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The day after that little intermission Gera decides to go to the Bordello and walks into the following scene:

[12:19] Transic Pexington stopped and looked to her, 'Well guess you need to catch her if you want hers Clara." he tucked everything back in and looked around, "Hello Gera." he smiles to her.

[12:20] Ranya smiled at Clara as the girl left, "Well she's outside the bordello now," she said with a smile hen waved o the girl in the fluffy dress

[12:20] Gera Heliosense walks into the bordello, smiling and waving:" Hi girls" she stops before the bar, seeing Transic and bushes. Then a secret smile plays on her lips as whispers back:" Hello Transic"

[12:20] Clara Ricarin watches her leave then sighs. "I'll j-j-just t--t-take the w--w-water... I had hoped from a m-m-mixed d--d-drink b--b-between the two of you b--b-but..." She shakes her head. "Oh w--w-well. Hel-l-l-lo G--g---g-g-gera." Clara says to her.

[12:21] Mercy looks confused but smiles..to the beautifully dressed girl.." hello.."

[12:22] Gera Heliosense nods to Clara and Mercy, playing with her hair in a half coquettish , half shy manner.

[12:22] Transic Pexington: me shrugs and looks to mercy, you might still be able to get one special Clara." he winks to Gera and nods, "Hello darlin, what are you drinking."

[12:24] Gera Heliosense: Leaning her ellbows to the bar, looking at all the bottles, she purses her lips thing before she points to the Guiness:" I'll have that. to get some hair on my chest" She giggles.

[12:25] Ranya wound her dance down "sorry all getting thirsty, May I have some ice water please?"

[12:26] Mercy: mmmmmmss can I stop pole dancing.. I dont like it as much as freestyle.." she remarks a little.. still wodnering why waitressing is bad... as she plays with the pole slide up and down it contemplating a little.." why not try the lemonaide thats realyl good.."

[12:26] Transic Pexington laughs as he nods, hands Clara her water then begins to pour Gera a guiness, "Now that should take care of everyone but my lovely girl, " he smiles to her, "Of course my love, here you go." hans her the bottle of water from cooler.

[12:29] Ranya takes the water with a smile and unscrews the cap, "Thank you master," she said then poured half the contents over her sweating body and began to drink the rest, "Oh I needed that. ah!"

[12:30] Transic Pexington smiles to Ranya, "You did that just to tease me my love." he looks to her and laughs.

[12:32] Clara Ricarin takes the water with a sigh and takes a long sip, relaxing in the bar stool

[12:32] Gera Heliosense watches them and sips her Guinness

[12:32] Mercy: well that was fun.." she moves to sit back down at the bar..

[12:33] Ranya smirks at him a bit, "no that was to cool me down," she told him "But this might be to tease you." she said as she climbed into the stool beside her and sat with her legs spread wide to give him a view.

[12:34] Kristina Locke strolled casually into the Bordello, her gaze surveyed the crowd already gathered. Gradually she joined the others, still lacking her usual swag and enthusiasm. "Hey all."

[12:34] Mercy blinks a little... at Ranya......boldness and smiles.."umm ok.. can I have some more to drink Transic....getting thristy.." she remarks.....

[12:34] Gera Heliosense: Gera forgets to drink her guinness and stares at Rayna
[12:35] Gera Heliosense: oh hello Kristina

[12:36] Clara Ricarin looks over at Kris, taking another sip of her water. "Hey, K-k-kris." Clara says. "W--w-what's up?"

[12:36] Transic Pexington smiles at Ranya, "You know how to get my attention my love." he shook his head then took the lemonade off the shelf and poured Mercy another one. 'hey Kris, what can I get you." he winks to her.

[12:37] Ranya waves to Kris as she drinks her water, "I know, Not sure why it gets your attention. But if it works it works."

[12:37] Kristina Locke inclined her head while she quirked an eyebrow. "You're all naked, is Trans charging you all for the drinks?" She nodded to the lycan behind the bar. "Another Guinness."

[12:37] Gera Heliosense now observes the interchange between Ranya and Transic more closely for a moment. The she sips on her guinness and twirls a curl around her finger in thought.

[12:37] Mercy: this is is soo yummmy." she remarks.." thank you.."

[12:39] Transic Pexington laughs, "You know me Kris, always looking out for the business." he laughs as he pours her a guiness and then leans against the bar, "I think I need a bit of air ladies." he looks them all over, "Oh I do so need a moment or two."

[12:40] Clara Ricarin: "Oh he's charging them." clara says. "I'm only d--d-d--ddrinking w-w-w-water." Clara says . "You c--c-can j-j-join in and st--t-trip t---t-too." Clara says to her.

[12:40] Ranya blushes and waves at her master, "enjoy Master."

[12:40] Gera Heliosense: Yes, I bet you do" Gera replies

[12:40] Mercy: have... fun.." she remarks really enjoying her lemonade..."its sooo yummmy." she giggles... a little feeling absent mindly the texture of her panties then slowly her skin then back...again starting to get facinated with the texture..

[12:41] Kristina Locke inclined her head and shrugged. "I get to drink of free here, some of the perks for working here." She quipped then turned toward Mercy before she shifted to Trans. "Why does she still have her panties on?"

[12:43] Ranya shrugged as she finished her water, "Stripping is part of my job here."

[12:43] Transic Pexington smiles to Kris, "House rules she can strip to her panties and dance, but we have been trying to get her to take them off as well, the other one just popped her top then left." he growls slightly at the comment.

[12:44] Gera Heliosense sets her empty glass on the counter with a bang and wipes her lips with the back of her hand:" Right!" she exclaims to no one in particular.

[12:44] Kristina Locke smirked toward Trans "Very well, we'll get the other way later, with interests too. As for this one, the house rule only apply to dancers. The price for the drinks is to strip completely naked."

[12:45] Transic Pexington looks around a bit, "Ok I need some air, be back in a bit."

[12:45] Ranya after putting the empty bottle on the counter, leaned back and placed her hands behind her back.

[12:45] Mercy slowly swirls her fingers across the lace then the texture of her thigh, kind of oblivious to the conversation going on around her as she slowly sucks on the straw slowly.... carefully "suddenly coming out of her reverie.." sorry.. do I need to go back to dancing? she looks startled for some reason...looking at Gera... "you ok...?" she asks... not quite paying attention the conversation about her.

[12:46] Transic Pexington leans in and whispers to Clara then walks off.

[12:46] Kristina Locke waved toward Trans as he departs.

[12:47] Gera Heliosense looks at Mercy and raises her brows:" Yes...why?" she asks innocently.

[12:48] Mercy considers the answer and smiles a little." well when someone usually says... "right like that they have come to a decision that they were needing to make its like Ahhhhaaa!!! or something.."

[12:48] Kristina Locke then turned her gaze back to Mercy, she creased her lips into a wry smirk as she leaned against the bar, her gaze fixated on the blonde's face. "Indeed, and this time, the panties have to come off and you must stay up there for thirty minutes."

[12:50] Gera Heliosense: "Oh..." Gera nods and smiles at Mercy:" yes you're right...I might have come to a conclusion " she crunches her nose, smiling and then looks around.

[12:50] Mercy: Up there?" she blinks a little.... "not on a pole...?" she asks.. a little... her eyes distracted a little..... slowly sipping her glass.... contents.."I am supposed to be a waitress... but I guess I can dance some more..."

[12:50] Clara Ricarin glances over at Trans and says back. "I alr-r-r-ready have s--s-someone." Clara says to him. then looks back to the bar.

[12:51] Transic Pexington smiles, "Introduce me sometime then Clara." he then heads out the door.

[12:51] Kristina Locke looked at Mercy and nodded. "Yes, up on stage, on a pole." She replied then turned to Clara and inclined her head. "Mind if I ask why are you naked?"

[12:52] Mercy: kind of hungry... V said there was food.." she get an idea popping into her head...."alright..if I have too.."

[12:52] Clara Ricarin smirks. at Mercy's answer and looks at Kris. "W-w-w-hy a p-p-pole d---ddance?" Clara says to Kris, "Have her m-make a sp-p-pecial if she w--w-wants to b--b-be a w-w-waitress. That's a k-k-kind of d--d-dance." Clara says to Kris. "And I j-j-just forgot to p-p-put on c--c-clothes tod--d-day." Clara says to her.

[12:53] Kristina Locke chuckled at the answer and shrugged "Sure, I'll believe that. Although a fine idea." She turned toward Mercy. "You can dance for the drink and then serve up a House Special for the food."

[12:54] Mercy: a house special What is that?" she blinks a little confused by the code talking.."is it some kind of special dish or something I am not a very good cook.."

[12:55] Kristina Locke chuckled "Don't worry, we'll teach you when you're done. And every woman is capable of making a House Special." She remarked.

[12:56] Clara Ricarin: "Oh n-n-n-o I'm sure you'll b--b-be able to m-m-make it." Clara says to Mercy with a grin then looks at Kris. "I'd l-l-like a shot of it t---t-t-too so she mm-m-may have to -m-m-make a d--d-double." Clara says.

[12:57] Kristina Locke shrugged her shoulders "The order was for you, I don't really drink that stuff. But if you wish for a double shot, I'm sure she'll be able to make it."

[12:57] Gera Heliosense smirks and pushes her herself off the bar with two hands" Greedy greedy Clara" She smiles and walks out waving:" See you later girls"

[12:57] Kristina Locke chuckled and nodded to Gera. "Take care."

Outside the Bordello on the cliffs overlooking the ocean...

[13:01] Transic Pexington sits up as she approached, "Can I help you gera. " his hand still on his cock as he looked to her.

[13:02] Gera Heliosense looks down on him , realizing she must have disturbed him:"
[13:03] Gera Heliosense: uhm...no...I was just...well...sitting here ...collecting my thoughts" she answers in a tone that sounds rather haughty.

[13:04] Transic Pexington tucked everything away again, "Ok Gera what is wrong?" he stands walking to her.

[13:06] Gera Heliosense stands up to and looking at him, eyebrows raised like a little madam with an attitude.

[13:06] Gera Heliosense: "Nothing...why ever would you think that?"

[13:08] Transic Pexington: me growls low in his throat, 'because I am a werewolf and I can tell when someone is upset." he looks to her, "And even without my heightened senses right now it is painfully obvious you are upset, and I am betting has to do with the fact that Ranya is my submissive." he looks into her eyes.

[13:10] Gera Heliosense bites her lips and the blood rushes into her cheeks. Suddenly she looks up to him with a wild glance and pushes him against the chest with both small hands, not that this will have any effect , but at least it gives it a dramatic appearance" No good womanizing bastard!"

[13:13] Transic Pexington looks to her, he tries to catch her wrists together, "I am many things but I am no womanizer. What we had happen, had meaning and still does, but Ranya is apart of my life as well. I am one who can and does love many, what is wrong with that. Especially where we are, how can it be so wrong." he looks to her, "I am sorry I did not tell you before, but you did not ask and I did not say."

[13:17] Gera Heliosense still looks at him wild, she tries to free her wrists but rather halfhearted:" yes, yes...i bet you say that to all the girls..." she pauses and takes a deep breath. Then she calms down and gives him another haughty look, pursing her lips" Well see if I care, Mister...ha!" But now she frowns and thinks hard before she finally whispers" it had meaning?"

...and from there on the little argument moves on to softer tones and paths. He convinces her that what happened the other night did not leave him untouched. She on the other side explains to him her nature as good as she can. Being a dreamer, passionate and jealous...which is so not conform with the usual behavior of Glint women.
And of course unlike many, she also explains that she never made a good slave because her nature rebels against it.
He tells her, he would never demand of her to become his slave, even his other girls are merely subs, not slaves.
Their talk becomes even more gentle as both lay in grass now, looking at the sky and the ocean. He talks to her of his island not far from here. Where he lives with his girls. He says that he would like her to come and stay with them. Gera ponders about this, after all she has no set home currently and Dunnagh.....her thoughts trail off.
So he takes her over to the island and shows her the beauty of his home. Inside his bunker he winks and smiles telling her he will now slip into something more comfortable. And before her eyes, under convulsions and cracking bones, he transforms to his human form.
For the first time she sees him as a man now and not a beast. Her reaction is surprisingly not as delighted as he may had expected. In shock she looks at him, shy and suspicious suddenly, touching his skin feebly, exploring his face with her fingertips. Her face expresses confusion and she seems like a stranger. He asks her if she would rather prefer the beast, the wolf. And replies that she needs time to get used to his human form. To her the wolf is familiar, the man though is like a stranger.

Where will it all lead? This episode that started as a little slip of passion after a party on a night so clear and starry. Why is Gera doing what she does? Is this a new obsession? Is she rediscovering her lust. Or is it something romantic with this beast who is so nobel and powerful. And Dunnagh? Is it really over with him?
Or is this her way to revenge herself? Revenge herself for what? And then again, it could also be that she wants to make Dunnagh jealous. Oh we will see...very soon.

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