Dienstag, 11. Mai 2010

Back in the collar

Oh my sir and I. We had a huge fight. Caused a scene right in the middle of the town. He even slapped my face and I...I picked up a stone and threw it after him. It hit him on the back of the head and it was bleeding. It was of course about the collar.
He would not believe that I wanted to be his slave again. Understandable after all.
I am a collection of loose ends. I never seem to fit.
But in the end, he did believe me. He had two conditions. I must not kneel for anyone and I may sit on furniture if I see other slaves doing it as well.
Why the change in me? Some may say I was brainwashed. The torture from the other day was fierce. It seems it doesn't matter anymore. And if I am to be a slave then at least I want to be HIS slave. So as from now on I will call him Master again.


  1. /me bellows with frustrated rage and rents at his hair as she 'mishears' his instructions again...He stalks off to buy himself a Rosetta Stone-deutsche CD.

  2. oh yes and the dress code of course...and that I must not be so feeble minded...uhm...please Master...I didn't mean to disobey any orders.

  3. i think a collar is a thing of pride. Wear it with pride. I can explain when i've figured out what sleep is.

    btw you still up for wearing silks right? Cause i need silk shots. Need to see if archie is still for posing

  4. I would like to discuss the collar with you more, next time I see you. You may be able to help me.
    Yes! I am still up for the silk shots. Can't wait to do them.