Sonntag, 24. März 2013

Life after the Apocalypse

Our new place

View from the street

Every blood stain tells a story: We found the house empty and claimed it,
 the previous owners will not return. Well, not in their old form anyway.

Just out on an errant

Veebs and I

Legion and I

The Glint community grows tighter

Our home is always open. 

A thoughtful Winter, a refugee and my son playing

Another refugee coming for shelter

Makeshift furniture

Family life

home sweet home

Mare on the floor

Waiting for nightfall

Our terrace overlooking the graveyard.
 We have the walking dead in constant view

Getting organized

Making plans

Sticking together

Depending on one another

Jarethe and Legion, man-talk


The haunted hotel changed it colors.


Amazed that we pulled through so far

But the big sky is too big to care

Good team: Curator and Judge

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