Dienstag, 25. August 2009

Love is to be cruel to be kind

Dunnagh Scarmon pointedly ignores her attempt to catch his eye, knowing it will only weaken him from the duty he must perform. He takes a half step back and studies the ugly red marks now flaring out on her left cheek and nods slightly with satisfaction before stepping around to her other side and laying his left hand gently on her right cheek, saying, with odd gentleness in his voice though his face remains in a stern scowl "Three for each day you neglected your Master, Gera."
Gera Heliosense whimpers more but through teary eyes she looks at him and understands, understands why he must do this, She nods, whispering: yes Master, the welts on her skin burn like fire, and at the same time she feels she never loved him more...
My offence had been that I had neglected to give my Master a full report of each day I spend without him. Afterwards he took me in his arms, soothed me and said:"You are a good girl, Gera - the best - and to keep you that way I must not continue spoiling you...I see that now." I was never loved more. I felt elated and cleansed. I am not a machochist. I do not enjoy pain, I fear it. But...Its the reason behind the punishment that makes me almost crave it. And the reason is love.

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