Sonntag, 16. August 2009

It's a boy!

Yesterday, at 4:50 pm I gave birth to a healthy big baby boy. At last he is here. Ma'am was with me. Also Dr. Tara, slut, Ava, Aurora and...two more girls...Sadly my beloved sir couldn't be here for his birth but I await him every moment now. Then he can hold his first born, his son Aindreas Dunnagh Scarmon. We are in the paper! A reporter from the DDI took our picture. I am too excited to write more. Here are some photos:


  1. Congratulations! it was a wonderful experience and I am very happy that you both are well

  2. Congratulations Gera!!! I know how you were looking forward to meeting your new son. I'm certain you will find all kinds of new joys and happiness as you raise him to be strong, healthy man.

  3. congratulations to you and your owner, i am so happy for the three of you.