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A meeting with the boss

( OOC-Note: The following conversation took place at Mendoza's office. For a few months now, Gera works as an undercover agent for Mendoza. This is of course kept secret within the ranks, therefore this conversation can not be used as information in RP nevertheless its important to tell the full story in this diary to be able to follow the plot and to understand motives and actions of the characters )

[03:53] Capitano Mendoza sits dozing in the chair.

[03:56] Gera Heliosense barges in, slamming the door shut. Only then she realizes Mendoza is present. She looks startled, brushing a lock from her eyes.

[03:59] Capitano Mendoza: opens his right eye and looks up at the door.

[04:00] Gera Heliosense: she straightens herself, eyes front, hands on her "seams":" Capitano....I did not expect you here so early"

[04:01] Capitano Mendoza: opens his second eye and sits up straighter. "Hello Gera. I came in early to read some reports that were left for me"

[04:04] Gera Heliosense nods and comes closer:" Nothing too disturbing I hope" She reached the wooden panel and peeks over it, looking at the papers in front of him.

[04:06] Capitano Mendoza: chuckles as she looks over the divider. The papers are a handwritten report, the handwriting rather untidy. He turns them over so they're face down and folds his arms. He inclines his head to the side, eyes scanning her face "What can I do for you today, Gera?"

[04:10] Gera Heliosense realizes she has been nosy and steps back:" Well, as i did not expect you here I am not well prepared but I do think it would be good if we could talk. "She looks around, then opens the gate and stands in front of the pin board:" Maybe in your office?" she whispers.

[04:11] Capitano Mendoza: stands and pushes the chair in under the desk. He gathers the papers and moves to his office door. He opens it with the key fob, locks whirring to release. "Very well. After you my dear."

[04:12] Gera Heliosense steps inside, nodding "Thank you" and clears her throat.

[04:13] Capitano Mendoza: lets the door close behind him. There's another whir as the locks automatically re-engage, sealing the door in place.

[04:14] Gera Heliosense: She waits until he is done with the door, folding her hands :" Its about one of the men that you recruited"

04:16] Capitano Mendoza: stands with arms folded. His eyes stray for a moment to her translucent dress before returning to her face. His right eyebrow twitches a little with interest and he nods "Go on"

[04:18] Gera Heliosense: "Well" she looks away before focusing on his face:" His name is Dunnagh Scarmon and i believe you brought him into your service about a month ago...." She pauses, looks over to his desk, then continues:" Would it be possible that you tell me his position in the Molesteri?"

[04:26] Ulric Dalglish: [04:20] Capitano Mendoza: 's other eyebrow crooks as well. The lines of wrinkles across his forehead deepen "That's interesting. What makes you believe he has any status with the Molesteri?"

[04:31] Gera Heliosense: She knits her brows together, then taps her lip:" Well...he told me so himself ...kind of...what he did, was to blow himself up and threatend that he could arrest me"

[04:33] Capitano Mendoza: shakes his head "Well blowing himself up, presumably, means pretending he's more than he is? He has no status with the police. We keep an eye on him and have no reason to be concerned about his activities. He has indicated an interest in the past but he lacks the necessary papers."

[04:39] Gera Heliosense: So he is...not in any position to arrest anyone , right?" She sighs, then looks Mendoza straight in the eye:" Of course he could well be in the same position that I am, working for you undercover but not, no...he wouldn't have bragged if he was...." she bites her lip:" I might as well tell you. That man is my Ex-husband. "

04:41] Capitano Mendoza: listens to her comments and nods at the end "I'm aware of your relationship to him Gera. It's why I'm prepared to accept you may not be as naive as you used to be in believing what he told you. Don't be mistaken though, he can make a citizen's arrest any time... he just better make sure he's sure of his facts otherwise he might be the one ends up in the cells"

[04:50] Gera Heliosense: She opens her mouth but then shuts her lips tight:" You knew he was my husband? "She smiles vaguely:" You were not concerened we would cause trouble due to our complicated relationship then. ..." Thinking for a moment she raises her hands, showing her palms:" Forgive me Capitano, that last remark was inapropriate. I thank you for clearing that up for me"

[04:52] Capitano Mendoza: regards her small hands as they hover in front of her not particularly well covered chest. "If I'd been concerned I'd have done something about it. No need to be sorry. I didn't take offense."

04:59] Gera Heliosense: "okay..." she nods. Hesitating a little before she moves to the next subject:" The other matter i wanted to talk about with that...I am still a little insecure about my position with the molesteri. I was under the impression that I work for you, that i would get a contract maybe. You said something the other day that sounded as if I am not a full undercover agent...but rather a snitch, like a criminal who sometimes informs the police but who is not within the system. Is that so?"

[05:06] Capitano Mendoza: moves forward and to her left. His eyes stay on her face as he starts to circle her. "I gave you a warrant didn't I?"

[05:07] Gera Heliosense: "well yes, you did but..." she breaks of nervously and watches him fro the corner of her eye as he circles her:" but does that give me full rights?"

[05:09] Capitano Mendoza: steps behind her, leaning in so he speaks from just above her left shoulder "Of course it gives you full rights. I just told you to be careful about how liberally you use the warrant. Otherwise it will no longer be a well kept secret and I may as well just issue you a badge and a uniform."

[05:13] Gera Heliosense: She stares straight ahead when he talks to her, his mouth close to her ear, so close his breath is stiring the air, making some whisps of her hair move. "and I was...I was very careful...but ...well....I just felt i did not get enough information to do my job good. There is always a certain kind of vagueness about our colaboration..."

[05:14] Capitano Mendoza: rests his left hand on her left shoulder. He stays leaning close, eyes scanning the side of her face as he speaks "I was satisfied with what you delivered. It was adequate."

[05:17] Gera Heliosense: She tenses a little when he lays his hand on her shoulder, but upon hearing his reassuring words she sighs in relief:" Thank you...Capitano..." Closing her eyes for a moment to gather herself:" I just needed that little reassurance from you."

[05:18] Capitano Mendoza: 's right hand moves forward. The tips of his index and middle fingers brush the ridges of muscle on either side of her spine, just above her lower back "Unless you'd prefer a uniform that is? Maybe you have a craving to wear a uniform Gera?"

[05:23] Gera Heliosense: His closeness and the touch of his fingers, even though its only a brush, makes her nervous. She trembles slightly. She lifts her chin and looks over her shoulder at him, to seize him better:" A uniform would be very tempting Capitano, but I am not sure I could fill it well. The undercover position holds more oportunities for someone like me. And also..." she gives him a lopsided grin:" Could you see me in a uniform, waving handcuffs and playing big bad cop?"

[05:26] Capitano Mendoza: 's fingers brush the back of her shoulder blade en route to resting on her right shoulder. With hands on both of her shoulders he steps behind her, out of her view. His head stays low, behind her left ear as he speaks "I could see you in uniform, yes. I've seen you naked for long enough, although you've matured into a very attractive young woman. But to be frank, you can serve my interests in either guise: under cover or overt."

[05:32] Gera Heliosense: She stiffens under his hands and goes a little pale when he tells her, he saw her naked. Closing her eyes she tries to deal with the feeling of shame about her past as a house slave. Then she swallows and nods:" you for the compliment...and in that case, I will serve your...interests without a least for a while" She makes a slight movement away from him, indicating the desire to escape his closeness.

[05:34] Capitano Mendoza: feels the shift in her weight and raises his hands from her shoulders. He speaks as if there had been nothing inappropriate "Very good. I am glad that this is resolved to your satisfaction."

[05:36] Gera Heliosense: She steps away from him now, avoiding eye contact and glad about his matter of fact tone:" Yes indeed, thank you for your time Capitano. You set my mind at rest." Walking over to the door she now has to look at him, waiting for him to unlock it.

[05:39] Capitano Mendoza: does not make a move to unlock the door. He merely hooks this thumbs into his utility belt "And you can always come back and offer to entertain me in a uniform or in anything else you might find comfortable, Gera. I have no doubt you haven't completely lost your touch."

[05:43] Gera Heliosense: She blinks at this, narrowing her eyes for a moment:" No..I have not...lost my touch, sir...but my entertaining has become more...more focused." She feels her heart beat faster again . She does not trust this arrogant Mendoza, she never did. Looking to the door she touches the door knob:" Would so friendly and...unlock it , please?"

[05:45] Capitano Mendoza: looks at the door and back to her. His face remains impassive as he reaches across the desk to depress the locking button "Yes of course Gera. I forgot that it was locked. Thank you for visiting. I look forward to receiving more from you. I hope that I shall not have to wait so long, next time."

[05:48] Gera Heliosense: As soon as he pushes the button she opens the door and stands in the doorframe, standing her ground again. She even smiles now, a tiny sparkle in her dark eyes:" I assure you that you will not be disappointed, Capitano" She raises her hand to her forhead in a mock salute, turns around swiftly and struts out of his office with swaying hips.

[05:49] Capitano Mendoza: chuckles as she leaves and mutters "Good girl" under his breath....

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