the slavers and know who if any I can trust." he held her to him as he felt the bulb shrink a bit, "I know that Clara does not like me and I am afraid she would use the laws to hurt me. With losing you and world would end." he wraps his large furry arms very protectively around her. "I will not lose you two. I can not." he nuzzles her ear again

[14:10] Gera Heliosense: She listens to him, shivers when his claw caresses her neck , then smiles, shaking her head and cupping his muzzle with her soft hand" You should not worry about Clara...didn't you know? I can do magic...I can put Clara in her place..." she snips her fingers:" just like that. She has no power over you, over me....but if a collar would assure you...mmmm" she stretches lazily:" Then i will think it over"

14:17] Transic Pexington ran his muzzle along her hand as he looked to her, holding them close as the bulb finally became loose and a soft pop is heard between them as it falls from her sex."Ahhh, well even that does not seem to be able to hold us forever." he licked her neck all the way around making a saliva collar for her. He sniffs her then inhales slowly and softly, "I do love my mates, my alpha females." he growls a low soft contented growl letting it vibrate in his chest and into her body as well. "I thank you for thinking, and I will abide by your choice my Gera.

[14:25] Gera Heliosense: She hears the soft "plop", smiles at his comment "that even that can not hold them together forever", giggles when he licks all around her neck. Then for a moment a flash of jealousy in her eyes, when he mentions again, that she will share him with Rayna as "alpha females" . She frowns and replies hastily:" yes..yes...I know you have a lot of love to spread around" she bites her lip, her expression softens and she kisses his paw:" yes, my wolf...give me time to get familiar with the idea" Slowly she sits up and blinks into the sunlight that reaches through the trees:"Is it afternoon already? "

[14:31] Transic Pexington sees the look and sighs, "I am sorry gera, if this is not to your liking then I will leave you be." he pulls from her reluctantly as his senses take in her body language, scent and any other subtle movements. "You do not wish to share, and here I am pressing that upon you." he reached out to caress her hair gently, Takes a deep breath his demeanor now closed and a bit distant, "Seems that in this place I can still be a fool and ruin things." he looked to her and then sat up fully. "I am sorry gera, I will go and let you be." he began to rise and walk off.

[14:33] Gera Heliosense: She looks up to him surprised, almost shocked" cannot leave me...not right now...please...Transic" she reaches out to him, her eyes moist:" please" she whispers:" Let me walk with you"

14:35] Transic Pexington looks to her, "If you wish to walk with me, then you may. No law against it." he offer her his hand and then sniffed about to help find her clothes so she could at least look presentable wherever she may end up.

[14:39] Gera Heliosense: She nods, a shadow falling over her face. She can sense something, a disturbence of their harmony, his dissapoint or anger maybe. Silently she gets up. She looks around halfheartedly for her clothes but her mind is with him, what will do ? will he end it all now. She feels tears and fights them back:" a little time Transic...please...don't you know what you mean to me?"

[14:43] Transic Pexington sniffs a bit around and finds her skirt first, handing it to her, "I know only that you mean the world to me. And you show me that I mean the same to you, but I can not impose my philosophy of my polyamorous lifestyle upon you. And you are not well with sharing." he began to sniff again as he went back to trying to find her top. He felt his heart tearing in upon itself, for the need and want of her, and the other not wanting to see her hurt like she was a moment ago with the mention of sharing. His whole body shook and if she was watching it was easy for anyone to tell he was trying to hold something back, a tear perhaps, though one never does appear on his face.

[14:49] Gera Heliosense: She takes the skirt, looking at it as if it doesn't belong to her. Then she watches as he prowls and sniffs. HIs back to her . She notices that he is shaking. She fears it is anger that makes him tremble and she bites her lip and does not know what to do, how to sooth him, how to hold him:" Don't leave me..." she whispers again, then she starts running, throws herself onto him, holds him with both arms wrapped around his massive body from behind, sobbing into his fur:" don't...leave't cold.." she sobs.

[14:54] Transic Pexington freezes as she slams her lithe form into his bulk and muscle. It was physically the same as throwing a wad of paper at a tank, with the opposite results he fell to the floor of the forest. "How can I keep you gera, if all I do is hurt you. He grabbed into the floor of the forest digging in deep with his claws. He growls and no longer a contented one, but one of pain and struggle, "I can not leave you gera, I love you, but what kind of animal am I if all you are feeling is moments of bliss and then pain and suffering because someone else is there in my life and arms as well. How..... how..." his voice almost too soft to be heard beyond her, "how can I live with myself if I do that to you..." he reaches for her to caress her skin.

[14:58] Gera Heliosense: Falling to the ground with him, still holding on to him, her face burried in his fur she shakes her head:" I don't care" she whimpers" I don't care...I can learn to share...I don't care as long as i have you....I go crazy if you leave me..."

[15:04] Transic Pexington: me stares at her then nods and smiles, "You will not lose me gera, I will not leave you until the time comes when you send me away, and even then I will still be near." he caressed her skin as best he could, "Now we need to get you dressed my mate." he looked to her, unless you like the naked look, like all the girls in the bordello lately." he laughs softly, not as full or as strong as when they were first together coming down to their love nest as it were. But it was an honest laugh he gave her.

[15:09] Gera Heliosense: His honest laugh, his caring word come as such a relief that she joins into his laughter, tears still running down her flushed cheeks, she laughs and cries and kisses his face, wetting his fur with salty tears. Then she wipes her face, nods and smiles at him in her usual way:" oh yes, i better get dressed...we don't want people to think I am a Bordello girl" Hastily she slips into her dress and top, smirking.

And so she dresses and they walk out of the woods back to the town square, which is rather busy with people...

[15:27] Gera Heliosense leaning to him, a blissful smile on her face she walks next to him.

[15:28] Transic Pexington pats her ass playfully, "keep it up and I will spank you in the town square for all to see." he winks to her as he walks with her to the bordello, "I need a drink, and I know my mate does as well." he leans in and whispers, "Still feel ok, no pain or anymore blood?"

[15:29] Ella Darcy considers that and speculates, "I wonder what government she needs to cozy up to to get me some Manolo Blahniks.."

[15:29] Gera Heliosense: She shakes her head smiling:" no..just a little sore but no pain. She smirks and walks before him, swaying her hips and walking with her legs apart in a comical way, looking back at him over her shoulder:" see? John Wayne!"

[15:30] Jinx Gumbo hrrms.....

[15:30] Capitano Mendoza: looks across at Gera, hearing her comment. He gives her a knowing look before turning back to Jinx and Ella"


[15:31] Ella Darcy looks back over her shoulder, noting both Gera and Trans' presence. She turns back, folding her hands demurely at her front.

[15:31] Transic Pexington rolls his eyes and then laughs, "Well now you are going to just have to get used to that." he patted her ass then kissed her, Nodding to the Capitano and Ella who had met last night, and of course the pain slut jinx. "Afternoon all."

[15:32] Jinx Gumbo: " I suppose I should amble on over behind the bar.....wouldnt' do for it to go un-staffed...." *she looks up* " unless there is anything I can do for the Molestari before I go, Chief?"

[15:32] Ella Darcy turns to expand the circle and smiles to the arrivals, "Hello, sir. Hi Gera."

[15:32] Jinx Gumbo turns at the sound of her name, waves to Trans and Gera and turns back to the Chief*

[15:33] Capitano Mendoza: smiles to Jinx and shakes his head "No your mere presence for a few minutes cheered me Jinx. Thank you. See to your duties. I need to go see to some paperwork then sleep"

[15:33] Gera Heliosense sees Ella, Mendoza and Jinx and waves" Hello lovely Glintarians, and hello honorable Capitano , what a lovely afternoon it is, isn' t it?" She leans at Transic, winking at him.

[15:33] Capitano Mendoza: nods civilly to Trans.

[15:35] Transic Pexington smiles to gera then looks seeing business approach the capitano and looks ot gera, "I believe my mate that is our cue to leave. Be well all. Now for that drink." he pats her ass then takes her hand and leads her to the bordello.

[15:36] Gera Heliosense: She nods, waves again to the group and follows Trans.

[15:36] Capitano Mendoza: claps his hands together in a slow, patronising way "Well done for deducing what I told you an hour ago. But that still doesn't tell me how you need my help" He nods to Gera as she also passes.

[15:38] Transic Pexington stops short seeing the sprite, 'Great now i got to watch where I step around here." he chuckles, "hello Venture, Kris, and very small sprite."

[15:38] Wendy Lane: "Hello large lycan and his pretty human friend," she says with a snicker.

[15:39] Gera Heliosense: Apon reaching the Bordello entrance , Gera smiles at Venture and Kris:" a wonderful damn great afternoon, ladies".

[15:40] Venture Eternal lifts her fingers away from the flowers and glances up at the approaching pair, listening to his words she says "Heya Transic, Gera" tilting her hed the side she adds "Kris says she's a fairy... got a smart mouth on her, but definitely NOT a leprechaun... so no stomping..."

[15:41] Wendy Lane: "Nooooo stomping."

[15:42] Gera Heliosense: Only now Gera realizes who else is there and waves at Wendy:" and hello to you, special pretty fairy"

[15:42] Ella Darcy smiles to the chief, "Capitano, I think you earned your wages today. If you'll excuse me, I'm going to head home."

[15:42] Transic Pexington nods to Venture, "No worries I am not in a stomping mood, but she does look cute, might be able to sell her as a toy , if we had children around." laughs a bit then looks down, "And you have a name I presume little sprite."

[15:43] Wendy Lane preens and poses for Gera and Transic. "I'm Wendy. I'm sort of new here."

[15:43] Wendy Lane: "Wait, sell me as a toy?"

[15:44] Transic Pexington nods, "Well met Wendy, no it was a joke, I am Transic and this lovely human is my mate gera."

[15:44] Gera Heliosense: what a lovely name...Wendy..."she smiles and slaps Transics arm" don't be rude"

[15:44] Ella Darcy wanders off in some random direction.

[15:45] Transic Pexington looks to the slap, "Was there a bug on my arm my mate?"

[15:45] Wendy Lane snickers and flutters her eyelids. "Thank you."

[15:46] Kristina Locke looked up, snapping out of her daze and waved to Gera and Trans. "Hey, how have youtwo been?"

[15:46] Gera Heliosense giggles, tiptoes and kisses where she can reach, his chest, then smiles at Wendy again:"he is very charming really"

[15:46] Venture Eternal leans forward again, the back's of her fingers brushing against the petals of the flowers as she listens.

[15:46] Transic Pexington looks to Gera, "well my mate, how have we been?' he smiles as he looks to Kris

[15:47] Kristina Locke quirked an eyebrow at Gera then to Trans. "Oh? Mate huh, guess that means you're now in a better mood today, hope you won't snap at me and my jokes like you did last night."

15:48] Gera Heliosense: Who? me? " Gera points to herself and smirks

[15:50] Transic Pexington shook his head, "I said what I said, nothing more or less Kris. And I am not going to get into it, it is in the past and there it will stay." he smiles as he pulls gera in close. "Right now I need a drink, and besides I think I was within my rights, getting hit from two sides, and such. But it is over and we move on, life's too short."

[15:52] Kristina Locke shook her head and pointed to the lycan. "No him, he was all moody last night, as if some vampire stole the love of his life." She shrugged her shoulders and waved a hand. "Don't start with me, I was not attacking you at all, sorry if you misinterpret it as such." She slowly lifted herself, making room for them to enter, but was careful not to bump into Wendy.

[15:52] Gera Heliosense lets herself be pulled into Transic's fur, smiling happily...with the typical idiotical expression of infatuation...

And then they all went inside and the drinks were flowing. Transic played barman, his girl by his side, and he never let her out of his sight all night....

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