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Awkward but short episode at the Bordello

[12:59] Gera Heliosense strolls into the bordello lazily, humming softly to herself, then stops dead in her track when she sees Transic and Kristina ob the cuddle bed.

[13:00] Kristina Locke gave her shoulders a shrug. "I know, nothing good ever comes out of a fight, nobody ever enjoys it. No need to state the obvious." She teased, a hand moved up to give him a playful poke on the nose. She furrowed her eyebrows and inclined her head. "Oh? Who might it be?" She looked to the entrance and noticed Gera, waving to her direction. "Hello there, don't mind us, we aren't doing the dirty...yet." She quipped.

[13:03] Gera Heliosense: Gera nods, looking slightly taken aback, blushing even. She murmers something like" yeah sure, don't let me stop you" and tries to giggle offhand and brave, trying to look as if she is oh so calm, cool and collected

[13:05] Transic Pexington smiles as he looks to her, 'Gera, come here please, join us." he looks to her eyes, "Please gera, just come and cuddle up with us here." he opens an arm to her trying to coax her into the couch/bed with kris and himself.

[13:05] Dunnagh Scarmon stopped in the doorway, pulling his sunglasses down the bridge of his nose to see better in the shawdows of the bar, checking out the little thing.... Who was she? New dancer? Bar help? New arrival?

[13:06] Kristina Locke chuckled and waved a hand in dismissal. "Oh, I may need to be dragged off him if this continues." She quipped dryly, still well composed in her usual fashion and sat up. "I have an interview soon anyways, or I hope to."

[13:08] Gera Heliosense swallows and nods, and she comes closer, hesitantly . stops in fron of the"love nest" then suddenly and awkward sits on the edge. She is still unaware of Dunnagh.

[13:10] Kristina Locke inclined her head, she emanated a lazy yawn as she made herself comfortable a top the cushions callously. Her gaze started upward at the ceiling, her mind contemplated over private matters and paid little attention to anything else. "Quite day huh." She murmured.

[13:12] Transic Pexington sighs, "I am sorry, would you prefer I was bit more hairy Gera?' he looks to her as he lets his hand run through Kris' hair. "Is there something wrong Gera, you have been a bit distant the last few times I have seen you.' he looks to her the concern showing in his tone.

[13:15] Gera Heliosense: She looks over to him, dark eyes thoughtful, then she shakes her head:"No..yes....I I am not know...and you know...I am...well in your other form you are...more familar to me..." she breaks off, biting her lip, realizing she sounds like an idiot.

[13:17] Kristina Locke drummed her fingers over the surface of the mattress, she yawned and listened idly to their conversation, but made little of the details.

[13:15] Dunnagh Scarmon: He circles around behind the bar, the advantage two-fold: make a drink, but also have the girl in the sun dress in veiw again... His head snaps up as the new girl is identfied, the tap filling his mug and spilling over, soaking his hand, unnoticed.

[13:20] Transic Pexington nods to her, 'Well would you prefer the hairy me then." he stretched a bit then looks to her smiling, 'Just hang on to yourself because when I do this it will not sound very pretty." he looked to her, 'So let me know."

[13:22] Gera Heliosense looks up and watches the male figure at the bar, his statue and movements seem strangely familiar. She snaps out of her pondering when Transic speaks:" Oh...I know you don't sound pretty when you do that...and Kristina might not like it...." she shrugs with an apologetic smile to Kristina.

[13:23] Kristina Locke sat casually on the sofa bed still, her fingers laced behind her head while she continued to idly count the tiles on the ceiling, callous to everything around her and allow the two nearby continue on with their discussion uninterrupted. She grimaced slightly after hearing Trans comment on his transformation and shook her head, closing her eyelids. "I hate it when you do that, the sounds are just disgusting." She mumbled. She creased a smirk on her lips, nodding to Gera before she finally realized the presence of another figure by the bar. She lifted a gloved hand, sending a lazy wave to his direction.

[13:27] Gera Heliosense clears her throat, looking directly at Kristina:" Are you...Transics sub?"

[13:29] Transic Pexington chuckles as he shifts a bit, "No Gera, Kris is my friend and my equal. we are just a bit closer then most friends." he looks to Gera and then to Kris, "Damn were we not just discussing this, wow that is so strange." he teased the tip of Kris' nose with his finger. he reaches over to Gera and tries to caress her arm,

[13:31] Kristina Locke quirked an eyebrow, she appeared genuinely surprised at the question and choked on dry air. After a moment to calm herself down, she cleared her throat as well. "No, definitely not. I'm no one's sub, in fact I have my own sub." She replied back. She turned to the finger moving her nose and jerked her head away. "We were discussing a possible relation, which I logically deduced that was impossible under the circumstances."

[13:34] Gera Heliosense nods:" Me too, I am nobody's sub either. " she sighs and listens closely when Kristina mentions their discussion about a possible relationship and she purses her lips and looks a bit moody. She watches as Transic reaches for her, trying to caress her arm but makes no attempt to move closer to him.

[13:38] Kristina Locke appeared to be in a more defensive state after her dominance was questioned, but was enough of an empath to detect the hint behind Gera's demeanor and offered an empathetic nod to her direction. "I can't speak for everyone, but it's the way I prefer." She muttered softly before she returned to her previously laxed state.

[13:39] A. waits for a little while for her eyes to adjust. She gazes around, and then seeing three people on the couch, peers a bit harder to make sure they're not in any sort of intimate situation.

[13:39] Transic Pexington sighs as he looks to them both, "Ok so it seems I am just making things worse here." he looks to Gera, "I am not a monogamous individual gera I am sorry, I am polyamorous. And I do consider only a few people special and worth my heart and time." he looks to Kris, "And what were are still discussing is that it is difficult and we have others in our lives, but we were not going to let the chance slip away, or did I misread that earlier." he shook his head, Waves, "Hello leader, how is the business today?"

[13:42] Gera Heliosense sees Ava and smiles and waves"Hi Ava" then she turns and looks at Transic:" yes I know you have a explained it to me before...I..I just wanted to make sure that I am aware of the actual count.

[13:43] A. smiles and waves at Gera. She half turns to look outside. "I didn't mean to interrupt your talk."

[13:45] Kristina Locke snickered at Gera's comment and turned to Trans. "You know, when I called your place a harem I was just kidding."

[13:50] Transic Pexington shook his head, "No it is not a harem, the true meaning of harem is forbidden, and it is not forbidden.' he sighs, "I think I would be best to just hold up in the bunker at this rate." he looks to the women, then to Ava, "No leader, just a bit of discussion is all it is. I am about ready to progress in my application. So I should be ready soon to assist you."

[13:53] Kristina Locke chuckled, her shoulders shrugged nonchalantly "Good to know it's not forbidden, I should pay your place a visit when I get the chance." She remarked casually. She furrowed her eyebrows to the latter comment. "How far along are you now?"

[13:59] Transic Pexington looked to her, 'need to hit the clinic and get checked out." he shook his head as he looked around a bit more. "Gera, there are just you, Kris, and Ranya. I have given my feelings to just you three." he looked to the ceiling, "Gods this place is a paradise and hell all in one." he chuckled as he shook his head.

[14:01] Gera Heliosense tilts her head and looks to the entrance, squeezing her eyes together as she tries to make out the figures. Slowly she slips off the couch. SHe looks surprised at Transic:" Just us three? No other?...oh I thought..." She breaks off and nods:" I hope I am not in the hell department"

[14:03] Kristina Locke chuckled as she slowly pushed herself up. "I was just remarking yesterday that this place may be purgatory." She gibed and slid off the mattress, stretching her torso. "I'm gonna fall asleep if I keep lounging around." She announced, rotating various joints in her. "Good to know that I'm one of few you have feelings for." She added dryly.

[14:06] Transic Pexington: me sighs as he stand and the bones break and tendons snap, the sounds of pain and destruction and reconstruction fill the corner of the room. "You are welcome Kris." his voice raspy and flat. "yes Gera, just those, no others, except for the occasion plaything. I am going to go for a walk need to think and clear my head a bit." he stretched and shook before he made his way to the entrance.

[14:07] Gera Heliosense: Gera smiles at Kristina, her witty remarks are to her liking. Surprised she then nods at Transic:"I was just on my way out too"

[14:07] Gera Heliosense: She walks to the entrance

[14:08] Dunnagh Scarmon hears the clop clop clop of some wedge heels coming out onto the big stone entryway and glances about.....

[14:09] Gera Heliosense: Gera walks out, sees Clara and smiles. As she loos to her right, her smile ebbs away and her eyes widen:" Dunnagh?'s you?..."

[14:09] Clara Ricarin: "J--j-just d--d-delusional and s-s-sometimes a b-b-bit s-s-sarcc--c-castic, n-n-not q--q-quite a s-s-screwb--b-ball." Clara syas to him, then looks over at the three who joined them. "Hel-l-lo n--n-nice of you to j--j-join us." Clara says to them.

[14:10] Dunnagh Scarmon looks away from Gera: "'Course it's me." he says flatly.

[14:10] Kristina Locke stepped out to the open patio, without even identifying those gathered around, she just drew in a lungful of island's fresh air. She emanated a delighted sigh, having awoken up some from her laxed state and looked around. "Hey everyone." She greeted with a smirk.

[14:12] Gera Heliosense swallows and stares down on her wedge sandals, all color has left her face. She even seems to tremble slightly. Thankfully Kristina's greeting gives her time to gather herself.

[14:13] Dunnagh Scarmon stares off across the green, himself grateful for the last stub of stogie he can pretend occupies his attention.

[14:13] Clara Ricarin glances between Dunnagh and Gera for a moment. "Should w-w-we l--l-leave you t-t-two al--l-lonne for a b-b-bit?" Clara asks the two of them.

[14:14] Gera Heliosense: No!" Gera exclaims, a bit too hasty

[14:14] Transic Pexington looked around a bit then sniffs near gera, He looks to the man then nods to Clara. he took a long breath in letting his scent permeate his senses. he would make sure to remember him. he stood his ground and watched them not speaking.

[14:14] vivi waves at the people with a bright smile.

[14:15] Dunnagh Scarmon draws himself up with a start "No need-" he eyes Gera "I was just leavin'."

[14:16] Kristina Locke looked between Gera and Dunnagh momentarily, her stance appeared nonchalant, hiding her curiousity. She tore her gaze away from the two to wave to Vivi. "Hello."

[14:16] Gera Heliosense suddenly feels Transic werewolf heat behind her, his animalistic scent that always makes her weak in the knees. She watches with her mouth open as Dunnagh leaves and turns around to Transic.

[14:17] Clara Ricarin nods with a small smile. "S-s-see you l--l-later d--d-dunnagh." Clara says to him then looks at Gera. "How l--l-long ag-g-go was it he at--tt-acked you?" Clara asks her.

[14:18] Gera Heliosense: Gera looks at Clara:" Attacked me? Dunnagh? but...he never attacked me"

[14:19] Kristina Locke took a few steps forward out into the open. She chuckled watching Vivi disappear again. "The aliens are always after her." She gibed. She shifted her attention back to the conversation, listening to them with a look of intrigue this time, not bothering to hide it.

[14:20] Transic Pexington stood impassive as he listened to the conversation. He did not move toward or away from Gera. just stood listening.

[14:21] Gera Heliosense: Gera has moved back a little, drawn to Transic like a magnet. She can't help it.

[14:22] Clara Ricarin: "You l--l-looked a b--b-bit pale." Clara says to her, "L--l-like you j--j-just s-s-saw an old g-g-ghost you ww-w-wish was st--t-till d--d-dead." Clara says to her, raising an eyebrow.

[14:27] Gera Heliosense: "well..yes, he is..I thought he would never come back to Glint. But he never attacked me...he was my husband" Gera bites her lip and smiles apaologetic at Clara.

[14:29] Kristina Locke cupped a hand over her mouth and yawned into her palm, her gaze shifted around the group gathered. She chuckled to the response, but remained silence.

[14:30] Transic Pexington huffed then turned, "I need a good run, I will be back later." he nods to the women then suddenly tries to wrap an arm around kris and Gera, if he is successful he would kiss them both together then set them down and head off into the woods.

[14:31] Gera Heliosense giggles breatless when Transic suddenly kisses her and Kris before he heads off:" Oh.."

[14:32] Kristina Locke stood nonchalantly, she just gave her shoulders a shrug to the kiss. "Eeewww, doggy drools."

[14:33] Clara Ricarin: "Oh." Clara says shortly. "D--d-do you m-m-mind m--m-me asking w-w-w-w-what hap-pp-pened?" Clara asks her.

[14:36] V turns the corner, takes a few steps and quietly admires the view.

[14:36] Gera Heliosense: Gera stops giggling, looks back at Clara and her brows knit together when she replies softly:" Life happened....we were seperated...the government fell, there was chaos everywhere...and when we found each other again....he was like a different man..."she sighs. "but he says the same about me...." She shrugs:" oh well...."

[14:38] Gera Heliosense sees V and waves:" oh hi V"

[14:38] V waves back, her eyes still locked on the lovely view, "Oh hi Gera sweetie! How you doing?"

[14:39] Kristina Locke wiped her cheeks with a gloved hand, her peripheral caught a movement of someone in red and looked over. "Oh hello there V." She called over with excitement in her tone. She looked to Gera and Clara, listening to the explaination before she turned her attention back to V. "So, how have you been?"...

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