Montag, 10. August 2009

Prenatal depression

[4:07] Gera Heliosense: welcome to our home, my midwife
[4:07] Rhea Habilis: thank you sunrise
[4:07] Gera Heliosense: please won't you take a seat?
[4:07] Rhea Habilis: it's a beautiful house
[4:08] Rhea Habilis: i have Her portrait in my cell
[4:08] Rhea Habilis: i should stay kneeling sunrise
[4:08] Gera Heliosense: yo do? yes I also wanted her portrait*she smiles melancholical
[4:08] Rhea Habilis: what is it sunrise?
[4:08] Rhea Habilis: you're sad
[4:12] Gera Heliosense: I don't know...we got this beautiful home now, Master paid a surprise visit last night, we will have a baby soon...and I...maybe I am ungrateful but...I feel so...vulnerable and sad...and so terrible lonely...its as if...I sometimes hardly talk to anybody for days...and then I bury myself here in the house...and Master Ulric and Master Jake.. maybe they don't like pregnant women...but they are always rude to me...and when they see me they turn the other way...and nobody I used to know comes here
anymore...and I feel lonely..and it hurts when they make comments about me.."She burst all this out in a single sentence and tears well up in her eyes
[4:13] Rhea Habilis takes your ankle and rubs the swollen tissue
[4:13] Rhea Habilis: men!
[4:14] Gera Heliosense: I know I am ugly and horrible to look at now but still...
[4:14] Rhea Habilis: they turn away from you
[4:14] Rhea Habilis: ugly?
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[4:14] Rhea Habilis: no precious sunrise
[4:14] Gera Heliosense: I don't know but everytime I come across them, they if..they rather not see me
[4:14] Rhea Habilis: of all the folks here there is no one more lovely than you
[4:15] Gera Heliosense: no thats not true...I hate this pregnancy
[4:15] Rhea Habilis: they can't fathom a pregnant woman
[4:15] Rhea Habilis: ah sunrise
[4:15] Rhea Habilis: its funny that now is when i tell you this
[4:15] Rhea Habilis: how beautiful i
[4:15] Rhea Habilis: how beautiful i find you
[4:16] Gera Heliosense cries now and wipes her eyes:"really?"
[4:16] Rhea Habilis: now i can say it easily
[4:16] Rhea Habilis: because we are close
[4:16] Rhea Habilis: no one is more pretty
[4:16] Rhea Habilis: and men
[4:16] Rhea Habilis: they can't have you now
[4:16] Rhea Habilis: boys really
[4:17] Rhea Habilis: so short sighted
[4:17] Rhea Habilis: you really hate the pregnancy?
[4:18] Rhea Habilis continues the slow massage of your ankle and calf
[4:19] Gera Heliosense wipes her nose and swallows:" I don't know...maybe...maybe its just taking too long...I just feel so....ugly..and it seems others do feel that the avoid me...I may be stupid, butterfly...forgive me...I don't want to cry...I should be happy....I don't know what is happeneing to me"
[4:19] Rhea Habilis: poor friend
4:33] Rhea Habilis: ssshhhh
[4:33] Rhea Habilis: its fine
[4:34] Gera Heliosense wipes her tears
[4:34] Rhea Habilis: Rhea Habilis: it is a lot of pressure on you
[4:19] Rhea Habilis: it is a long wait
[4:20] Rhea Habilis: i will tell you
[4:20] Rhea Habilis: honestly
[4:20] Rhea Habilis: you are very very beautiful
[4:20] Rhea Habilis: right now
[4:20] Rhea Habilis: ok?
[4:20] Rhea Habilis: more than ever
[4:20] Rhea Habilis: soon, this will be over for you
[4:21] Rhea Habilis: the baby needs you strong
[4:34] Rhea Habilis: hee
[4:36] Rhea Habilis: i have a question
[4:36] Gera Heliosense: yes...thank you butterfly...your words sooth me...I much longer? ...Maybe I am overdue?...maybe you could induce the birth?"She looks up with big eyes, completely unlogical in her thinking
[4:36] Gera Heliosense: what question?
[4:36] Rhea Habilis: it will come soon
[4:36] Rhea Habilis: my question is kind of personal
[4:37] Rhea Habilis: did those men you mentioned - did you serve them before?
[4:38] Rhea Habilis: you dont have to answer that
[4:38] Gera Heliosense: only Master Jake...I never served Master Ulric...he interrogated me when I came here but nothing ...what are you trying to say?
[4:39] Rhea Habilis: they can't have you now
[4:39] Rhea Habilis: and they know they can't
[4:39] Rhea Habilis: so sometimes people act like that
[4:39] Rhea Habilis: when they can't have something they want
[4:40] Rhea Habilis: but i won't induce you sunrise
[4:40] Rhea Habilis: you are still early
[4:40] Gera Heliosense: that a reason to become so...cold? and treat me if I you really think so?
[4:40] Rhea Habilis: yes i believe it
[4:41] Gera Heliosense: hm...maybe..."she wipes her nose
[4:41] Rhea Habilis: poor thing
[4:41] Rhea Habilis: and with your Master away.....
[4:41] Rhea Habilis: its very hard
[4:42] Gera Heliosense: Yes, and I miss him...and I should be glad for he came last night...he interuppted his trip and came to see I should feel glad...I am so ungrateful
[4:42] Rhea Habilis: oh sunrise
[4:43] Rhea Habilis: you need him here now
[4:43] Rhea Habilis: it's very normal
[4:45] Gera Heliosense: yes..."She smiles sadly:" I am so naive...I thought being a midwife myself I should fly though this pregnancy easily...and now...I experience things I've read in books but I never thought it would happen to me...prenatal depression
[4:45] Rhea Habilis: well so many factors are in play for you now
[4:45] Rhea Habilis: if you look closely at each one
[4:46] Rhea Habilis: you'll see how these little things that bother you become one big problem and depress you
[4:46] Rhea Habilis: and no one is here for you
[4:46] Gera Heliosense: yes..exactly..this is what it feels ads up
[4:46] Rhea Habilis: of course it does sunrise
[4:49] Rhea Habilis: if your Master was here these little things would stay little i bet
[4:51] Gera Heliosense: yes..if he was here , he would tell me that all is well, that I am beautiful and that he is proud of me....yes...I wish he was here
[4:52] Gera Heliosense: Thank you are a good midwife to me...this talk helped a lot
[4:52] Rhea Habilis: i know that feeling and youmust believe he is whispering those things in your ear
[4:53] Gera Heliosense: yes
[4:53] Rhea Habilis: i'm sure he is
[4:53] Rhea Habilis: don't be sad sunrise
[4:54] Gera Heliosense nods and tries a smile
[4:54] Rhea Habilis: it's easy to say
[4:54] Gera Heliosense: I will try not to be so whiny
[4:54] Rhea Habilis: with me you can!
[4:54] Rhea Habilis: heehee
[4:54] Gera Heliosense smiles softly:"Yes with you I can"
[4:54] Rhea Habilis: honest
[4:55] Gera Heliosense: yes...thank you butterfly
[4:55] Rhea Habilis: its good to tell someone
[4:55] Rhea Habilis: oh i am so happy to help you
[4:55] Gera Heliosense: yes it feels as if a weight was lifted off my shoulders
[4:55] Rhea Habilis: it's a great pleasure for me
[4:55] Rhea Habilis: good sunrise!
[4:56] Gera Heliosense: "Now" she wipes her face" would you like to see the crib before you are off to see Ma'am?"
[4:56] Rhea Habilis: oh yes please
[4:56] Gera Heliosense: okay
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[4:57] Gera Heliosense: there!
[4:57] Rhea Habilis: oooooo
[4:57] Rhea Habilis: that is special!
[4:57] Rhea Habilis: so cute!
[4:57] Gera Heliosense: its a gorean crib actually*she giggles*
[4:58] Rhea Habilis: goodness!
[4:58] Gera Heliosense: yeah...
[4:58] Rhea Habilis: it will be soon
[4:58] Rhea Habilis: and the babywill cry for you
[4:59] Rhea Habilis: all the time!
[4:59] Rhea Habilis giggles
[4:59] Gera Heliosense: it looks so small....I hope my baby will fit into it"she smiles and pats her huge tummy"yes and I will have sleeples nights
[4:59] Gera Heliosense: and I won't have time to worry about other people
[4:59] Rhea Habilis: right!
[4:59] Rhea Habilis: this is a lovely home
[4:59] Gera Heliosense: ghmenu
[5:00] Gera gives Rhea a big hug.
[5:00] Gera Heliosense: thank you
[5:00] Rhea Habilis: welcome sunrise
[5:00] Gera Heliosense: ghbracelets
[5:01] Rhea Habilis: i'll try to be here for you when i can
[5:01] Gera Heliosense: yes I know
[5:01] Long Range: YT Recreant [89m]
[5:01] Rhea Habilis: She's coming, i think
[5:01] Rhea Habilis: yes
[5:01] Close Range: YT Recreant [35m]
[5:01] Chat Range: YT Recreant [16m]
[5:01] Gera Heliosense: oh wonderful
[5:01] Gera Heliosense: Ma'am? we are up here in the bedroom
[5:02] YT Recreant: ahhh
[5:02] YT Recreant smiles wide
[5:02] YT Recreant: hi girls ;)
[5:02] Rhea Habilis: hello my Ma'am
[5:03] Gera Heliosense: hello dear Ma'am
[5:03] Rhea gives YT a big hug.
[5:03] YT Recreant: *muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak*
[5:03] Gera gives YT a big hug
[5:03] Gera Heliosense: mmmm
[5:03] YT Recreant: and, how are the two of you?
[5:04] Rhea Habilis: very well Ma'am! how are You Ma'am?
[5:04] YT Recreant smiles and clips a leash at butterflys collar
[5:04] Gera Heliosense: well... was sad and crying but butterfly made me smile again
[5:04] YT Recreant: i am fine too
[5:04] YT Recreant: ohh, what happened, my sunrise?
[5:04] Gera Heliosense: uhm..I think Ive got prenatal depression
[5:05] YT Recreant nods slowly and caresses her hair "yeah, that can be bitchy"


  1. i am often thinking about you.
    and you look GORGEOUS !

    *pets gently your hair* are not alone.

  2. Thank you, hole. That means a lot to me.