Samstag, 8. Mai 2010

A black day for Sunrise - Two

After Sir Dunnagh had left me I went home and was sad and devastated. To occupy my mind I continuewd working on the house. I was in the middle of building the arches when Ma'am and Tara strolled by:

[5:01] YT Recreant: good morning sunrise
[5:02] Gera Heliosense: good morning Alley Cat and hello Tara
[5:02] Tara Bergan smiles a little too sweetly 'Morning Sunrise'
[5:02] YT Recreant stretches herself "we got a new job
[5:02] Gera Heliosense: what job?
[5:02] Tara Bergan nods 'shiny in it's newness even'
[5:02] YT Recreant: we are now at the civil office for construction affairs
[5:03] Gera Heliosense: oh you mean you look at houses and say if they are build right or not?
[5:03] YT Recreant: yeah
[5:03] Gera Heliosense: is my house very wrong?*she looks devastated*
[5:03] YT Recreant looks at tara "these arches?"
[5:04] Tara Bergan: Decrepid to say the least. What were you thinking Sunrise?
[5:04] YT Recreant chews on her bottom lip to suppres a grin and tries to look very official
[5:05] Gera Heliosense: I was...I..I..well I talked to Mistress Tasty and she gave me good advice and told me round forms enhance the building and so that it does not look like a I
[5:05] Gera Heliosense: she taught me to build arches
[5:06] Gera Heliosense: and I lov it
[5:06] YT Recreant shakes her head "where is your license to build arches?
[5:06] Gera Heliosense: my license?
[5:06] Gera Heliosense turns red and shrugs
[5:06] YT Recreant: only arch builders licensed by our office are allowed to make arches
[5:06] Tara Bergan mutters 'the very same Tasty who lives in a paper hut from China'
[5:07] YT Recreant nods and mutters back "i thought already she is an art terrorist, but this... my my... somepeople, reallly
[5:07] Gera Heliosense: yes Tara...and...wjhat amI to do now? must I burn my house down like Moose?
[5:07] Tara Bergan: and as for what the pillar construtors will think..... tsk tsk Sunrise
[5:07] YT Recreant: oh yes, thepillars, now that oyu mention it
[5:07] YT Recreant: *you
[5:08] YT Recreant: and, the light!
[5:08] YT Recreant: see that light???
[5:08] Gera Heliosense: oh dear...oh dearohdear*she moans
[5:08] YT Recreant: the bricks are too white too
[5:08] Tara Bergan looks down, suddenly highly interested in her feet as she curls her toes to help herself concentrate and fall over in fits of laughter
[5:08] Tara Bergan: Not*
[5:08] YT Recreant: so, sunrise, i need now from you the pilar license, the light license, the white brick license and the arch license
[5:09] Gera Heliosense kneeds her hands and is close to tears
[5:09] YT Recreant: yes?
[5:09] Gera Heliosense: I ain't got no licenses
[5:09] YT Recreant gasps "sis! have you heard that?"
[5:10] Tara Bergan stretches, coughs and purses her lips as she fixes her face into 'scary look noumber 5'
[5:10] YT Recreant: what do we do with her now?
[5:10] Gera Heliosense gulps
[5:10] Tara Bergan shakes her head 'Shocking, sister!'
[5:10] YT Recreant: give her to plank fucker?
[5:10] Gera Heliosense: can I...can I buy a license?
[5:11] Tara Bergan: She might enjoy that, though
[5:11] YT Recreant: owww, attempted bribery
[5:11] YT Recreant: she wanted to 'buy' them
[5:11] Gera Heliosense: oh no I didn't mean it like that
[5:11] Tara Bergan sighs 'I actually despair for the youth of today'
[5:11] YT Recreant: so do i sis, so do i
[5:12] YT Recreant: and look
[5:12] YT Recreant: look there!
[5:12] YT Recreant: her neck is bare!
[5:12] Gera Heliosense looks around, then realizes and touches her neck
[5:12] Tara Bergan bows her head in respect for the good old days when builders knew their place
[5:12] Gera Heliosense: yes, I...I..
[5:13] YT Recreant shakes her head slowly "now we do not only have here a bribing construction site terrorist but also a female acting up as wannabe FW
[5:13] Tara Bergan: Sunrise... whatever happened to you?
[5:13] YT Recreant: i guess we need to detain her
[5:13] YT Recreant: maybe she got infected by moose
[5:13] Tara Bergan: I blame the parents
[5:13] YT Recreant: oh, or that, yes
[5:13] Gera Heliosense: I..I don't know...what? Detain me?
[5:14] YT Recreant nods slowly "you can have it nice or ugly, whatever
[5:14] Gera Heliosense: But...but...oh dear*she shuts up because she said "but"
[5:15] YT Recreant snorts audibly "and she called us butts
[5:15] Tara Bergan: Now now Sunrise, do I have to pull scary look number 17 out of the bag too?
[5:15] YT Recreant goes with her hand along the braided right tail of sunrise "you are in trouble, you know that?
[5:16] Gera Heliosense lays a hand to her forhead as if she is about to faint
[5:16] YT Recreant curls the braid around her hand and then pulls forcefully downwards, in the attempt to bring sunrise onto her knees
[5:17] Tara Bergan watches on as her sister forces Sunrise, her own heart beating wildly in her breast as her eyes glitter in excitement, delighted at the events as they unfold
[5:17] Gera Heliosense: please forgive my mistakes...I did not know
[5:18] Tara Bergan: She pleads ignorance, sister
[5:18] YT Recreant glares at sunrise and hisses "sis, strip taht slut and then we tell her about her place
[5:18] YT Recreant: /holding the braid firmly
[5:18] Tara Bergan nods 'My pleasure, sister'
[5:19] Tara Bergan steps closer to Sunrise adn looks down at her her lips curling into a slow grimace as she unsheaths the 'nail file' at her hip...
[5:19] Gera Heliosense looks up scared
[5:19] Tara Bergan: Be still now Sunrise because if this slips, it will hurt you a hell of a lot more than it will hurt me
[5:20] YT Recreant breathes "what happened to your collar, slave?"
[5:20] Gera Heliosense holds still as good as she can, because she trembles
[5:20] Gera Heliosense: I took it off because I am no slave any longer
[5:21] Tara Bergan flicks the freshly sharpened blade underneath the shoulder strap of Sunrise's garment, and lifts it upwards, the blade slicing like a hot knife through butter
[5:21] Gera Heliosense: because of the law enforcement
[5:21] YT Recreant parrots the voice "' i am not a slave any longer'" then tugs the hair for good measurement again forcefully "says who?, slut?"
[5:22] Gera Heliosense looks up again"I decided so"
[5:22] Tara Bergan listens to the ongoing converstaion as she trials the flat of the blade down between Sunrise's breasts to her hip, the knife deftly separating the thin material there too, rendering the girl naked as the sheer garment falls away
[5:22] YT Recreant grins, tugs the hair again and looks at her sis "i see here a naked piece of female - and she says she can decide, what do you think?"
[5:23] Tara Bergan smiles 'Brave words for one kneeling naked in the dirt'
[5:23] Gera Heliosense swallows:"Glint is a free ...a
[5:23] YT Recreant nods, and takes now both braids in her fist, firm grip "only in your dreams, sunrise, only in your dreams
[5:25] YT Recreant nods to Tara, "how many whips?"
[5:25] Tara Bergan: hmm, dunno really. How about an even 10.....
[5:25] Gera Heliosense starts sobbing
[5:25] Tara Bergan: .... for each charge
[5:25] YT Recreant: yeah, so is 50?
[5:25] YT Recreant: or 100?
[5:25] YT Recreant: i am bad in math
[5:26] Tara Bergan: and an extra 10 for being delusional?
[5:26] YT Recreant: is then 10 times 50?
[5:26] YT Recreant bends sunrise head back by her braids and glares into her eyes "what do you say, slut?"
[5:27] Gera Heliosense looks back with tearstained eyes and whispers"I say...thank you, Ma'am"
[5:28] YT Recreant reaches down with her free hand and cups one breast, pinching the left nipple, fierce but short "my name is alley cat, i do not have allures like you, tossing of a colar and ' i am free' attidute
[5:28] Gera Heliosense flinches and whispers:"Yes Alley Cat"
[5:29] YT Recreant growls "i have enough of these acting up things" and drags you by your braided hair over the place

[5:32] YT Recreant reaches into the box of the apparatus and fetches some cuffs, dragging you all the while around "wear these, 'free woman'"
[5:33] Gera Heliosense attaches the cuffs under tears
[5:33] YT Recreant grumbles "so much work in the construction office" and tosses you then over the metal bar
[5:33] Milker Control: Please wear the attachment while the milker is running.
[5:34] YT Recreant bends down, secures your limbs with chains
[5:34] YT Recreant: so, how 'free' are we now? mh?
[5:36] Gera Heliosense looks up and tries to be brave"alley cat, my mind is free....this will not change it...I am not a good slave...I do not deserve to wear the title slave"
[5:37] YT Recreant grins slowly and then walks behind your back, standing on her toes, fumbling something across the metal frame "free, yes?
[5:37] Gera Heliosense does not answer, she only sighs deeply
[5:38] YT Recreant shrugs, and pulls out a hook at a chain, then shoving the numb end of the hook into your ass "answer, slut!"
[5:39] Gera Heliosense yells out in fear and pain and whispers " free noe"
[5:39] Gera Heliosense: now
[5:39] Gustaf DeCuir is Online
[5:39] YT Recreant smacks one time sharp with her flat hand against your ass cheek "now, or ever?"
[5:39] Rhea Habilis is Online
[5:40] Gera Heliosense sobs loudly and then she presses out"not ever"
[5:40] YT Recreant shakes her head and walks over to the box again "there was not enough luvin in it, i am afraid"
[5:43] Gera Heliosense whimpers and repeats "I don't know how to say it lovingly...i am no good slave"
[5:43] YT Recreant shrugs and digs more int he box, pulling out a flogger "trust me, i can teach you"
[5:44] Gera Heliosense: she looks at the flogger and bites her teeth together
[5:44] YT Recreant: soooo?
[5:44] YT's flogger is now aimed at Gera Heliosense.
[5:45] Gera Heliosense clears her throat"I will never be free not now and not ever....but not out of my free will"
[5:45] YT Recreant growls and pulls up the flooger, then letting a blow land across your back"
[5:45] YT's flogger: YT pulls back and brutally lashes the flogger against Gera Heliosense.
[5:46] Gera Heliosense arches in her restrains and cries out
[5:46] Rhea Habilis: Hello Ma'am
[5:46] YT Recreant: hi condom, watch her, she said she is a 'free woman'
[5:46] Rhea Habilis: sunrise!
[5:46] Rhea Habilis: she doesn't look free now Ma'am
[5:46] YT Recreant whispers: so, sunrise, what is your place?
[5:47] Gera Heliosense cries tears and snot:"My place is to be a slave....because I am forced to be a slave"
[5:48] YT Recreant 's hand rears back again and goes down swiftly "the place is right, the reason is wrong!"
[5:48] YT's flogger: YT pulls back and brutally lashes the flogger against Gera Heliosense.
[5:48] Gustaf DeCuir is Offline
[5:48] Rhea Habilis winces and looks away
[5:49] YT Recreant: condom, massage her pussy
[5:49] Rhea Habilis: yes Ma'am
[5:49] Gera Heliosense yells out, cramps her fists together, the hook cuts into her asshole because she moves too much
[5:49] YT Recreant: why are you slave, sunrise?
[5:49] Gera Heliosense: NO...get away from me Butterfly...please!
[5:50] Rhea Habilis stays away from the whip and reaches for her friend
[5:50] Gera Heliosense: I don't know why I am a slave
[5:50] YT Recreant lets the flogger caress softly over the fresh scared skin "you know it, and her name is condom, by the way
[5:50] Rhea Habilis stops moving toward sunrise
[5:50] Rhea Habilis: Master Sin has renamed me sunrise
[5:50] Rhea Habilis: call me condom now
[5:51] YT Recreant: condom, massage her and ignore her commands
[5:51] Gera Heliosense: Condom is too ugly a name for you
[5:51] Rhea Habilis: yes MA'am
[5:51] Gera Heliosense: and I am forced
[5:51] Rhea Habilis: creeps closer again and moves beneath the bar sunrise rests on
[5:51] YT Recreant grins and waits till condom picks up work, silently
[5:52] Rhea Habilis examines sunrise's mound for signs of arousal
[5:53] Rhea Habilis parts the outer lips and peers into the opening, to the exposed jewel
[5:53] xx Reyes is Online
[5:53] Gera Heliosense looks up at condom and whispers "Please don't...please, I love're my friend"
[5:53] YT Recreant teases slowly along the back with the flogger, caressing, watching "what are you?"
[5:53] Rhea Habilis strokes sunrise and whispers, "you are the prettiest girl, how did this happen?"
[5:54] Gera Heliosense: I am...a slave"she swallows and whispers to condom" I didn't have a license"
[5:55] Rhea Habilis: hi Doctor
[5:55] Tara Bergan: Ah there you all are, sorry I dozed off
[5:55] Rhea Habilis: hi spring
[5:55] YT Recreant: hi spring, watch this one here, she said not 5 mintues ago she were a 'free woman'
[5:55] Tara Bergan: Heya butter.... errr condom is it now?
[5:55] gemmma Teebrook shudders at the word condom
[5:55] gemmma Teebrook: Hello my wanderful Ma'am
[5:55] Rhea Habilis: yes please Doctor, Master Sin has renamed me to condom
[5:55] Tara Bergan: Then condom it is
[5:55] scribe2009 Deed: Oh YT is your Mistress
[5:55] YT Recreant keeps teasing the back "so, and why are you a slave?"
[5:55] scribe2009 Deed: he whispers
[5:56] Tara Bergan grins 'Look how Free Sunrise is now'
[5:56] Gera Heliosense: "Condom is too ugly for butterfly"she mutters
[5:56] Rhea Habilis gently touches sunrise soothing her relaxing her
[5:56] YT Recreant 's flogger lands again a roaring blow at the back "do not ever critize our Master, slut!"
[5:56] YT's flogger: YT pulls back and brutally lashes the flogger against Gera Heliosense.
[5:56] gemmma Teebrook: Condom has such a preventative nature about it
[5:56] Gera Heliosense: She is beyond the point now and Condom touches her soothingly
[5:57] Gera Heliosense: then she screams as the flogger comes down again
[5:57] Rhea Habilis moves her face closer to sunrise's sex and kisses her
[5:57] YT Recreant: and now focus, slut - why - are - you - a- slave?
[5:57] scribe2009 Deed: turns and slipsaway
[5:58] Gera Heliosense whimpers and whispers"I don't know anymore"
[5:58] YT Recreant pats the red welts "maybe because it is your nature?"
[5:58] gemmma Teebrook nods
[5:59] gemmma Teebrook: she looks like a slave to me Ma'am
[5:59] Rhea Habilis flicks her tongue up and down teasing sunrise just a bit
[5:59] Gera Heliosense: no it is not my nature. I like to sit on furniture, i don't like to be on my knees
[5:59] Gera Heliosense whimpers when condom kisses and teases her sex
[6:00] YT Recreant: oooo, fur-ni-ture? /and another blow goes across the arse
[6:00] YT's flogger: YT pulls back and brutally lashes the flogger against Gera Heliosense.
[6:00] xx Reyes is Offline
[6:00] Gera Heliosense arches and yells out in pain
[6:00] YT Recreant: did you say you love to sit on furniture?
[6:00] Gera Heliosense: yes...
[6:00] gemmma Teebrook smiles, knowing what miht happen
[6:01] YT Recreant 's free hand grabs the hook and shoves it 3 inches deeper "with this slut arse?"
[6:01] Rhea Habilis puts her hand on sunrise's knee sreadies her for the next blow and increases her kissing
[6:01] Gera Heliosense screams like a banshee:"YES"
[6:01] Rhea Habilis: steadies*
[6:01] YT Recreant wriggles the hook "and you think that is your position?"
[6:02] Gera Heliosense: can not bend me....I tried to be a slave...i tried hard but I can't do it
[6:02] YT Recreant nods "of course" then flashes a wide smile at Tara "do we have a pineapple?"
[6:02] Tara Bergan runs her eyes over Sunrise's chained form and muses quietly to no one in particular 'feck, that looks sore'
[6:02] gemmma Teebrook giggles .. no such word as can't I think
[6:03] Tara Bergan: Hmm, I think I have a mango? Want me to check the bar for you?
[6:03] YT Recreant blows soothingly over sunrise red cheeks "no no, pineapple, our wannabe FW knows why
[6:04] Rhea Habilis eyes the hook the girl is impaled on and continues to lick and suck on her sex
[6:04] Tara Bergan sighs and turns to the boi. 'Gimme a pineapple will ya?'
[6:04] scribe2009 Deed: Miss boy has none an apple yes
[6:04] Tara Bergan: go bloody find one!
[6:04] Gera Heliosense looks down at condom and cries
[6:04] YT Recreant smiles "sunrise, you have the choice: you eitehr confess now that you are a slave by nature, or you will walk funny for weeks
[6:05] scribe2009 Deed: looks at the girl and her posture
[6:05] scribe2009 Deed: boy will try
[6:05] Tara Bergan: boi, I have little patience and I sweat on all that is holy I will string you up if you dontl go and get me a pineapple... NOW!
[6:05] Rhea Habilis lips are smacking as the kisses intensify
[6:05] Tara Bergan: swear even
[6:06] Gera Heliosense looks up"why can't you see...that I am no slave material" she closes her eyes and gasps for air
[6:06] YT Recreant shrugs "she really wants the hard way"
[6:06] Tara Bergan: I'm insulted sister. She seems to be looking down on us mere owned ones
[6:06] gemmma Teebrook: she is naked and in cuffs. that makes her a slave Ma'am
[6:07] YT Recreant nods at tara and spring "indeed both of you are right, she forgot totally about her origin
[6:07] Rhea Habilis starts to alternate between her lips and tongue opening sunrise, exciting her
[6:07] Tara Bergan mutters 'High talking gutter trash'
[6:07] YT Recreant: yeah, with a hook in da arse
[6:07] Gera Heliosense sobs
[6:08] Tara Bergan: Lucky girl thogh in all fairness. It's not everyday you get your arse all hooked up
[6:08] YT Recreant: maybe one at the thighs will make her more active again!
[6:08] YT's flogger: YT delivers a blow, the strands wrapping around Gera Heliosense's chest.
[6:08] YT Recreant: oh, that was the chest, so sowwy
[6:08] Rhea Habilis grips her leg more firmly
[6:09] Gera Heliosense scream but not as loud anymore because she gets exhausted
[6:09] gemmma Teebrook: they way she closes her eyes and lets out that sigh of pleasure when you whip her Ma'am... that shows her true nature
[6:09] YT Recreant: if she passes out we will put her at the water hose, and yes, spring, you are right
[6:10] YT Recreant: what are you by nature, sunrise?
[6:10] gemmma Teebrook: thankyou Ma'am
[6:11] Gera Heliosense lifts her head, exhausted and weary, trembling"I am a"
[6:11] Rhea Habilis parts sunrise's sex open and drives her tongue into the hole
[6:11] YT Recreant smiles and lets the flogger rest across the back, "condom, you may pick up speed"
[6:11] YT Recreant: does anyone have a collar for the slut here? she is kinda naked
[6:12] Tara Bergan roots in her belt... one sec
[6:12] Rhea Habilis nods and places her thumbs on the exposed nub while plunging her tongue faster
[6:12] Gera Heliosense shivers but does not respond strongly to condoms attemps because she is too weary "
[6:12] Tara Bergan pulls otu her old rusty collar.... 'Will this one do, I dontl use it anymore'
[6:13] Rhea Habilis adds a finger to her plunging tongue
[6:13] YT Recreant grins "perfect!"
[6:13] Tara Bergan tosses it over
[6:13] YT Recreant catches it and bends over sunrise neck "now, sweetie, welcoem home again - seems like a monthly routine to re-welcome you"
[6:13] Tara Bergan: I prefer the feel of soft worn leather on my neck these days
[6:13] Rhea Habilis buries her whole facein sunrise's sex using her mouth and fingers
[6:14] YT Recreant: i think, for today it is naked for sunrise, except collar and cuffs of course
[6:15] YT Recreant: tomorrow she can wear slave clothes
[6:15] Gera Heliosense feels the collar around her neck and shudders
[6:15] Tara Bergan smiles
[6:15] YT Recreant locks the collar around the neck and grins, patting her back
[6:16] Rhea Habilis pulls back from sunrise and looks at Ma'am, " she is exhausted Ma'am"
[6:16] YT Recreant nods, walks behind sunrise again and removes the hook "we should let her hang out a bit"
[6:17] Gera Heliosense: She falls forward and hangs over the metal bar, hardly moving
[6:17] YT Recreant nods to spring "tend to her wounds, look that she does not pass out"
[6:18] YT Recreant: and sunrise?
[6:18] Gera Heliosense looks up tired
[6:18] YT Recreant: do not ever show me a bare neck again, slut!
[6:18] scribe2009 Deed: Miss forgive me boy could not finfd ur pineapple
[6:19] gemmma Teebrook picks up a bucket of water and starts to sponge her marks
[6:19] Gera Heliosense looks grateful at Spring
[6:19] Tara Bergan closes her eyes and bites her lips in frustration before whispering 'Excuse me?'
[6:19] YT Recreant: yes, of course, doc
[6:20] Tara Bergan: boi?
[6:20] gemmma Teebrook stokes her soft skin, feeling the heat fom the marks
[6:20] YT Recreant: did you hear me, sunrise?
[6:20] scribe2009 Deed: Yes Miss looks up to her she towers above him
[6:20] gemmma Teebrook knows how strong her petite owner is
[6:20] Tara Bergan: did you go to school ever?
[6:20] Gera Heliosense nods and whispers with a dry throat"Yes alley cat"

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