Dienstag, 25. Mai 2010

Dirty politics

Someone left an animals head with an axe in it on Selina's and Sir Odin's doorstep. And on the paving stones is written the word"petty" in blood. Moose, Dr. Venn, Tami and I gathered around it and wondered who could be responsible for this. Of course its pretty clear that it all has to do with Sir Sin again. Now I don't understand it all but it all started when Sir Sin proclaimed new rules and Ava pushed them over. Sir Sin wants to be the head of the Elite Molesteri. He had his office above the laundry, it was vandalized. Then there was some kind of meeting where everybody voted against Sir Sin. He then started to build his office in Nayeli. He also threatened that he would never return to Glint if they don't accept him as the head of the EM. His construction site was set on fire, next thing: a flood broke out in the Dark Den. And now the head and the word "petty". Its a dirty war going on . I don't understand why Selina and Sir Odin were the target this time but I assume they were in that meeting where everybody voted against Sir Sin.
For all I care he can stay at Nayeli and play King Kong there and leave us alone. He broke my heart when he forbade butterfly to talk to me anymore. Amazing though how one man can make such big waves. And whatever I may think, he sure is an impressive character.


  1. http://www.moviewavs.com/php/sounds/?id=bst&media=WAVS&type=Movies&movie=Gone_With_The_Wind&quote=aintfitn.txt&file=aintfitn.wav

    And that's all I have to say about that.

  2. It was quite clear what kind of animal (I don't mean 'beast', but refer to our inner nature) Sir Sinful (as Moose calls him) is from the conversation concerning the one still known to us as Butterfly. Apparently some are attracted to that. But others aren't. The latter seem to be in the majority. It would be best for each to follow their own liking, and agree to disagree. Some may want to try to convince the others, but cruelty to animals, random vandalism... Well... the water was quite nice, and being bare-foot not a problem. In case the water conditions take a turn for the worse, there may be a reason to partially lift the shoe ban, to allow hip-waders.