Samstag, 31. Juli 2010

My fight with Jez aka sluttling

Two days ago I had a fight with Jez, also known as sluttling. She is the pet of La Prezz and some kind of demon who feeds on sexual energy. I usually try to avoid her. That day however, I had just introduced my sir to La Prezz Cara, there were many people there including Jezz and she laughed and called my Sir grumpy. I gave her an angry look. Then she said why I am always so protective about some people, yet ignore that she is nasty to everybody. Well, I am sure she is but when I was present she was nasty to Sir Defiant and to my sir, so that is where I voiced my anger about her behavor. She kept on provoking me, obviously picking a fight. When she said something like, I am so worthless to her that she would only piss on me, I finally blew my top. Here Cara stepped in and suggested a mud fight to settle our agreement. I was so mad that I said yes to that. Soon bets were taken. I think most wanted to put their money on Jez. After all she is a demon and taller and bigger than me. But to my surprise Sir Defiant who had joined the group said he will bet 150 on me! Just think! So anyway the mud pit was set up and there were many people standing around most of them shouting for Jez but some were actually supporting me, the underdog.
In the first round Jez won. It was a long round and I didn't make it easy for her but still she won that one. By now my anger was boiling like crazy in me and I felt a strange energy. I knew that I must win this against all the odds. And the unexpected happened...

[14:48] Mud Wrestling Ring (b) whispers: Get Ready....
[14:48] Dunnagh Scarmon: Good luck, my love!
[14:48] Mud Wrestling Ring (b) whispers: Go!!!
[14:48] Sir Defiant: Damn!!!
[14:48] Mud Wrestling: Gera Heliosense is the winner
[14:48] Briel Mynx: That was fast. . .
[14:48] Majesty Quinzet: Oh my!! That was quick!
[14:48] robin Meridoc's eye go wide, 'wow!'
[14:48] Sir Defiant: Round three... it is all on this
[14:48] Jinn Wirefly: oh this looks to be intersting folks, coming back with an upset victory.. seabreeze!
[14:48] Briel Mynx: She really came back with a vengance. . .
[14:49] Tamiesha Benoir: Oh my god.. that was quick.. reckon sluttling is getting her breath back
[14:49] Sir Defiant: What a comeback
[14:49] Majesty Quinzet: Come on Sluttling!!
[14:49] Cara Lionheart shakes her head, having fallen asleep on her feet for a moment "wha? what did I miss?"
[14:50] Sir Defiant: Round two, seabreeze took it in about ten seconds flat
[14:50] Briel Mynx: Seabreeze won the second, Cara, in less than a minute!
Then the third round began...
[14:51] Mud Wrestling Ring (b) whispers: Get Ready....
[14:51] Mud Wrestling Ring (b) whispers: Go!!!
[14:51] Mud Wrestling: Gera Heliosense is the winner
[14:51] Dunnagh Scarmon: Gera! Gera! Gera! Gera! Gera! GEEEEEEER-AHHHHH!
[14:51] Sir Defiant: Something like that
[14:51] Tamiesha Benoir looks stunned
[14:52] Eva: Oooooh.... Mud pit
[14:53] Mud Wrestling Ring whispers: Get Ready....
[14:53] Mud Wrestling Ring whispers: Go!!!
[14:53] Mud Wrestling: Gera Heliosense is the winner
[14:53] Briel Mynx watches in shock, "And Sea looks so sweet, until you put her in there. When did she get fierce?"
[14:53] Ahviendha Darkmatter 's face is a mask of surprise, "wow!" she claps for seabreeze and looks feeling something is screwy.
[14:53] Eva: Gera must be green belt
[14:54] Cara Lionheart chuckles "sometimes the little one is just the faster one"
[14:54] Majesty Quinzet: Hmmm.....
[14:54] Jezebel Darkstone stand and smirks at her " you won but i still haven't changed my mind about you"
[14:54] Sir Defiant: Oh but see slutling...
[14:54] Jezebel Darkstone walks out of the pit and begins to shake the mud off
[14:54] Tamiesha Benoir: Told you sluttling had a disadvatage with those bonds
[14:54] Sir Defiant: Words were said that cant be unsaid...
[14:54] Cara Lionheart nods towards alley cat and says "we have other examples of little ones being fast and furious"
[14:54] YT Recreant grins
[14:55] Gera Heliosense: no..I was just so angry..thats why
[14:55] Sir Defiant: You compared her to the dirt you piss on - and you lost. Lay down slutling, I think seabreeze has the right to make you what you called her.
[14:55] Eva chuckles uncontrolably
[14:55] Majesty Quinzet gasps at Defiant's words.
[14:55] Cara Lionheart gasps and glares at Defiant "you wouldn't"
[14:55] Sir Defiant laughs. "It's as well i'm not a judge, hmm?"
[14:56] Ahviendha Darkmatter whistles and pulls a face at defiant's words
[14:56] Briel Mynx's jaw drops
[14:56] Gera Heliosense looks at Defiant and smiles, wiping some mud from her face
[14:57] Jezebel Darkstone flicks the mud out of her hair and smirks at him and corsses her arms " oh i think not. takes more than that to change my opinon of you well know"
[14:57] YT Recreant: well, when she used such harsh words.... that is really not nice, i second Sir Defiant
[14:57] Ahviendha Darkmatter nods and shouts a "well done Seabreeze!"
[14:57] Jezebel Darkstone: Besides Why are you standing up for her when her own Master won't?
[14:58] Gera Heliosense looks around and smiles, feeling strong for the first time in ages
[14:58] Sir Defiant: Fair is fair slutling. Who called for this match to settle things?
[14:58] Gera Heliosense: but her smile soon drops when she hears Jez's comment
[14:58] Jezebel Darkstone: Cara did
[14:59] Sir Defiant: Then the matter is a prezidential order, and the outcome is final. You will apologise to Gera here in front of everyone - and I mean SINCERELY - or you will be breaking Cara's ruling, hmm?
[14:59] Jezebel Darkstone continues to flick the mud off her limbs and torso, smiling slightly at how soft her skin is now
[15:00] Jezebel Darkstone: Cara never said anything about appologizing, but if that is what you want. I can make sweat off my chest
[15:00] Sir Defiant: Trial by combat - loser is always wrong, thats how the law works.
[15:00] Gera Heliosense swallows , then she walks over to Jez and holds her hand out:"Lets just say, we settled that, Jez. Handshake and all good, yes?"
[15:01] Jezebel Darkstone looks to Seabreeze " i appologize for telling you the truth of my oponion of you
[15:01] Jezebel Darkstone nods and turns to collect her tail chain and daggers
[15:01] Majesty Quinzet chuckles at Sluttlings words.
[15:01] Eva rolls her eyes
[15:01] Sir Defiant: You accept that Cara?
[15:01] Briel Mynx shakes her head
[15:02] Gera Heliosense's hand drops and she watches Jez go away, astonished at her bad manners
[15:02] Ahviendha Darkmatter mummbles to herself "they both have the right of it but seabreeze was well gracious!"
[15:04] Gera Heliosense bends down to retrive her clothes
[15:05] Sir Defiant: It got quiet here all of a sudden. Disperse and go about your business before I run you all in for loitering
[15:06] Eva: ... with intent?
[15:06] Sir Defiant: Intent to what? Or do I want to ask?
[15:07] Jinn Wirefly: don't you have a body to go investigate Def..
[15:07] Eva: I always wonder when they say that... loitering with intent... intent to do what? Loiter?
[15:07] Jezebel Darkstone leans against the wall pulling her pants on..then sliding the tail restraints on
[15:07] Briel Mynx shrugs, "Intent to block the sidewalk?"
[15:07] Tamiesha Benoir chuckles as she listens to Eva
[15:08] Sir Defiant: Just loitering is enough for me - now vamoose before I call in the roadroller. Va-moose will vamoose ya quick time.
[15:08] robin Meridoc whispers, 'scuse me, i must go'
[15:08] Tamiesha Benoir waves to robin
[15:08] Briel Mynx: Bye, robin
[15:08] Eva checks the width of the sidewalk:
[15:08] Ahviendha Darkmatter starts to head in new directions
[15:08] Cara Lionheart looks to the two combatants "now, this matter is settled. Sluttling apologized...sort of... and it's over. Unless you want to just entertain us, that is"

And that was it. Of course it wasn't fair that Jez was not apologizing. But being the pet of la Prezz , she is in the better position. But whatever, the fact remained that I , the underdog had won and that made up for it all.

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