Freitag, 7. August 2009


Finally it happened. We moved into our house in Glint. Right in the heart of the Dark Den and next door to Master Riddick and Ava. I spend all day moving yesterday. Master Ridick and Ava were most helpful and Ma'am came to look at our new habitat too. Now i can't wait for my Master returning from his journy to see what I did to our place so far.

On a more melancholic note I must admit that I feel terrible lonely lately. It may be because of the dreary last months of pregnancy or because my Master is away but it seems as if I don't have the same social interaction I used to have. Many people i knew don't come to the Den anymore and I find it hard to make contact with the new generation of people. Also the people I used to interact with, and this may be due to the fact that I am a houseslave and not available right now, don't seem to speak to me anymore. Only a few like Sir Bremen are still there for me....But maybe its just the pregnancy taking its toll on me. I don't know...

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